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  • Individual equipment prices range from $50 to $399, but you can’t purchase equipment ala carte. It has to be part of a full system.
  • Vivint’s prices are comparable to similar high-tech systems, despite charging a premium compared to the overall market.
  • If Vivint’s pricing is over budget, see the three best Vivint alternatives. You’ll especially like our top pick if price is your concern.

Vivint is the very definition of “you get what you pay for.” This is a system with absolutely every perk you could imagine and then some, but all those perks don’t come cheap. It’s worth it, in our opinion. But with its price, you’re going to want to find out what Vivint is all about before dipping your toes in.

First, let’s talk about the perks. We’ve tested a lot of home security systems, and Vivint offers some of the most advanced features. It can keep your family safe from potential threats using everything from simple entryway sensors to sophisticated and high-tech security cameras.

All that security comes with tons of smart home automation — your house can actually learn your routines, and you’ll control the whole thing from a touch-screen panel, a la George Jetson.

Their new Smart Deter system is also worth pointing out. Basically, Vivint security cameras and video doorbells now come with the ability to recognize when someone has lingered too long on your lawn. Even better, they let potential intruders you’re watching with an alarm and an illuminated LED ring. What’s better than cameras that can capture people breaking into your home? Cameras that deter people from even trying to break into your home.

Vivint also continues to offer every smart home feature and integration you could imagine. This includes smart lighting and temperature control, smart security sensors, and smart door locks. And you can control everything using their award-winning Vivint Smart Hub panel and Vivint mobile app.2

FYI: Can you enjoy the same premium features you get from Vivint if you go with ADT? And for even less money? Have a look for yourself in our ADT review.

Vivint Equipment Package

Our Vivint Equipment Selection

As we said, though, this premium experience comes at a premium price. There’s no two ways around it — Vivint systems aren’t cheap. When you take all its features into consideration, the high price tag makes sense. And some users will be able to afford this kind of protection and convenience. But it’s not for everyone, and even those who are in the market for a full-service security system need to know what they’re getting into with Vivint.

That’s why we created this guide, in fact. It’ll help you understand exactly what you’re getting, what the costs will be, as well as some benefits and drawbacks of the Vivint system itself. After reading, you’re going to walk away well informed and with a pretty good idea if Vivint is the right system for you.

Expert Examined
From Rob Gabriele, Managing Editor & Home Security Expert
Rob Gabriele
“From an installation perspective, it’s important to have a professional technician identify access points and crucial areas to protect around your home. I’ve seen homeowners install their DIY security systems in unnecessary locations. Because of this misstep, the cameras ultimately didn’t capture the crucial angles or the evidence needed to help solve their case. So Vivint’s professional installation is a true benefit.”

Learn more about Rob and our methodology →

Vivint Customer Survey & Reviews

Since we wanted to find out what actual Vivint customers were saying, we collected ratings from 38 Vivint customers throughout the first quarter of 2022 via an online survey. The majority rated Vivint “five stars” in most categories. One-star ratings from a few unhappy campers did drag the averages down.

Vivint Customer Support:
3.6 out of 5
Vivint Equipment & Technology:
3.8 out of 5
Vivint Installation Experience:
4.0 out of 5
Overall Satisfaction:
3.8 out of 5

Key Features

  • Wireless & Cellular
  • Professional Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Remote Control
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Vivint’s Pricing

Vivint isn’t exactly transparent when it comes to pricing. The company will tell you that these are bespoke systems, custom designed to fit your individual security needs. And it’s true that every property is different, and what works for you may not work for another homeowner. That said, these are pricey systems, and it can be a little frustrating to have to call the company up in order to find out what you might have to pay.

Pro Tip: Like we said above, Vivint isn’t the cheapest option out there. But there are plenty of opportunities to save. Check out our guide to Vivint’s sales for all the most up-to-date information.

What we can offer you, though, is a ballpark idea of what to expect. Here we’re going to walk through their equipment pricing from top to bottom focusing on three areas you’ll need to pay attention to — Vivint’s equipment fees, their monthly monitoring fees, and the one-time installation fee. Let’s jump into it.

Vivint - Smart Hub

Equipment Fees

As is the case with most security systems, your biggest cost with Vivint is going to be the equipment itself. Exactly how much are you going to pay? It’s a good question, and unfortunately one that we can’t easily answer here.

Since your Vivint system is going to be customized for your specific security needs, your total bill is going to be dependent on how much equipment you purchase. A townhome is going to need less protection than a sprawling estate, right?

We will say, though, that you should expect to pay at least $1,000 at the end of the day. The outdoor camera alone costs $399. Now, you might balk at that number, especially when you consider you can get an entire SimpliSafe package for around $250.

Don’t freak out just yet about the costs, though. Vivint can be flexible with their Flex Pay plan that would allow you to pay for the equipment over the course of 60 months. There are some stipulations here and there, of course, but at the end of the day, you’re looking at between $10 to $30 per month for the equipment. The equipment still costs a pretty penny, but $10 to $30 per month looks more palatable than shelling out over a thousand dollars upfront for equipment alone. You also have to remember that SimpliSafe is a DIY system, and while it offers solid equipment, that equipment can’t stand up to comparison against Vivint. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for, and if you want the best (ahem, Vivint) you have to expect a high pricetag.

Vivint Package Pricing

Vivint Package Monthly Price Upfront Price
Basic $10.00 $599.00
Premium Plus $37.17 $2,229.92
Premium $21.34 $1,279.96

Keep in mind you can always customize these packages, or you can build out your own custom security kit. In fact, almost no two systems Vivint sells are alike. That’s one reason the company doesn’t like to publish prices online.

Monthly Monitoring Fees

Thankfully, monitoring with Vivint is a bit more straightforward. The company offers just one option – 24/7 professional monitoring – for $51.47 per month. And that price is right in line with industry averages. In fact, in some cases it’s cheaper than other high-end security providers like ADT.

Here’s the thing, though: Other companies will include base equipment in their packages. Brinks packages cost a bit more, but each of those packages includes three or more sensors as well as a touch-screen control panel. Vivint’s style is more akin to ADT’s plans and packages. You choose your equipment package, and then sign up for the corresponding monitoring plan. And compared to ADT, whose monitoring plans can go up to $61.99 per month, Vivint is more affordable.

Professional Installation Fee

There’s one more Vivint fee we need to talk about: Vivint’s professional installation fee. That costs $99 no matter which plan or package you decide to choose. Now, there’s no doubt that’s an extra cost. If you go with a DIY company, like abode, you’ll pay nothing for installation.

There are a few factors you should keep in mind, though. First, from what we’ve seen, this cost is standard in the industry. You could pay even more with ADT, depending on which package you choose. Second, this is a technologically sophisticated home security system. You’re probably going to want someone qualified to install it. And third, when you go with professional installation, you get to relax, and that’s something!

When all is said and done, you’ll pay anywhere between $40 per month and $75 per month for home security and automation with Vivint. If you purchase the equipment upfront, you can pay as little as $29.99 per month for professional monitoring, as Vivint doesn’t offer a free self-monitoring option. Vivint charges a premium compared to the market as a whole. But when measured against similar high-tech systems, Vivint prices are par for the course, especially considering the features and technology. You can read more about Vivint’s features and tech in our full Vivint review here.

Pro Tip: If you purchase Vivint equipment upfront, the remaining monthly fee makes Vivint as cheap as some DIY systems.

Now, we know we said there are only three main pricing factors to consider. And that’s true. But we should also talk about what you pay if you need to purchase Vivint ad-ons and upgrades. That can certainly add to your bottom line. We get into Vivint equipment options below. You might want to brace yourself, though. Like Vivint’s package prices and monitoring prices, its a la cart equipement prices can be a bit steep.

Vivint Equipment Packages

While they used to offer a handful of packages to choose from, Vivint has streamlined things a bit. These days there are only three equipment packages to choose from with Vivint: the Starter Kit, the Premium, and the Premium Plus. Keep in mind, though, that all of these packages can be customized, and paid for monthly. Here’s the breakdown:


What’s included:

  • Smart Hub
  • Flood/ Water Sensor
  • 4 Break-in Security Sensors

Monthly Cost: $10.00

Upfront cost: $599.00


What’s included:

  • Doorbell Camera Pro
  • Outdoor Camera Pro
  • Kwikset Smart Lock
  • Key Fob
  • Smart Hub
  • 4 Break-in Security Sensors
  • Flood/ Water Sensor

Monthly Cost: $21.34

Upfront Cost: $1,279.96

Premium Plus

What’s Included:

  • Doorbell Camera Pro
  • Indoor Camera
  • Outdoor Camera Pro
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Kwikset Smart Lock
  • MyQSmart Garage Hub
  • Key Fob
  • Smart Hub
  • 4 Break-in Security Sensors
  • Flood/ Water Sensor

Monthly Cost: $37.17

Upfront Cost: $2,229.92

Both packages include 24/7 monthly monitoring for $51.47.

Vivint Features

Days Tested 100+
Best For Home Automation
Best Feature Smart Hub
Monthly Cost $30+
Installed By Professional
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Vivint Add-On Equipment Prices

One of the benefits of going with a Vivint system is just how easy it is to customize your package to suit your needs and your tastes. There’s a mile-long list of add-ons and upgrades, and their equipment plays well with hundreds of third-party devices like Phillips, Kwikset, and Nest.7 A lot of Vivint’s equipment options — like smoke detectors, garage door controllers and lighting control — will help you integrate your system into a smart-home suite, allowing all sorts of automations to make your life a little more convenient.

Vivint smart devices include:

  • Element thermostat
  • Lighting control module
  • Car Guard (GPS tracker & diagnostic tool)
  • Smart garage controller
  • Video doorbell cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras

Vivint works with smart platforms and devices, such as:

  • Google Home
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Amazon Echo
  • Kwikset Smart Locks
  • Philips Hue Smart Lights
  • And more!

Vivint also works with Z-Wave compatible devices, which opens up seemingly endless home automation opportunities.8 However, keep in mind that you’ll pay good money for this smart equipment. So if you’re on a budget, these might not be the best plans for you. Otherwise, you can purchase a fully-loaded Vivint kit, or go with the Vivint SkyControl Starter Kit and customize your system over time.

Vivint Equipment Equipment Type Cost
Vivint Smart Hub Control $399.99
Door or Window Contact Sensor Sensor $50
Recessed Door Contact Sensor Sensor $50
Wireless Door Tilt Sensor Sensor $50
Wireless Glass Break Sensor Sensor $100
Garage Door Controller and Sensor Sensor $99.99
Wireless Smoke Detector Sensor $100
FireFighter Smoke Alarm Detector Sensor $100
Flood or Temperature Home Disaster Sensor Sensor $100
Passive Infrared Motion Sensor Sensor $100
Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector Sensor $100
4 Button Key Fob Remote Remote $50
Panic Button Remote $50
Garage Door Controller Remote $99.99
Vivint Smart Drive Storage $249.99
Ping Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera Camera $199.99
Vivint Indoor Camera Pro (coming soon) Camera $199.99
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Camera $399.99
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Camera $249.99
Vivint Spotlight Pro Outdoor Camera Accessory $249.99
Kwikset Smart Lock Lock $179.99
Nest Thermostat Thermostat $249
Element Thermostat Thermostat $169.99
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Vivint Features and Tech

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Vivint is one of the more feature-rich home security systems on the market today, especially when it comes to home automation. If you’re tech-savvy, you’re probably doing a little dance. If you’re not, we can understand why you might be feeling a little anxious.

Here’s the thing, though: when the technician comes out to set up your system, they’ll troubleshoot everything and make sure it’s working smoothly. They’ll also help you learn your new system. That’s the beauty of professional installation. Plus, we can tell you from experience that the Vivint hub controls everything, and it’s very user-friendly.

Vivint SkyControl Panel Editor Andrew Garcia unboxing the Vivint SkyControl Panel

Pro Tip: Even with the most high-tech security system, you and your family will still need to know exactly what to do if it’s ever tripped by an intruder or a disaster like a fire or flood. Read our guide to creating a family emergency plan for more information.

You can also take Vivint’s SkyControl panel on the go with the Vivint Smart Home app, one of the highest-rated apps in both Apple and Google Play app stores.9 This award-winning mobile app puts the power of the SkyControl panel in the palm of your hand. We liked the app, but we didn’t find anything ultra innovative about it compared to other companion apps we’ve tested.

Vivint Video Doorbell App Screenshot

Other standout features from Vivint include instant mobile alerts, reliable cellular monitoring, keychain remote controls, disaster protection, hands-free voice control, and remote garage control. Overall, Vivint offers plenty of features if you’re willing to make a sizable investment.

Expert Examined
From Rob Gabriele, Managing Editor & Home Security Expert
Rob Gabriele
“One thing to keep in mind with Vivint is that sometimes the latest and greatest technology isn’t for everyone. Features like Geofencing are excellent tools when utilized properly, but they can also be overkill for families looking for more basic features. I’ve spoken with homeowners who turned off their alerts and notifications because they were receiving too many, only to one day come home and find their home broken into.”

Mobile Alerts

In the event of a possible security breach or fire emergency, Vivint’s monitoring service immediately sends text alerts to notify alarm owners and their listed contacts, such as neighbors and relatives.

24/7 Monitoring

Vivint provides 24-hour security monitoring using high-quality cell radio networks. Cellular monitoring is more secure than landline monitoring because it eliminates the opportunity for criminals to cut communication wires.

Wireless Equipment

Vivint security equipment is 100% wireless. It won’t cause your home to be cluttered with cords, and installation usually doesn’t require adding holes to walls. You can easily move your equipment to a new residence.

Surveillance Cameras

Vivint's doorbell cameras allow you to view and respond to visitors using a mobile connection from anywhere in the world. Vivint also provides standard indoor and outdoor cameras.

DIY Installation

Professional technicians help ensure that Vivint security equipment is free of defects and set up properly. Installation may be available within a few hours of ordering your security service.

Smart Home Options

Vivint streamlines home management with an app for arming your residence, controlling lights, adjusting the thermostat, and more. Voice recognition technology is among the options.

Disaster Protection

Smoke alarms are most effective when they’re monitored. For comprehensive home protection Vivint provides monitored smoke sensors in addition to home security equipment.

Remote Control

Keychain remote controls make it convenient to arm and disarm your system without using the touchscreen control panel. Keychain remotes also have panic buttons that directly connect with emergency dispatchers.

Voice Response

Vivint has partnered with Amazon Echo to offer home automation equipment that responds to voice commands. Get hands-free control of your thermostat, lights, security system and more!

Car garage

Ever wonder if you forgot to close your garage door? Vivint security can alert you when the garage door is left open. Vivint’s mobile app lets you open or shut the garage door from anywhere.

Current Vivint Deals

Given that a basic Vivint security package costs a little north of $1,000, it’s understandable that you’d want to find discounts where you can. We’re not currently seeing anything that the compy is advertising publicly, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t savings to be found. We recommend always asking to waive the installation fee when talking to your sales rep, and seeing if there are any discounts you can realize by bundling equipment.

Vivint’s Overall Value

We’ve personally tested hundreds of home security systems, and we found Vivint to be one of the most high-tech, sophisticated systems out there. It’s almost as if Vivint is a few years ahead of other home security brands when it comes to features and tech. However, this progress comes at a price. Users can expect to pay upwards of $100 per month for home security and automation. But if this expenditure fits your budget, Vivint will protect your home and family, as well as make your life a little more convenient.

We believe Vivint’s biggest drawbacks are its prices and contracts. The equipment packages can reach nearly $2,000 or more with add-ons. This cost can be broken into smaller monthly payments, but then you’ll have to sign a 60-month contract to get the goods. That’s five whole years! Some people won’t mind this commitment at all, while others won’t even consider it. All in all, if you have the money to spend, and you want one of the best home security and automation systems on the market, if not the best, then Vivint is likely a great fit for you.

Vivint FAQs

  • Does Vivint offer indoor and outdoor cameras?

    Yes, Vivint offers indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as a video doorbell. In May 2022, Vivint announced its fresh lineup of security cameras that includes a revamped Outdoor Camera Pro and Video Doorbell Pro, the new Indoor Camera Pro, and a smart light accessory to the Outdoor Camera Pro called the Spotlight Pro. Prices of these cameras range from $199.99 for the Indoor Camera Pro to $399.99 for the Outdoor Camera Pro. All the new cameras can store footage locally to a microSD card, which is sold separately.

  • Are Vivint outdoor cameras wireless?

    Yes, Vivint does offer wireless outdoor cameras with advanced features such as Active Deterrence, person detection, and a built-in warning system and siren.

  • Do Vivint cameras require a Wi-Fi connection?

    Yes, Vivint cameras run off a home’s Wi-Fi connection and network.

  • Does Vivint require a landline?

    No, you do not need to have a landline telephone line to use Vivint home security. The company’s home security system operates using wireless connectivity.

  • What devices can I use to access my Vivint cameras?

    A number of smart home devices working with Vivint cameras. Once you link them, you can connect Amazon Alexa devices, Z-Wave devices, Google Home devices, and Apple HomeKit components to your Vivint home security system.

  • How much does Vivint cost?

    The monthly cost for Vivint’s monitoring services are based on the plan selected. The Smart Security Service starts at $29.99 per month. The Smart Home Service starts at $39.99 per month. Also, keep in mind that you can finance your Vivint equipment, which may add to your monthly cost if you decide to do so.

  • Do you pay for Vivint equipment?

    Yes, you pay for Vivint equipment. The company allows consumers to customize the equipment they decide to include, giving you control over the costs. You can also finance the purchase of your Vivint equipment. If you sign a five-year contract, you do not have to pay for the equipment costs upfront.

  • Does Vivint require a contract?

    Yes, Vivint does have contracts. Most systems require a four or five-year service agreement for financing your Vivint equipment. You can avoid the contract if you decide to purchase your equipment upfront.

  • Can Vivint be used without monitoring?

    No, Vivint cannot be used without monitoring. The company’s professional monitoring service is a part of its pricing plan and subscription costs.

  • Can you use Vivint cameras without the monitoring service?

    No, you cannot use Vivint cameras without the monitoring service. The company requires users to maintain the monitoring service in order to keep using the cameras and other equipment.

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