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Editor’s Note: Right now Identity Guard is offering 33% off of their premium plans. If you find out this service is right for you, just keep in mind that the discount ends tomorrow.

It’s no secret that Identity Guard is a big name in identity protection, and that makes it a big deal to us. We’ve tested this popular brand, and we’ve learned a lot about their plans and pricing. We’re here to break down all of the important details for you. We’ll explain how Identity Guard works, what features are included, and which subscription options you should consider.

We discuss in our in-depth Identity Guard review why it’s one of our top picks for identity protection out there. But you’re probably wondering if they have options that work for your budget and preferences. So we’re going to unpack everything you need to know about Identity Guard bundles, features, prices, and more. So let’s dive right in.

Key Features

Our favorite features of Identity Guard

  • Criminal and Sex Offender Monitoring
  • Financial Account Monitoring
  • Risk Management Report
  • Safe Browsing Tools
  • Comprehensive Household Protections

Plans and Pricing for Identity Guard

We recommend signing up with an identity protection service that offers monitoring, so that you can spot suspicious activity right away. You’ll also want recovery features and some sort of insurance policy. These are important safety nets to look for in any package you choose, as identity theft can cost you. Even though most victims don’t lose money, the average cost of an identity theft incident is still well over $1,000.1

FYI: “Identity protection” doesn’t mean crime-fighting — it means monitoring and recovery. We trust services like this because they keep tabs on our credit, social security numbers, and other important matters. Monitoring can spot threats fast, buying us time to protect ourselves by canceling credit cards, freezing credit files, etc. And if we are victimized, services like this can help us recover.

With Identity Guard, we think you’ll get valuable protection at every price point. First, you’ll get basic monitoring services with all plan tiers. We’re also glad to see that recovery and insurance are standard across all price points, too. This is crucial, as there are tons of chores to think about if you ever fall victim to identity theft (reporting the incident, freezing credit files, and more).2 And for obvious reasons, having insurance included in your package can really pay dividends.

Identity Guard Dashboard

Identity Guard has really strong monitoring, recovery, and insurance, and it’s priced really well. In fact, we’ve ranked Identity Guard at the top of our best identity protection services list.

We think signing up with any of Identity Guard’s services is better than having no protection at all. But that doesn’t mean all plans are created equal. When deciding on a plan tier that makes sense for you, you’ll want to look into the monitoring features offered. We’ll talk more about this in a moment, but let’s have a look at prices first.

Identity Guard Price Snapshot

Individual Individual Family Family
Plan Monthly Annual Monthly Annual
Value $7.50 per month $89.99 per year $12.50 per month $150 per year
Total $16.67 per month $199 per year $25 per month $299.99 per year
Ultra $25 per month $239 year $33.33 per month $319.99 per year

So there you have it. To recap, Identity Guard costs $7.50 per month for individuals and $12.50 for families (when billed annually). The premium plans (Total and Ultra) cost $16.67 and $25 monthly, respectively. While the monthly pay-as-you-go plans do cost a couple of dollars more, they’re also more flexible, so if you’re not sure if you’re going to stick around for the long haul, we always recommend month-to-month pricing.

Also, keep in mind that Identity Guard is offering a special rate right now where you save 33% on any plan, individual or family, annual or yearly. So, if you grab your plan today, whatever numbers you see above, make sure to figure in that extra discount.

Identity Guard Plan Options

Identity Guard’s three main plans are Value, Total, and Ultra. Each of these come in individual and family versions (they also come in annual or monthly billing options, as mentioned above). As far as selection goes, having three different options to choose from is typical for the industry. So Identity Guard does well here.

FYI: Want to try it before you buy it? Check out our guide to Identity Guard’s free trial.

Value Plan

The cheapest Identity Guard tier is the company’s Value Plan. For individuals, this one costs less than ten dollars per month. We think there’s a lot to like here, particularly in recovery and insurance coverage. We explained in our review that we were impressed by how the Value plan (and all Identity Guard options) include a “Risk Management Score.” Having our risk assessed helps us know what steps to take to protect ourselves.

Pro Tip: Doing simple things like changing your passwords and using two-factor authentication can help to lower your risk of becoming a victim of ID theft and fraud.

Risk Management Score Summary

Monitoring matters a lot to us. Thankfully, the Value plan has you covered with identity monitoring backed by IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence. But we worry that this option is missing some of the credit-related features that we usually look for.

Who it’s best for: Budget-minded customers who care most about the safety nets provided by recovery and insurance coverage.

Did You Know: There are three main credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If someone tries to take out debt in your name or runs up a bill on your credit card, these agencies are likely to hear about it. But there’s no guarantee that every piece of information goes to all three bureaus, so we recommend having monitoring in place for all three bureaus.3

Total Plan

Identity Guard’s Total Plan builds on what the Value plan offers, and it also comes with important credit monitoring features. With Total, we enjoyed coverage that flagged and notified us of changes in our credit reports and scores across all three bureaus.

Who it’s best for: Anyone who wants comprehensive identity monitoring and fraud protection.

Ultra Plan

Ultra includes everything that we got with the Value and Total plans. But it also comes with a full three-bureau credit report. We think this is a useful perk for anyone who wants to take a closer look at their credit details. If you’re looking to improve your score or think you might take out a major loan like a mortgage sometime soon, this is a great option.

Social Insight Report

The Ultra plan also includes a “Social Insight” feature. This helps us monitor our social media presence, as it checks for threats to our reputation. Be careful what you post out there!

We enjoyed other new monitoring features at this tier, too, like home title monitoring and change-of-address monitoring.

Upgrading to Ultra also comes with improved recovery services like a white glove resolution concierge. “White glove” and “concierge” are terms companies use to refer to premium services that cover scheduling and other hassles. We deal with a U.S.-based customer care team no matter which plan we have, but the white glove resolution concierge service gives us a more fully-managed recovery process.

Note that the Ultra plan replaced Identity Guard’s previous top-tier brand called “Premier.”

Who it’s best for: Customers who want personal finance help built into their identity monitoring, as well as those who are concerned about their social media presence.

Value, Total, and Ultra Family Plans

Note that with the individual plans, you’ll get the regular features of each plan for one person. However, with the family plans, you’ll get all of the features included in the package for yourself and for others living at your address.

Our tests showed that family plans are still very private. That is, we weren’t able to see details about our other family members on our plan. We think you’ll be comfortable sharing an account with the people you live with, even if you’re not living with a spouse or long-term partner.

Pro Tip: Child identity theft is rare, but that doesn’t mean it never happens. When it does, it can make a mess of your kid’s future. The good news is that child identity monitoring tends to be pretty cheap. So we recommend you pick up some coverage for the kids.

Kids are welcome on the family option, too. One thing we noticed is that Identity Guard doesn’t list any maximum number of children or adults for a family plan. Just remember that you can’t add adults who don’t live with you. For more information, read our in-depth guide to Identity Guard’s Family Protection Plan.

Who it’s best for: This is best for married couples and adults with kids. We think it’s also useful in other situations with adult family members in the house, whether you’re rooming with a sibling or letting grandpa move in.

FYI: If you’re interested in protecting the whole clan, you might consider checking out our guide to Identity Force’s family plans as well.

Identity Guard Deals Available Now

We think that Identity Guard’s pricing offers a lot of value. And right now, their plans are 33% off. That’s one of the best deals we’ve seen in the industry. Although this deep discount may abruptly end, we’ll keep you in-the-loop as new promotions are announced. Meanwhile, here are the best prices we’ve found for Identity Guard.

View PackagesView PackagesView Packages
$1 Million Insurance Coverage$1 Million Insurance Coverage$1 Million Insurance Coverage
Risk Management ScoreRisk Management ScoreRisk Management Score
Online Identity DashboardOnline Identity DashboardOnline Identity Dashboard
Dark Web MonitoringDark Web MonitoringDark Web Monitoring
Potential Threat ReportingPotential Threat ReportingPotential Threat Reporting
High-Risk Transaction MonitoringHigh-Risk Transaction MonitoringHigh-Risk Transaction Monitoring
Monthly Credit ScoreMonthly Credit Score
Bank Account Takeover MonitoringBank Account Takeover Monitoring
3-Bureau Credit Monitoring3-Bureau Credit Monitoring & Reporting
Social Insight Report
Anti-Phishing Mobile AppAnti-Phishing Mobile AppAnti-Phishing Mobile App
Safe Browsing ExtensionSafe Browsing ExtensionSafe Browsing Extension
Family CoverageFamily CoverageFamily Coverage

Identity Guard’s Overall Value

We found that Identity Guard offered us some great value across their different pricing tiers. For our money (and yours!), we think the best option is the Total plan. While their Value option is cheaper, the coverage offered by Total is much more complete. Whether you think it’s worth it to upgrade to the Ultra plan is entirely up to you.

We think Identity Guard does well compared to the competition, too. Its low-priced option is one of the cheapest out there. Only Zander Insurance is cheaper.

Did You Know: If you’re a AAA member, there are benefits beyond the automotive. Check out our guide to AAA’s identity theft protections to learn more.

But these cheap plans are often missing something. Zander, for example, doesn’t have credit monitoring. We dinged it for that in our Zander review.

More important, if you ask us, is what it costs to get full coverage (including credit monitoring). Identity Guard’s Total plan does really well here.

All About Identity Guard

We’ve been researching Identity Guard and testing their services for a long time. Identity Guard opened up shop way back in 1996.4 It was one of the first really good options for identity theft protection. Along with brands like LifeLock, Identity Guard is a part of the old guard (no pun intended) of identity monitoring services. We don’t think that Identity Guard’s old-school reputation is holding it back, though. The service has really kept up with the times, and its partnership with IBM Watson is a big deal in our eyes.

Identity Guard FAQs

How much does Identity Guard Cost?

Per month, the Basic plan is $6.67, Total protection is $13.33 and Ultra protection is $20.00. This is fairly standard for the industry.

Is there much variation between plans?

Yes, Identity Guard’s coverage varies pretty dramatically between their tiers of protection. Be sure to carefully go over each plan’s offerings before selecting the one that’s right for you.

Does Identity Guard offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, no. Identity Guard does not offer a free trial. We’d like to see this added to their policies.

Does Identity Guard monitor all three credit bureaus?

Yes, but only if you select the Total or Ultra protection tiers.

Does Identity Guard offer a mobile app?

Yes, Identity Guard does have a mobile app; however, the desktop experience is clearly prioritized.

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