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Arlo - 3 Cameras

Arlo – 3 Cameras

Arlo has been named among the best wireless cameras several years running, and is known for their sharp, super HD resolution, easy installation, reliable motion detection, and sleek, modern design. It’s also known for leading the market of battery-powered security cameras.

In my full hands-on Arlo review, I was able to get down to the finer details of these well-made cameras, testing the features and tech. But today, I have slightly more pressing business to cover: the business of Prime Big Deal Days 2023 set for October 10 and 11. The big day is officially here!

This two-day sale event is exclusive to Prime members and promises lots of special deals and discounts for security cameras. So without further ado, let’s discuss all the possible ways to save if you’re in the market for Arlo security cameras.

Arlo Pro 3, with magnetic charging cable

Arlo Pro 3, with magnetic charging cable

FYI: Buying lots of home security equipment at once can be overwhelming. Use our handy home security comparison tool before you buy to figure out what kind of system you really need.

Prime Big Deal Days 2023: Arlo Security Camera Discounts

This time around, most of the Prime Big Deal Days deals for Arlo products are for accessories, like solar mounts and battery packs for Arlo’s wire-free security cameras. But don’t despair; if you’re looking to buy Arlo cameras, many of them are also on sale – just not as part of the Prime Big Deal Days event.

Here’s Arlo’s pricing for its cameras right now:

Arlo cameras and bundles Discounted price Savings
Arlo Essential Spotlight XL $73.02 50%
Arlo Essential Spotlight (2-camera) $139.99 40%
Arlo Essential Indoor $59.63 40%
Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight $139.99 30%
Arlo Ultra 2 (2-camera) $479.99 20%
Arlo Go $211.65 15%

Bear in mind that those aren’t exclusive to Prime members, so if you can’t find the deals in Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days page, head over to Arlo’s Amazon store.
Now, as for the accessories on sale, here they are:

  • Security wall mount for Arlo Pro (all models) and Essential Spotlight: $11.19 down from $18.99
  • Charger for Arlo Pro 3 and 4 and Ultra and Ultra 2: $11.89 down from $14.98
  • Solar panel Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 2, Pro 3, and Pro 4: $39.99 down from $49.99
  • Solar panel for Arlo Essential (all outdoor models): $31.35 down from $36.88

With discounts as much as 50-percent off, Arlo is one of the most-discounted security camera brands right now. It even rivals the Amazon-owned brands Ring and Blink, both of which have deals for 40- to 60-percent off security cameras. That’s not really surprising though. Since I can remember, Arlo has always been one of the top brands during Amazon sales in terms of savings. In fact, see below for the deals from Prime Day July 2023, during which Ring and Blink also offered up to 60-percent off.

Arlo products Discounted price Discount (highest to lowest)
Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell $59.49 60%
Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell $99.99 50%
Arlo Essential Spotlight (2 cameras) $139.98 46%
Arlo Essential Indoor $59.99 40%
Arlo Ultra 2 (2 cameras plus base station) $395.57 34%
Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight $169.99 32%
Arlo Pro 4 $149.68 25%
Arlo Essential XL Spotlight $69.99 21%
Arlo Pro 5S $199.99 20%

Going further back, I found these Prime Day October 2022 deals from Arlo, which also points to the fact that they often have the best security camera deals outside Amazon-owned companies.

  • Save 28 percent with the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera, from $99.99 down to $71.99.
  • Get an Arlo Pro 4 for $143.99 (28 percent off).
  • Get a two-pack Arlo Pro 4 bundle for $319.99, a $60 savings.
  • Save 31 percent with the Arlo Essential Spotlight Cameras, for a total price of $89.99 (originally $129.99).
  • Get a two-pack Arlo Ultra 2 with an Arlo Smart Hub for $474.99, $120 off the regular price.
  • Get $50 off the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera’s price to slash the price down to $199.

Those are excellent deals, especially given Arlo’s somewhat steep pricing. Speaking of that, here’s Arlo’s pricing outside Prime Day sales.

Arlo Camera Pricing and Packages

Arlo is a great manufacturer of security products, but the drawback is you’re going to have to pay for the quality.

You might spend more than, say, a package of Swann security cameras with easy installation and an NVR; however, you won’t get Arlo’s equipment quality and motion detection features in those Swann cameras, either. Just something to keep in mind, as I’ve always found you do get what you pay for in this industry.

Arlo Pro 3 Packaging

Arlo Pro 3 Packaging

For lots more on Arlo’s value as a home security system, check out our complete Arlo camera pricing guide. In the meantime, see below for a breakdown of Arlo's products.

Arlo Equipment to Look Out For on Prime Big Deal Days 2023

Product Type Name Price
Outdoor Camera Arlo Ultra 2 $299.99
Outdoor Camera Arlo Pro 4 $199.99
Outdoor Camera Arlo Go2 LTE/Wi-Fi Security Camera $249.99
Indoor Camera Arlo Essentials Indoor Security Camera $79.99
Floodlight Camera Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera $249.99
Doorbell Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell $179.99
Arlo Base Hub

Arlo Base Hub

Final Thoughts on Arlo October Prime Day 2023 Discounts

One of my favorite characteristics of Arlo cameras is their “smart” look. I’ve long been a fan of their modern, sleek design, and in my experience with their cameras, they tend to outpace the competition in equipment quality, functionality, value, and ease of use.

For Arlo shoppers, Prime Big Deal Days 2023 is a golden opportunity to save big. And again, it’s officially here! So if you’re eyeing smart home security delivered by some of the sleekest, most reliable battery-powered cameras in the market, head over to Amazon now and start filling your cart with Arlo cameras. And don’t forget – accessories are on sale too!

FYI: For year-round promotions and more ways to save on Arlo cameras, check out our full breakdown of Arlo’s deals and discounts.

Arlo Pro 3 Mounted Outside

Arlo Pro 3 Mounted Outside