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We’ve used dozens of different identity protection services over the years — and for the most part, they’re fairly similar. With any given brand, we expect to see credit and identity monitoring features, help with recovery from identity crimes, and insurance coverage. Zander Insurance fits the mold, but only to a point. Instead of offering rock-solid monitoring, their plans focus mainly on recovery and insurance to get you back on track after identity theft occurs.

We do get some identity monitoring with Zander, but their plans don’t include credit monitoring. That said, Zander offers insurance coverage and other key features on-the-cheap. Note that these plans are certainly more affordable than most of the competition we’ve tried.

When we reviewed Zander Insurance, we weren’t sure about the trade-off. We usually recommend services that offer credit monitoring. But then again, you can check your credit yourself for free. Identity protection services like LifeLock are more comprehensive, but again, Zander Insurance is a safe bet for low-cost coverage. We’re going to share the value we find with Zaner’s plans, packages, and pricing. Let’s see if they have an option that makes sense for your budget.

Did You Know? You can get a free credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus once per year.1 So you could check in once every four months.

Key Features

Here’s what you get with a Zander Insurance policy

  • Social security number monitoring and alerts
  • Managed recovery services
  • Identity theft insurance coverage of up to $1 million
  • A brand backed by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey

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Zander Pricing & Plans

How much you’ll pay for Zander depends on two factors. First, you have to choose between an individual plan and a family plan. Next, you’ll have to decide if you want to be billed monthly or annually.

However you decide to pay, you’ll get pretty much the same services from Zander. The only real difference between plans is whether they cover your whole family or only you as an individual. Don’t worry, we’ll unpack what this means in a moment.

Zander Insurance - Web Alerts

Zander Insurance – Web Alerts

You’ll pay less for Zander Insurance if you go with an annual plan. However, we think the monthly option is more flexible. When you cancel a service like Zander, your service technically stops at the end of your “pay period.” You won’t pay anything after you cancel, but you typically won’t get a pro-rated refund. That said, if you’re sure you’ll stick with Zander for the year, the annual plan is a deal starting at only $75 per year.

Zander Insurance Price Snapshot

Individual Plan Family Plan
Monthly Plan $6.75 per month $12.90 per month
Annual Plan $75.00 per year $145.00 per year

Zander Plan Options and Comparisons

Now we’re going to go over the different Zander plan variations. Keep in mind that it’s the same plan whether you pay by the month or by the year. But there are slight differences between the individual and family options. As you might expect, the family plan covers additional people in your household. The family plan also includes child monitoring services for any little ones in your home.

FYI: Protecting your family is a smart move. It may be rare, but child identity theft is a very real thing. A compromised identity could threaten your child’s future. In fact, child identity theft can escape detection for years and might only be found decades later when they apply for a credit card or a loan!

Individual Plan

We enjoyed all of Zander’s main features with the individual plan. Even as a basic service, Zander monitored our identity and alerted us to any problems. There is no credit monitoring, though. As we explained in our review, we think Zander makes sense for its recovery features, not so much for credit monitoring.

Zander gave us fully managed recovery services and identity theft insurance of up to $1 million in coverage. That’s a good amount of money, but note that it’s the industry standard nowadays. Most identity theft incidents don’t cost anything, as banks and credit cards catch them early.2 However, certain types of fraud can cost a whole lot. So we think it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Who it’s best for: Budget-conscious buyers who want a safety net and don’t mind going without credit monitoring.

Zander Insurance - Education Center

Zander Insurance – Education Center

Family Plan

The Zander family plan offered us all the features of the individual plan, but it came with coverage for our whole family. These family plans cover two adults and up to ten kids, which is the most generous family plan we’ve seen in the industry. We typically recommend signing up with a family plan, as everyone in the house can rest a little easier, including the kids (well, they’ll thank you later). As mentioned, child identity theft is rare, but it can be a big problem if it happens.3

FYI: Some top brands, like Complete ID, offer child monitoring as an add-on feature separate from coverage for spouses. We appreciate that Zander includes their child-monitoring feature in the family plan.

Who it’s best for: Families looking for affordable identity theft coverage with an emphasis on recovery rather than credit monitoring.

Your Best Deal on Zander Insurance Right Now

You can get identity theft coverage for less with Zander. Plans start out extremely affordable, and they get even cheaper when you pay annually. Just remember that the annual plan requires you to pay for a year up front. Also, keep an eye out for rolling deals and discounts on Zander throughout the year. For instance, many identity theft monitoring brands offer savings during the holidays (think Cyber Monday!).

Individual PlanFamily Plan
Coverage For All Forms of Identity TheftCoverage For All Forms of Identity Theft
Online Monitoring of Personal InformationOnline Monitoring of Personal Information
Data Breach Updates Data Breach Updates
24/7/365 Customer Service and Recovery Services24/7/365 Customer Service and Recovery Services
Lost Wallet ProtectionLost Wallet Protection
Unlimited Dependents Coverage

The Overall Value Offered by Zander

From what we’ve seen, Zander is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) option on the market today. But you might still be wondering about the value you get for your money. Well, we were a little disappointed that Zander doesn’t offer credit monitoring. On one hand, credit monitoring is a basic feature that we see with most identity theft protection services. On the other hand, Zander does offer other helpful features (like recovery and insurance!) at rock-bottom prices. So really, it’s a trade-off.

Zander Insurance - Compromised Data Alert

Zander Insurance – Compromised Data Alert

As a budget option, we think that Zander offers pretty strong value. But that doesn’t mean we recommend skipping credit monitoring altogether. If you are looking for an affordable way to get credit monitoring along with Zander’s features, we suggest looking at plans from Identity Guard and IdentityForce. These are two of our perennial-favorite brands with comprehensive coverage.

Note that some services leave out credit monitoring in their lowest-priced tiers, just like Zander does for all of its plans. That’s something we pointed out in our Identity Guard review. Other services include some credit monitoring in relatively cheap plans. We’ve used countless ID theft protection services, and IDnotify is one brand that offers the full suite of coverage with credit monitoring at affordable monthly prices.

All About Zander Insurance and Dave Ramsey

If you’ve heard of Zander Insurance before, it’s likely because you heard none other than Dave Ramsey talking it up. Dave Ramsey is an extremely popular personal finance expert with his own radio show and a whole library of books to his name. He endorses Zander Insurance, and his face is all over their website.

Pro Tip: Most identity monitoring services have the same goals, but they are not all created equal. Check out our reviews, rankings, and comparisons for identity protection services to find the best deal on ID theft coverage that makes sense for you. We break it all down in simple English.

Zander Insurance is about more than just identity theft, though. It’s a huge insurance agency. You can get life insurance, car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and all sorts of other policies from Zander Insurance. Dave Ramsey endorses the whole company, not just their identity theft offerings.

Zander FAQs

Does Zander offer credit monitoring?

No, Zander doesn’t monitor credit reports. The company claims that if something suspicious shows up on your credit report, the damage has already been done. We don’t agree with this 100%.

How much does Zander cost?

Zander Costs $6.75 per month for individual plans, and $12.90 per month for families.

What does Zander monitor?

Zander scans the web for personal information, address changes, and social security number breaches.

Does it cost extra to protect children?

No, Zander’s family plan includes kids for free.

Does Zander have a mobile app?

Yes, there is a mobile app, but it’s pretty limited in its functionality.

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