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Blink Indoor - Mounted on Wall

Blink Indoor – Mounted on Wall

Prime Day is coming! This should come as great news to Prime members as well as anyone who’s on the hunt for the best Prime Day deals and discounts on home security products.

Did You Know: Amazon Prime Day 2021 will be held from June 21-221. And deals and discounts are already beginning to surface.

That said, we all know Amazon likes to keep folks guessing in the lead-up to their biggest shopping day of the year. But I do have past experience to draw from, too. And one thing that’s been consistent in past Prime Day events2 is a strong showing from Blink, the Amazon-owned brand with a suite of affordable wire-free cameras.

Blink Mini Packaging

Blink Mini Packaging

If you’re not familiar with Blink cameras, we covered the brand from head to toe in our full Blink home security camera review. But in the meantime, let’s explore some of the deals, discounts, and special offers Blink has up their sleeves for Amazon’s version of Black Friday.

What to Expect from Blink on Prime Day

Since it’s an Amazon brand, you know you’re getting top-shelf technology with Blink. They’re known as Amazon’s simpler, slightly more affordable camera, having cemented a following among renters and apartment dwellers. For comparison’s sake, prices on Blink cams are between $10 and $20 cheaper on average than Ring’s cameras. Even Blink’s priciest camera, Blink Outdoor, is still under $100 – pretty reasonable in this industry.

As Prime Day approaches, you should expect to see some big discounts on both Ring and Blink cameras. From what I’ve seen, the massive e-commerce retailer is always keen to mark down their own proprietary devices on Prime Day.

Here’s what we know so far about Blink’s best deals and discounts for 2021 Prime Day:

  • 43 percent off a Blink Mini camera, for a total of $20.
  • 38 percent off a Blink Mini 2-pack, for a total of $40.
  • $60 off a Blink Outdoor 1-camera kit with base station, for a total of $60.
  • 42 percent off a Blink Outdoor camera 2-pack kit with base station, for a total of $105.
  • 40 percent off a Blink Outdoor camera 3-pack kit with base station, for a total of $150.
  • 52 percent off a Blink Outdoor camera 3-pack kit plus Echo Show 5, for a total of $160.
  • 41 percent off a Blink Outdoor camera 5-pack kit, for a total of $225.
  • 36 percent off a Blink Indoor 1-camera kit, for a total of $45.
  • 37 percent off a Blink Indoor 3-camera kit, for a total of $120.
  • 36 percent off a Blink Indoor 5-camera kit, for a total of $180.
  • 20 percent off a Blink Mini camera plus Echo Show 5 2nd Gen, for a total of $95.

For a broader look at cameras across the industry, visit our security camera buying guide.

Blink Mini Mounted

Blink Mini Mounted

Last year, you might recall a healthy dose of markdowns on Ring products, including a generous 24 percent off the price of two fan-favorite Ring Indoor cams.

But do remember this: In Blink, you won’t find anything close to the fancy, five-star facial detection technology I encountered in my hands-on experience with Google Nest Cams, another high-rated camera. Those are among the most expensive cameras in the biz in terms of equipment – making them wildly different from Blink cams. Just something to think about.

FYI: Blink Mini cameras aren’t fancy, but the device was super easy to install and use in my own experience with the camera. Learn more in my full Blink Mini camera review.

For example, during last year’s Prime Day, the Arlo Pro 3 system we reviewed was marked down 30 percent. It’s still a pricey setup, but if you’re looking for a simple, set-it-and-forget-it camera, Blink’s $28 Mini represents a solid option – especially for budget buyers.

For more ways to save on Blink cameras year-round, head over to our full Blink camera deals and discounts guide.