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Bay Alarm Medical is a longtime leader among medical alert companies. We’ve tested their equipment on a regular basis for years, and Bay consistently earns great scores for reliable 24/7 response, high-quality features, and customer-friendly policies like no long-term contracts. And when we compare Bay Alarm Medical’s pricing, plans, and packages to other top providers like Medical Guardian, it’s easy to see they offer plenty of value.

The monthly rate starts as low as $19.95, and there are never any hidden fees to worry about. Also, if you want to share an account with a spouse, Bay Alarm Medical charges about half of what we’ve seen from its competitors. So let’s see if Bay Alarm Medical has an alert system and monitoring plan that makes sense for you or your loved one.

  • Cellular & Landline Monitoring
  • In-Home & Mobile Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • No Contracts

Bay Alarm Medical Packages & Pricing

Bay Alarm Medical Equipment

Bay Alarm Medical Equipment

It’s nice to know that Bay Alarm Medical doesn’t require long-term contracts. Also, you won’t see extra fees at checkout: they don’t charge for shipping, equipment, or activation. The main expense is for monitoring. Additionally, you’ll pay for return shipping (about $15) when you no longer need the equipment. When the company processes a return, they stop monthly billing.
Here are the different plans and monthly rates that you can expect:

Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems Cost Breakdown

FeaturesBest ForMonthly Cost
Standard ProtectionSingle Pendant Help ButtonApartment or condo living$19.95
Preferred ProtectionPendent + 2-Pack Wall ButtonAverage-sized homes$24.95
Premium ProtectionPendent + 4-Pack Wall ButtonMulti-level homes$29.95
4G LTE GPS StandardCellular AlertActive Seniors$24.95
4G LTE GPS PreferredCellular Alert + TrackingActive Seniors + Caregivers$29.95
4G LTE GPS PremiumCellular Alert + Tracking + Fall DetectionActive Seniors + Caregivers$39.95
In-Car Medical AlertIn-Car Cellular AlertMobile Seniors$29.95
In-Car + In-HomeIn-Car + In-Home AlertAt-Home + Mobile Seniors$39.95

Note that if you order more than one system, discounts are applied. You can also take advantage of freebies and pay for upgrades as described below.

Upgrades and Freebies

You can customize your Bay Alarm Medical plan with fall detection and other upgrades. Here’s a rundown of your options:

Bay Alarm Medical Add-On Analysis

Monitoring for a second personFree with in-home systems
Fall detection$10 per month
Bella charms (Fashion pendants)$27.95 each
Wall-mounted buttons$2.50 each per month
Tracking app for caregivers$5 per month
Lock box for house key$34.95 one-time charge; free with some plans
Vial of LifeOne free; $8.95 one-time charge for a second person
Equipment insurance$5 per month
Call CircleFree

When we calculate total costs, Bay Alarm Medical tends to match or beat other top brands. And as mentioned, Bay is very reliable. When we pressed the help button during testing, a highly-trained emergency response agent was on the line immediately.

Of course, no medical alert brand is ideal for everyone. A possible drawback with Bay is the lackluster response times of 45 seconds on average.1 Alternatives like GreatCall can provide faster average response times in exchange for higher payments. But if you’re really looking for a speedy response, we’d recommend Philips LifeLine. That said, the Bay in-car system is extremely fast; an operator is notified in under a second.

Alert Systems & Packages

Bay Alarm Medical sorts its products by your place of need: home only, car only, or anywhere you can catch a cellular signal. Also, the company automatically applies discounts if you choose more than one system. These deals are applied online and by phone.
Each system is shown below. We start with the home-only category, then move to the 4G mobile button with GPS tracking. Last but not least is the in-car system, which also has GPS tracking and can detect crashes.

FYI: Bella Charms can enhance in-home medical alert systems for women. Available in designs ranging from pastel to bold black, they make pendants look more like fashion jewelry than alert devices.2

At-Home Alert Systems

Bay Alarm Medical - In-Home Standard Protection

Bay Alarm Medical – In-Home Basic Protection

Basic Protection

Bay’s Basic Protection systems can send alerts over landlines or the company’s cellular account. If you have a landline, the base price is $19.95 per month. Without a landline, the rate is $29.95. This system includes a long-range base station (1,000 feet).
One wearable button for the wrist or neck is free, and you can add another for a small one-time fee. These home-only buttons don’t need recharging; they work for about five years, and then Bay sends replacements. Neck pendants can be upgraded with fall detection and Bella charms.

Best For: Seniors who don’t leave home alone.

Mobile Alert Systems

4G LTE GPS Help Button

Bay Alarm Medical - GPS Preferred Protection

Bay Alarm Medical – GPS Preferred Protection

For just $24.95 per month, Bay Alarm Medical will monitor a button on-the-go. We like how this gives backup anywhere along AT&T’s 4G cell network.3 And, unlike some other brands’ setups, two-way voice communication and a cellular chip are built into the pendant. Thus you won’t need to tote around a base station. You can also add fall detection and GPS access for caregivers. Note that MobileHelp is another great option for on-the-go alert systems.

Best For: Bay’s 4G LTE GPS Help Button is best for seniors who need emergency alert coverage at home and away

In-Car Medical Alert

Bay Alarm Medical - In-Car Medical Alert

Bay Alarm Medical – In-Car Medical Alert

This is Bay’s most innovative medical alert system. Bay Alarm Medical was the first to offer in-car medical alerts, and we couldn’t name a brand with a better option. Sensors detect everything from parking lot dings to serious crashes, and an emergency dispatcher is alerted in under a second!

The call center receives GPS data, and Bay reports that two-way voice communication is typically active within seven seconds. Service costs $29.95 per month and has optional $5 per month caregiver alerts and tracking.

Best For: Seniors and teens who could benefit from GPS tracking in case of emergency while driving

Pro Tip: The Bay Alarm Medical app can send caregiver alerts if a subscriber leaves boundaries set on a map. Alerts can be lifesaving for a senior who is prone to wandering.

Current Deal

Bay Alarm Medical is currently offering free shipping and up to 20% off of select plans. But deals are constantly changing, so we recommend checking their website for up-to-date deals and discounts. Also, keep in mind that discounts apply automatically if you choose two or more systems. For example, you could save $5 per month when combining an in-home system with a GPS button.

Standard ProtectionPreferred ProtectionPremium Protection
View PackagesView PackagesView Packages
24/7 USA-Based Monitoring24/7 USA-Based Monitoring24/7 USA-Based Monitoring
Auto Fall DetectionMobile GPS Monitoring
Lock Box Service
Auto Fall Detection
Necklace or Emergency Wrist ButtonNecklace or Emergency Wrist ButtonNecklace or Emergency Wrist Button
Wall Button 4-PackWall Button 4-Pack
In-Home Medical AlertIn-Home Medical AlertIn-Home Medical Alert
GPS Mobile Help ButtonGPS Mobile Help ButtonGPS Mobile Help Button
In-Car + GPS ButtonIn-Car + GPS ButtonIn-Car + GPS Button

Overall Value of Bay Alarm Medical

Basic emergency backup from Bay Alarm Medical is an all-around top value. You can certainly count on the equipment to work. And whether you choose a system for home or away, you will likely pay less for Bay than you would for other leading brands.
As mentioned above, savings are especially great if you’re getting in-home coverage for two people or two buttons, as the $19.95 per month monitoring account can be shared.

Optional features are priced fairly, too. Like most competitors, Bay Alarm Medical charges $10 per month for fall detection. Some brands charge just $5 for this feature, but you’ll probably see that they charge more in another way. We also like how Bay’s caregiver tracking app is affordable ($5 per month) and how they monitor wall-mounted panic buttons for just $2.50 per month.

FYI: Although it’s not 100% accurate, we recommend signing up with fall detection, especially if you or your loved one is prone to falling.

Bay Alarm Medical Background

Bay Alarm Medical is a division of Bay Alarm, a home and business security provider established in 1946. The company has always been family-owned, and we think this shines through in their treatment of customers. We’ve always felt regarded as individuals, not dollar signs, during sales and customer service calls.

In 2016 the two brothers at the company’s helm were inducted into the Security Sales & Integration Industry Hall of Fame.4 This was partly in recognition of Bay’s clever in-car alert system, which was the first of its kind to hit the market.

Today the company serves about 150,000 accounts and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.5 You can learn more about Bay Alarm Medical’s background, as well as its features and offerings in our in-depth review of the company.

Bay Alarm Medical FAQs

Does Bay require a landline?

No, with Bay Alarm Medical you have a choice of landline-based and cellular systems.

Is the monitoring reliable?

Yes, we’ve found this brand to be very reliable; our alerts were fielded in about 30 to 45 seconds. Bay Alarm Medical operators work at TMA 5-Diamond Certified call centers in Idaho and Utah.

Who will Bay Alarm Medical call in case of emergency?

By default, an operator will contact local EMS. You can also set up other contacts in your account profile. For example, you might want Bay to try reaching a neighbor before calling an ambulance.

Which medical alert system is best?

It depends on your budget and lifestyle. Bay’s Basic Protection is probably the best choice for homebound seniors. But for active seniors, our favorite is the 4G GPS button. At $24.95 per month, it’s even cheaper than the Basic Protection home cellular system.

Does Bay Alarm Medical require a long-term contract?

No, all plans are month-to-month. You can cancel anytime by returning your medical alert system.

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