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What Is Vivint?

Vivint Security is an elite home security company specializing in smart technology for homes and businesses. Formed as APX Alarm Security Solutions in Provo, Utah, in 1999, it was rebranded as Vivint in 2011, acquired by The Blackstone Group in 2012 for more than $2 billion, and has served more than a million households in the US, Canada, and New Zealand.

Vivint’s wireless equipment combines comprehensive security with monitored fire prevention and other environmental protection. Vivint also supports automation to give customers remote / online control of home and business features such as lighting, door locks, and thermostats. With some of the most sophisticated equipment around, each security system is installed by a pro.

Key Features

  • Wireless & Cellular
  • Professional Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Remote Control

What Sets Vivint Apart

Vivint is best known for its well-designed equipment and easy-to-integrate home automation. Even its most basic equipment package includes professional installation, the Vivint Sky app, and plenty of sensors. Vivint also stands out for using cellular-based systems, catering to both homes and businesses, and making contract exceptions for military families.

Features of Vivint Security

All Vivint packages consist of equipment, one of two monitoring plans, professional installation, and a 4- or 5-year contract. While Vivint equipment is required in order for Vivint monitoring services to function, you do have the option of buying your equipment either in a set package or a lá carte to more fully customize your home security.

Using a cellular connection for extra security, Vivint’s SkyControl panel lets you arm and disarm your system and control whatever equipment you choose. It also allows you to input unique user codes and watch live video feeds, and it even includes two-way talk so that if you accidentally trigger the alarm, you can let a Vivint rep know everything’s fine using the control panel itself instead of having to track down the phone you’ve listed.

In addition to all the hardware, Vivint systems come with a mobile app called the Sky App that is one of the highest-rated apps in both Apple and Google Play app stores. This software is loaded with features that essentially put the power of the SkyControl panel in the palm of your hand.

The app lets you remotely access the full depths of your system, giving you the ability to, say, program the timing on your motion detectors, or watch the live feed from your cameras. Not only can you be pinged when someone rings your doorbell, you can even talk to that person and unlock your door—letting, for instance, packages be safely stowed, or the babysitter into the house.

Mobile Alerts

In the event of a possible security breach or fire emergency, Vivint’s monitoring service immediately sends text alerts to notify alarm owners and their listed contacts, such as neighbors and relatives.

24/7 Monitoring

Vivint provides 24-hour security monitoring using high quality cell radio networks. Cellular monitoring is more secure than landline monitoring because it eliminates the opportunity for criminals to cut communication wires.

Wireless Equipment

Vivint security equipment is 100% wireless. It won’t cause your home to be cluttered with cords, and installation usually doesn’t require adding holes to walls. Equipment can easily be moved to a new residence.

Surveillance Cameras

Doorbell cameras stand out as Vivint’s most exciting technology. These let you view and respond to visitors using a mobile connection from anywhere in the world. Vivint also provides standard indoor and outdoor cameras.

DIY Installation

Professional technicians help ensure that Vivint security equipment is free of defects and set up properly. Installation may be available within a few hours of ordering your security service.

Smart Home Options

Vivint streamlines home management with an app for arming your residence, controlling lights, adjusting the thermostat and more. Voice recognition technology is among the options.

Disaster Protection

Smoke alarms are most effective when they’re monitored. For comprehensive home protection Vivint provides monitored smoke sensors in addition to home security equipment.

Remote Control

Keychain remote controls make it convenient to arm and disarm your system without using the touch screen control panel. Keychain remotes also have panic buttons that connect with emergency dispatchers.

Voice Response

Vivint has partnered with Amazon Echo to offer home automation equipment that responds to voice commands. Get hands-free control of your thermostat, lights, security system and more!


Ever wonder if you forgot to close your garage door? Vivint security can alert you when the garage door is left open. Vivint’s mobile app lets you open or shut the garage door from anywhere.

Vivint Pricing

Vivint equipment costs range from $599 to $1,789, with financing available. Vivint’s monitoring plans are reasonably priced at $29.99, $39.99, and $49.99 per month. Finally, professional installation runs between $50 and $200.

Vivint lets you choose between four different equipment packages and two professional monitoring plans, so what you pay can vary significantly depending on what you get and how involved the resulting installation becomes.

Vivint Packages and Cost

Vivint’s four equipment packages are listed below along with pricing. You can always add equipment to these bundles, though costs start to add up quickly. The Vivint SkyControl Starter Kit is included in both the Smart Protect + Control and Smart Complete packages, and at $599.99 includes a touch screen control panel, two smart sensors, and a motion sensor. The Smart Protect + Control and Smart Complete packages offer different equipment. The Monthly Flex Pay Cost shown in the following table is for a 60-month contract period:

Vivint EquipmentHome Security System BundleVideo Security BundleSmart Home Control BundleSmart Complete Bundle
SkyControl Starter Kit1111
Smoke Detector1000
Doorbell Camera0101
Outdoor Camera0101
Ping Camera0101
Element Thermostat0011
Smart Door Lock0011
Smart Garage Controller0011
Total Cost$709.98$1379.95$1049.95$1789.92
Monthly Flex Pay Cost$11.83/mo.$23/mo.$17.50/mo.$29.83/mo.

Vivint Monthly Monitoring and Pricing

Vivint offers three professional monitoring plans, all which offer 24/7 monitoring, app control, live service, and tech support.The Smart Protect plan costs $29.99 a month. The Smart Protect + Control plan costs $39.99 a month, while the Smart Complete plan adds video surveillance and local storage and costs $49.99 a month. Both require either a 4- or 5-year service agreement. See details about each Vivint monitoring plan in the following table:

Vivint PlanMonthly PriceMore Details
Smart Protect$29.99See More
Smart Protect + Control$39.99See More
Smart Complete$49.99See More

Vivint Equipment Costs

Vivint offers a rich variety of equipment to provide a tailored home security experience. The following is a list of Vivint equipment and individual pricing should you choose to go a lá carte or add to one of the packages:

Vivint EquipmentEquipment TypeCostMore Details
SkyControl PanelControl$399.99See More
Door/Window Contact SensorSensor$34.99See More
Recessed Door Contact SensorSensor$34.99See More
Wireless Door Tilt SensorSensor$34.99See More
Wireless Glass Break SensorSensor$69.99See More
Garage Door Controller and SensorSensor$99.99See More
Wireless Smoke DetectorSensor$69.99See More
FireFighter Smoke Alarm DetectorSensor$69.99See More
Flood/Temp Home Disaster SensorSensor$69.99See More
Passive Infrared Motion SensorSensor$69.99See More
Wireless Carbon Monoxide DetectorSensor$69.99See More
4 Button Key Fob RemoteRemote$34.99See More
Panic ButtonRemote$34.99See More
Garage Door ControllerRemote$99.99See More
Vivint Smart DriveStorage$249.99See More
Ping Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security CameraCamera$199.99See More
Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security CameraCamera$299.99See More
Vivint Doorbell CameraCamera$229.99See More
SmartCode 888 Deadbolt Smart LockLock$159.99See More
Nest ThermostatThermostat$249.00See More
Element ThermostatThermostat$149.99See More

Vivint Installation Fees

All Vivint packages require professional installation. These fees are one-time and range from $49.99 for the most basic set-up to $199.99 for the more complex, and only in rare circumstances do fees exceed $199.99. Having your system installed professionally ensures that all Vivint equipment is properly installed and networked.

Vivint PackageMonthly Monitoring CostEquipment CostInstallation CostMore Details
Smart Protect$29.99Starting at $599.99Starting at $49.99See More
Smart Protect + Control$39.99Starting at $599.99Starting at $49.99See More
Smart Complete$49.99Starting at $599.99Starting at $49.99See More

Current Deal

Get a Vivint doorbell camera, smart door lock, and online garage door control! New Vivint customers who choose to finance through Citizens Bank can avoid any upfront fees, with payments made over four or five years. Read all about the currently available Vivint deals and promotions here.

How to Order

When ordering your security system, you have the option of paying for equipment outright or in monthly installments via Vivint Flex Pay, which gives customers the opportunity to finance home security equipment and own the hardware after you’ve paid off the financed amount. Financing is subject to credit approval, but equipment payments can be seamlessly incorporated into your Vivint monthly bill. Vivint Flex Pay offers 0% APR financing on equipment and can be financed over a period of up to 5 years.

More About Vivint Security

Vivint Security systems use wireless technology for clean installation, which is always set up by a pro. Advanced features include voice recognition, a doorbell camera, and remote control for lighting and door locks. Most customers sign long-term contracts for cellular emergency monitoring, though Vivint makes contract exceptions for military families.

See our full review of Vivint here and our Vivint FAQs section to find answers to commonly asked questions about Vivint security systems.

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    I was a Vivint customer but dropped the service a couple of years ago. I felt that the monthly charge of $69+/- was too much for me on my limited income. I see that your rates are much lower now and that fits in with my budget. All of the equipment is still installed in my home but I think I need someone to come and check it out and see if all is well with it.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Dorothy,
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