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Lorex Security Camera Ratings

You get what you pay for. So when you pay for a Lorex security camera system, you get top-of-the-line, professional grade peace of mind. The feature-rich systems include HD image quality up to 4K, long-range night vision, and options galore. But remember, while there are no subscription fees, the equipment itself can run up quite the tab. See what our experts say right here in our Lorex review.

  • Video quality goes up to 4K
  • Long-range night vision
  • Bullet and dome cameras
  • Lots of equipment options

  • Costly
  • Can be overwhelming to figure out which system is the best choice


Lorex is a Markham, Ontario company that has extensive experience in the home security market. This video technology organization is committed to a high-quality customer experience through excellent products and a great customer service team.

Their product line is extensive, which gives you countless ways to customize your home security system so that it perfectly fits the needs of your property. You can remotely view the streams on your computer or through mobile devices.

Features & Technology

Lorex Cloud Security Camera App

This iOS and Android app gives you a lot of features for controlling your home security system. You get a live view and playback, pan tilt and zoom functionality with compatible cameras, push notifications of events, a full events list, and video recording.

Lorex Secure Mobile App

This is another application that is intended for people purchasing home security systems that include a digital video recorder or a network video recorder. You can look at all of the views from your cameras, create groups of cameras to easily reference different areas of your property, store recordings in the cloud, rapidly look through all of the events for a day, create smart motion detection zones, turn cameras off and on, and pan, tilt and zoom in on specific areas.

Continuous, Scheduled or Motion Activated Recording

Customize exactly when the Lorex home security system starts recording to best accommodate your needs and your storage media.

Local Storage

Keep your video recordings safe on SD cards and hard drives.

Temperature Sensor

Look at the environmental conditions in or outside your home.

Two Way Audio

Communicate with people near your cameras to scare off intruders and give guests instructions.

Push Notifications

Real-time alerts keep you in-the-know about the events happening on your property.

Ease of Use

The wireless cameras and those using your home network have straightforward setup procedures. You can easily put those into place yourself. The wired versions of the cameras and recorders may require professional installation, depending on the complexity of the system. When you add new cameras to your security network, you scan QR codes on the device to get it added.

Customer Service

Lorex has an excellent customer service experience that it offers to its residential and commercial clients. The customer service portal has a great layout and makes it easy to find the information that you’re looking for. For basic requests, you don’t even need to reach out to the support team. They have video guides available for the products in case you prefer watching a tutorial rather than reading one.

The staff is well trained and you have separate contacts for sales, technical support and customer support. This division streamlines the process of getting the assistance that you need with your home security system. You can reach out via live chat, phone and email.

If you need to set up a return or refund, you have an easy to use online process to set that up.


Lorex security systems are designed for people who want top of the line protection for their properties. These systems are heavy duty and feature-rich, with the price tag to match. The costs depend on the video quality of the cameras, which range from 1080p to 4K, as well as how many devices are included in the network. You may pay anywhere from $99 to more than $3,000.

All of the systems ship for free and if you’re not happy with your products, you can return it for a refund within 60 days.

You don’t need to pay a subscription fee with these systems.


Lorex cameras come in two shapes – dome and bullet. The bullet style cameras are pointed in a particular direction, while the dome versions offer 360-degree views of the surrounding area.

Wireless Security Cameras

This home security camera category is completely wire-free, using your Wi-Fi network to keep an eye on the surroundings. Since you don’t have to worry about running cables to these cameras, you have more flexibility in their placement. Plus, they’re DIY friendly with the installation.

Outdoor Security Cameras

These weatherproof, vandal resistant cameras are designed to stand up to anything that the outside has to throw at them. The camera is designed to provide a high-quality view, even in the middle of the night. Some models have extra-long range night vision so you know exactly what’s going on outside of your property.

Indoor Security Cameras

The high definition video shows you everything that goes on inside your home, so you never have to worry about being unprotected. The low-light performance gives you clarity at any time of the day and night. Digital zoom features let you get an up close and personal look at intruders.

The highest video quality at 4K uses a special video compression technology to reduce the file size so that you’re not filling up the device that you’re storing the recordings on. Some models feature two-way talk so you can communicate remotely with people in your household.

PTZ Security Cameras

If you want full control over your viewing angles, the PTZ cameras are the right choice for your home. You get 360-degree views with full remote control. The panning and tilt speeds keep up with quick movements and other actions. The optical zoom feature gives you the opportunity to look more closely at the live view or recording in case you need to see important details. One of the biggest advantages of this type of security camera is that you can replace multiple devices with a single unit, due to the expanded coverage area.

HD MPX Security Cameras

This type of camera doesn’t use your Wi-Fi network or ethernet cables. Instead, it is compatible with a coaxial cable (similar to what cable Internet and television uses) or a BNC cable. If you want a commercial-grade security system that uses a more reliable method to transmit the video streams with greater range, then this choice makes a lot of sense. The cameras can be up to 800 feet away from the recording device. You do need it professionally installed, so keep that in mind.

IP Cameras

Lorex offers IP security cameras that can be used with the company’s free apps and software. There are several options available, each with some impressive features. The 4k IP Smart NVR System, which includes six active deterrence security cameras on it, is a powerful, well-designed solution that can easily be considered the next generation in the security camera. It is a 4k (8 megapixel) camera that has both motion detection and smart deterrence. It also features the company’s N841 Series Smart Detection Network Video Recorder – this 8-channel recorder, paired with the cameras, allows homeowners to have ample protection.

The Lorex IP security cameras are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential needs. They offer a significant number of customizations, including the ability to link up to eight cameras to it on the eight available channels. The system itself comes with six cameras, all of which include 150 feet of night vision for clear viewing. It also includes a 3 TB hard drive. You can further expand this up to 10 TB, which can ensure you have ample recording of even an active area.

This system provides superior sharpness and clarity, ensuring you not only detect a person in the area but also features that make it far easier for you to achieve the best level of resolution possible. The cameras offer outstanding digital zoom. Also, it includes advanced person and vehicle detection tools. This can help to reduce push notifications that are less important to you.

Active deterrence is one of the key features of the IP security cameras. This creates a very bright LED light and a siren trigger that alerts anyone that enters the path that they are on camera and easily seen by those cameras. It also includes two-way audio, which means you can talk to and hear the person who is standing there, ensuring you can encourage them to leave. You can also set up the cameras to feature strobe lighting, which can further encourage people to stay away.

Video Recorders

Digital video recorders and network video recorders allow you to store the video recordings created by the cameras. If you use the continuous recording option, you end up getting a lot of video that needs a place to go.

Video Baby Monitors

Lorex also offers baby monitors that use its robust video technology. You can talk to your baby with the two-way talk feature, use a one-button recording feature to capture precious moments and even use Skype to connect to the baby monitor from your computer.

Security Grade Hard Drives

These hard drives are intended for use in video recorders and range from 500 GB to 3 TB in size.


Many accessories are available for your Lorex home security system. Extension cables, wireless antennas and power adapters are a few of the options you have available.


Lorex brings commercial-quality security systems to the residential market. They offer extensive options for customizing your security, with video qualities going up to 4K. If you want a high-end, feature-rich set of security cameras for your home, Lorex is top of the line.

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  1. Avatar jojo says:

    Is the user software loaded on my computer accessed by On Screen Keyboard (OSK)? If so, can I use the keyboard of my computer instead of OSK?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Jojo,
      We don’t sell the products, so for a question that specific, we’d suggest reaching out to the company directly.

      1. Avatar Charlotte Tomczak says:

        Don’t bother. They will make you wait for hours and at least 6-7 technical support all have a different excuse for my DVR not able to work. No resolution and my frustration has peaked.
        Run from LOREX!!!!

        1. Avatar Ed Doyle says:

          Same experience with me!
          My DVR died after the Lorex software migration to cirrus. I called and put tickets in to Lorex weeks ago. Not much help at all. I paid a lot of money for a system that no longer works after 16 months. I’m telling everyone that ask me about my system to NOT buy a Lorex product. They do not stand behind their products.

          1. Avatar Damien says:

            Same here. 2 months since my NVR died and 18 phone calls and 31 emails later…Still no warranty service. You should avoid Lorex as carefully as they avoid their customers.

      2. Avatar Paual says:

        Not a good company we are on our 2nd DVR and that one dont work eaither….I wanted my money back and the said we dont give refunds….and every time I call lorax I have to talk to 4 or 5 people and I might get my problem resolved….I have asked to talk to a manager and they said we dont have one…..

  2. Avatar Chris McGuire says:

    Is there a auto cloud back up capability.

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Chris,
      Yes, there’s a cloud backup.

  3. Avatar Allan Alferos says:

    Sorry to say that though the camera system is the best in my book (when it was on FLIR Cloud Apps), it is rated now way way way below than any unknown cheap camera system when they changed it to LOREX Cloud Apps.
    I had this camera system working perfectly for more than a year before your LOREX Cloud was introduced.
    It does not even load to see my camera 10 feet away from my house. Yes I could still see it from my monitor but not thru the Apps.
    LOREX Cloud Apps is garbage I give it 0 of a star in a review.

    1. Avatar Kurt says:

      Good quality picture thru cameras but I was never able to get it to connect to my phone thru the app or my tablet.

  4. Avatar Tony Ford says:

    I brought a LOREX camera system and everything worked fine until LOREX pushed out a firmware update which brought down my whole system. I had a hard time contacting technical support and when I finally did they told me to but a new one. The system I have is less than a year old and I paid a lot of money for it,

  5. Avatar Julie says:

    So poor customer service and technical support
    My app didn’t work over 7days for my business still they couldn’t fix it and even they didn’t know what’s the problem..I wasted my time every single day over 6hours on the phone and eventually I didn’t get anything better change other company..I never ever recomend this company’s product..

  6. Avatar Ken Rankin says:

    I have a had a system for a little over a year. The system was expensive and worked pretty well at first. Now Lorex has made changes to the software and I can’t access my system remotely. I doesn’t send me notifications and when I call the support team they give me all kinds of different reasons it won’t work. They are hard to understand and I get really frustrated with the gap in communication. Bottom line is the system could be a good one but with poor software it is a piece of junk.

  7. Avatar Dianne Stewart says:

    I so agree with the reviews above. Our system as well has worked amazing for a year. Then they switch the firmware and it is useless. We have spent well over 40 hours on the phone with them and all we get is wait until next week. We’ll call you. This is unacceptable customer service. Why in the world would you change the firmware before you make sure it will connect with people’s phone. We have been almost out of service for 1 month. We have a house and business to protect and this system has become useless. I would like to know what they plan on doing about this. It appears there are many many others in the same situation. Are you prepared to re emburse people their monies for this completely useless system????

  8. Avatar rand lally says:

    Don’t buy this unless you want to constantly screw around keeping it operating. It’s fine one day, then you go to view it on the app ands its gone. Hopefully you dont need it during the downtime. No explanation why. You try to connect and it just doesn’t.

  9. Avatar CHARLES BOGERE says:

    My lorex wireless camera model LBH906 software was upgraded and on calling technical support they couldn’t help me but give me the run around . They said l would be receiving a replacement and took down my details including shipping address. I called every week and still got the same BS. I wouldn’t recommend buying their products since their technical support sucks.

  10. Avatar Margaret Lawson says:

    We had a wireless security system which worked GOOD…..UNTIL they decided a new APP would be needed…..OMG******what a MESS. The system was so very *easy* to put up…..actually TOO EASY…..and then someone decided to change it. SUCH a SAD situation.

  11. Avatar Daniel Ailes says:

    Not impressed at all. Purchased a Lorex system from Costco. The worst part is what it took for me to run the wires. I have vaulted ceilings and not much space up there to crawl around. It took me four days to finally get it all done and each camera placed. I am constantly having to shut the system down, delete the app and reinstall start up…… so I can see the cameras on my phone. The image is not as good as I was hoping. It is difficult ID people when you zoom in on them. That is sort of the point of the camera, ID people who are places they should not be doing things they should not!!!! If I have to reset one more time, I will bite the bullet, tear the system out and return to Costco. I do not recommend.

    1. Avatar Jen says:

      If you have the 4K system you have to go into the DVR settings and change the video output to 4K. The default setting is 1080 and the zoom is very blurry. Once I changed mine to 4K I can zoom in and read license plates across the street.

  12. Avatar Allison says:

    I just bought the system and the password does not work. I made numerous phone call and then hung up on because they are unable to resolve a simple issue as resetting a password. I will be returning the system for poor customer service. I am very disappointed as this was an expensive system and Lorex does not stand by their product.

  13. Avatar J smith says:

    Lorex is a good camera but the customer service is exceptionally poor. I have purchased lorex cameras in the past and every time something goes bad Lorex fails to correct the issue. Don’t bother trying to RMA the cameras, it takes months for a replacement or lorex just refuses to replace the item. I wish lorex had A good customer service department but they don’t and that’s why I switched over to hikvision cameras.

  14. Avatar Donna s says:

    I purchased a lorex security camera system several years ago. It served my needs. About 2 weeks ago they discontinued the app used to view the video feed remotely. When contacted, Lorex said the camera system is now “legacy” and they don’t support it any longer. Everything but the app works beautifully. This is a waste of my money – over $500. Thru my recommendation 2 friends and a business purchased this system, too. I will not ever buy another Lorex or Flir product.

  15. Avatar Peter Pols says:

    Just installed lorex system from costco. It keeps screwing up. Its going back!

  16. Avatar Robert Shoemaker says:

    Lorex decided to delete the Lorex net HD stratus app. I now cannot view my cameras from mobile device. I’ve had an open ticket for this problem for several months now with ZERO support. I paid $1700 for this substandard system. Beware.

  17. Avatar Doug O'C says:

    I am extremely frustrated with my Lorex system. I can litterally stand in front of my camera waiving my hands and it will not record the activity. I’ve been on the phone a number of times with customer support, and while they appear to have tried everything possible, I am still having horrible success with the motion activation working even remotely acceptable. We had an Arlo system and I went to Lorex because I wanted a wired system and they seemed to have a quality product. Perhaps I just bought a bad unit, but having paid an electrician a lot of money to install it, I now have to pay the electrician to uninstall it. Very disappointed.

  18. Avatar Andrew Nierras says:

    I was in the market for a security system until I read all the useful reviews. Thank you for posting and will look for a different reliable system.

  19. Avatar Ali Nezhad says:

    I’m also having a disappointing experience with a Lorex system I recently purchased. I have also spent a lot of time talking to their tech support. Range is not as long as what I expected and picture quality could be better. But, the worst thing is their Cirrus app. Notifications and motion detection are inconsistent, live video is not available most of the times.

  20. Avatar Beth Samarripas says:

    Runs but get nothing from the cameras after 2 years. When I called they said buy a new one. More than $800 and I can’t get anything but run around. Lorex is not good.

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