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What Sets Identity Guard® Apart

Identity Guard® provides around-the-clock monitoring, allowing you to rest easier in a world where digital identify theft is becoming a common occurrence.

There are various stages of identity theft that take place as you get older. Identity Guard is here to help protect you through each of them. The service keeps up with today’s ever-changing technological landscape by using the latest tools and services to create a customized identity protection solution that works to meet your needs. The use of IBM Watson™ Artificial Intelligence allows the service to constantly scan billions of data points online and provide alerts when it detects activity that might mean your identity is being compromised or misrepresented.

Key Features

  • Financial Monitoring
  • Identity Restoration
  • Criminal Monitoring
  • SSN Monitoring
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring

Identity Guard® Price and Plans

Identity Guard is well known for its vast selection of identity protection packages. From basic packages all the way up to comprehensive packages that provide, in our opinion, the best of the best identity protection in the industry, Identity Guard is an industry leader for a good reason– your safety and protection always come first.

The Premier Family Plan is a go-to solution that offers powerful protection for your entire family. You’ll find the latest technology being used to protect the online atmosphere of your children. This plan covers two adults in your home as well as all children and it’s available for only $34.99/month. You’ll enjoy all of the following features with the Family Plan:

  • IBM® Watson™ Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Insight Reporting
  • Credit Score Reporting
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Bank Account Takeover Monitoring
  • Alerts of Potential Cyberbullying
Identity Guard PlanMonthly Individual Plan CostMonthly Family Plan CostAnnual Individual Plan CostAnnual Family Plan Cost

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Identity Guard PlanMonthly Individual Plan Cost Through Safehome.orgMonthly Family Plan Cost Through Safehome.orgAnnual Individual Plan Cost Through Safehome.orgAnnual Family Plan Cost Through

Current Deal

Identity Guard is offering users a 20% monthly discount and a 30-day free trial when signing up through our site.

View PlansView PlansView Plans
$1 Million Insurance Coverage$1 Million Insurance Coverage$1 Million Insurance Coverage
Risk Management ScoreRisk Management ScoreRisk Management Score
Online Identity DashboardOnline Identity DashboardOnline Identity Dashboard
Dark Web MonitoringDark Web MonitoringDark Web Monitoring
Potential Threat ReportingPotential Threat ReportingPotential Threat Reporting
High-Risk Transaction MonitoringHigh-Risk Transaction MonitoringHigh-Risk Transaction Monitoring
Monthly Credit ScoreMonthly Credit Score
Bank Account Takeover MonitoringBank Account Takeover Monitoring
3-Bureau Credit Monitoring3-Bureau Credit Monitoring & Reporting
Social Insight Report
Anti-Phishing Mobile AppAnti-Phishing Mobile AppAnti-Phishing Mobile App
Safe Browsing ExtensionSafe Browsing ExtensionSafe Browsing Extension
Family CoverageFamily CoverageFamily Coverage

About Identity Guard®

Identity Guard understands the importance of protecting your identity and credit. A single case of identity theft can lead to horrendous consequences and can be time-consuming and costly in trying to get the issue resolved without expert help. Throughout their parent company’s many years of extensive experience in the identity theft protection industry, Identity Guard has been able to streamline its services to ensure you are provided with a no-hassle solution that helps protects your identity and keeps your family safe. Check out the full review of Identity Guard here.

Pay Day Loan Monitoring
Pay Day Loan Monitoring

A pay day loan taken out in your name without your permission can wreak havoc on your credit report. Although no credit report is needed to take out this type of loan, if it is not paid back in its entirety, it will be reported to the three main credit bureaus. Pay day loan monitoring alerts you when the service detects a person is trying to take out a pay day loan in your name.

Address Change Verification
Address Change Verification

Did you know with your address, anyone and everyone can take out a loan in your name? Worse yet, they can change your address so that you never know the loan was taken out. With address change verification, you can rest easy knowing you will be alerted when the service detects someone trying to change your address.

Social Security Monitoring
Social Security Monitoring

With top-of-the-line social security monitoring, you are alerted of any time your social security number is detected on the dark web.

Credit Score Monitoring
Credit Score Monitoring

Credit monitoring provides you an alert when there are updates to your credit file.

Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts
Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts

Want superior protection against fraudulent bank and credit card activity? Bank and credit card application alerts keep you up to date when the service detects requests using your personal information to open new bank accounts or credit cards.

Bank Account Takeovers
Bank Account Takeovers

Receive alerts when changes are made to your bank account that may indicate that your bank account is being taken over by a hacker or thief.

Identity Restoration
Identity Restoration

Trying to restore your identity can turn into a nightmare without the right resources and guidance. Identity restoration services helps you through the process and helps put control of your identity back into your own hands, not someone else's.

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  1. Avatar Bud Kuppenheimer says:

    You don’t provide a phone number, why not? It’s important to my wife and I to be able to speak to an actual human being. This would be especially true under the stressful circumstance of a lost credit credit card and/or ID.

    1. Andrew Garcia Andrew Garcia says:

      Hi Bud,
      You can reach Identity Guard at 1-877-505-7054.

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