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What Sets Complete ID Apart?

One of the most unique aspects of Complete ID identity theft services is that it is only available to members of Costco. The popular warehouse store company designed the plan for their members with the help of their partner, CSID.

Another thing that makes them stand out is the A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of the two parent companies, Costco and CSID. This high grade should indicate that their joint product, Complete ID identity theft protection, is reliable and superior to other options.

Conversely, the third thing that stands out about Complete ID is the abundantly negative reviews from customers that can be found across the Internet. The main complaint seems to be that the 24/7 support does not answer when people call or return calls.

Key Features

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Criminal Monitoring
  • SSN Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Restoration
  • Credit Monitoring & Reporting

Complete ID Price & Plans

The only discernible difference in Complete ID’s plans is their price. Both plans offer the exact same services with the cheaper plan being offered to Costco members at the higher priced membership level. Another difference – although admittedly minor – is the one-dollar difference in the cost of adding monitoring for your child.

Complete ID PlanMonthly CostMonthly Cost with Child Monitoring
Costco Executive Members$8.99$11.98
Costco Business & Gold Members$13.99$17.98

Current Deal

Costco does not offer any distinct deals for their Complete ID identity theft services. However, the base price of their plans reflects savings over what they would cost if the customer wanted to get them directly from CSID.

CSID’s identity theft packages run between $19.99 and $29.99 so Costco customers are saving more than 50 percent off the regular price. Even with the cost of a Costco membership, the monthly cost of their Complete ID identity theft plans is a great deal.

Complete ID for Costco Executive MembersComplete ID for Costco Business and Gold Members
360-Degree Monitoring of Thousands of Sources360-Degree Monitoring of Thousands of Sources
Alerts When Changes HappenAlerts When Changes Happen
24/7 Member Support Service24/7 Member Support Service
Lost Wallet Replacement Assistance Lost Wallet Replacement Assistance
Identity Theft Monitoring for Your Child Identity Theft Monitoring for Your Child
Free Android or iPhone AppFree Android or iPhone App

About Complete ID

While Complete ID is a Costco branded product, Costco does not own it. Rather, Costco has partnered with another company to provide identity theft services to their customers. Originally, Costco worked with Identity Guard and branded their identity theft services as “Premium Identity Protection” but changed to “Complete ID” when they switched to Experian as a provider. Check out the full review of Complete ID here.

Black Market Surveillance
Black Market Surveillance

Complete ID monitors criminal and public Internet properties for your info being illegally sold or traded online, alerts you if they find anything, and then provides clear directions about what to do next.

Pay Day Loan Monitoring
Pay Day Loan Monitoring

One of the easiest ways for criminals to get fast money without a social security number is to secure a pay day loan using your personally identifying information (PII). Complete ID notifies you to any loans in your name and tells you how to rectify the situation.

Court Record Monitoring
Court Record Monitoring

By tracking court system information for criminal activity matching your date of birth and name, Complete ID can alert you to any fraudulent activity.

Sex Offender Registration
Sex Offender Registration

Complete ID calls this service “Neighborhood Watch,” it reports sex offenders living in or moving into your neighborhood. It also alerts you if your address is fraudulently used by a sex offender for registration.

Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts
Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts

Trying to open a credit card, checking, or savings account is one of the most common forms of identity theft fraud. Complete ID will alert you to this activity and give you advice on how to fix it.

Credit Score Monitoring
Credit Score Monitoring

Complete ID monitors all three credit bureaus for delinquency, inquiries, and other changes.

Credit Score Reporting
Credit Score Reporting

Complete ID provides monthly credit score reports from Trans Union and annual ones from all three credit bureaus.

Bank Account Takeovers
Bank Account Takeovers

By monitoring whether or not a back account has been opened with your info or an existing account has had changes made to it, Complete ID can notify you immediately.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage
Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

Recover of the costs – up to $1 million – that are associated with identity theft and restoration without a deductible.

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