Best Home Security System

“Best” depends on the shopper, but here are overall security company rankings that account for equipment selection, ease of use, customer service and other important factors. See our reviews for details about features that matter most to you.

Best Home Security Monitoring Response Times

Monitored home security systems send alert signals to emergency operators. An alert’s processing time can depend on the home security system setup, the technologies used at the monitoring center, the quality of staff training and more.

Best Home Security Customer Service

When it comes to home security, helpful customer service helps ensure safety and peace of mind. Choose a company known for great customer service with help from our ratings.

Best Home Security Mobile App

The leading home security companies offer mobile apps to arm/disarm their alarm systems. Besides arming and disarming, the top apps support functions such as real-time viewing of security camera footage and remote control of home lighting.

Most Affordable Home Security Systems

Affordable home security can be high quality. Top companies provide equipment at low cost and go beyond the basics of entry sensors and motion detectors. Our favorites among the most affordable security systems support remote alarm control, panic buttons, smoke detector monitoring and other useful features.

Best Home Automation Features

Top security companies make it easy to centralize control of home lighting, heating, appliances and more. Home automation can be controlled with the security system’s wall control panel or mobile app.

Best Professional Installation Security Company

While some security systems are user-installed (DIY), some companies offer or require professional installation. Professional installation is available for hardwired and wireless home security systems. Often this service is free.

Best DIY Install Home Security System

Do-it-yourself home security! Set up wireless security equipment without bringing a technician into your home. Find the best DIY security systems with help from our ratings.

Best Home Security Systems Without Monitoring

Connecting to emergency monitors is usually a big appeal of home security, but sometimes customers choose to rely just on a siren. The following companies sell equipment that can continue to work when unmonitored.

Best Wireless Home Security System

Advantages of wireless home security are drill-free installation, flexibility and portability. Wireless systems are ideal for renters and also preferred by many homeowners. Choose the best wireless security system with help from our ratings.

Best Home Security Systems With Cameras

Security cameras help deter and solve crimes, plus owners find them useful as baby monitors and for pet surveillance. Today’s best security systems feature high-definition cameras with motion detection, night vision, mobile access and cloud storage.

Best No-Contract Home Security System

Most top security companies require customers to sign contracts for long-term monitoring service. Terms normally range from one to five years, but see below for an exception.