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What Sets Zander Identity Theft Protection Apart?

One thing that stands out about Zander Identity Theft Protection services is that they are backed by a financial expert named Dave Ramsey. While he is a popular radio personality as well, he is first and foremost an expert on all things monetary.

The next stand out feature is Zander’s Dependent – or Child – Identity Theft services. These extend to an unlimited number of dependents and provide coverage up to the age of 25. Most services such as this have limits on how many dependents are covered and kick them off as soon as they turn 18.

Another good indication is the reviews of Zander. The parent company is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) company and has garnered an A+ rating. Conversely, their BBB Customer Review Rating gives them a low two out of five stars.

The most impressive aspect that truly makes Zander Identity Theft services stand out from its competition is its perfect 100 percent recovery success rate. Not one of their customers has failed to recover from their loss after an incident of identity theft and Zander monitors their case for an additional three years just to be sure.

On the downside, Zander does not offer any kind of credit monitoring like most other companies. Instead, they offer to alert you on a quarterly schedule to check your own credit scores. While this reminder is nice, credit monitoring seems to be a necessary component of identity theft services.

It seems that Zander may be more focused on their outstanding recovery and reimbursement services which help you fix things after a breach happens than on preventing the breach in the first place.

Key Features

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • SSN Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Restoration
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Criminal Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance

Zander Identity Theft Insurance Price & Plans

Zander Identity Theft Services are some of the most affordable options on the market. When you factor in the savings offered by the free unlimited dependent inclusion benefit of the Family Plan it almost seems too good to be true.

The packages offered are essentially the same. The number of people the plan covers is the only discernible difference between them with the Family Plan covering an unlimited number of people and the Individual Plan covering only one, of course.

Zander PlanMonthly Plan CostAnnual Plan CostAnnual Plan Savings
Individual Plan$6.75$75.00$6.00
Family Plan$12.90$145.00$9.80

Current Deal

While there is no special deal currently, purchasing plans at their annual rate provides savings all the time. The Individual Plan is available for $75 per year rather than the $81 it would cost if paid monthly and the Family Plan is $145 per year which is a savings of almost $10 over the monthly cost.

Individual PlanFamily Plan
Coverage For All Forms of Identity TheftCoverage For All Forms of Identity Theft
Online Monitoring of Personal InformationOnline Monitoring of Personal Information
Data Breach Updates Data Breach Updates
24/7/365 Customer Service and Recovery Services24/7/365 Customer Service and Recovery Services
Lost Wallet ProtectionLost Wallet Protection
Unlimited Dependents Coverage

About Zander Identity Theft Protection

Founded in 1925, the Zander Insurance Group flourished in the area of Nashville Tennessee, where it was incorporated. After 85 years they teamed up with the company, ID Experts to offer identity theft protection services to their customers. Dave Ramsey – popular nationwide radio personality and expert in personal money-management – then customized the services for Zander’s customers and Zander Identity Theft Protection services were born.

Today, those services protect Zander clients from a plethora of forms of identity theft. These include:

  • Employment fraud
  • Benefits fraud
  • Criminal identity theft
  • Financial fraud
  • Social security identity fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Title fraud
  • Child identity theft
  • Medical identity theft

Check out the full review of Zander here.

Social Security Monitoring
Social Security Monitoring

This service notifies you to activity involving your social security number that includes names, aliases, and benefit claims made in your name.

Black Market Surveillance
Black Market Surveillance

Zander diligently scans the dark web to make sure that your personal information is not being sold online from one criminal to another, used in illegal activities, or some other seedy activity that could damage you financially.

Social Media Monitoring
Social Media Monitoring

The online monitoring offered by Zander includes scanning of chat rooms, blogs, bulletin boards, and social media sites for fraudulent activity and/or use of your personal information.

Address Change Verification
Address Change Verification

You will be notified whenever your mail is redirected to a different address through the United States Postal Service (USPS) so you can take action immediately.

Court Record Monitoring
Court Record Monitoring

By tracking your personal identifying information (PII) through court and arrest records you can be alerted in the event that your identity is used by a criminal while committing another crime.

Identity Restoration
Identity Restoration

One of the key features of Zander’s Identity Theft Protection services is its fully managed recovery plan. It takes over the whole identity restoration process and covers all types of identity theft including criminal, medical, tax fraud, financial, and social security all with no limits on recovery.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage
Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

Zander offers reimbursements for expenses incurred during the process of recovery that includes Electronic Funds Transfer Loss up to $1 million and lost wage benefits of $7500 per week max, up to $30,000 maximum.

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    I would like to find out about enrolling in your plan. My email and info breached in Equifax breach.

    1. Andrew Garcia Andrew Garcia says:

      Hi Valerie,
      We’re not Zander, so you’d need to contact them directly to get info on enrolling.

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