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Travis Goodreau

In a crowded home security market, SimpliSafe stands out. SimpliSafe puts a spin on home security pricing by eschewing long-term contracts and substituting an affordable month-by-month monitoring subscription. There’s a flip side (isn’t there always?): SimpliSafe’s monitoring only works with its systems, which you’ll have to pay for upfront. Figuring out whether that’s the right deal for you is the first of many things you should think about if you’re considering a SimpliSafe system. We’ll break down everything that you need to know — from product pricing and monitoring costs to services and contract requirements, and much more — to help you and your household make an educated decision. Check out our SimpliSafe review for our full expert opinion!

SimpliSafe Keypad Editor Andrew Garcia evaluating the SimpliSafe keypad

Key Features

  • Wireless & Cellular
  • DIY Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Remote Control

SimpliSafe Customer Survey & Reviews

Our staff is great at researching and testing systems and comparing it to similar security options, but we wanted to see what SimpliSafe customers have to say about the product and the service they receive over time. As of May 2020, we’ve surveyed 20 SimpliSafe customers and asked them to rate SimpliSafe in 10 different areas, including their overall satisfaction with the system. Below is a summary of their ratings.

Customer Service & Support:
3.9 out of 5
4.0 out of 5
Installation Experience:
4.2 out of 5
Equipment & Technology:
3.8 out of 5
4.0 out of 5
Home Automation:
4.2 out of 5
4.4 out of 5
Mobile App:
4.1 out of 5
Ease of Use:
4.5 out of 5
Overall Satisfaction:
4.0 out of 5

SimpliSafe Pricing

With upfront equipment prices ranging from $183 for a 4-piece kit to $391 for a 14-piece kit, SimpliSafe has a pretty straightforward setup broken into five carefully thought-out equipment packages and just two monitoring plans: the Standard plan at $14.99 per month and the Interactive plan at $24.99 per month.

SimpliSafe Packages Price Equipment Quantity Perks
The Haven $391 14 Pieces Equipped to monitor for unexpected water damage and fires
The Knox $359 13 Pieces Great for large homes with 4+ bedrooms
The Hearth $299 9 Pieces Equipped with an extra 105dB siren
The Essentials $207 6 Pieces Most affordable price for all the essentials of home security
The Foundation $183 4 Pieces Perfect for small apartments and single-family homes

SimpliSafe’s lineup of equipment includes various sensors and other useful devices and features with each package. Unless you live in the Farnsworth House, you’ll probably want to start with one of their basic monitoring packages — a base bundle like The Foundation ($183) or The Essentials ($207) — and if you do live in the Farnsworth House,1 glass sensors are $34.99 each when purchased individually. You can still add on extras to these starter bundles, so don’t worry about things being an exact fit.

Did You Know: Some home security companies lower their device prices by keeping monthly subscription fees higher and enforcing long-term contracts. SimpliSafe’s bundles have higher upfront costs, but its subscriptions are cheap and don’t require any commitment.

SimpliSafe Packages

The Haven – $391

SimpliSafe The Haven Package

The Haven is best for customers who want comprehensive disaster protection. It may be on the pricier end of the spectrum, but that’s because The Haven monitors not only for break-ins and security breaches but for fires and water damage as well. It provides basic intrusion protection, plus a panic button that you can put in a convenient place so that you can summon help immediately in the event of a disaster or medical emergency.

Key Stats and Specs:

  • Contains Base Station, Keypad, 4 Entry Sensors, 2 Motion Sensors, 1 105dB Siren, 1 Smoke Detector, 1 Water Sensor, 1 Freeze Sensor, 1 Panic Button, and 1 Key Fob
  • Covers security and disaster monitoring
  • 24-7 alarm monitoring
  • No contracts

The Knox – $359

SimpliSafe The Knox Package

The Knox is designed to protect large homes with 4+ bedrooms. With twice as many entry and motion sensors as SimpliSafe’s next-largest bundle (The Hearth), you’ll receive six entry sensors to secure all the main entryways of a larger home and two motion sensors to cover hallways or large areas. Note, The Knox package actually has more entry sensors than The Haven, but it lacks some of the disaster detectors.

Key Stats and Specs:

  • Contains Base Station, Keypad, 6 Entry Sensors, 2 Motion Sensors, 1 105dB Siren, 1 Smoke Detector, and 1 Key Fob
  • Covers security and smoke detection
  • Best for homes with four or more bedrooms
  • 24-7 alarm monitoring
  • No contracts

The Hearth – $299

SimpliSafe The Hearth Package

Gathering around the hearth is nice, but it can be even nicer to let The Hearth package gather around your home with its three entry sensors, a single motion detector, a smoke detector, and an alarm. The siren has also been upgraded to 105dB. It’s like being in the front row of an AC/DC concert and will surely make intruders run for the door.

Key Stats and Specs:

  • Contains Base Station, Keypad, 3 Entry Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 105dB Siren, 1 Smoke Detector, and 1 Key Fob
  • Covers security and smoke detection
  • 24-7 alarm monitoring
  • No contracts

The Essentials – $207

SimpliSafe The Essentials Package

The Essentials package is perfect for those looking for all of the home security basics at an affordable price. Equipped with three entry sensors, a motion sensor, and 24-7 alarm monitoring, there’s a good reason why this is SimpliSafe’s most popular package.

Key Stats and Specs:

  • Contains Base Station, Keypad, 3 Entry Sensors, and 1 Motion Sensor
  • Home security basics for an affordable price
  • 24-7 alarm monitoring
  • No contracts

The Foundation – $183

SimpliSafe The Foundation Package

The Foundation package is perfect for renters or owners of smaller homes. For $183, you get a base station and siren, one keypad, one motion sensor, and one entry sensor. For those with more than one door or window to worry about, The Foundation package is an affordable way to get the must-have base station and keypad before tacking on extras ahead of checkout.

Key Stats and Specs:

  • Contains Base Station, Keypad, 1 Entry Sensor, and 1 Motion Sensor
  • Great for apartments or as a starting point for custom systems
  • 24-7 alarm monitoring
  • No contracts

SimpliSafe Equipment

SimpliSafe Equipment

Our full SimpliSafe equipment selection prior to testing

With SimpliSafe, you have the option to upgrade, add on, or customize your home security system. All in all, the costs of their device lineup is more or less the same as the industry average — give or take $5 to $10.

Pro Tip: Keep your base station near the center of your home, so crooks can’t reach it without tripping a sensor first. The base station is responsible for alerting the monitoring center!2

Other than a couple of power cables, SimpliSafe’s entire home security system is free of wired connections, including their cameras! The wireless gear is designed to make installation and setup easy — which is a good thing because of SimpliSafe tasks customers with setting up their own gear.3 Below is a pricing summary of SimpliSafe’s wireless equipment and devices:

SimpliSafe Equipment Equipment Type Cost
Base Station Control N/A
Keypad Control $69.99
Entry Sensor Sensor $14.99
Motion Sensor Sensor $29.99
SimpliCam (Indoor camera) Camera $99.00
Glassbreak Sensor Sensor $34.99
Panic Button Remote $19.99
Smoke Detector Sensor $29.99
Carbon Monoxide Sensor Sensor $49.99
Temperature Sensor Sensor $29.99
Water Sensor Sensor $19.99
Key Fob Remote $24.99
105 dB Siren Control $59.99
Yard sign Display $3.99

SimpliSafe devices still work without a 24-7 monitoring plan in place. Unmonitored systems can still detect intrusions and sound an alarm on your property, but they won’t send an alert out to a monitoring service. For SimpliSafe’s monitoring partners to detect the issue and dispatch the authorities, you’ll need to sign up for a monitoring subscription plan. For more on that, let’s head on to the next section.

SimpliSafe - Camera and Base Station

SimpliSafe – Camera and Base Station

SimpliSafe Monitoring Plans

SimpliSafe’s 24-7 professional monitoring plans are where they really shine. They offer two such plans — the Standard Plan ($14.99 per month or $0.50 per day) and the Interactive Plan ($24.99 per month or $0.83 per day) — that you can sign up for and cancel at any time. There are no long-term contracts or installation fees to worry about.

Monitoring Plans Monthly Cost Features
Standard $14.99 – 24-7 live monitoring
Interactive $24.99 – 24-7 live monitoring
– Fast response for police, emergency medical, and fire department dispatch
– Unlimited video recording
– 24-7 monitoring for water, fire, and dangerous temperature detection
– Advanced remote alerts (SMS, email, etc.)
– Remote arm and disarm

SimpliSafe outsources its monitoring services to COPS,4 a company that focuses solely on monitoring. Some security companies do monitor their own systems, but SimpliSafe’s approach is not unusual either.

Interactive – $24.99 per month

For just $0.83 per day, SimpliSafe’s Interactive plan monitors and protects your home from burglars, unexpected water damage, and fire outbreaks. It also equips you with rapid response and dispatch to police, paramedics, or fire department personnel if a hazard occurs. It’s quite cheap (and sometimes even cheaper!) by home security monitoring standards.

SimpliSafe App

SimpliSafe App

As you’d expect, this monitoring plan will keep your home monitored around the clock. It also includes some key perks. Opting for the Interactive subscription unlocks SimpliSafe’s app,5 which allows you to control your system, including some home automation options, from anywhere with a click of a button from your phone. You’ll also receive security alerts via email or text message, as well as friends and family alerts.

SimpliSafe App Notification

SimpliSafe App Notification

Standard – $14.99 per month

SimpliSafe’s Standard plan will cover your monitoring needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for just $0.50 a day. It’s really all you’ll need in terms of security coverage, but it lacks some of the more advanced monitoring capabilities that its pricier sibling boasts. Overall, it’s a solid monitoring plan that meets the basic requirements. If your system detects a problem, you’ll get a call from SimpliSafe’s monitoring partners. You can call off the alert with a verbal passcode. If you don’t, the monitoring team will dispatch the authorities.

Overall Value of SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe does not require long-term contracts, which differs from the approach of other home security companies like ADT. If you’d rather invest in your equipment upfront, avoid long-term contracts, and opt for affordable professional monitoring plans, then SimpliSafe is a great option for you. You can sign up for SimpliSafe’s monitoring services on a monthly basis and cancel whenever you want. On the flip side, SimpliSafe does not use long-term commitments to spread out the cost of hardware and installation. However, their DIY installation and seamless wireless devices can make up for the upfront costs for many customers. SimpliSafe’s value is most obvious to renters and people who might be moving within a few months.

Citations only uses high-quality sources to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.
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