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what sets Simplisafe apart

SimpliSafe manufactures its own security equipment to let customers avoid paying markups. SimpliSafe security systems are high quality, completely wireless and designed for easy DIY installation. Customers get 60-day trials and have month-to-month security monitoring agreements (No annual contracts).

key features

The best features of this system

  • Wireless & Cellular
  • DIY Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Remote Control
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Simplisafe price & packages

Insider Tip: SimpliSafe’s top-tier Interactive Plan provides advanced monitoring features for just $24.99/month. Choose the month-to-month Interactive Plan to get standard and mobile app control of your system, plus get secret alerts when anyone accesses private rooms, desk drawers, safes or other designated areas. If advanced monitoring isn’t a priority, then choose the Basic Plan to get standard ‘round-the-clock emergency support for just $14.99/month with no annual contract.

SERVICESStarter PackageEconomy PackageClassic PackageMaster PackageUltimate PackageComplete Protection Package
24/7 Professional Monitoring
100% Wireless & Celluar
Fire, Flood and CO2 Protection
Text/Email Alerts
Remote Access & Control
Crash & Smash Protection
Free Shipping
60-day Money Back Guarantee
Easy Install
EQUIPMENTStarter PackageEconomy PackageClassic PackageMaster PackageUltimate PackageComplete Protection Package
Base Station
Wireless Keypad
Motion Sensors
Entry Sensors
Keychain Remote
OPTIONSStarter PackageEconomy PackageClassic PackageMaster PackageUltimate PackageComplete Protection Package
Extra 150 dB Siren
Smoke Detector
Panic Button
Water Sensor
CO Detector
Freeze Sensor
Glassbreak Sensor
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about Simplisafe security

SimpliSafe was developed by a Harvard-educated engineer and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company produces its own security equipment and meets high standards for product quality. Its cellular emergency monitoring service is impressive too; the Independent Central Station Alarm Association says SimpliSafe provides some of the Best Monitoring in the Industry. Customers can design their own systems or choose from pre-packaged bundles. Equipment setup takes about 15 minutes, requires no visit from SimpliSafe, and is completely wireless. Check out our full review of Simplisafe


Frontpoint’s mobile app puts the power of home security in the palm of your hand. Stay connected with alerts from motion sensors as well as flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke/heat detectors.


Frontpoint security control panels and panic buttons are monitored by Rapid Response 24 hours/day to provide speedy service in case of emergency.


Frontpoint’s entryway sensors, video cameras and other security equipment is wireless. Installation leaves no permanent marks and the equipment can easily be moved to a new residence.


Frontpoint’s optional home security cameras let you save recordings and can stream live video to mobile phones, tablets and computers.


Maintain your privacy. With Frontpoint, no technician needs to visit your home. You can install the equipment yourself in about 30 minutes.


Home automation helps people save time and money. Frontpoint’s mobile app makes it easy to automate your home’s lights, locks, thermostat and more.


For all-around protection Frontpoint can provide environmental sensors in addition to intrusion sensors. Get alerts in case of threat from water, carbon monoxide, smoke and fire.


Extra safety and control come with Frontpoint keychain remotes. A keychain remote enables remote arming/disarming and has a button for emergency calls.


Protecting you against forgetfulness, the optional Frontpoint geoservices feature can alert you when you’ve left home without arming your security system. For example, you can receive a text when you’ve traveled a mile from home. You can then use the Frontpoint mobile app or a desktop/laptop computer to arm your home security system immediately.

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