With the help of a smart doorbell cameras, you'll always know who is at your door, even when you're not home. Tell the delivery man where to leave a package, see when guests have arrived, and know when your kids have left and returned home. Smart doorbells have been around for nearly a decade, with lots of brands entering the market offering various features and at different price points. See the top smart doorbells available today, in our handy comparison grid below.

What to Look for in Smart Doorbells

If you don't think you need a video doorbell camera, keep reading!  Crimes happen every day. Yes, even in your neighborhood. So why not take a proactive step to protect your family. There's nothing more important than keeping your family, home, and property safe, whether you are there or not.

Here are a few things to consider that will help you make an educated decision about which video doorbell camera is right for you.


Doorbell cameras max out at 1080p resolution currently, with some as low as 480p. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image, generally speaking. Some cameras may not adjust to varying light levels very well, making the resolution a moot point.

Night Vision

A lot can happen in the cover of night, especially during the winter months when night falls much earlier. Night vision capabilities will allow you to clearly see who is at your door even when it's dark out, giving you a bit more security 24/7.

Field of View

This is how wide the camera can see. 180° means the camera can see everything in front of it, and to the sides, while 90° means it can only see to the front, and a tiny bit to the sides. A wider field of view is preferred for nearly all scenarios.

Motion Detection

Doorbell cameras can have motion sensors in them, that will alert you when someone is approaching or leaving your front door. Some doorbell cameras have advanced features such as setting specific zones to be monitored, while ignoring all other areas. Perfect for houses near a busy street, to avoid getting motion alerts every time a neighbor drives by.

Source of Power

Doorbell cameras are either battery powered or hardwired into the existing wires of your regular doorbell. If you don't have a traditional doorbell on your house or condo, then be sure to only get a battery powered option.

Audio Features

One of the biggest benefits of doorbell cameras is being able to communicate through it. Two way audio allows you to speak with whoever is at the door, such as telling delivery men to leave a package somewhere specific.

Cloud Storage

For security purposes, having a cloud storage option can be helpful. You'll be able to store footage of any motion alerts for 30 days, so in the event of someone vandalizing or stealing from your property, you'll have some video evidence ready.

App Support

For most people, having app support is the biggest advantage of a video doorbell. You'll want to be sure the video doorbell you're buying has excellent app support so you can actually connect to it fast to see who is at your door, rather than having a shoddy app that doesn’t load till after the person at your door has left.