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What Sets Experian IdentityWorks Apart?

Experian IdentityWorks is a comprehensive identity protection tool from one of the nation’s three credit bureaus. It provides protection for one adult, though it is possible to add additional individuals, including children, to the plan for added security. The company’s comprehensive tool is easy to set up, and it alerts users if there are any key changes to their accounts once in place. It is also designed to be completely protective, covering most types of identity risks the average consumer faces. With insurance support, identity restoration tools, and all three credit bureau monitoring options, Experian IdentityWorks is an excellent tool to protect your personal information from unwanted access.

Consumers get to choose between two plans. Both are priced well especially for the comprehensiveness of the plans. The company uses some of the most advanced technology available to ensure comprehensive monitoring of your personal information. This can give any consumer peace of mind.

Key Features

  • SSN Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Identity Restoration
  • Credit Monitoring & Alerts

Experian IdentityWorks Price & Plans

Experian IdentityWorks is a comprehensive service with much to offer. But, consumers have to choose the right product for their needs. Below are the company’s two main offerings. The more advanced level of protection costs just a small amount more, but provides a significantly higher level of monitoring.

Experian IdentityWorks Plus PlansMonthly Plan CostAnnual Plan CostAnnual Plan Savings
Experian IdentityWorks Plus (1 Adult)$9.99/mo$99.99/yr$19.89
Experian IdentityWorks Plus (1 Adult + Up to 10 Children)$14.99/mo$149.99/yr$29.89
Experian IdentityWorks Plus (2 Adults + Up to 10 Children)$19.99/mo$199.99/yr$39.89


Experian IdentityWorks Premium PlansMonthly Plan CostAnnual Plan CostAnnual Plan Savings
Experian IdentityWorks Premium (1 Adult)$19.99/mo$199.99/yr$39.89
Experian IdentityWorks Premium (1 Adult + Up to 10 Children)$24.99/mo$249.99/yr$49.89
Experian IdentityWorks Premium (2 Adults + Up to 10 Children)$29.99/mo$299.99/yr$59.89

Current Deal

To find out how well Experian IdentityWorks fits your needs, sign up for the free 30-day trial. There’s no risk here. But, you get full access to all of the features and tools available in the plan you select. If you do not wish to continue using it within that 30 days, request your money back. The company will cancel your account. There’s no cost to you at this point. Most people like how easy it is to use and stick with it, though.

Also, it is also possible to save money on Experian IdentityWorks through special offers and discounts. These discounts happen randomly. Sign up for the company’s newsletter and email subscription. This is where they send discounts on the plan as well as fantastic information to help protect your identity. There is no cost to you for this.

Another good way to reduce the cost further is to pay annually instead of monthly. This can reduce the overall cost of either plan by 17 percent. There’s no difference in the service – it just costs less to make one payment instead of 12.

IdentityWorks PlusIdentityWorks Premium
Adult Identity ProtectionAdult Identity Protection
Dark Web SurveillanceDark Web Surveillance
Identity Theft Insurance up to $500,000Identity Theft Insurance up to $1,000,000
Lost Wallet AssistanceLost Wallet Assistance
Identity Theft Monitoring & AlertsIdentity Theft Monitoring & Alerts
Social Security Number MonitoringSocial Security Number Monitoring
Address Change VerificationAddress Change Verification
Bank account and credit card takeovers
Payday Loan Monitoring
Social Network Monitoring Service
Monitors all Three Credit Bureaus
Child CoverageChild Coverage

About Experience IdentityWorks

Experian IdentityWorks is designed to provide consumers with protection for their identity, credit use, and personal information access. With a low monthly cost and free 30-day trial membership, it is easy to check out this plan to determine if it fits your needs. From Experian itself, this monitoring tool uses the latest technology available. Check out the full review of Experience IdentityWorks here.

Social Security Monitoring
Social Security Monitoring

Monitoring of your Social Security number is included; the system detects anyone else’s use of your number to apply for loans, jobs, or to file taxes on your behalf.

Credit Score Monitoring
Credit Score Monitoring

Credit score monitoring lets you know when a significant change occurs in your score. This gives you a warning to check and verify the information for accuracy.

Identity Restoration
Identity Restoration

If an individual’s identity is stolen or used by another person, the company will help to restore. It provides financial support to repair your information and files.

Black Market Surveillance
Black Market Surveillance

The black market or dark web is an area where personal information is sold to unsavory or unapproved individuals or companies, creating an identity theft risk.

Address Change Verification
Address Change Verification

Address change verification allows for you to receive an alert when someone tries to change your address through the post office; this can help protect your identity.

Pay Day Loan Monitoring
Pay Day Loan Monitoring

This monitoring tool sends you an alert whenever someone else applies for a pay day loan using your information.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage
Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

Identity theft insurance provides financial support to help with the process of proving your identity, removing fake information, and fighting inaccurate debts.

Social Media Monitoring
Social Media Monitoring

This form of monitoring pinpoints accounts opened on social media sites using your name or other personal information.

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  1. Avatar Douglas Vance Karup says:

    Is restoration included in the monthly payment, or does it cost extra if needed?

    1. Andrew Garcia Andrew Garcia says:

      Hi Douglas,
      Experian IdentityWorks Premium offers $1 million in identity theft insurance to compensate you for things like lost wages, but its recovery options are limited.

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