Travis Goodreau

ADT is a trusted and experienced home security company – one that’s been in the business for 140 years. The company’s products are very reliable. And, they offer key benefits such as professional installation and a six-month money-back guarantee. The company’s home security prices are already affordable, ranging from $9 to $14 per week or $37 to $53 per month. There are vary flexible options available in terms of other costs. But, for those who want to reduce their costs further, consider these sales and discounts:

Deals and Sales

Discount deals and savings options are often available from ADT. The company may offer discounts and sales throughout the year. It’s important to keep an eye out for new sales.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fantastic times to save money on a home security system. ADT systems may be available at a discounted price during this time of the year. However, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday ADT sales do not usually become available until right before the actual days (and sometimes they remain a mystery until that day itself). If you are planning to buy around this time of the year, watch for the deals. However, you may not want to put off waiting too long and assuming a deal is available.

Discount Codes and Discount Coupons

Finding a great discount code or coupon code can help you to save some money on your ADT system. In the past, free sensors or discounted plans were available. These range widely, though, in terms of availability. It is not common to find an ADT discount code directly from the company. Some third party sites may offer a perceived discount, but be warned – often, the discount is already factored into ADT’s lower prices. Which means you are not really saving any money.

Still, take the time to check back for discount codes or ADT coupon codes. You may find these available at different times of the year.

Special Offers and Promotions

There are a few additional ways to reduce the cost of your ADT security system. Finding a few discounts and special promotions like these may help to reduce your costs overall. Keep in mind you may be able to combine discounts here. However, they do change from time to time. Do not assume there will always be available.

Homeowners Insurance Discount

This is one of the easiest ways to save money on a home security system. You can obtain a discount by calling your home insurance company directly after you install your home security system. The system works to make your home safer, which reduces risks to your insurer. As a result, they may offer you a discount on your insurance policy. Some insurance companies will give you a discount of as much as 20 percent off your home insurance costs if you have an ADT home security system or another version.

Activate an Existing System Savings

Another way to reduce your costs is to skip the need to purchase a new product. If you already have an ADT home system, but you are not using it, this is one way to significantly reduce your costs. You can activate the existing system in your home. And, when you do, you will get the company’s prime service of 24/7 monitoring service. The service will cost just $19.99 per month, which is a significant savings. There are contract details to know, but this will give you the ability to save hundreds of dollars by skipping the need for an installation. It even applies if you purchase a home with an ADT system already in place.

Get 24/7 Monitoring for $1 a Day

The company is running a special promotion for those who decide to upgrade to the 24/7 monitoring feature. When you make this upgrade, you can get 24/7 monitoring service starting at just $1 a day. This allows you to gain access to the company’s fast emergency response service – perhaps one of the best ways to protect your family. You will need to secure a 36 month monitoring contract, and there are other factors involved.

USAA Members

For anyone who is a member of USAA, you may be able to secure another discount. This discount allows individuals to get home security starting as low as $26 per month. It amounts to about a 10 percent discount.

Lennar Homeowners

If you are a Lennar Homeowner, you can also get some added savings. The company will provide you with a free wireless security system. This comes with the ADT warranty and service you expect included. And, it allows you to get a 10 percent discount on your equipment upgrades. It’s an easy way to reduce your costs if you are already or soon to be a Lennar Homeowner.

*Sales, Deals & Discounts as of June 26, 2018