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Derek Prall

Complete ID’s goal is complete identity protection. It’s one of the many service options we’ve used to detect and recover from identity theft and other types of fraud. We recently tested Complete ID, and we found it was quite effective in protecting our private information from criminals. Complete ID gave us a little extra peace of mind with their identity monitoring, recovery services, and insurance coverage.

We think Complete ID has a lot in common with other identity protection options. But there are stark differences, too. For instance, Complete ID is unique in that it has close ties with Costco. The service is actually an exclusive perk for Costco members — that is, you can only sign up for Complete ID if you’re a card-carrying Costco member! That said, it’s the major credit bureau Experian that’s the brains behind Complete ID.

As you know, Experian keeps track of your debts, credit card balances, and bill payments.1 In our eyes, this makes Experian a great fit for the ID theft protection business. In the past, we’ve reviewed Experian IdentityWorks and Experian’s other identity service, ProtectMyID — and the services are solid across the board. But today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about Complete ID prices, plan options, and more. So let’s get started.

Key Features

  • Credit monitoring for three bureaus
  • Social security number monitoring
  • Identity theft recovery services
  • Identity theft insurance with up to $1 million in coverage
  • Costco exclusive offer with discounts for Executive members

Guide to Complete ID Pricing

First off, you should know that most of the core features of identity monitoring services are similar. That’s why we always pay close attention to plan prices and other fees. In other words, pricing plays a big role in whether or not we recommend a service. After all, why pay more when you don’t have to?

With Complete ID, we think the price you pay matters. The whole reason Complete ID exists is to offer a perk to Costco members: a discounted rate on identity monitoring services. We found that Costco members can get Complete ID for slightly less than other top competitors like IDShield or ID Watchdog.

Complete ID Dark Web Surveillance

Complete ID Dark Web Surveillance

One thing to keep in mind is that Complete ID charges on a per-person basis. Some competitor services offer “family plans” that include your spouse and kids. With Complete ID, you’ll need to get two subscriptions if you want to cover your spouse or partner. You’ll also have to pay extra to add child monitoring, but thankfully Complete ID covers up to five children on one plan.

Pro Tip: Children are unlikely to become victims of identity theft.2 But if they are, it can be an absolute mess. Protecting your kids and having recovery services to turn to can make life a whole lot easier if (or when!) disaster strikes.

It’s also important to note that Costco Executive members pay less for the service, while Gold Star and Business members pay a bit more. Of course, a Costco membership comes with all sorts of perks beyond identity theft monitoring. A Costco membership is widely considered to be a good deal — especially if you prefer to buy in deal.3

Snapshot of Complete ID Prices

Price for Costco Executive members Price for Costco Gold Star and Business members
Complete ID (per adult) $8.99 per month $13.99 per month
Add child monitoring $2.99 per month $3.99 per month

Complete ID Plan Details and Options

Complete ID keeps things very simple, which is something we appreciate. There is only one main plan on their menu, so you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by options and confusing pricing structures. In our experience, some brands try to offer everything under the sun, which only serves to complicate matters. With Complete ID, you pay for the adult plan, and the only upgrade or add-on is adding child monitoring to that plan. Easy does it.

Complete ID (primary plan)

Subscribing to Complete ID nets us plenty of coverage. Credit monitoring is included (a non-negotiable!), and covers all three major bureaus. By checking in with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, Complete ID makes sure that we don’t miss any important information that might slip through the cracks. After all, oversights happen with individual bureaus.4 That’s why we always recommend signing up with a service that offers three-bureau coverage.

Complete ID Credit Monitoring

Complete ID Credit Monitoring

Social security number monitoring is also included, which is incredibly important. As a Complete ID subscriber, you can even add additional personal information to be monitored. Important documents or identification to keep an eye on might include your driver’s license number and bank account information. We appreciate being able to add other sensitive information to be monitored, but note that this is offered by several services in the industry.

A Complete ID plan is a great safety net. If you become the victim of identity theft, Complete ID will jump into action and help you recover. You’ll also be covered by an identity theft insurance policy with a maximum award of $1 million. And $1 million goes a long way to sorting things out in the wake of an identity theft crisis.

FYI: What does identity theft recovery entail? Great question! Complete ID will take the lead in tackling the myriad “chores” that come after identity theft, like reporting the incident, correcting credit records, and securing your identity going forward.

You’ll get sex offender registry alerts through Complete ID, too. We highly recommend this neighborhood watch report, especially for those who have children. You can never be too safe these days.

Complete ID Neighborhood Watch

Complete ID Neighborhood Watch

As we discussed in our full review of Complete ID, this ID theft protection service only makes sense for current Costco customers. We don’t recommend running out to sign up at Costco just to get a Complete ID subscription. The dollars don’t make sense. There are plenty of competitively-priced plans on the market that don’t require you to shell out $60 every year for a Costco membership.

Who it’s best for: Costco customers looking for a cost-effective identity monitoring, recovery, and insurance solution.

Top Complete ID Deals Right Now

So what’s your best bet for saving on Complete ID right now? Currently, the best deals are Complete ID’s ongoing prices. The good news is that these are low-cost to begin with. With that said, the very best price for Complete ID is available to Costco Executive members, but there are savings for Gold Star and Business members, too.

Complete ID for Costco Executive MembersComplete ID for Costco Business and Gold Members
360-Degree Monitoring of Thousands of Sources360-Degree Monitoring of Thousands of Sources
Alerts When Changes HappenAlerts When Changes Happen
24/7 Member Support Service24/7 Member Support Service
Lost Wallet Replacement Assistance Lost Wallet Replacement Assistance
Identity Theft Monitoring for Your Child Identity Theft Monitoring for Your Child
Free Android or iPhone AppFree Android or iPhone App

Complete ID Value

After trying out the service, we can say that Complete ID offers a good amount of value for the money. Starting at only $8.99 per month, the plans cover the big-3 features: monitoring, recovery, and insurance. So if you’re a current Costco member, we think you’d be wise to put Complete ID up there at the top of your list.

It’s also important to bear in mind that Complete ID charges by the member. If you’re looking for family coverage that includes a spouse or partner, you may want to check out family plans like those available through Identity Guard, Zander Insurance, or Experian’s own IdentityWorks. In some cases, competitors’ family plans are cheaper than paying for Complete ID twice over. Just be sure to do the simple math before you take out your credit card.

Pro Tip: Look for the lowest prices, but make sure you don’t give up core features. At a minimum, we recommend social security number monitoring and credit monitoring for at least one bureau. Make sure that the package includes recovery help and $1 million in insurance, too.

As we explained in our review, there’s no money to be saved for non-Costco members. You’ll have to add a Costco membership just to sign up for Complete ID. We also think it’s important to remember that Complete ID charges by the member. If you’re looking for family coverage that includes a spouse or partner, you may want to check out family plans like those available through Identity Guard, Zander Insurance, or Experian’s own IdentityWorks. In some cases, competitors’ family plans are cheaper than paying for Complete ID twice over.

About Complete ID

CComplete ID is backed by Experian and Costco. The service is a Costco exclusive offer that was developed by the credit reporting giant Experian.

Experian also has a couple of other identity monitoring options. Their main offering is IdentityWorks, but the credit bureau also has a product called ProtectMyID which it offers through a partnership with AAA (in pretty much the same way that Complete ID and Costco go together).

Experian has a pretty good reputation in identity monitoring and protection. In fact, Experian’s identity theft services were part of the settlement that its (not-so-reputable) fellow credit bureau Equifax offered to victims of their infamous Equifax breach of 2017.5

Complete ID FAQs

Is Complete ID offered to everyone?

In order to use Complete ID, you have to be a Costco Member.

How much does it cost for members to subscribe?

Costco Gold Star and Business+ members can sign up with Complete ID for $13.99 per month, while Costco Executive members will pay $8.99 per month. This is on top of the annual Costco membership cost.

Is credit monitoring available?

Yes, Complete ID offers three-bureau credit monitoring as well as VantageScore tracking.

What other services are offered?

Identity monitoring protections include Social Security Number monitoring, criminal record monitoring, and payday loan monitoring.

Does Complete ID have an app?

Yes, but it’s simply a mobile version of the website.

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