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Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems Can Provide Independence for Seniors and Peace-of-Mind for Caregivers

Last Updated On: August 1, 2019
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What Sets Bay Alarm Medical Apart

With 70+ years in business, Bay Alarm is all about award-winning service, highly-trained staff, and tailor-made home security solutions. Each system is customized to a specific home, so packages are virtually endless. But we have to take the bad with the good. Bay Alarm isn’t exactly budget-friendly. And reps must to do a home visit before they can give you a quote. Still, Bay Alarm is a top choice if you live in California. See what our experts say in our Bay Alarm review.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Cellular & Landline Monitoring
  • In-Home & Mobile Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • No Contracts

Bay Alarm Medical Price & Packages

Bay Alarm has three different packages. They range in cost from $19.95 a month to $59.95 a month. Each package includes a wrist button or pendant and plug-and-play installation.

There are four different options available for each plan. The starting prices for each package includes the in-home medical alert. The options add things like a GPS mobile help button and in-car medical alert.

Customers can also choose the “Bundle & Save” option, which includes both the mobile GPS and in-home medical alert system. These packages can save you anywhere from $10 – $33.90 per month.

Bay Alarm Medical PackageBasic ProtectionPreferred ProtectionPremium Protection
In-Home Medical Alert$19.95/mo$39.95/mo$59.95/mo
GPS Mobile Help Button$39.95/mo$49.95/mo$59.95/mo


Bay Alarm Medical In-Car PackageIn-CarIn-Car + GPS Button360 Degree Protection
In-Car Medical Alert$29.95/mo$49.95/mo$59.95/mo


Bay Alarm Medical BundleBundle PlusBundle PreferredBundle Premium
Bundle Package$59.95/mo$69.95/mo$79.95/mo

Current Deal

Bay Alarm Medical is currently not offering any deals. Please check back on our Bay Alarm Medical deals page to find new offers.

Basic ProtectionPreferred ProtectionPremium Protection
View PackagesView PackagesView Packages
24/7 USA-Based Monitoring24/7 USA-Based Monitoring24/7 USA-Based Monitoring
Auto Fall DetectionMobile GPS Monitoring
Lock Box Service
Auto Fall Detection
Necklace or Emergency Wrist ButtonNecklace or Emergency Wrist ButtonNecklace or Emergency Wrist Button
Wall Button 4-PackWall Button 4-Pack
In-Home Medical AlertIn-Home Medical AlertIn-Home Medical Alert
GPS Mobile Help ButtonGPS Mobile Help ButtonGPS Mobile Help Button
In-Car + GPS ButtonIn-Car + GPS ButtonIn-Car + GPS Button

About Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems

Bay Alarm has been around for more than 70 years. They provide affordable and reliable medical alert devices for seniors and others. Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems are protected with 24-hour emergency monitoring. Bay Alarm provides hands-on customer service to ensure that each and every customer receives the right product for their needs. Check out the full review of Bay Alarm Medical here.

24/7 Monitoring
24/7 Emergency Response

When the emergency alert button is pressed or a fall is detected (if fall detection is chosen) then the emergency response center will be notified. A trained operator will respond and contact your family, friends or whoever you have selected as an emergency contact. They will also contact emergency services if needed.

Lifetime Warranty

All of Bay Alarm’s Medical Alert buttons come with a lifetime warranty.


The emergency alert buttons are 100 percent waterproof. Medical alert buttons can be brought into showers and bathtubs without any worries.

Spouse Coverage

Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems feature free spouse coverage. They provide free service for your spouse or an additional family member.

Free Equipment

There are no startup costs with Bay Alarm Medical System. All systems come with free basic equipment.

DIY Installation
Easy Set-Up

The installation is “ridiculously simple.” All that you need to do is plug the unit in and you are up and running.

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

Bay Alarm Medical offers a 30-day risk free money-back guarantee.

Extended Battery Life
Extended Battery Life

The battery has a 32-hour backup. So, it will cover you for up to 32 hours in the event of a power outage or blackout. The battery automatically recharges itself once power is restored.

Long Range Coverage

Bay Alarm’s Medical Alert buttons all offer long-range coverage. The buttons have a signal range of up to 1,000 feet.

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  1. Sally says:

    Does Bay Alarm use Verizon cell towers?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Sally,
      Bay Alarm Medical’s in-home systems don’t use cellular data. Their portable GPS system works by using the AT&T cellular network, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an AT&T customer.

  2. Theresa says:

    My dad lives in a remote area in Southern Il and AT&T phones do not work. My Verizon service does work at his house. What is our best option, because he goes to barn which is more than 1000 ft from house.

    1. Safe Home says:

      Hi Theresa,
      Since AT&T doesn’t work, we’d suggest looking for a provider that uses the Verizon cellular network.

  3. Barbara posch says:

    Does alarm work where you go away from my home?

    1. Safe Home says:

      Hi Barbara,
      If you purchase a mobile device, then yes.

  4. Teri says:

    The mobile device will work when my husband runs errands or is sitting in a classroom or in the back yard?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Teri,
      Yes, it will work as long as you’re in an area that can use the AT&T cellular network.

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