Best Video Doorbell Cameras for 2024

We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing and comparing industry-leading video doorbells. Here are our favorites.

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Best Overall Doorbell

Ring Doorbell
SecureScore™: 9.2/10

Ring is the biggest name in video doorbells. With over five devices to choose from, and features ranging from two-way talk to infrared night vision with motion detection, it’s a solid choice for almost anyone.

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Best Affordable Integration

SimpliSafe Doorbell
SecureScore™: 9.1/10

The SimpliSafe doorbell camera is surprisingly affordable with top features like wide-angle viewing and pan & zoom. And with a 60-day money-back guarantee, SimpliSafe offers some serious porch pirate protection without much risk.

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Best Security Packages

Lorex Doorbell
SecureScore™: 9.1/10

Lorex’s 4K HD camera systems lead the pack with a huge range of high-quality cameras, from video doorbells to their new floodlights — all 100 percent contract-free.

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The Best Doorbell Camera Companies of 2024

The Best Doorbell Camera Companies of 2024

Best Video Doorbell Cameras Featured in This Roundup:

When they first hit the market about a decade ago, some saw video doorbells as a gimmick. Why have a camera-equipped doorbell when you can leave your good ol’ doorbell be and just install a security camera by your front door? Well, that’s another solution, but as it turns out, video doorbells are exactly what many people want for their front doors.

Today, video doorbells are considered by security experts – including ourselves – a home security must-have. They can help you keep an eye on your home’s entryway while also sending out a warning to porch pirates that your home is being watched.

With that in mind, there are a ton of these handy pieces of equipment on the market today, and as you’d expect, some are better than others.  We stay on top of all these developments, and report any new tweaks, price changes, or new models that hit the shelves, so you can find the right products for your home security system.

When it comes to putting video doorbells to the test, we specifically look for their ease-of-use, reliability, durability, and features. We also look for cameras that will do the best job spotting — and preventing — people lurking around your property or porch pirates from snatching that Amazon package. Oh, and it goes without saying that the price tag is also factored into all of this. We want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

So we’ve spent countless hours spent putting dozens of video doorbells to the test. The result, is a complete list of the very best video doorbells on the market today.

Before digging into our top picks, here are a few stats so you can get a better idea of what to expect:

Doorbell Cameras: Testing Statistics

Doorbell Cams Tested 22
Test Duration 1-2 weeks
Video Resolution 1080p HD
Average Cost $99-$169

Now without further ado, let’s take a look at the best doorbell cameras on the market today.

List of the Best Doorbell Camera Companies for 2024

  • 1. Ring Doorbell - Best Overall Doorbell

    SecureScore™ 9.2
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    Ring was one of the first companies to offer video doorbells all those years ago, and they’ve remained dominant in this space. They have a huge lineup of products to choose from, and some of the best pieces of equipment in the industry today.

    • Great video quality
    • Wide field of view
    • Near real-time conversation
    • Connects to community safety app
    • Wired or wireless install options
    • Numerous supplemental products
    • More than reasonable price
    • Somewhat large, blocky design
    • Hard to find install walkthrough
    • Lower quality speaker

    Ring is a powerhouse with four popular video doorbell product lines. There’s the Video Doorbell Wired, the Video Doorbell Battery-Powered (now in its 4th generation), the Video Doorbell Pro (2nd generation), and the Video Doorbell Elite. So, yes, you’ve got plenty of options with Ring, but that can make choosing the right model tricky. Check out our Ring pricing guide for some help narrowing down your choice, or you can check out our cheat-sheet below for models and prices:

    Ring Video Doorbell Costs

    Ring Video Doorbell Price
    Video Doorbell Wired $49.99
    Battery Doorbell Plus $149.99
    Wired Doorbell Pro $229.99
    Video Doorbell Elite $349.99
    Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) $99.99
    Peephole Cam $129.99
    Video Doorbell Pro $229.99

    Pro Tip: Ring discounts surface pretty frequently. Make sure to bookmark our guide to Ring deals to stay on top of all the latest sales.

    That’s a lot of ding-dong. All Ring video doorbells have one thing in common, however. They let you see, hear, and speak to people at your front door using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any Alexa-enabled device. This has proven to be a powerful deterrent for prowlers. Just think of any Ring video you’ve ever seen where a would-be thief jumps off the porch when the homeowner’s voice booms at him from the doorbell.

    Ring video doorbells are also easy to install if you have some basic DIY knowhow. The wired versions require a little bit more work and you need to be confident in working with electricity, but they’re relatively more user-friendly than other wired doorbells we’ve installed. As for the battery-powered ones, they take between five to 15 minutes to get up and running. The only one we’d definitely recommend not installing by yourself is the Video Doorbell Elite. That one requires hardwiring and minor modifications, as the doorbell has to sit flush to a wall.

    Ring Doorbells are also durable. They are all certified for outdoor use and operate in temperatures from -5 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. They all come with motion detection, night vision, and two-way talk.  One of the most significant negatives with the Ring Doorbells is the lackluster battery life. Ring says that they average 12 months of battery life. However, when tested, they only offered a little over two months of battery performance.

  • 2. SimpliSafe Doorbell - Best Affordable Integration

    SecureScore™ 9.1
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    We were initially surprised when we found out that the doorbell camera from SimpliSafe – a brand known for its easy DIY installation – requires hardwiring. It all made sense eventually, though. With a hardwired setup, the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is essentially set-and-forget; no charging or battery replacements every month or so.

    In terms of features, it can go toe-to-toe with some of Ring’s best hardware. It offers a full HD 1080p resolution and a wide field of view. It has two-way talk, smart motion sensors, mobile alerts, and digital pan-and-zoom. That’s a lot of features from an affordable video doorbell.

    • Full-HD 1080p resolution
    • 162-degree field of view
    • Infrared night vision
    • Pan & zoom feature
    • Two-way talk
    • Smart sensors limit false alarms
    • Mobile alerts and notifications
    • Easy DIY installation and set up
    • 60-day money-back guarantee
    • Works with SimpliSafe alarm system
    • No smart home integrations
    • No free video recording (requires cloud plan)
    • Must be hardwired into existing doorbell wiring
    • We don’t love the design
    • No motion detection zones

    It took a while for SimpliSafe to make its foray into the video doorbell market, but once it did, it quickly became a fan favorite. The SimpliSafe video doorbell isn’t flashy; in fact, it aligns well with SimpliSafe’s branding focused on simplicity and functionality. The doorbell itself is low-profile and easy to install, but it has all the necessary features of a doorbell camera.

    Two features that make the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro stand out are the built-in heat and motion sensors. These support heat signatures and human motion detection, so the system only sends alerts for human detection and will ignore cars and prevent other similar false alerts from being sent. The Doorbell Pro also offers a wide field of view and a crisp image with 1080p HD.

    You can add a SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro to your system for $169. Not the cheapest doorbell out there–Ring’s Video Doorbell Wired is just $49.99. But it’s not the most expensive, either (that honor goes to Vivint). Plus, you can use your Video Doorbell Pro with no monthly fee if you’re willing to self-monitor your system. For $5.00 per month you can add video storage. Or you can go all-in and sign up for SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring. That’s $29.99 per month. See our SimpliSafe cost guide to learn more.

    Pro Tip: If you’re looking for comprehensive security, SimpliSafe recently released their brand new Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera. It costs $139.99, and when coupled with their new Fast Protect monitoring ($29.99 per month) security experts will be able to monitor and respond to emergency situations in your home in real time.

    And installing a SimpliSafe video doorbell is a pretty easy process for people with decent DIY skills. It’s not battery operated, meaning you’re going to have to take off your old doorbell and wire up your new one. It might sound intimidating, but it’s really pretty easy once you start doing it. Just make sure to turn off your electricity and follow the instructions provided carefully.

  • 3. Lorex Doorbell - Best Security Packages

    SecureScore™ 9.1
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    Lorex is a major player in the security camera game. As such, it should come as no surprise that they offer some pretty solid video doorbells for folks interested in keeping an eye on their entryways.

    • Exceptional video quality
    • Low-profile design
    • Intuitive app
    • Crystal-clear audio
    • Wide field of view
    • Local storage
    • No monthly fees
    • Customized alerts
    • Person detection
    • Google- and Alexa-compatible
    • Limited color options
    • No battery backup
    • Limited integration with non-Lorex products

    Lorex consistently shows up on our best of lists, and for good reason. They have a huge lineup of high-end security cameras for almost every imaginable use case. Simply put, if you have a security need, Lorex more than likely offers a camera to fill it.

    This means that they also offer some quality video doorbells for people looking to add some security to their front — or side, or back — doors. Three, in fact. Here’s a quick rundown of them:

    Lorex Doorbell Breakdown

    Doorbell Best Feature Power Source Price
    Lorex 2K WiFi Video Doorbell 2k Resolution Battery $199.99
    Lorex 2k WiFi Video Doorbell 2K Resolution Wired $179.99
    Lorex 1080p Video Doorbell Affordability Wired $79.99

    All three of these doorbells are solid options, with features we’d consider fairly standard for modern video doorbells. The bottom line? They just get the job done.

    Lorex does SimpliSafe one better. Remember, we pointed out that SimpliSafe lets you self-monitor for no cost. If you want video storage, though, you have to pay a monthly charge. Lorex lets you self-monitor for free, and you can store videos for free as well. All Lorex models store data locally via a microSD card. And you can access it any time. You can read more about how this might affect your bottom line in our Lorex price guide. Of course, should keep in mind that Lorex doesn’t offer professional monitoring of any kind. You have to be committed to self-monitoring or find a professional monitoring service that lets you bring your own Lorex cameras with you.

  • 4. Arlo Video Doorbell - Best Package Recognition

    SecureScore™ 9.0
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    The Arlo Video Doorbell combines a 180° viewing lens, automatic video calls when your doorbell is pressed, and other helpful features — all at a competitive price point.

    • 180° viewing angle
    • Livestream HD video
    • Motion-activated alerts
    • Two-way audio
    • Google Home compatible
    • Weather-resistant
    • Built-in siren
    • 12x zoom
    • Not wireless (hardwired)
    • No free cloud storage option

    The Arlo Video Doorbell is billed as one of the better smart doorbells with a wide-angle, diagonal viewing lens. The video doorbell lets you see your visitors from head to toe, so that you always get the full picture in 1080p HD video. The Arlo Video Doorbell also offers two-way audio, a prerecorded message feature, motion detection, night vision, and other nice features. Also, the cost of this doorbell camera is reasonable at only $149.99.

    Pro Tip: Right now the battery-operated model of the Arlo video doorbell is on sale for just $99.99. It’s hard-wired cousin is going for just $79.99.

    Arlo isn’t really known for its video doorbells, and to be honest, that’s kind of surprising. These devices include a whole host of features, like person, package, car, and animal detection. You can set up custom activity zones to further fine tune what the cameras capture. And not only can you stream live video, but you can communicate with visitors using Arlo’s two-way audio feature or – if you’re too busy – leave a pre-recorded message. Plus, you can add video storage for just three dollars per month. Check out our guide to Arlo pricing for more info.

  • 5. Google Nest Doorbell - Best Feature Set

    SecureScore™ 9.0
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    The Google Nest Doorbell is one of the smartest doorbells on the market today. It backs up its crisp HD videos with features like person, animal, and package detection and even facial recognition.

    • Compact design
    • Facial recognition
    • Immediate responsiveness
    • Highly customizable
    • Large family of add-on products
    • Reasonable price point
    • No battery-powered option
    • No way to control alert sensitivity
    • Narrow field of vision makes package detection unreliable

    The Nest Doorbell comes in two versions, the slightly more expensive Nest Doorbell Battery and the Nest Doorbell Wired. They share a lot of the same features, but the battery-powered variant offers slightly more.

    The video doorbells come in four neutral colors, so you can find a tone that blends with your home.

    One of the best things about the Nest Doorbell are the rich notifications. It alerts you to movements at your front door, but it can also tell you if the movement was caused by a person, an animal, or vehicles. It can also keep an eye on your packages and tell you if someone tries to steal from your front porch.

    Nest Aware, Nest’s subscription service, makes the doorbell even smarter. Besides giving you cloud storage space for video recordings, Nest Aware enables facial recognition, which can make notifications even more informative. For instance, it can tell you if the person at your door is someone it knows (from a previous visit, for example) or a complete stranger.

    Of course, not everyone will be willing to pay $6 to $12 per month for Nest Aware. If that’s the case, you’ll still get all of the Nest Doorbell’s built-in features plus storage for video clips recorded within the past three hours. That last feature is exclusive to the Nest Doorbell Battery, as all the other Nest cameras only capture snapshots instead of video clips when there is no active Nest Aware subscription.

  • 6. Frontpoint Doorbell - Most Low Profile

    SecureScore™ 8.6
    Frontpoint Skybell Doorbell Camera
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    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    Frontpoint offers wired and wireless doorbell cameras. The small, sleek cameras offer the features you’d expect from the home security giant Frontpoint.

    • Live video feed
    • Two-way audio
    • Motion sensor alerts up to eight feet (even if your visitor does not ring the bell)
    • Infrared night vision (up to eight feet)
    • Wireless doorbell camera
    • Omni-directional microphone
    • 180° wide-angle view
    • Wi-Fi compatible with 2.4 GHz up to 150Mbps
    • Remote control feature using a mobile app
    • Only 720p resolution
    • Digital doorbell chime required
    • Cameras can only be purchased as part of a package

    Frontpoint has been in business for 11 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They were the first to use cellular technology in all their systems and they added a doorbell camera to their lineup in 2016. They now offer both a wired and wireless version of the doorbell camera.

    The wired camera comes with a wide variety of features and is available in two colors. The camera is not sold alone but instead comes as part of a package. The least expensive is the Build Your Own package for $178.20. It includes a hub and keypad in addition to the wired doorbell camera.

    The wireless camera is battery-powered with an easy setup. The camera works in conjunction with Frontpoint’s smart chime, included in their premium $399 package, The Family Lookout. If going with the Build Your Own system the smart chime is an add-on $29.99 cost. With the wireless doorbell option, the Build Your Own package will cost you $248.99.

  • 7. SkyBell Doorbell - Best Free Storage

    SecureScore™ 8.5
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    SkyBell doorbell cams offer fancy features galore. HD 1080p video, night vision, third-party integrations — the works. And their real-time mobile alerts keep you in the loop.

    • Feature-rich video doorbell
    • 1080p HD resolution
    • Night Vision
    • Durable hardware
    • No ongoing costs
    • No long-term contract
    • Smart home integrations
    • Only offers video doorbells
    • Somewhat steep upfront costs
    • Hardwired doorbell (not wireless)
    • Limited models available
    • Confusing website

    The SkyBell Wi-Fi doorbell is one of the best on the market. It features high-definition 1080p video, motion detection and color night vision. It also works with a variety of third-party devices and integrations and offers free video storage. The app provides a detailed history report so that you can review activity for the day, such as missed visitors and doorbell alerts. The fact that SkyBell provides so many features make it a top pick for doorbell cameras. And here’s something you won’t get with most home security companies: if someone should manage to steal your SkyBell video doorbell, the company will replace it for free.

    The SkyBell is an impressive video doorbell that offers exceptional third-party integration. It provides a variety of features including motion detection and sharp HD video. It features a quiet mode so you can turn the chime off when you don’t want to awaken sleeping family members.

    We should note that SkyBell only comes in a hard-wired version. That can be a problem for apartment dwellers who don’t already have a doorbell in place.

  • 8. Vivint Doorbell - Best Smart Home

    SecureScore™ 8.2
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    Vivint is a high-tech doorbell camera with a modern, dare-we-say elegant design. It has more smart features than you can shake a stick at — but it does require professional installation.

    • Professional Installation
    • Up to 1080p Resolution with HDR
    • Smartphone Controls
    • Custom Rules and Notifications
    • Theft Deterrents (Lights & Siren)
    • Impressive 180-degree Field of View
    • Sleek and Modern Design
    • Requires Vivint Security System & Monitoring
    • Somewhat pricey 24/7 Monitoring Costs
    • Package Detection Feature Can be Finicky
    • No AI technology like facial recognition

    The real selling point with Vivint is its technology. You can count on all Vivint products to have the most cutting-edge features. Vivint’s Doorbell Camera is a great example. Even just looking at it, you can tell it’s modern: it features an attractive, minimalist casing that fits in nicely with most homes’ decor. And what can it do? This high-tech doorbell features infrared night vision, HD-resolution, and a wide-angle 180-degree lens. In fact, this equipment is so high-tech, Vivint requires professional installation and support on every purchase.

    Vivint’s Doorbell Camera is a well-designed, high-tech doorbell that comes with a variety of useful features like a wide-angle lens and Vivint Sky integration so that you can unlock your front door and more using the app. One of the main disadvantages of Vivint’s Doorbell Camera is the high-monthly monitoring rates. Expensive professional installation is required, and you must sign a contract or pay costly equipment fees.

  • 9. Zmodo Greet Doorbell - Best Variety

    SecureScore™ 7.3
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    This doorbell cam offers simple plug-and-play setup, free cloud storage, and a generous 60-day money-back guarantee. No wonder Zmodo has sold 8 million products in the last decade.

    • Low-Cost Cameras
    • Simple, Discreet Design
    • No Paid Subscription Required
    • Clear 1080p Video Quality
    • Numerous Indoor Camera Options
    • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
    • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
    • 1-year Warranty
    • Limited Features
    • Some Delay on Wake Time in App
    • Bulky design

    Zmodo was founded in 2009 and has since sold more than 8 million products in the smart home market. The Zmodo doorbells are widely regarded and have recently been seen on the Harry Show. Additionally, Zmodo is one of the few smart home equipment companies that own both their hardware and user experience end-to-end. Zmodo is always striving to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. And with the Zmodo Greet doorbell cameras, you simply install the doorbell by connecting it to your home’s current wiring, download the app, which is free, and use the instructions provided in the app to set up your new doorbell while connecting it to your Wi-Fi service. This entire process can be completed within minutes.

    The Zmodo Greet smart doorbells have five different types of Greet doorbells. The Greet Smart Doorbell which is $89, the Greet HD Smart Doorbell which is $149, the Greet Select Smart Doorbell which is also $149, the Greet 1.0 Smart Doorbell which is again $149, and the Greet Pro Smart Doorbell which is $179. They also offer three different video recording storage option plans. A Basic plan that will store your alert clips for the past 36 hours which is free. A 7-Day Plan that stores seven days of continuous cloud recordings, seven days of alert clip storage, and it costs $4.99/mo. or $49.90/yr. And, with this system, you pay per camera, so this plan gives you 50% off any additional camera subscriptions you purchase as well. Then there is the 30-Day Plan that gives you everything the seven-day plan does, except you get those services for 30 days versus seven, and it costs $9.99/mo. or $99.90/yr. Also, if you subscribe to the Zmodo newsletter, they will give you a 15% off coupon. You really can’t go wrong with any of the Zmodo Greet doorbell cameras. They have great designs, as well as being weatherproof and extremely durable. Additionally, they are well-priced compared to other doorbell cameras on the market.

    Connectivity Wi-fi, ethernet
    Power Wired, battery, PoE
    Field of View Up to 360°
    Resolution Up to 1080p
    Storage Cloud
    Smart Platform Compatibility Alexa and Google Home

What is a Doorbell Camera?

As the name suggests, a doorbell camera acts as a doorbell and a camera. Doorbell cameras, also called video doorbell cameras, have become a staple security measure for many homes across the country. That is, it monitors your entryway and delivers serious peace of mind for you and your family. (Most doorbell cameras are much more than just a camera, as we’ll soon find out.)

With a doorbell camera, your packages stay relatively safe, as the devices serve as a great first line of defense against ‘porch pirates’. They also protect against more nefarious crimes such as break-ins, burglaries, home invasions, and the like.

These doorbell cams come in both hardwired and wireless options. With a wireless (battery operated) doorbell camera, setup is a cinch and you’ll be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Also, most doorbell cameras come with a companion app, so you can control the features and functions via your smartphone, tablet, or even desktop computer. And the capabilities are nothing short of impressive. With many doorbell cameras, you can do anything up to and including:

  • Remotely monitor your front door, doorstep, or entryway
  • Live-stream video and tap into the stream via companion app
  • Record activity and store it either on the cloud, on the device itself, or on an SD card
  • Detect would-be intruders even at night with night vision and HD image quality (some cameras have up to 1080p resolution)
  • Pan and zoom technology to get the full picture
  • Scare off would-be intruders or thieves with 2-way talk, featured on the camera’s companion app
  • Withstand the most severe elements with weatherproof construction
  • Seamlessly connect to third-party home-automation platforms
  • Some cameras can even recognize family and friends!

When it’s tripped, the motion-detection feature on the doorbell camera triggers the recording. The duration of the activity is then recorded and stored accordingly. Other cameras offer continuous recording, day and night. If your budget allows for it, it’s best to upgrade to cloud video storage, which can offer virtually limitless storage, so long as you’re willing to pay for it.

Another great thing about doorbell cameras is that most will send a text alert when they sense activity. This way, you can open the app and see exactly who’s at your door, and of course, take any necessary action.

Like any security solution, doorbell cameras do have their faults. For instance, thieves have (ironically) learned to steal the very doorbell cameras themselves. Also, many of the cameras have limited range and/or panning functionality.

But all in all, the advantages of owning a video doorbell camera far outweigh the disadvantages.

Pro Tip: Not sure what to look for in a doorbell camera? Head over to our Doorbell Camera Buyer’s Guide to learn about the features and tech and other important info. It’s all there!

Do I Need a Doorbell Camera?

Nobody really needs a doorbell camera, but these nifty devices sure make life safer and more convenient. With this in mind, doorbell cams are more important than other tech gadgets like smart watches, TVs, and other smart home features.

Doorbell video cameras are ideal for those who:

  • Have experienced package theft in the past (or their neighbor has)
  • Have frequent visitors to their home
  • Travel often for business or pleasure
  • Have a larger-than-average home
  • Are smart home automation enthusiasts
  • Desire an added layer of protection for their home

It’s a good rule of thumb to expect the unexpected. You simply never know if and when a criminal is going to target your home. And a quality doorbell camera has stopped many-a-criminal in their tracks. So while you don’t necessarily need a doorbell camera, they are more than worth the money and highly recommended.

Features Matter in a Doorbell Camera

After going over the reviews above, you will probably want to make a decision about which of the best doorbell cameras is right for you. However, to do that, you will need a little more information. You will also need to know the different features that come with doorbell cameras. Knowing and understanding those features will help you select the one that best suits your needs. Because there are some features you might not need and others you won't want to go without.

Lorex Doorbell Camera on the table

Lorex Video Doorbell

All the features affect our rankings differently and we base our information on the ones consumers care about the most.

Here are the different available features for the best doorbell cameras on the market:

  • Hardwired or DIY (battery-powered)
  • DIY or professional installation
  • Motion detection
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Battery life
  • On-demand video
  • Cloud storage
  • Two-way talk communication
  • 24/7 video
  • Night vision
  • Smartphone alerts (person, sound, and motion)
  • Intermittent or continuous video recording
  • Quality camera (sharp resolution, well-balanced colors)
  • Compatible with third-party apps and devices
  • User-friendly
  • Cosmetically appealing (attractive styles, sizes, and finishes)
  • Bank-level encryption
  • Small and compact doorbell/camera device
  • Self-monitoring or DIY monitoring

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at two of our favorite video doorbells side-by-side, and see what we come up with.

Ring and Arlo Head-to-Head

Feature Ring Video Doorbell Pro Arlo Essential Video Doorbell
Resolution 1080p 2K
Field of Vision 160-degrees 180-degrees
Power Source Hardwired Battery
Motion Detection Advanced Advanced
Two-Way Talk Yes Yes
Battery Life N/A Six months
Professional Monitoring Option Yes Yes
Price $169.99 $149.99

Next, let's go over some of the questions you should ask yourself. Questions that will make it easier to determine which options and features you really need and which ones you don't.

Doorbell Camera Technology & Remote Capabilities

Doorbell cameras come in many different styles. But the best doorbell cameras boast the latest technology & remote capabilities like 2-way talk, 24-hour streaming, and more. It’s up to you how advanced (or basic!) you want your entryway security to be.

Go basic with a bare-bones image capturing camera, or outfit your home with the best video doorbell camera that delivers impressive technology like:

  • Alexa compatible to illuminate and announce when either the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected. You can also speak and listen to visitors (or porch pirates!) via Amazon’s Echo Show or Echo Spot.
  • Two-way talk or remote viewing, listening, and speaking through your smartphone via mobile app
  • Automatic real-time motion alerts to your smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • 1080p HD image quality with infrared night vision
  • Fully-customizable motion zones
  • Interchangeable faceplates
  • And more

Video Doorbell Camera Price

Just like with home security systems, you get what you pay for with doorbell cameras. The prices range anywhere from $99 to $499. But we’ve seen deals as low as $49 for smart doorbells. With that said, the original Ring Doorbell (720 HD image quality) is a steal at $99, and we wouldn’t recommend going much cheaper than that.

Ring also sells the Ring Video Doorbell Elite that goes for $499! And of course, this device is stacked with the latest and greatest features and tech available. Other options that fall in the mid-range for doorbell camera prices include the Nest Cam ($229), and the SkyBell HD and August Doorbell Cam Pro (Both sell for $199).

The point is, you can outfit your home with a doorbell camera at pretty much any price point. Some doorbell cameras are so reasonably-priced that they’re purchased along with home security systems and smart home automation systems. Others come with a steep price tag, but offer more impressive features and technology.

What Is the Right Fit for You and Your Family?

When buying a doorbell camera, there are several different factors you need to think about before making a final purchasing decision. The doorbell camera you choose should include the features and options that match your family's specific needs. Therefore, reading reviews, pros and cons, and doorbell camera guides will give you all the general information you need. But until you know exactly what you need, you're not quite ready to make any decisions just yet, because everyone's situation is unique.

The following questions will help you narrow down your choices to match the best doorbell camera with your particular needs.

 FAQ List Image
  • Will doorbell cameras work with my phone?

    Most doorbell cameras come with a corresponding mobile app, as well as a desktop version of that app. Therefore, you will need to make sure the video doorbell camera you choose is compatible with your phone and/or the other mobile devices you have. Additionally, the desktop apps will also need to be compatible with that specific version of the app as well. Which means your Mac or PC will need to be the version of the app that is compatible with your computer. Another thing to keep in mind is that most doorbell cameras are generally not compatible with Blackberry devices.

  • Do doorbell cameras work with home automation devices?

    There are a wide variety of doorbell cameras that work with home automation systems. If you have a home automation system in place or are thinking about getting one, you should look for a doorbell camera that is compatible with the equipment you have. Or one that is compatible with third-party equipment that covers your brand. Then buy the one that has what will work with what you have or with the system you anticipate purchasing.

  • What kind of internet do I need for a doorbell camera to work?

    Some doorbell cameras use your internet connection to function. Therefore, if you want to use a doorbell camera that connects to your internet, your internet will need to be Wi-Fi enabled. Additionally, if your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough, then you might have to install a Wi-Fi network extender to improve your network’s range.

  • Are doorbell cameras weather resistant?

    If you’ve never thought about whether or not doorbell cameras are weather resistant, don’t worry, you are not alone. However, any time you have outdoor equipment, you should research its durability. A video doorbell camera should be able to withstand a wide variety of environmental elements such as heavy rain, high winds, snow and ice accumulations, and be able to withstand temperatures that are sub-zero or remain below freezing for extended periods of time.

  • Should I have a wired or wireless doorbell camera?

    There are two types of doorbell cameras, wired or wireless. First, you will need to ask yourself if you have the skills to install a wired (hardwired) doorbell camera. And, if the doorbell camera you are considering is compatible with your existing doorbell’s wiring (if applicable) and/or other home security equipment.

Wired Doorbell Cameras

Wired doorbell cameras are powered by connecting to the wires of your existing doorbell. So if you don't have a doorbell, this could be a problem because you will have to have your new doorbell wired with new wiring which will probably require an electrician. So, unless you are familiar with how electrical wiring works, you should probably hire someone to install it for you. However, with that being said, many doorbell camera systems come with help videos and technical support that could guide you through the process if you feel like attempting it yourself. That is unless you don't have an existing doorbell, in which case we recommend you hire an electrician.

Wireless Doorbell Cameras

Wireless doorbell cameras are powered by a battery. That means there is no wiring involved. Additionally, a wireless doorbell is portable so it can be moved around, which is great for renters or those who move frequently. And, some doorbell companies have a theft protection policy as well. So if your doorbell is ever stolen, they will replace it for free. Not all doorbell camera companies offer this though, so if that feature is something you think you might need, you will need to look for this option before making a purchase.

Am I comfortable with installing the doorbell on my own or do I need it professionally installed?

Whether or not you can install your new doorbell camera yourself will depend on several things. For example, if you buy a battery-operated doorbell camera, then, yes, you will easily be able to install that camera yourself with no tools necessary.

If you buy a wired doorbell camera, then you will need to determine if you have the tools necessary to install the type of doorbell camera you want to buy. Then you will need to determine if your existing doorbell wiring and/or home automation/security equipment are compatible with the doorbell camera you want to buy. Then, of course, you will need to review the installation instructions to see if you have the skills required for that particular installation. Most doorbell camera options come with help videos and technical support to help you with the installation if needed.

However, if you don't have an existing doorbell and you want to buy a hardwired doorbell camera, you will probably need to hire an electrician to do the installation for you. Because if there is no existing doorbell wiring present, your new doorbell camera will need to be completed wired with new wiring. So unless you are an electrician, or have significant electrical skills, you probably should not attempt to do this type of installation yourself. Because not only could it be dangerous, it could also turn into a fire hazard if it is not done right. Electricity is not something you want to take any chances with.

Can I install a doorbell camera if I'm a renter?

If you are a renter or you move around a lot, then you should consider installing a wireless doorbell camera. But before you buy a doorbell camera, you will need to talk with your landlord first because of possible privacy issues. If he/she does not give you permission to install a wireless doorbell camera, you could explain all the reasons you feel you need one such as to keep you and your family safe from crime, because you feel threatened by your environment or circumstances in any way, etc. And if he/she gives you the OK, make sure you get their permission in writing.

Additionally, although you should probably stick with a wireless doorbell camera, if you want a wired doorbell camera and your landlord gives you his/her blessing which he/she might do if you have it professionally installed, it's even more important that you not only get your landlords blessing, but that the written permission he/she gives you includes exactly what you can and can't do as far as drilling holes in the walls, ceilings, etc. This will protect you from having to pay damages due to miscommunication when you move out. You will also need to realize that sometimes a landlord will give you permission to have a hardwired doorbell camera installed, but he/she might also require that you leave it with the rental when you move.

Is motion detection important to me?

Having a motion detection feature is extremely important and that is why most video camera doorbells have it. The motion detection feature will send you an alert if any motion is detected within the field of vision of your doorbell camera. This will enable you to take the appropriate action based on who is at your door. For example, if a potential thief approached your door, you would be sent an alert at which time you could tap the app to see who's there. You could then contact the authorities, or, if your doorbell has a two-way talk feature, you could instruct them to leave…or else.

Do I need a two-way talk feature?

The two-way talk feature is important because it allows you to talk remotely with whoever is at your door. Most, but not all, doorbell cameras come with this feature. When the doorbell camera detects motion, it will send you an alert, at which time you can tap the app and pull up the live video feed of your front door. You can then talk to your visitor. Additionally, some doorbell cameras also offer other features such as a siren or prerecorded messages you can control using the app if a potential threat is observed.

Do I need night vision?

Night vision is extremely important when it comes to a doorbell camera. The night vision feature is what enables you to easily see who is at your door at night, when it is cloudy outside, in extremely shady areas, etc. Night vision works using infrared technology to make the video appear as if it was daylight. The higher the resolution of your doorbell camera the better your night vision, and everything else will be.

Is the doorbell camera's video quality important?

Yes, the video quality, or resolution, of any home security camera is important. The video quality will give you crisper, clearer images, and will provide you with truer colors both of which are important when it comes to properly identifying a criminal or what ultimately transpired at any given time of the day or night. Doorbell cameras have anywhere from 480p up to a 1080p resolution. So try to get the highest resolution you can for better images.

What about a doorbell camera's field of vision?

A doorbell camera's field of vision is how wide of an area the camera can see. A 90° angle means the doorbell camera can only see the area in front of the camera. A 180° angle means the doorbell camera can see the area in front and to the sides of it. So obviously, the wider the field of vision, the better. This is important because many thieves will try to avoid detection by staying outside of a cameras field of vision.

Do I need a live video feed?

Yes, you do need a live video feed; otherwise, what is the point of having a camera at all. With the live video feed option, your doorbell camera will give you real-time access to what is happening at your home at all times. When your doorbell camera detects motion, it will send you an alert at which time you can tap the app to see what triggered the alert. Then you can respond accordingly by using the two-way talk feature, contacting the authorities, or whatever action you deem necessary.

How do the doorbell camera recordings work?

Most doorbell cameras come with either a continuous recording feature or an intermittent recording feature that only records when it detects activity. The continuous video recording feature will record everything 24/7. The intermittent recording feature will only record when it senses activity. That means if you want to be able to see what's happening at your door at any given time, you will need to purchase a doorbell camera that has the continuous recording feature.

Do video doorbell cameras record audio as well?

A few other things you might want to inquire about are whether your chosen doorbell camera has a video recording feature and that it is also capable of recording audio as well. However, with that being said, you need to be careful when using the audio feature because in some states you cannot record audio without having the other person's consent. But if your chosen camera does come with an audio feature and you do not want to use it, you might be able to disable the audio recording feature, depending on the brand.

Should I opt for local video storage or cloud video storage?

A cloud video storage feature is good to have if you can afford it. There is also a local video storage option that has internal storage capabilities or you can store your video using a microSD card neither of which require you to pay for storage other than the price of the microSD card. However, once the storage is full, the camera will record over the pre-existing video, which could present a problem if you ever need to access the recorded history of your doorbell camera. That is where cloud storage has the advantage because you can store as many hours of video recordings as you are willing to pay for.

Doorbell Camera Installation

Installing a doorbell camera doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, you can have your system setup in a matter of minutes, with limited tools, and without breaking a sweat. Some doorbell cameras even come with the tools (drill bits, screwdrivers, screws, etc.) that you need.

We’ve provided a basic rundown of how to install a doorbell camera. By no means are the bullets below a substitute for your doorbell camera’s instructions. This is only meant to illustrate how fast and easy DIY installation can be.

Doorbell camera installation steps might include:

  • Shut off power to the doorbell on your breaker box
  • Remove existing doorbell from the wall
  • Level the mounting bracket on the wall, mark four corners
  • Optional – if drilling into brick or concrete, drill holes for anchors
  • Drill holes into wood for anchors, insert anchors
  • Secure mounting bracket to wall, pulling wires through bracket
  • Remove level in the bracket before continuing
  • Connect wires to the mounting bracket screws
  • Install diode for digital chime (refer to manufacturer instructions)
  • Position doorbell camera on bracket, tighten screws
  • Power on electricity to doorbell
  • Test doorbell to ensure it’s functioning properly

(Again, this is not a replacement for an instruction manual. Always defer to the manufacturer’s instructions, as every doorbell camera has different installation requirements)

It’s also possible to install a doorbell camera even if you don’t have an existing doorbell. However, this is a bit more involved and takes more patience and time to install. But in the end, you can keep a hawk-eye on your entryway, grant access to friends and family, and shoo away pesky porch pirates.

Doorbell Cameras for Apartments and Condos

Want the safest and most futuristic apartment unit in the complex? If so, start by outfitting your front door with a doorbell camera. If you rent an apartment or condo, you have a handful of doorbell camera options to choose from. Certain video doorbell cams also work great for duplexes, flats and lofts, penthouses, Airbnb units, and the list goes on.

With a doorbell camera, you can watch your doorstep in real-time. It doesn’t matter if you have an upstairs or downstairs unit, you can view who’s creeping in the hall, and even give them a stern warning with two-way voice. So… what exactly should renters look for in a doorbell camera?

The best doorbell cameras for apartments and condos have a few things in common. First, they should be wireless. After all, getting permission from management to install a doorbell camera (even a wireless one!) can be a losing battle. So the less invasive, the better. Wireless doorbell cameras don’t require drilling or splicing wires, so they can be set up and taken down in a jiffy.

Also, you want to make sure the doorbell camera comes equipped with HD video, night vision, a wide-angle lens, and real-time motion-activated alerts via mobile app. These are standard features that most video doorbell cameras come with, and are important for renters and homeowners alike.

It’s worth mentioning Ring’s latest product for apartment-dwellers. The new Ring Door View Cam actually attaches to the peephole in your door and provides the same HD image quality and nifty features of other Ring Doorbells. This wireless device sends motion-activated alerts when someone comes to your door and/or rings your doorbell. But Ring is just one option for renters. There are plenty of others worth looking into.

Is it legal to have a doorbell camera in my apartment? 

That’s a great question. And to answer it you should start by checking with your apartment manager. The law isn’t so black-and-white, but the management should have the most recent codes and laws on file. Now, even if you get their permission, you should also check with neighbors who might be impacted by a live-feed doorbell video camera. Many apartment units are opposing, where doors face one another. So in a way, your fancy new doorbell camera could be considered an infringement on your neighbor’s privacy. And the last thing you want is a disgruntled neighbor. Even if it’s not required by law, it’s best practice to run it by your neighbors before installing a doorbell camera.

Affordable Doorbell Cameras

The most affordable doorbell cameras fall around the $100-$150 range. This is downright cheap, especially when you consider the technology you’re getting. When you go with a low-cost doorbell camera, you don’t have to skimp on features. In fact, the best affordable video doorbells come stacked with HD image quality, night vision, 24/7 live-streaming, a nifty companion app, and other impressive features. Be sure to refer back to our Top 10 list above. Several of our top picks can be purchased for under $200.

Doorbell Cameras That Work with Alexa

What’s a smart home without a doorbell camera that works with Alexa? The truth is, doorbell camera companies are racing to put out smart-home compatible devices. And Amazon’s Alexa tops the list. So if you’re considering an Alexa compatible doorbell cam, you’re in luck. We’ll highlight just a few of your options here. But rest assured, more companies will be releasing smart doorbells that integrate seamlessly with the almighty Alexa.

With an Alexa compatible doorbell camera, you can flex your vocal chords from pretty much anywhere in the house to see, hear, and talk to people at your front door. You can access your live feed for viewing and control, and even give more advanced commands like “Alexa, show my front door.” However, it’s important to note that video-based commands do require Amazon’s Echo Show or Spot devices.

First up, we have the Ring Doorbell — the industry standard. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is 100% compatible with Alexa. This powerful combination of devices lets you view, listen, and speak with visitors at your door. Tell the pizza man to hang tight, or tell the porch pirate to get lost. You can start and stop your Ring feed and even view your most recent video. The more advanced Ring Doorbell Pro allows for Alexa voice commands. Say “Alexa, show my front door,” or “Alexa, hide my front door” to close out the live feed. And you better believe Alexa will do your bidding. You can also nickname your front door anything you want to suit your fancy.

Moving on from Ring, the Nest Hello video doorbell is also compatible with Alexa. With this doorbell cam, you can view a live-feed of your entryway using Amazon’s Echo Show or Spot. And finally, we have SkyBell, another doorbell camera like Ring and Nest that works with Alexa. With SkyBell, you can tell Alexa to take snapshots of your front entryway, record video, and other commands.

There are other Alexa compatible doorbell cameras, but these are a few of the most popular and most purchased of the bunch. It’s one thing to have a doorbell video camera that you can view from your smartphone. But the moment you connect your doorbell cam to Alexa, you’ve officially entered the upper echelon of smart home enthusiasts.

Doorbell Camera Video Storage Options: Local vs Cloud

Video storage is yet another important factor to consider. You see, your camera will capture images and video of everyone — from the mailman to masked men. So when you need hard evidence to find a crook, the best thing is crisp and clear video.

So this begs the question: where are you going to store your video clips? Some doorbell cameras (like DoorBird) offer local video storage via a microSD card, while most others have cloud storage that you pay to access. The main difference is convenience, quantity of video stored, and price.

Local storage is limited in its storage capacity. MicroSD cards typically range between 16GB and 128GB. Of course, 128GB offers loads of storage space. But video recordings can fill a card pretty quickly — especially if you configure your camera to continuous recordings (24/7!), opposed to even-based recordings (when motion is detected). Most doorbell cams that offer local storage will generally include a microSD card. The best part about local storage… there’s no monthly subscription fee!

On the other hand, you have to pay to access the convenience of ‘the cloud’, which is often viewed as the superior storage option. The cloud is an outside server that stores your doorbell camera video clips for you. And there’s really nothing the cloud can’t handle; you can continuously record for 10,000 lifetimes and it will still have room for more video recordings. The biggest drawback is that you have less control of your video when it’s in the cloud, compared to when it’s in your physical possession on a microSD card.

So which is better? Local storage or cloud storage? Well, it’s apples and oranges, really. The 21st century folks who value speed, efficiency, and limitless storage capacity typically go for a low-priced cloud storage plan. Others tend to be cagey about their video data and want complete control over their video clips. Those people go with local storage. So it’s really a matter of personal preference. But the best doorbell cameras today offer cloud video storage.

Why Should I Invest in a Doorbell Camera?

If you are not sure about whether or not you should invest in a doorbell camera, it is best to consider what it would mean to have one. For example, having a doorbell camera is like having an extra layer of security and the peace of mind that comes with it. Additionally, a doorbell camera is highly visible, which means just the fact that you have one could stop a crime before it even begins.

There are a multitude of reasons that having a video doorbell camera is the right way to go. Aside from making you and your family feel more secure, the doorbell camera will give you the opportunity to see who is outside your door and in the vicinity before you open the door to go outside. It will also enable you to see who is at your door and communicate with them without having to open the door. Additionally, if you have latch-key kids, it will enable them to deal with people at your door without having to open it while there is no adult supervision present.

Then there are the other features of having a doorbell camera such as being able to see if a package has arrived, to make sure your kids arrived home from school safely. It is also great to see who is coming and going while you are not there, especially if you have teenagers who think they are adults and are testing their boundaries. Other reasons a video doorbell camera could come in handy is if your neighborhood has been experiencing car or home break-ins, to help locate a child or senior that goes missing, and finding lost pets, etc. The reasons for having a video doorbell camera are almost endless!

Are Doorbell Cameras Worth the Price?

Absolutely. A home security system is made up of component parts, and the more parts you have working in harmony with each other in that system, the more secure you’re going to be. A video doorbell adds to your overall security posture and will be a great way to deter would-be intruders before they even consider stepping foot on your property.

OK, that all makes sense, but what if you do not have the money for a doorbell camera? The answer is…even the cheapest doorbell camera is better than not having one at all. And, having a doorbell camera and being able to prevent a crime rather than being a victim of crime would ultimately be cheaper than having to pay insurance deductibles, paying to replace stolen items, or worse…having to pay for medical bills, etc. Doorbell cameras like those by Eufy can be a bit pricey, but the features make it worth it.

We have lots of great affordable options on our list that, when it really gets down to it, are something you could afford for less than a cup of coffee a day. So skip that cup of coffee for the next few months and you will have easily paid for that doorbell camera without much extra effort on your part.

Doorbell Camera Reviews

Doorbell camera online reviews are a dime-a-dozen, but not all reviews are created equal. This is crucial to remember, as many reviewers have the best intentions, but completely mislead people to the wrong products and services.

All of our reviews are the result of extensive research and testing. We dig deep into the best home security products available. Our objective reviewers discuss the pros and cons of different systems — in this case, doorbell cameras.

We then assign a SecureScore™ to each product. Our SecureScore™ rates customer service, value, equipment, features and tech, and ease-of-use. This gives you, the reader, a well-rounded picture of the product. And there is no other resource anywhere online that covers home security products and services with the same attention to detail that we do.

The aim is to educate our readers so that they can acquire the knowledge and confidence to make a wise buying decision. And to that end, we do everything we can to earn and maintain the trust of our readers. It’s why we do what we do.

The Bottom Line

By now you should have a solid understanding of the best video doorbell cameras out there. These devices serve as a great first line of defense and are capable of safeguarding your home and family. And the latest doorbell cameras come stacked with impressive mobile apps that let you access, view, listen, talk, and take total control of your entryway, from anywhere in the world!

Doorbell cameras are relatively inexpensive (especially considering the features and tech), easy to install, easy to use, and they can even integrate with smart home ecosystems. So whether you choose Ring, Nest, SkyBell, August — or any of the other doorbell cameras that we reviewed — we’re confident that you’re equipped with everything needed to make the right choice for you.

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