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ADT-Monitored Packages and Equipment: Plans and Monitoring Pricing

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Founded way back in the 1860s, ADT Security Services is by far the oldest and most-established home security provider in the U.S.1 Today, ADT serves 8 million customers and counting. From our experience, they offer reliable service, professional installation, and the best guarantee in the business. But with all the accolades, you might be thinking ADT is somewhat expensive for the average consumer. So we got to the bottom of their pricing, packages, and monitoring costs. And we’re sharing all the important details with you here.

Key Features

  • Wireless or Hardwired
  • Pro Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Emergency Response
  • Home Automation

ADT Pricing

We’ll cut right to the chase. ADT prices range from $27.99 to $52.99 per month, plus upfront costs for equipment and installation. Depending on the package you choose, the initial costs start at $125, and professional installation runs from $99 to $199. Now, we admit these prices are a bit steep for home security. But as you’ll see, ADT operates differently than many other providers. That is, they go above and beyond where it matters most.

In some ways, ADT is part of the “old-guard” of home security companies. Unlike newcomers to the market such as Ring or SimpliSafe, ADT doesn’t require you to purchase their equipment outright. Instead, you finance it over time (for as low as $27.99 per month), and the 24-7 monitoring service just comes with the package. While ADT does require a long-term contract, you receive some of the highest-quality equipment on the market. You can read more about their equipment selection in our full review of ADT.

ADT Package Prices Table
ADT PackagesPrice
ADT Secure$27.99 per month
ADT Smart$36.99 per month
ADT Complete$52.99 per month
ADT Custom PackageVariable

If you go with ADT Authorized Provider – Protect Your Home, they offer five main security packages that combine Protect Your Home devices with ADT monitoring. We found that these five package options offer something for everyone. Also, if you already own your own security equipment, ADT will monitor your system for $19.99 per month, which we found very competitive.

Other ADT ExpensesCost
Introductory Costs$125
Installation Fees$99 to $199
Add-On EquipmentVariable

Additional Fees

Having to pay extra fees is never fun. However, we believe ADT’s installation fee is worth it. The company is known for highly training technicians who get the job done right. From our experience, they are fast and friendly, and your tech will stick around after the install to teach you how to use your system. Most competing brands don’t offer this level of premium service. Again, it’s a bit old-fashioned, but sometimes old-fashioned is exactly what people want. On the other hand, we don’t like anything about their $125 upfront cost.

Did You Know: Companies like ADT that offer professional installation are more likely to include a guarantee and an extended product warranty.

Add-On Equipment Costs

You’ll also have to factor in ADT’s soaring costs for add-ons and upgrades. Big-name manufacturers like GE and Honeywell make ADT products.2 So expect to pay upwards of $60 for a single entryway sensor, approximately twice the price of the industry average. Almost all of ADT’s equipment, from their environmental sensors to their security cameras, are more expensive than the competition. Nevertheless, these devices are also superior to other products we’ve tested. So if your budget allows, it might make sense to buy with quality in mind and enjoy your equipment for the long haul.

Are ADT Packages Right for Me?

ADT security packages are not ideal for people who move around often. They are also not a great fit for the younger crowd who desire cheap and nimble home security. ADT plans make the most sense for homeowners who plan to stay in their homes for at least three years. It’s for those who desire robust home protection and home automation and don’t mind paying for it. Before you decide one way or the other, let’s dig deeper into ADT packages and pricing so that you can make an educated decision.

ADT Customer Survey & Reviews

Our staff is great at researching and testing systems and comparing it to similar security options, but we wanted to see what ADT customers have to say about the product and the service they receive over time. As of May 2020, we’ve surveyed 184 ADT customers and asked them to rate ADT in 10 different areas, including an overall rating. Below is a summary of their ratings.

Customer Service & Support:
3.88 out of 5
4.48 out of 5
Installation Process:
4.03 out of 5
4.09 out of 5
Equipment & Technology:
3.91 out of 5
Home Automation:
4.12 out of 5
4.28 out of 5
Mobile App:
4.09 out of 5
Ease of Use:
4.19 out of 5
Overall Rating:
3.97 out of 5

ADT Packages

As you read through the following options, remember, you can upgrade or modify these plans to better suit your needs. That’s a nice thing about ADT. They provide flexible package options, not just one-size-fits-all plans like other companies.

ADT Secure

ADT Secure offers basic home protection for a reasonable monthly cost. The price is $27.99 per month and includes the security equipment plus 24-7 professional monitoring through either a landline or cellular connection. You’ll get a base station, control panel, and four door and window sensors. This package supports fire, carbon monoxide, and flood monitoring services as well if you choose to purchase these devices. In our experience, $28 per month for basic home protection is a touch pricey. Most of the systems we’ve tested offer similar value for around $20 per month. Bear in mind, you don’t pay for ADT’s equipment beforehand, and they offer higher-quality devices than other brands.

ADT Smart

ADT Smart comes with everything the basic plan offers, plus home automation and remote arming and disarming. It costs $36.99 per month, which isn’t bad for total home security and smart home controls. This option definitely gave us greater command over our system. It includes the ADT Pulse app for remote access and controls. You’ll also enjoy instant alerts sent straight to your smartphone, notifying you of any suspicious activity.3

ADT App Controls

As far as smart home features go, ADT uses Z-Wave technology to power your smart home equipment. This functionality allows you to control various home commands on one platform directly from the convenience of your smartphone. Overall, we think this package is quite the upgrade from ADT’s base package, and it only costs $9 more per month. In our experience, the Smart plan is where ADT begins to offer true value.

ADT Complete

Finally, the ADT Complete plan combines the features from the other packages with their Remote Secure Video upgrade. This package gives you access to video support if you want to set up security cameras around your home. But it comes at a healthy price increase, putting your expenditure at $52.99 per month, plus equipment costs, as there’s no video monitoring without video cameras.

With ADT Complete, you’ll be able to tap into live video monitoring, allowing you to view your video feed from your ADT cameras, anywhere, any time. This plan worked well for us during testing, but it’s a bit pricey for our taste, especially considering some companies offer video monitoring for only $10 per month.

FYI: If you move frequently, consider purchasing a security system with easy DIY installation. You can always sign up for ADT’s monitoring services on your own equipment.

Upgrades and Add-Ons

You can customize your ADT system with the following add-ons, upgrades, and accessories:

  • Additional entryway sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Security cameras
  • Video doorbell cameras
  • Environmental sensors (fire, flood, CO)
  • Garage door controllers
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart switches and plugs
  • Panic buttons
  • And more!

Unfortunately, ADT isn’t exactly transparent about their equipment prices, and it’s a little difficult to find prices on their website. From what we’ve seen, their equipment costs change from time to time.

Rule of Thumb: You will generally pay more for ADT devices than other brands, but you’ll enjoy a better product that’s built to last.

ADT also offers identity theft protection services for $9.99 per month and medical alert systems for seniors for $29.99 per month. These add-ons are a testimony to ADT’s push to offer all-around personal and home protection. We’ve analyzed both, and truth be told, you’re probably better off shopping around for those services.

As far as features go, you can expect the following from ADT’s packages:

Mobile Alerts

Wireless security customers can get mobile alerts from ADT alarm systems and emergency operators. Mobile alerts plus remote control and monitoring give customers control from anywhere.

24/7 Monitoring

Each ADT monitoring plan includes 24-hour service to dispatch police, fire, and medical first responders. ADT’s medical alert bracelets and pendants work both inside and outside the home.

Wireless Equipment

ADT specializes in both wireless and hardwired security. Wireless equipment installation leaves no permanent marks. Wireless ADT plans can support remote monitoring, remote control, and home automation.

Surveillance Cameras

Optional security cameras let you monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Stream live video and access saved clips with your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

DIY Installation

ADT professionally installs its security systems to ensure that customers are well-protected. Get professional installation of your wireless or hardwired system! Customers can also transfer their equipment from other security companies.

Smart Home Options

Home automation provides extra security, plus it saves time and money. Use biometric voice recognition and ADT’s mobile app to automate your home’s alarm, lights, thermostat, and more.

Remote Control

Control your wireless security remotely with the ADT mobile app and ADT keychain remotes. Each ADT keychain remote has four buttons: Arm, Disarm, Panic, and LED Light.

Power Outage Protection

An international leader in hardwired security, ADT has installed millions of systems. Installation is professionally done whether you’re getting ADT monitoring for the first time or transferring your service to a new home.


Medical bracelets and necklaces with emergency alert buttons can give immediate access to dispatchers. ADT’s On-the-Go Emergency equipment is waterproof and sends GPS data to responders.

Current Deal

ADT packages are a touch expensive compared to other brands we’ve tested. This trait may be ADT’s biggest weakness. However, both ADT and Protect Your Home offer deals throughout the year. Sometimes this bargain comes in the form of waived installation fees or a percentage-off discount on monthly plans. From what we’ve seen, these providers are constantly changing it up to keep people on their toes. If you’re considering ADT, it’s worth researching these discounts. Learn more about current ADT deals and promotions here.

Did You Know: Some insurance companies offer up to a 20% discount on home insurance if you have a monitored home security system like ADT installed.4

Overall Value of ADT

Throughout our research and testing, ADT shined in several categories. Their packages and pricing are straightforward, and their monitoring costs are reasonably priced for what you get, especially the ADT Smart plan. Also, the company offers a generous 6-month, money-back guarantee, which is the best guarantee we’ve seen in the industry. Overall, ADT users can expect their dollars to stretch with these products and services. All in all, the value is certainly there for those who can afford it.

But it bears repeating — ADT isn’t for everyone. If you’re the type who prefers no contracts and cheap monitoring, or free self-monitoring for that matter, then we recommend looking at systems offered by Ring, SimpliSafe, or Abode. With these brands, you’ll spend more money initially, but you’ll own the equipment from day one, and you’ll only be on the hook for $10 to $20 per month for monitoring. With that said, if you value 24-7 monitoring from true professionals, and you plan to live in your home for several years, then ADT likely has the ideal package and plan for you.


Does ADT require Internet?

No, not all ADT packages need Internet access. You will need an Internet connection if you want to use home automation and smart home devices in your ADT home security package.

What does ADT stand for?

ADT is short for American District Telegraph, the original name of the company when it was founded all the way back in 1874.

Is ADT wireless?

Yes, ADT does offer security system devices that have Wi-Fi connections, but most of them need to be powered via a wired AC connection.

Does ADT require professional installation?

Yes, ADT requires professional installation. An ADT technician will visit your home to install the equipment.

How much is ADT’s professional installation?

ADT’s professional installation typically starts at $99 and increases in price depending on the equipment you decide to have installed.

Does ADT require contracts?

Yes, ADT requires contracts. ADT’s required contract length starts at 24 months and varies depending on your location and agreement terms.

Is professional monitoring required?

Yes, professional monitoring services are required when you sign up with ADT.

Does ADT work with Alexa?

Yes, ADT works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Does ADT work with Google Assistant?

Yes, ADT works with Google Assistant.

What is the monthly cost of ADT?

The monthly cost of ADT starts at $28.95 a month and increases in price depending on the equipment and, packages and plans you decide to go with.

What happens to my ADT system if the power goes out?

If the power goes out, your ADT system will run on a battery backup for up to 24 hours.

Does ADT have panic buttons?

Yes, ADT has panic buttons. You can get an ADT panic button pendant and wear it around your neck or as a wristband.

Does ADT charge early termination fees?

Yes, ADT charges early termination fees so it’s important to review your agreement before cancelling.

SafeHome only uses high-quality sources to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.
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