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Blink Indoor - Mounted on Wall

Blink Indoor – Mounted on Wall

Prime Day is here, which means Amazon’s HQ is a lot busier right now. Each year, Amazon holds their Prime Day sale to give Prime members exclusive discounts and deals. They work hard to formulate deals that benefit their shoppers; we, on the other hand, work to help you find those deals.

On this page, we’ll talk about Blink, one of the security camera brands under Amazon’s management. Blink offers affordable security cameras, but during Prime Day, their prices drop down to new lows. What kinds of deals are available from Blink this Prime Day 2023? Let’s dive right in!

Blink Mini Packaging

Blink Mini Packaging

Pro Tip: If you’re not familiar with Blink cameras, we covered the brand from head to toe in our full Blink home security camera review.

Blink Deals: Grab Them While They Last

Blink offers good value. Their affordable security cameras, all of which are under $100, provide real-time protection and home monitoring. They also have affordable cloud storage fees and a free app for every user to enjoy. Needless to say, Blink is one of Amazon’s Prime Day best-sellers.

Unfortunately, that means you’re going to have to act fast to get the best deals. Prime Day deals are known to shift depending on item availability, so grab these Blink deals now while you still can.

Blink security cameras and bundles Price (discounted) Savings
Blink Mini $17.50 50%
Blink Mini (set of 2) $33.99 48%
Blink Mini Pan-Tilt $29.99 50%
Blink Indoor w/ Sync Module $31.99 60%
Blink Indoor (set of 3) w/ Sync Module $75.99 60%
Blink Outdoor w/ Sync Module $49.99 50%
Blink Outdoors (set of 2) w/ Sync Module $79.99 56%
Blink Outdoors (set of 3) w/ Sync Module $104.99 58%
Blink Wired Floodlight $49.99 50%
Blink Floodlight Camera (wireless) $74.99 46%
Blink Mini, Blink Outdoor, Blink Video Doorbell and Sync Module bundle $109.98 50%
Blink Outdoor (set of 2) and Blink Indoor (set of 2) w/ Sync Module $219.97 31%
Wired Floodlight Camera and Blink Video Doorbell bundle $79.88 50%
Blink Video Doorbell, Blink Outdoor, and Sync Module bundle $79.98 57%

With prices starting at just $17.50 for the Blink Mini, $29.99 for the Pan-Tilt version, $31.99 for the Blink Indoor, and $49.99 for the Blink Outdoor, now is undoubtedly a golden chance to purchase multiple cameras. And to make your life easier, multi-camera bundles with up to eight cameras are available. Everything is on sale, with discounts of at least 40-percent off and up to 60-percent off.

In addition to Blink cameras, we also recommend looking into the Blink Video Doorbell. It’s currently on sale for $29.99, and it’s quite possibly the most affordable video doorbell you can buy right now. That being said, you may also want to check out video doorbells from Blink’s sister brand, Ring. We’re seeing Ring Prime Day deals with discounts of up to 60-percent off as well.

As always, we urge you to look at the big picture. Rather than just hunt down the biggest discounts, list all the pieces of equipment you need to improve your home security, and then see which brands offer the best value on those. You can also refer to our home security buying guide for more help.

Your Options From Blink

Before hunting down deals, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with Blink’s current suite of security cameras and accessories. After all, you’ll only save money if you actually end up with the cameras that are right for you. Fortunately, Blink’s options are straightforward and a breeze to get to know.

  • Blink Mini: The Blink Mini is the smallest and most affordable camera from Blink. It’s a plug-in camera, but it’s only for indoor use.
  • Blink Indoor: The Blink Indoor is a slightly more expensive indoor camera. Its most distinguishing feature is that it’s battery-powered, giving you more flexibility in terms of placement.
  • Blink Outdoor: The Blink Outdoor is another battery-powered camera, but with a more rugged shell than the Blink Indoor. It’s dust-tight and waterproof with an IP 65 rating, so it’s very much capable of living outdoors.
  • Blink Floodlight Mount (wireless): The wireless floodlight mount is designed for the Blink Outdoor. It features two LED floodlights and a mount at the center for the wireless Blink outdoor camera.
  • Blink Video Doorbell: The Blink Video Doorbell is a simplistic video doorbell that you can either hardwire or power with batteries. It features two-way talk, a 1080p HD resolution, and integrations with Alexa.

FYI: Blink Mini cameras aren’t fancy, but the device was super easy to install and use in our own experience with the camera. Learn more in our full Blink Mini camera review.

Blink Mini Mounted

Blink Mini Mounted

The Takeaway

Blink is already one of the most affordable security camera brands, but we don’t mind saving a few extra bucks on days like Prime Day. Do you? For more ways to save, check out our full Blink camera deals and discounts guide.