Travis Goodreau

Blink is an excellent home security system for many reasons. This company’s home security options stand out for their key features such as HD video and motion-activated alerts that go right to your smartphone. This system also offers a wireless design and intrusion protection. You can even link it to your Amazon Alexa smart home to control it with voice activation. All of this makes the Blink home security system a very high-tech option.

What’s also nice is that Blink tends to be one of the most affordable of all of the solutions as well. Its basic system begins at just $99. And, to make things even better, there is no long-term contract to worry about paying long term. There is no subscription necessary to use the system. No data fees apply. All of this means Blink home security systems start off as an affordable and accessible option for many property owners.

However, there is still room to save here. If you are looking for Blink discounts and promotions, there may be some options available to you. Take a closer look at a few of the options available now.

Deals and Sales

Saving money through a discount or deal is always the route to take. Unfortunately, these change often from Blink and can be hard to find. The company’s products are priced well, which makes it hard to actually find sales available on them.  There could be a few options.

The company may offer sales on its add-ons from time to time. For example, adding on an indoor or outdoor camera to a system may be priced a bit lower at some points. Blink home security cameras are generally priced best, though, when you buy a full system. Purchasing a single camera system and adding more cameras to it costs more than purchasing a three or five camera system from the start.

Black Friday

One option is to consider Blink Black Friday sales. Blink has offered discounted pricing on its camera systems on Black Friday before. Black Friday, which is the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, is a good time to shop for discounts on Blink security cameras if you want to see a percentage off. In the past, the company has offered discounts up to 40% on equipment on this day.

Cyber Monday

That discount continues to the Monday, too. In the past, Blink Cyber Monday deals were also an excellent opportunity to save. The company carried over their near 40% discount on equipment from Black Friday over into Monday. That offers a nice savings opportunity for those looking for a way to reduce costs overall.

Discount Codes and Coupons

Blink discount codes and coupon offers are hard to find. They do change from month-to-month. The best way to find these coupons and discount codes is to check here or at the Blink website itself. Be careful – you do not have to sign up for any type of sales to get this information. Instead, turn to Blink itself for discounts.

A current promotion, as of January of 2019, provides a good example of how to save money on your Blink home security system. Using the code: protect users can save 20 percent on their purchase of a new Blink Smart Video Security System (this is valid on all offers of $150 and higher.) This discount could expire at any time. Be sure to check back for a new offer or discount opportunity.

In the past, Blink coupon codes have been available for other discounts including discounts on specific systems or on various types of setups. The key here is to be sure to buy a security system that fits your home and your needs and then find a discount for it.

Special Offers and Promotions

Blink cameras may also be on sale for various promotional offers and discounts from time to time. The company does run sales and special offer periods for various events. For example, in January of 2019, the company offered 20 percent off all Blink cameras as a Big Game Sale for the Super Bowl. This limited time offer was a good way to get a significant savings on the cameras you need. The discount included the Blink XT and Blink indoor HD camera. It also applied to the company’s accessories for its products.

Other promotions may exist. Blink cameras may qualify for free shipping. And, remember, there is no long-term contract here and there is no ongoing subscription to pay to maintain your system. This can be a significant savings itself compared to other products on the market.

To find the best special offers and promotions on Blink home security systems and cameras, be sure to come back here. We do our best to always offer the best discounts available on all Blink products.  We keep prices up to date to help you save money.

*Sales, Deals & Discounts as of January 31, 2019