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Blink Indoor - Mounted on Wall

Blink Indoor – Mounted on Wall

October is usually just like any other month at the Amazon HQ, but things are a little bit different this year. Last month, Amazon announced a Prime Day-like event in the Amazon Early Access Sale (October 11 and 12), and now that the big sale has begun, what deals can we find? Well, mostly the same things we see during Prime Day, which means we’ll be treated to lots of great deals and discounts on home security products.

What can we expect from this new sale event? Well, mostly the same things we see during Prime Day, which means we’ll be treated to lots of great deals and discounts on home security products.

Did You Know? This isn’t the first time that Prime Day is happening in October. In 2020, COVID restrictions pushed back the dates of the sale to October. That being said, this is the first time that we’re getting two Prime Days in one year.

One of the most sought-after brands during Prime Day is Blink, a security camera brand owned by Amazon. Let’s discuss all the ways we can save on Blink security equipment this Prime Day October.

Blink Mini Packaging

Blink Mini Packaging

If you’re not familiar with Blink cameras, we covered the brand from head to toe in our full Blink home security camera review. But in the meantime, let’s explore some of the deals, discounts, and special offers Blink has up their sleeves for Amazon’s version of Black Friday.

What to Expect from Blink on Prime Day October

Since it’s an Amazon brand, you know you’re getting top-shelf technology with Blink. They’re known as Amazon’s simpler, slightly more affordable camera, having cemented a following among renters and apartment dwellers. For comparison’s sake, prices on Blink cams are between $10 and $20 cheaper on average than Ring’s cameras. Even Blink’s priciest cameras, the Blink Outdoor and the new wired floodlight camera, are still under $100 – pretty reasonable in this industry.

This October Prime Day, there’s some big discounts on both Ring and Blink cameras. But hey, this page is dedicated to Blink camera deals. If you’re more interested in Ring, check out Ring Prime Day Early Access deals here.

Back to Blink. So far, we’re seeing lots of options from the brand. They only have five cameras, including the Blink Video Doorbell, but there are over two dozen deals to choose from.

That’s primarily because Blink’s Prime Day October deals feature discounted bundles. In fact, if you’re looking to save big, we suggest looking at those bundles rather than individual cameras as they offer the largest savings. Just take a look at the two-camera bundle of the Blink Mini, which comes with a whopping 54% discount.

Here are other deals you should check out.

  • Get two Blink Mini’s for less than the price of one. The bundle costs $29.99, 54 percent less than its regular selling price.
  • Get a set of three Blink Outdoors and a Blink Mini for $169.98, a $115 discount from its $284.98 retail price.
  • Save 42 percent on a Blink Outdoor Floodlight camera (Blink Outdoor plus Floodlight Mount). The bundle price is down to $74.98.
  • Get 47 percent off a five-camera Blink Outdoor set with one Blink Mini, for a total of $219.98.
  • Save 22 percent if you purchase a starter kit with a Sync Module, two Blink Outdoors, and two Blink Indoors. The total kit price is down to $249.97.
  • Get a 39 percent discount on a Blink Outdoor starter kit (Sync Module included) with a solar panel mount. This set costs $139.98 before discounts, but it’s now only $84.98.
  • Save $45 when you bundle a Blink Outdoor with a Blink Mini, for a total of $89.98.

Like we said, there are over two dozen deals from Blink, and the ones we listed are just some of the most notable.That being said, Blink isn’t the only brand with discounts right now. You may also want to check out deals from other security camera brands, and for a broader look at cameras across the industry, visit our security camera buying guide.

Your Options From Blink

Before hunting down deals, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with Blink’s current suite of security cameras and accessories. After all, you’ll only save money if you actually end up with the cameras that are right for you. Fortunately, Blink’s options are straightforward and a breeze to get to know.

  • Blink Mini: The Blink Mini is the smallest and most affordable camera from Blink. It’s a plug-in camera, but it’s only for indoor use.
  • Blink Indoor: The Blink Indoor is a slightly more expensive indoor camera. Its most distinguishing feature is that it’s battery-powered, giving you more flexibility in terms of placement.
  • Blink Outdoor: The Blink Outdoor is another battery-powered camera, but with a more rugged shell than the Blink Indoor. It’s dust-tight and waterproof with an IP 65 rating, so it’s very much capable of living outdoors.
  • Blink Floodlight Mount (wireless): The wireless floodlight mount is designed for the Blink Outdoor. It features two LED floodlights and a mount at the center for the wireless Blink outdoor camera.
  • Blink Video Doorbell: The Blink Video Doorbell is a simplistic video doorbell that you can either hardwire or power with batteries. It features two-way talk, a 1080p HD resolution, and integrations with Alexa.

FYI: Blink Mini cameras aren’t fancy, but the device was super easy to install and use in our own experience with the camera. Learn more in our full Blink Mini camera review.

Blink Mini Mounted

Blink Mini Mounted

The Takeaway

Blink is already one of the most affordable security camera brands, but we don’t mind saving a few extra bucks on days like the Prime Day Early Access Sale this October. That said, Amazon sales aren’t the only opportunities to save on your Blink purchases. For more ways to save, check out our full Blink camera deals and discounts guide.