ADT-Monitored Home Security Review

Superior professional installation from Protect Your Home and one of the best money-back guarantees provided by ADT.

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ADT has an active promotion: “Free Home Security System and 6 Free Window/Door Sensors.” (last updated 9/7/18)

8.7 SecureScore™
Customer Service
Features & Technology
Ease Of Use

ADT-Monitored Home Security Ratings

ADT is easily the industry leader in home security. We like their competitive rates and product variety. The equipment, smart technology and mobile app have impressive functionality, yet are easy to use. A drawback is you’ll have to sign a contract.

  • Competitive Monthly Rate
  • Wireless or Hardwired
  • Cellular and Landline Connections
  • Indoor Cameras
  • Devices Work at Home and Away
  • Home Automation
  • ADT 6 Month Money-Back Guarantee (certain restrictions apply)

  • Long-Term Contract
  • Technician Visits Your Home
  • Customer Service Varies

Getting to Know ADT

ADT-Monitored Home Security Services is the longest-established security company on our review site. It was over 140 years ago when American District Telegraph pioneered in sending security alerts by Morse code. Today ADT serves both homes and businesses looking for top-notch security systems and alarm monitoring. Systems monitored by ADT use hardwired (for prewired homes) and wireless equipment to detect invasions and automate homes for energy-saving and convenience.

ADT Authorized Premier Provider, Protect Your Home’s website advertises multiple home security plans, plus their sales agents can design custom solutions. The four main options are: Basic Security, ADT Pulse Select, ADT Pulse + Video, ADT Pulse + Home Automation and ADT Pulse + Video & Home Automation.

Protect Your Home’s packages start at just $27.99/month, so customers can get protected for less than $1/day. Installation starts at $99 and upgraded packages require additional install fees. This offer is available for new customers only and termination fees apply.

Standard features of ADT-monitored security equipment packages are pushbutton control panels, entry sensors, interior motion detectors and wireless keychain remotes.
With an upgrade to ADT Pulse + Video & Home Automation, you get the options of video security cameras and remote control over lighting, temperature and door locks.

ADT-monitored security systems can send emergency alerts by cell radio, which is typically the speediest solution. Landlines can also be used as primary or secondary emergency connections. ADT monitoring centers are set up across the US.

The Customer Service Experience

ADT provides excellent customer service. However, customer experiences may vary depending on individual locations and whether you are a customer with Protect Your Home or ADT. Overall, most ADT reviews by customers are positive.

Stacking the Value

Protect Your Home offers five main security packages that combine equipment and ADT monitoring. Hardwired (for prewired homes) and wireless alarm systems are both available. Prices range from approximately $7 to $15 per week or $28 to $59 per month. Here are details about each plan:

The best value plan offered by Protect Your Home is called Basic Security. It costs $27.99/month, or around just $7/week. It includes a base security system, panel, motion sensor, wireless sensors, and a wireless remote. For an additional $2/week you can get Basic Security with Quality Service Protection. Both of these plans require a landline connection, so customers without a landline installed will need to upgrade.

Protect Your Home’s second plan is called ADT Pulse Select. It costs $52.99/month, or around $13/week. In addition to everything in the previous plan, ADT Pulse Monitoring also includes Home Automation. With home automation, you can use the ADT Pulse App to stay connected to your home security system anywhere at any time. Arm and disarm your system, monitor your home and receive real-time updates and notifications while away from home.

Protect Your Home’s third plan is called ADT Pulse + Video. As its name suggests, it includes everything in ADT Pulse Monitoring plus video surveillance. It comes with an indoor surveillance camera which you can monitor via live stream directly from the ADT Pulse App. At $58.99/month, this plan averages out to around $15/week.

Protect Your Home’s top security plans are the ADT Pulse + Home Automation and ADT Pulse + Video & Home Automation plans. These plans offer full home automation for those looking to build a complete smart home.


Customers must sign a 24 or 36-month contract depending on their location. However, ADT also offers a 6-month money back guarantee. If during the first six months following your installation ADT is unable to resolve any installation/service-related concern, you may receive a refund of the installation price and all monitoring fees you paid within the first six months.

The Goods

Each ADT-monitored home security system from Protect Your Home includes, at minimum, the equipment listed below.

  • A control panel
  • One motion sensor
  • Wireless sensors
  • A wireless remote
  • A backup battery
  • A yard sign and window decals

Advanced packages get additional features. Protect Your Home supports the following types of controls, sensors, cameras and home automation features:


  • Touchscreen Control Panel (additional $299 fee)
  • Keychain Remote Control


  • Door Entry Sensors
  • Window Entry Sensors
  • Garage Door Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors
  • Water Leak/Flood Sensors

Video Cameras and Home Automation

  • Indoor Cameras
  • Keypad Door Locks

Equipment and Features Overview

ADT Equipment & FeaturesBasic SecurityADT Pulse SelectADT Pulse + Video
Motion SensorIncludedIncludedIncluded
Wireless RemoteIncludedIncludedIncluded
Wireless SensorsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Indoor CameraNot IncludedNot IncludedIncluded
Landline RequiredYesNoNo
Quality Service PlanNot IncludedIncludedIncluded


The Lineup of Features and Tech

There is an especially wide range of home security devices installed by Protect Your Home and monitored by ADT. Here are several highlights.

Landline or Cellular
Many new home alarm system companies only offer cellular connections for emergency monitoring. While cellular is generally the most reliable, it isn’t available in some areas. You might also like to have a backup. ADT is one of the few industry leaders to monitor through landlines and cell radio alike.

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor
ADT-monitored systems from Protect Your Home detect indoor motion with infrared motion sensors. To help avoid false alarms triggered by pets, these sensors can be set to ignore weights up 50 pounds.

Flood, Fire and Leak Detection
For all-around home safety, ADT monitoring devices can detect water leaks, excessive heat, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Video Surveillance
Protect Your Home sells video cameras that provide indoor surveillance. With ADT Pulse + Video (Protect Your Home’s most popular ADT-monitoring offer) video can be live streamed to a mobile device.

Home Automation
ADT Pulse wireless security systems can help users cut energy costs by automating lights and thermostats. They also add security and convenience with automated door locks for the home. Home automation is included in the ADT Pulse + Home Automation package.

Protect Your Home Smart Home OptionsPrimary BenefitTypeTechnology
ADT Pulse AppConvenienceBasicApp
Smart Door LocksWorry-free ControlAdvancedAutomation
Smart LightsConvenienceIntermediateAutomation
Smart ThermostatConvenience & Energy SaverIntermediateAutomation
Video Doorbell CameraAdvanced DetectionBasicCamera
Smart Switches & PlugsConvenience & Energy SaverBasicAutomation

Is it Easy to Use?

Security systems from Protect Your Home are easy to use. The company handles installation and provides a choice of push-button control panels from industry leaders. Each ADT monitored alarm system includes a keychain remote as well.

Customers with questions about the technology or equipment can get answers online or directly through Protect Your Home’s customer support line.

ADT Monitored Home Security Video Review

ADT Customer Survey & Reviews

As of August 6th, 2019 we’ve had 350 ADT customers rate ADT from an online survey. Below are their average ratings broken out in detail.

ADT Customer Support:
ADT Equipment & Technology:
ADT Installation Experience:
Overall Satisfaction:

The Last Word

ADT Authorized Premier Provider – Protect Your Home meets diverse customers’ security needs. The company can install hardwired and wireless security equipment that ADT can monitor. Highlights of the premium Protect Your Home security package are video surveillance, fire & flood monitoring, and home automation. We recommend reading local Protect Your Home reviews before signing an agreement, as customer service varies from dealer to dealer.

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  1. Avatar Joseph Jeffries says:

    I had ADT at my business and a month after I had the system installed I had a fire. My business burned to the ground and guess what I still had a contract. In the future I will not use a security company with a contract. Contract is a big negative. I had to pay the full term of the contract even though they aren’t securing anything.

  2. Avatar Tricia Burns says:

    ADT has the worst service! Don’t sign up with them! We were at a rental which the contract should have only been 2 years but they had us for 3 and said “sorry can’t do anything for you.” They are making us pay for 1 full year in a house we are not even living in. Since we want to close the account, we have to pay the full term of the contract that’s left. Also, their video camera service is the worst and not reliable. Very cheap quality and over priced. There are much better security services out there that don’t take advantage of you.

  3. Avatar Brenda Valasek says:

    ADT keeps billing me after I’ve tried to cancel service. They keep giving excuse after excuse for service not being cancelled and then call trying to get us to change service packages. When we called to get out of “Easy Pay”, the customer service agent and manager were very rude. The actual security service is substandard as well. Save your time and money!

  4. Avatar David Chokler says:

    ADT is the only company that I know sending monthly bills, without mentioning the previous balance. For busy people they create a perfect trap to pay as much interest on overdue bills.
    With existing technology and the way other businesses convey themselves, I have no doubt that it is ADT business model to get extra money from their customers.
    As soon as my contract ends, I will never ever work with this company again.

  5. Avatar Jennifer Kirk says:

    ADT is a rip off once I’m able to cancel I will. For one, your alarm can be going off and they don’t call or check. At the beginning they will but that would cease. Furthermore, the contract is too long and expensive for you not to receive great service. I would not recommend this service to anyone.

  6. Avatar SHELDON J SETSER says:

    Very disappointed with my service over the past couple months feel like it’s a waste of money I have multiple cameras on my house and was told in install that they would catch anything in my drive way and yet over the last 3 months I have had a trailer stolen from my drive way and 2 trucks broke into in my drive way but the cameras dident recored anything. Then there is the issues with the smoke detectors always going off for no reason and getting repeated calls saying the panel has not been reset when it has been multiple times. I do not recommend there service anymore I have been a long time customer(10 years)and they dont wana do anything about my issues. And sence I am under contract I can’t do anything about it.

  7. Avatar Sandra Lopez says:

    Customer service not the best. If you have a problem, they check from their end & say there’s no problem & will charge high price for technician to come out. Disappointing!!!

    1. Avatar Sherry says:

      They are good until you have a problem. I had some of my equipment stop working after 6 years of service. Called customer service. They said no problem we will send someone out…. but failed to tell me it would cost 200.00 for a service call. ( not counting cost for parts) Needless to say they don’t fix no equipment or give you updated products or act like they care for your years of service. Also been several times alarm went off and no phone calls to see if everything was ok.

  8. Avatar Angela says:

    We pay $50 month but the front porch camera doesn’t record all activity on porch and in yard. People come right on porch and yard and it doesn’t record them. They have reset the main box many times and also sent WiFi extenders and tech has been out to change main box..change connection channels several times etc..but it still does not record yard or porch activity..and falls off line whenever it wants to. We are currently looking for another alarm company. ADT is not worth the money and I don’t feel safe with this company.

  9. Avatar Alex Ring says:

    Horrible customer service.

  10. Avatar Sean says:

    Recently purchased video door bell, worst thing I ever could of done. From the moment it was installed never worked correctly and fell apart. Waited 2 weeks for replacement door bell and never received call from customer service. Overall second camera is a disappointment motion detection only works when someone is approximately 18” away. So sorry I purchased looking into other video door bells. ADT welcome to have my camera back and give me a refund.

  11. Avatar Jamie says:

    My understanding is that this should be a good security system. If you can actually get them to show up for a scheduled service appointment. They seem to have bad internal communication which poorly impacts customers. My fiancé is locked into a 3 year contract but the system isn’t working correctly. We’ve scheduled one appt for 12-5p (very inconvenient time frame). They sent several confirmation texts during the 3 days prior to the appt. I waited from 12-5 then needed to leave. They showed up around 7pm. Scheduled a second appt for Saturday 12-5. At 12 that day they called to say they don’t have techs working that day and they would need to reschedule. I’m really looking forward to scheduling yet another appt and wasting my time when i have no faith in them actually showing up. Don’t contract with this company! Save yourself the aggravation!

  12. Avatar Katya says:

    Paid $70 per month. Couple of times went off without a reason, haven’t really had much support once it was set up 8 years ago. Tried to cancel it now, once I have moved out of the house and in modern day and age was told that it will take them UP to 30 days to cancel the service, and that the effective cancelation date will be a month from now… and I understand that it could have been in my terms and conditions when I signed the contract 8 years ago… but really? 2 extra payment cycles when everything is done electronically with a push of one button?

  13. Avatar Terri Pinson says:

    I bought a house that has an ADT system. I contacted them two weeks ago to set up an account with them. They took my info and said a company in my town would contact me. I haven’t heard a thing. I have had Vivnt and Rogers in the past and never had this issue. Not impressed.

  14. Avatar JP says:

    I would like to start by saying that this is NOT for the installation company. The installers are great and know what they are doing. ADT corporate though, are close to running a scam.

    I am a renter and was told by management that I needed to move units because they had to renovate the current one. When I called ADT to transfer services and have my equipment removed, they said I would have to buy their NEWLY developed equipment (mine is a year old) and would have to sign a new 3 year contract. When asked if I can just have my current equipment (which works great) moved, they said no. Of note, this is the second set of equipment I’ve had to buy in the past two years, because of some “faulty” issue with the previous ones. No credit was given, because equipment credit only happens after two years.

    After listening to another sales pitch about their new equipment, I finally told them to just cancel my service — which then, I was told would be 75% of the remainder of my contract. In addition, if I wanted my equipment removed, I would have to pay the service man by the hour.

    I’m not sure what they are trying to run, but it’s anything but a proper business. Avoid.

  15. Avatar Liliana McCarthy says:

    I used to have ADT in Texas but once our contract ended I switch to ring which I was happy with. We moved to Oklahoma and I made the mistake to sign up with ADT again. The door bell camera hasn’t work once since we got it 5 months ago. Never connect to the app on time, I call and I have to pay 25.00 for a person to come in and fix it, something that should work period. I advice people don’t get stuck in contracts like this one, they sweet talk to you to get you, once you are hooked they throw you in the bins.

    1. Avatar Tonya Burnett says:

      Exact thing is happening with my cameras and I got to pay them 25.00 to come out.

  16. Avatar Dillon Cottrell says:

    I am selling my home and moving to an apartment where i am not allowed to have ADT installed. They refuse to cancel or void my contract. I am selling my home and moving to an apartment where i am not allowed to have ADT installed. They refuse to cancel or void my contract and demanding i pay 75% of the contract fee despite the contract and website stating that the contact is void if moving to an unservicable location which IT IS BECAUSE I AM NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE IT THERE!!! When i tried to ask for upper management they transfered me to a completely different security company. What a joke. Customer service was beyond rude and was absolutely zero help.

  17. Avatar brian j ocallaghan says:

    I see a trend. service is horrible. for me, I had scheduled a service call. I called to confirm the day of the appt, and they confir.ed the eta. left work waited an hour past, received a call that they need to reschedule. how can I put my trust in a company to ensure my family’s safety with such a unreliable service. I am leaving once the contract is up.

  18. Avatar Cancelled customer says:

    4/5 stars no way! Had ADT for 3 years. Batteries went out, sensors didn’t work, and false alarms. Charged for a technician to repair and place even after they told me it would be waived. Took canceling the contract for ADT to offer to waive to fee IF I signed another contract. No way!

  19. Avatar linda sanders says:

    We recently upgraded our service. When I call the company to do this they told me how much it would be a month and what all I was getting in the upgrade. And can you believe the order the installer had was different than what I was told and the company could care less when I called about it. I have been s customer for many years. Sorry customer service

  20. Avatar George Gordon Sweatt says:

    I called just ot get information as I was considering getting a home security system for our house, the lady started off very nice, and explained the cost, I told her thank you for the info, I will need to talk to my wife before making a decision, then she turned to being reallly pushy, telling me I needed to pay the $99.00 to hold the info that she had given me, I kept telling her I needed to discuss this with my wife, and she got made because I would not pay her the $99.00 that she wanted, I finally hung up the phone. If I decided on a home security system, it probably will not be ADTl.

  21. Avatar Mike S says:

    I just called to cancel my ADT service, and found out I will still be paying for monitoring of my house 3 weeks after the new owners are already in. I cannot call ahead to cancel because I have no idea when closing would be. Now they are hounding me to get an ADT system where I am moving to. They are making me pay for these 3 weeks, plus an early termination fee because I was 2 months short of 3 years. NEVER EVER will I use ADT to monitor my home – and you shouldn’t either

  22. Avatar Angela Stackhouse says:

    Almost all of your agents are VERY helpful. Talked to an Andy tonight and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. Would love to talk to him every time!

    Almost every time I call I get excellent advice and learn more about my system. Love having it!

  23. Avatar Kate says:

    We finally reached the end of our contract only to receive calls on a daily basis sometimes as late as 9pm trying to charge us for a cancellation fee. Ultimately this was resolved after speaking with a supervisor but this took time and a lot of frustrating conversations. I do intend on having home security again in the future but will never again use ADT.

  24. Avatar says:

    My technician was excellent. Although I’ve had the security system a couple of weeks it went off & I immediately got a call asking for my password I told them a helicopter just went over my house..the sensors are very sensitive!! It went off again tonight they called immediately very good customer service. This time it was my back door.. again..a helicopter went over. I guess I’ll see how it goes as far as being that sensitive.. waking me up frightened. Hopefully it doesn’t continue. Overall I’m satisfied with them calling right away. Incase it was a true emergency.

  25. Avatar Karen says:

    I had ADT for over 15 years. I moved and had it installed in my new home. When I decided to drop them they said I had to pay 928.00 because that was a new contract. I didn’t sign a contract. Plus I had old equipment. When I said I wanted to close my account they tried to offer me updated equipment. The new company that I went with paid it and I paid ADT. Greedy ADT decided upon themselves to take 928.00 out of my accout without authorization plus I had mailed them a check. They sent me a letter stating I had a credit. I demanded for them to put my money back in my account and I was told it would take 5-10 days although they stole it from me. I contacted my bank to get it resolved. I do not recommend ADT to anyone.

  26. Avatar Trelby edwards says:

    ADT doorbell camera is worthless. It does not capture sufficient coverage to justify the cost. By the time one gets the app open either on iPhone or iPad, the subject is long gone. The salesman loads you up with “ Freebies” only to increase the monthly monitoring fee and bind you to a 3 year contract. Unless the doorbell is rung or the door opens, there is no notice. A total waste of money. As soon as my contract is up, I will cancel and get a ring door bell which is what I asked for in the beginning. I feel I was taken in by a slick talking salesman.

  27. Avatar Kazuko Arakawa says:

    They said that my comment would appear it after they review this. Which means my comment will not show up because my comment is against ADT. They want hide their bad reputation.

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Kazuko,
      We’re not ADT.

  28. Avatar Katy Trumbauer says:

    I really wished I would have read all these reviews before I sighned up with this company! I originally got it for my work Truck’s but after I was able to pull 1 Truck back and leave and come back with a different Truck and it didn’t pick me up at all I was horrified! Then someone that I had a restraining order on was able to walk up and bang on all my windows it didn’t pick that up either but it does however catch my neighbors coming and going 24-7? It’s truly Frustrating today the least…

  29. Avatar Mike Checkon says:

    I’m been with ADT for perhaps too long. My service appointment today was from 12-5. Not here yet. ADT says he’s still on the way. Big company, little care for customers.

  30. Avatar C. Bode says:

    We had ADT service for 26 years 8 months. We replaced a door and needed a new sensory installed.
    I was told $130.
    I decided to cancel my service and
    GUESS What… they wanted to keep me as a customer and explained a cheaper rate.
    I said NO‼️
    I was then informed they would do the install for free and offer me an even lesser monthly amount.
    She told me I should have asked for a cheaper rate.
    I am finished with them.

  31. Avatar Stephen says:

    Beware the contract!! Customer service is very poor.

  32. Avatar James J Henry III says:

    I just had service installed last night and the camera stopped working today. I was told it would be over a week before someone could come out. I told them to come get their equipment out of my house and a technician was here within an hour. Very disappointed I didn’t read the reviews first.

  33. Avatar R Farmer says:

    Sent them a letter to cancel after contract expired. They are still charging me a month after termination because I didn’t call them to cancel. Of course they didn’t contact me to tell me I had to call. Paying for a service I am not getting. Total rip-off. Don’t use them.

  34. Avatar Sharon says:

    Is there any such thing as a legit, honest service company anymore. Once again, I feel as if I’ve been scammed. Everything I was promised on the phone and what I received in writing were totally different than what I was told on the phone. Unfortunately I’m between a hard place and rock as I need the system installed due to a lot of upcoming travel. Everything that I need is now at an extra charge. The new equipment I was promised is not happening. So disgusted with all the service company scams. I continue to be totally disgusted and disappointed.

  35. Avatar David Madsen says:

    Had ADT home security installed in June 2019. Installers were very professional, but wanted to provide items beyond the agreed free installation. There was supposed to be a free camera, but sales neglected to tell us about the expensive monthly service fee. Monthly billing was supposed to be about $45 and it has been about $53. Have had to call in every month to get bill adjusted. ADT support personnel are very condescending and rude. I just hope the monitored security is effective when needed. I have read other horo stories. I will not have ADT in my next home.

  36. Avatar Fidel Rodriguez says:

    Had problem with canceling service for 11 months and for any problem i would have they would charge extra to fix it

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