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Best Money-Back Guarantee
Best Known Brand
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ADT has an active promotion: “Free Home Security System and 6 Free Window/Door Sensors.” (last updated 9/7/18)

What is ADT Security Services?

ADT formed in the late 1800s as American District Telegraph, the world’s first telegraph-based alert system. ADT is the largest home security company in the US. It’s one of the oldest home security companies in the country. With highly customizable packages and monitoring plans, it’s easy to make upgrades or keep your system simple.

ADT costs and prices range from $28.95 to $52.99 per month, plus upfront costs for equipment and installation.

Key Features

  • Wireless or Hardwired
  • Pro Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Emergency Response
  • Home Automation

What Sets ADT Apart

ADT Security Services is a well-respected name in the home security market throughout the US and Canada. It’s also the largest provider in these areas. Each ADT-monitored security system is professionally installed by ADT or by an independent dealer like ADT Authorized Premier Provider, Protect Your Home. Each system carries a 6-month money-back guarantee. Customers can bring their own equipment or lease equipment from ADT for home security as well as medical response, disaster protection and home automation.

Also setting ADT apart is their medical alert equipment. Unlike medical alert bracelets and pendants from some other companies, ADT-monitored medical alert devices work anywhere that’s covered by the AT&T Wireless Network, not just inside the home.

Features of ADT

ADT offers 24/7 professional monitoring of your home security system 365 days a year. Beyond the most basic equipment package and monitoring plan that look like the rigorous security systems of the latter part of the 20th century, ADT now also offers home automation through ADT’s app, ADT® Pulse. This includes a control panel with Z-Wave compatibility, giving you the flexibility to add whatever smart home devices you’ve already got in play, from lights and locks to appliances.

ADT also offers customized options, from carbon monoxide detection to fire and flood monitoring to help protect against environmental hazards. And if you’re not happy, it offers an ADT 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee (certain restrictions apply).

Mobile Alerts

Wireless security customers can get mobile alerts from ADT alarm systems and emergency operators. Mobile alerts plus remote control and monitoring give customers control from anywhere.

24/7 Monitoring

Each ADT monitoring plan includes 24-hour service to dispatch police, fire and medical first responders. ADT’s medical alert bracelets and pendants work outside the home as well as indoors.

Wireless Equipment

ADT specializes in both wireless and hardwired security. Wireless equipment installation leaves no permanent marks. Wireless ADT plans can support remote monitoring, remote control and home automation.

Surveillance Cameras

Optional security cameras let you monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Stream live video and access saved clips with your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

DIY Installation

ADT professionally installs its security systems to ensure that customers are well protected. Get professional installation of your wireless or hardwired set! Customers can also transfer equipment from other security companies.

Smart Home Options

Home automation can provide extra security, plus it saves time and money. Use biometric voice recognition and ADT’s mobile app to automate your home’s alarm, lights, thermostat and more.

Remote Control

Remote control of wireless security is enabled with an ADT mobile app as well as ADT keychain remotes. Each ADT keychain remote has four buttons: Arm, Disarm, Panic, and LED Light.

Power Outage Protection

An international leader in hardwired security, ADT has installed millions of systems. Installation is professionally done whether you’re getting ADT monitoring for the first time or transferring service to a new home.


Medical bracelets and necklaces with emergency alert buttons can give immediate access to dispatchers. ADT’s On-the-Go Emergency equipment is waterproof and sends GPS data to responders.

ADT Prices

ADT’s upfront cost starts at $125, and professional installation runs $99 to $199 depending on the package. ADT monitoring ranges from $27.99 to $52.99 per month.

You may be wondering about ADT prices? ADT Authorized Provider – Protect Your Home offers five main security packages that combine Protect Your Home equipment with ADT monitoring. Packages range from $27.99/month to $58.99/month. If you already own equipment, ADT will monitor already-installed security systems for as little as $19.99/month.

ADT Packages, Monitoring and Cost

Within each of ADT’s three package options, you’ve got various ways to upgrade or modify to better match your specific needs. Also, while ADT is known for offering high-quality equipment, if you are planning to lease it or you have your own equipment and you want to just obtain the monitoring service, the plan starts at a very competitive $19.99 a month.

Traditional Package

ADT’s Traditional package is its most basic. A bit pricier than the baseline options offered by competitors, it packs a punch. The basic package comes with a  monthly monitoring fee starting at $28.99 that includes 24/7 professional monitoring using a cellular connection. It comes with four door and window sensors (with the option to upgrade), and offers fire, carbon monoxide, and flood monitoring services. As noted, this is a significant amount of monitoring for a basic package.

The Traditional Package allows you to add on several key options as well, including Remote Security Video, Home Automation features, Remote Web and Mobile Access, as well as Email and Text Notifications in the event of an incident. These are all completely optional upgrades.

Control Package

ADT’s Control Package offers its basic coverage and more. It starts with a monthly monitoring fee of approximately $36.99, it adds home automation, giving you more control over the features and systems within your home regardless of whether you’re on site. In addition to remote web and mobile access, you can receive email and text notifications for various security triggers.

Video Package

Finally, ADT’s Video Package combines everything from the Control level with its Remote Secure Video upgrade, which is ideal for those who prefer greater control over their home system from afar. Your monthly monitoring fee jumps to around $52.99 for live monitoring of your home, allowing you to tap into the video feed from your home’s cameras no matter where you are.

ADT PlansUpfront CostMonthly CostMore Detail
TraditionalStarting at $125Starting at $28.95See More
ControlStarting at $125Starting at $36.99See More
VideoStarting at $125Starting at $52.99See More

ADT Equipment Costs

When purchasing ADT equipment packages and monitoring plans, you have a lot of flexibility to add on additional equipment to ensure your home security system works exactly how you want it to.

ADT Installation Fees

Protect Your Home requires that its equipment be professionally installed. The price for professional installation ranges from $99 to $199 depending on the package you choose. While some other systems offer DIY installation, Protect Your Home and ADT’s pricing is competitive and ensures that it’s done quickly and correctly.

Current Deal

Both ADT and Protect Your Home offers discounts, deals, and promotions for a variety of reasons. Learn more about the currently available ADT deals and promotions here.

How to Order

With five packages and monitoring plans, ADT and Protect Your Home offers a lot of customization. When it’s time to order, first choose which equipment package you want, then whether you’d like to upgrade from there. Your monitoring plan will automatically be based on these decisions.

It’s important to note that not only does ADT require professional installation, but regardless of what package you choose, you’ll also have to sign either a 24-month or 36-month contract. That said, they do offer a 6-month  money-back guarantee (some restrictions apply) if you’re unhappy.

ADT Customer Survey & Reviews

As of August 6th, 2019 we’ve had 350 ADT customers rate ADT from an online survey. Below are their average ratings broken out in detail.

ADT Customer Support:
ADT Equipment & Technology:
ADT Installation Experience:
Overall Satisfaction:

More About ADT Security Services

A longtime leader in the industry, ADT Security Solutions is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. It can monitor systems from leading brands such as GE, Honeywell/Ademco, and ITI. ADT supports a full spectrum of hardwired and wireless security features that include environmental disaster prevention, emergency medical assistance, and home automation. Known for their customer service and live monitoring features, ADT offers systems that are easy to use and professionally installed by ADT Premier Provider – Protect Your Home.

See our full review of ADT here and our ADT FAQs section here.


Does ADT require Internet?

No, not all ADT packages need Internet access. You will need an Internet connection if you want to use home automation and smart home devices in your ADT home security package.

What does ADT stand for?

ADT is short for American District Telegraph, the original name of the company when it was founded all the way back in 1874.

Is ADT wireless?

Yes, ADT does offer security system devices that have Wi-Fi connections, but most of them need to be powered via a wired AC connection.

Does ADT require professional installation?

Yes, ADT requires professional installation. An ADT technician will visit your home to install the equipment.

How much is ADT’s professional installation?

ADT’s professional installation typically starts at $99 and increases in price depending on the equipment you decide to have installed.

Does ADT require contracts?

Yes, ADT requires contracts. ADT’s required contract length starts at 24 months and varies depending on your location and agreement terms.

Is professional monitoring required?

Yes, professional monitoring services are required when you sign up with ADT.

Does ADT work with Alexa?

Yes, ADT works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Does ADT work with Google Assistant?

Yes, ADT works with Google Assistant.

What is the monthly cost of ADT?

The monthly cost of ADT starts at $28.95 a month and increases in price depending on the equipment and, packages and plans you decide to go with.

What happens to my ADT system if the power goes out?

If the power goes out, your ADT system will run on a battery backup for up to 24 hours.

Does ADT have panic buttons?

Yes, ADT has panic buttons. You can get an ADT panic button pendant and wear it around your neck or as a wristband.

Does ADT charge early termination fees?

Yes, ADT charges early termination fees so it’s important to review your agreement before cancelling.

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  1. Avatar Michelle G says:

    Searching for my mom, she is over 75 and wants to change from BMA to ADT but wants the ring doorbell video as well.
    What is the pricing on that monitoring and installation. her home is 1572 sq ft and front and back door along with sliding patio door as well for entry but we do not use the patio door for everyday entry. I would like to give her some information and a person on contact to discuss possible change.

    1. Avatar Safe Home says:

      Hi Michelle,
      For specific pricing quotes, we’d recommend contacting ADT directly.

    2. Avatar Tywanda Dallas says:

      Do you have to get a permit for this security system

      1. Avatar Editor says:

        Hi Tywanda,

        That depends on where you live. Different states and cities have different regulations.

  2. Avatar David Avellanet says:

    Very disappointed with their sales department. Very rude all I needed was a quote. I got a call very quick (no complaints there), however, the person I spoke to wanted to set me up for an install immediately and wanted my credit card info without me or my family deciding if monthly payments are good for us, because they are giving me quotes that are different than what the website says. She then transferred me to the promotions person who was very rude and tried to tell me that the price raise on monthly payments is based on it being video monitoring. Sorry but what the promotions lady and what the website say are two different things. Your employees should know what the company sells instead of being rude with a man that worked with systems like these in the military and has an idea of what he’s talking about. I might change my review if someone less rude was willing to talk.

  3. Avatar Kayla Fuentes says:

    Very disappointed with their customer service team. We had ADT for 2 years and didnt benefit from it so we cancelled after never being late or anything. And all of a sudden months later we received a letter we were in collections for a minor payment cause it takes ADT up to 30 days to process a cancel. So another way for them to gain a month of payment.

  4. Avatar Bob Z says:

    Pushy Customer Service Manager. I placed a request for quote via email in their web site. Within two minutes I was contacted. After being passed through two reps a manager?? came on and started with the sales pitch. I told them exactly what I wanted and all they wanted to do is throw a bunch of numbers at me. Ask for personal information, set up an install appointment and request a credit card to charge a $106.00 installation fee. I was told the fee would be refunded should I decline the service. When I asked the terms I was told 36 month contract. That was my deal killer and declined the offers. CS Rep became very pushy and did not want to take my reason for an answer. I figure if this is how they are before service, what happens should something go wrong down the road. I took a pass and will entertain other options that are no as pushy.

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