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Experience is important to us, so we were glad to learn that Lorex has been in the security industry since 1991. With all the new DIY companies popping up left and right these days, 30 years of experience makes Lorex a seasoned veteran.1 We also like that Lorex cameras don’t require a monthly subscription to access advanced features as some other well-known brands do. And the 4K video resolution — which is still pretty rare in the industry — gave us crisp and clear video, day and night.

However, we weren’t fans of the Lorex mobile app, and we found that other users didn’t love the app experience either. The image quality on the app isn’t great, and the interface just didn’t feel very intuitive. Was this a deal-breaker? Not at all! And we think Lorex has plenty of redeeming qualities (after all, it’s one of our top three favorite security cameras). We’re sharing our full experience with Lorex — the good and the bad — right here. So let’s get started.

  • HD Video quality up to 4K
  • Long-range color night vision
  • Bullet and dome cameras
  • Lots of equipment options
  • No contracts or monthly fees
  • Long history in the home security industry

  • Can be overwhelming to figure out which system is the best choice
  • App and software aren’t very intuitive
  • No professional monitoring options

Pricing for Lorex Security Cameras

We really appreciate that Lorex offers a whole suite of security cameras to choose from. Much like Ring (another one of our top-rated brands), Lorex has indoor and outdoor security cameras priced under $100 apiece. While you can certainly pay upwards of $200 or more on a camera, we think they offer plenty of selection to accommodate most budgets. In other words, like other affordable camera systems on the market, you won’t go broke with Lorex! Here are the prices you can expect to pay.

Security Camera Breakdown

Price RangeCapabilities
Wireless/MPX Security CamerasStarting at $89.99– Requires a power cord
– Sends footage to DVR box using coaxial cable
– Two-way audio
– Night vision
Wire-Free Security CamerasStarting at $69.99– Battery-operated
– No DVR or NVR box needed
– Two-way audio
– Night vision
Outdoor Security CamerasStarting at $89.99– Long-range color night vision
– Weatherproof design
– Wide angle options
– Up to 25X optical zoom
– Two-way audio
PTZ Security CamerasStarting at $199.99– Continuous 360° degree rotation
– Quickly pans, tilts, and zooms
– Night vision
– Two-way audio
Wired IP CamerasStarting at $169.99– Two-way audio
– Uses power-over-ethernet technology
– NVR box for storage
– 4K video quality
– Night vision

Getting to Know Lorex Security Cameras

Founded in 1991, Lorex is one of the front-runners when it comes to home security innovation. We like that Lorex has a long track record spanning decades. While the oldest guy in the room doesn’t always win (ADT we’re looking at you), knowing that the company has years of experience and knowledge under its belt is always comforting. Plus, a company with a long history is less likely to shut down or stop providing new software updates than a startup that just opened shop a year ago.

Lorex Security Camera System

Lorex Security Camera System

Our favorite thing about Lorex cameras was the 4K video quality.2 In our opinion, it’s definitely worth the expense. For the outdoor cameras we tested, the color night vision was a big bonus, too. If someone tries to break into your house in the middle of the night, being able to tell the police high-level details (like a license plate number) would be invaluable.

We also like that Lorex doesn’t require a monthly subscription or contract. Once you pay for your equipment, you have access to all of the features — no strings attached. This was a breath of fresh air for us, as we’ve tried other big brands in the industry that make it hard to use their equipment without a monthly subscription. From what we’ve seen, customers tend to give Lorex 4- or 5-star ratings with only a few consistent complaints.3

Pro Tip: It’s hard to know if a security camera will be the right fit for you without trying it out first. So we recommend taking advantage of Lorex’s 60-day money-back guarantee. If you get your system set up and it’s not what you had hoped, send it back for a full refund. Just be sure to read any (and all!) fine print.

One drawback that’s important to note is that Lorex doesn’t provide any professional monitoring. So if you’re looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing a professional is always keeping watch, Lorex isn’t your best bet. Instead, we’d suggest looking into a camera system like Deep Sentinel.

But all in all, Lorex is certainly a safe bet. With many of their advanced features, like 4K image quality, 30fps footage, smart home integrations, and color night vision, we think Lorex is dedicated to staying ahead of the technology curve. And if you’re into high-tech features, we’d highly recommend looking into the Nest Cam IQ cameras, which are loaded with neat features like AI facial recognition.

Lineup of Features & Technology

Lorex Mobile Apps

Lorex currently offers three different mobile apps for customers. If that sounds confusing, we’re right there with you. There really isn’t enough difference between the apps to give a detailed description of all three, but they are called Lorex Home, Lorex Cloud, and Lorex Cirrus.

The app that you’ll need will depend on the cameras and DVR/NVR system that you purchase. Bear in mind that all the apps allow you to view a timeline of motion events, watch live footage and playback, save videos and snapshots, and customize your camera’s settings. This is all pretty standard though.

You can also control the camera’s features like lights, sirens, and pan-tilt-zoom features, depending on the Lorex camera model you have. In our experience, the app’s feed is a bit delayed, and the setup doesn’t feel super intuitive. It certainly is nowhere near as user-friendly as the Ring security camera app. But again, this wasn’t a deal-breaker for us. And it shouldn’t be for you, either.

Continuous, Scheduled, or Motion-Activated Recording

We thought it was pretty neat that we could customize exactly when our Lorex security cameras began recording to best accommodate our needs. We’re big fans of customization. So if you want that camera in your front yard to record at all times but you only care about motion-activated footage for your indoor cameras, you can set them up to record that way. Easy does it.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

We were able to see every detail as clear as day with Lorex 4K video quality, which is one of the company’s main selling points. During testing, once we had the cameras up-and-running, we were squinting at a computer monitor thinking, is this really 4K quality? Then we realized that Lorex’s default setting is 1080p resolution. After we changed it to 4K, our picture looked crystal clear.

Pro Tip: Remember to change the factory setting from 1080p to 4K resolution. But note that not all Lorex cameras offer 4K, so make sure to check before purchasing.

Active Deterrence Features

Lorex cameras come with LED floodlights and a remote triggered siren to deter criminals. We didn’t think the siren was all that loud, but the noise combined with the lights is probably enough to scare off someone trying to break into your home. We’ve enjoyed built-in sirens with camera brands like Kuna; but the truth is, we rarely see this feature offered — and some deterrence is better than no deterrence.4

Local Storage

We were able to keep our video recordings safe on SD cards and hard drives. But keep in mind that 4K video files are quite large, and when we saved our 4K videos they took up a lot of space. So if you don’t want any footage stored over the cloud (data breaches happen!), you can keep your Lorex video stored locally on physical hardware.

Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio is one of our favorite features in any camera, and it’s pretty standard nowadays. Let’s say you’re getting a brand new TV delivered, you can use the two-way talk feature to let the delivery guy know where to safely hide the goods. You can also use it to scare away would-be burglars.

Push Notifications

Real-time alerts keep you in-the-know about events happening on your property. Don’t worry, you can customize your Lorex notifications and adjust the camera sensitivity so that you don’t receive unnecessary notifications.

Color Night Vision

See everything in full color, even at night, with Lorex color night vision. This is another feature that’s fast-becoming standard in the industry. And if you ask us, that’s a good thing! Criminals can strike day or night.

Smart Home Compatibility

We found that Lorex cameras play well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing us to control our cameras with just the sound of our voice. We appreciate that Lorex has recently added this feature, as smart home integration has become an industry standard.

Lorex Equipment

The Lorex camera lineup is quite extensive. This is great news if you love having options. But if you have enough trouble deciding where to eat for dinner, it can feel pretty overwhelming. The bright side is that you should be able to find a model that fits your exact needs, whether you want a camera with night vision that has pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, or a wire-free camera with two-way talk, Lorex will most likely have a camera for you.

Note that Lorex security cams come in two housing types – dome and bullet. The bullet style cameras are pointed in a particular direction, while the dome versions offer 360-degree views of the surrounding area. The devices are metal instead of plastic, which we really like. They really feel like they’re built to last. But design-wise, there’s nothing all that special about Lorex.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a truly wireless camera, you’ll need the “wire-free” Lorex cameras, not the “wireless” ones. Lorex’s “wireless” cameras still have to be connected to a power source, while the “wire-free” cameras are battery-powered.

Wire-Free Security Cameras

Since we didn’t have to worry about running cables to the wire-free cameras (they work using WiFi), we had more flexibility in their placement. Plus, they offered easy DIY installation. A drawback to these cameras is that they’re battery-powered, so they aren’t your best option if you want continuous footage (you’ll need to replace batteries).

Lorex Wire-Free Security Camera

Lorex Wire-Free Security Camera

If you’re a renter or college student and you don’t want to drill holes or deal with cords, we think these Lorex cameras will make your life easier. Plus, they’re portable and simple to move with you. They’re also great for detached garages or sheds, as you won’t have to fuss with wiring them from your house. But note that Lorex wire-free cameras only come in 1080p image quality. 1080p is solid, but if you’re looking for 4K, you’ll need a wired option.

Outdoor Security Cameras

These weatherproof, vandal-resistant cameras are designed to stand up to anything that the outside has to throw at them. While testing these cameras, we never experienced any sun glare or rain spots that would make the footage blurry. Also, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — we really like the color night vision, which really helped Lorex score as high as they did within the category. Grainy black and white footage can make it hard to detect a real threat, so we think the color is a big help.

Lorex Outdoor Dome Camera

Lorex Outdoor Dome Camera

Lorex outdoor cameras are also equipped with a siren, two-way audio, and warning light that can be used to deter criminals. We were able to activate these features straight from the mobile app, which was nice. As noted in our experience with the camera above, the siren wasn’t that impressive, but it’s there if you need it.

Also note that Lorex now sells a doorbell camera. The 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell costs $129.99 and features an ultra-wide 160-degree field of view, PIR motion detection, infrared night vision, and hassle-free installation. We think the Lorex doorbell cam is priced right in that sweet spot, and it measures up to some of the top doorbell cameras in the industry.

PTZ Security Cameras

If you want full control over your viewing angles, the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are the way to go. With these devices, you get 360-degree views with full remote control. In our experience with the products, the panning and tilt speeds keep up with quick movements and other actions. And the optical zoom feature lets you look more closely at the live view or recording in case you need to see important details.

Lorex Outdoor PTZ Camera

Lorex Outdoor PTZ Camera

If, say, you want to quickly zoom in on what your golden retriever is chewing on while you’re away (before telling him “bad dog” with 2-way audio), then you can’t beat the PTZ features.

FYI: You can also use the pan-tilt-zoom functionality for more serious things, like getting a better view of a car’s license plate after a hit-and-run on your street.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of security camera is that you can replace multiple devices with a single unit, thanks to the expanded coverage area. Just keep that in mind if you experience a bit of sticker shock after comparing the price of PTZ cameras to other models.

HD MPX/Wireless Security Cameras

This type of camera doesn’t use your Wi-Fi network or ethernet cables. Instead, it is compatible with a coaxial cable (similar to what cable internet and television uses) or a BNC cable. These cables can reach a lot farther than other types of cable and still hold a signal, so you can install them up to 800 feet from your DVR. Just note that the cables that come with most MPX cameras are only 60 feet long, so you might need to purchase extra cables.

Lorex MPX Camera

Lorex MPX Camera

Lorex labels some of its MPX camera models as “wireless,” which is misleading. You still need that coaxial cable to plug the camera in for power (and last we checked a cable counts as a wire). The MPX cameras offer all the same features and customization options that the “wired” cameras do, like night vision, two-way talk, and weatherproof options. One drawback with the wireless cameras is that they only have image quality up to 2K. The picture was still great, but it wasn’t the crisp and clear 4K the wired cameras offer.

Wired IP Security Cameras

The wired IP security cameras from Lorex are best for those who want 4K video quality and/or continuous filming. These cameras use power-over-ethernet (PoE) technology, so they just require a single cord that powers the camera and sends footage to the NVR (network video recorder). Just like other Lorex cams, you can view your footage and adjust the camera settings from the app. They have all the most advanced features like long-range color night vision, smart motion detection, and weatherproof design.

Lorex Wired Camera

Lorex Wired Camera

Did You Know: Power-over-ethernet is often used by enterprise companies to bring electricity over existing data cables to WiFi access points.5

IP cameras also offer 30 frames-per-second (fps) footage in 4K quality, which means that your footage is always in real-time. You shouldn’t experience any lagging or choppiness that other cameras with a lower fps rate have. For instance, if you’re viewing a recording of something suspicious running past your camera, it won’t look like he jumped from one side of the frame to the other.

Video Recorders

Digital video recorders (DVR) and network video recorders (NVR) allow you to store the video recordings created by the cameras. If you use the continuous recording option, you’ll end up with a lot of videos that need a home. When the storage fills up, your DVR or NVR will start recording over the oldest footage. Keep in mind that if you go with a Lorex MPX camera, you’ll need a DVR, and if you choose a wired IP camera system, you’ll need an NVR.

Lorex Wire-Free DVR

Lorex Wire-Free DVR

Security Grade Hard Drives

Lorex offers a few different hardware options for their video recorders with storage up to 3 TB. If the hard drive that comes with your system doesn’t have as much storage as you’d like, you can always upgrade to a hard drive with more storage.

Lorex Customer Service Experience

With Lorex’s long-term experience in the industry, their customer service team is well-trained to answer specific questions you might have. In our experience, the customer service portal was easy to navigate, so we didn’t need to call their team for basic requests. Also, there are lots of different video guides for the products if you’d rather watch a tutorial instead of reading one. All-in-all, we found this to be an extremely pleasant experience, as it helped us out in a couple of situations so we didn’t have to call in to talk to customer support.

Another thing we liked is that Lorex breaks up its customer service phone numbers and live chat services into sales, technical support, and customer support. This makes it easier to get connected with the right person. The phone lines and live chat are only open Monday through Saturday, and hours vary by day and department. We don’t love that there isn’t 24/7 support, but we think Lorex still offers decent hours for a DIY company. Finally, returns and refunds can be processed online as well, which in today’s online shopping world is almost a must.

Lorex Product Warranty

All Lorex products come with a 2-year warranty for replacing or repairing equipment, which is actually quite generous from what we’ve seen. You can also purchase an extended warranty for either 2 or 3 additional years, so you can potentially have a warranty with up to 5 years of coverage. 1-2 year warranties are pretty standard in the DIY home security industry, so we were happy with their 2-year standard warranty.

One thing to consider is that the warranty is only valid if you haven’t added any non-Lorex accessories or equipment to your Lorex system. For those that love a DIY build-your-own security system, this could be an issue. The warranty also doesn’t cover any loss of data or costs for data recovery.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we’d say Lorex offers top-of-the-line security cameras with plenty of bells and whistles. We found their systems to be fairly robust with great features and the price tag to match. How much you pay will depend on the video quality (anywhere from 1080p to 4K), features, and the number of devices you choose. You could pay anywhere from $99 to over $3,000.

Because Lorex systems are so customizable and there are several models to choose from, you can tailor your system to your budget, which is something we really like to see. Other DIY brands that only offer a few products really limit your flexibility when it comes to price.

Reminder: Have a fear of commitment? Lorex security cameras don’t require contracts or any monthly fees.

On the other hand, Lorex could really improve their mobile apps and user experience. In our opinion, the apps and software feel clunky, and they take a bit of time to get the hang of, especially if you’re not a home security nerd like us. Because smartphones are the modern-day PC, we’d like to see a mobile app that’s intuitive and even fun to use.

All in all, we’d recommend Lorex for those who want a DIY security system with the latest features and best video quality. If you’re okay with paying a bit more, the quality Lorex offers is definitely worth the price tag.

Lorex FAQs

Does Lorex offer wireless security cameras?

Yes, but remember, the truly wireless devices offered by Lorex are called “wire-free” cameras.

Are Lorex cameras high resolution?

Yes, Lorex offers up to 4K ultra HD image quality. But they also have many cameras in the 1080p HD range.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, the company offers a 2-year standard warranty and lots of warranty upgrade options.

Are the security cameras easy to install?

Yes, Lorex cameras offer easy DIY installation that only takes a few minutes.

Is Lorex cheap?

No, Lorex is a little on the pricey side due to their high-quality features and technology.

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