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7.3 SecureScore™
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AllClear ID Ratings

A data breach is another day at the beach for AllClear ID an ID protection and repair service for companies. That’s right… for companies. While you can’t sign up directly, you may get an invite from a business that has contracted AllClear. Once in, you’ll enjoy ID theft detection, credit monitoring, ID repair, and the list goes on. You’ll also have access to an investigator in times of trouble. No wonder AllClear ID has a 96% customer satisfaction rating. See what our experts say in our AllClear ID review.

  • Businesses foot the cost for the AllClear ID services
  • Robust packages cover a broad range of data sources
  • Voice key ensures phone security when talking to customer support
  • Dedicated investigators available with a single button

  • Individuals can’t sign up directly
  • No social media monitoring
  • No file sharing network monitoring


AllClear ID is not set up like your typical identity protection service. You can’t sign up for an account as an individual or a family – instead, you need to receive an invitation from a company that has contracted AllClear for identity protection, identity repair and/or credit monitoring services.

This might sound confusing at first, but AllClear ID is the organization that companies turn to when they need help handling large-scale data breaches. Your personal information may be at risk in these situations, so the companies offer identity protection services to limit the damage that’s done and to give you insurance coverage if it does.

AllClear ID has handled many major data breaches and they pride themselves on being a customer-centric company. They have a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating and have received 31 awards for their customer service. They also haven’t run into a financial identity theft case that they haven’t been able to solve.

The company was founded more than ten years ago and exclusively deals with data breach responses and associated services. Due to their razor-sharp focus, everyone you talk to in the organization will be deeply knowledgeable of this subject matter.

Features & Services

Reserve Capacity

Companies have the option of reserving capacity in the event of a data breach. If a business does this, then they already have a contract in place with AllClear ID that ensures that enough trained professionals are on-hand to handle customer questions and concerns. You won’t have a problem reaching AllClear ID and finding out what steps you need to take to keep yourself safe with this feature.

Fraud Alerts

AllClear ID puts fraud alerts on your credit file, which makes lenders go through several extra steps to confirm that the person is who they say they are. A fraud alert makes it a lot more difficult for a scammer to use your identity to take out loans and get new credit cards. An added feature that AllClear offers is the ability to see if a creditor fails to go through the additional verification steps so you’re aware of that problem.

Annual Transunion Credit Report

Find out what information is on your Transunion credit report.

VantageScore 3.0

You can keep an eye on your VantageScore 3.0 credit score to see your relative creditworthiness and to quickly see any potential changes.

Credit Monitoring

All three credit reporting bureaus are monitored for changes such as new addresses and credit inquiries. The technology used at AllClear ID cuts down on alerts that don’t indicate anything useful, so you’re not spammed with minor changes.

Fast and Secure Phone Alerts

AllClear ID even takes steps to secure your identity when you’re looking at phone alerts. It uses a Voice Key to confirm that you are receiving calls directly from the company, rather than a potential scammer trying to get your personal information.

Lost Wallet Protection

If you lose your wallet and need to cancel a lot of cards and accounts at once, you can get help from an AllClear Investigator rather than handling that process by yourself.

ChildScan Monitoring

Keep minors safe by stopping unauthorized social security number usage.

Identity Repair

You can easily start the identity repair process directly from an AllClear notification. You get a dedicated investigator that knows your personal case inside and out, and acts as your advocate. Their goal is to bring you back to your pre-fraud state.

Theft Monitoring

Find out when your personal information gets compromised by the proactive monitoring services of AllClear. Information such as your social security number and credit card numbers are part of the tracked data. The company works with the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance to get access to a database that tracks stolen credentials. They look for matches among this data and gives you a notice if they find anything.

Ease of Use

The AllClear ID service is set up in a way that gives you instant access to an investigator if you need help. You get instructions on quickly getting assistance with every notification you receive, so you never have to go looking up this information when you’re stressed out from identity theft.

The Voice Key for calls also gives you peace of mind because you know that you’re getting contacted by AllClear ID themselves, rather than someone who is good at presenting themselves as a legitimate company.

Customer Service

AllClear ID excels in stellar customer service. You have highly trained professionals acting as your advocate during incredibly stressful situations. They handle as much of the process as they can on their end, using their expertise to streamline everything for you. You can easily get in touch with an investigator if you suspect that your identity has been stolen.

You will never have to deal with upsells of other services from AllClear ID. All of the call centers are US-based and you have a representative or a team who have been specifically trained in your unique situation.


AllClear ID is different from other identity protection companies in that individuals do not purchase these services directly. Instead, you get an AllClear ID account when a business offers it as a value-added benefit or they give you a free membership following a data breach. That company covers the cost in most cases.

Unlike some bare-bones identity protection services that get offered as an apology for a breach, AllClear ID is a feature-rich option that focuses on a pleasant and helpful customer experience. It’s frustrating to worry about whether or not your identity is at risk, but they make everything as painless as possible.

The four services that AllClear ID offers companies includes:

  • AllClear Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring
  • AllClear Credit Monitoring
  • AllClear Identity Repair
  • AllClear Identity Theft Monitoring

The company’s cost per user depends on many factors, such as the number of people impacted.


You may have received a promotional offer to sign up for AllClear ID services. These services are offered by companies following a data breach or a similar incident to help you protect your personal information. The solutions provided by AllClear are comprehensive and give you the support you need to deal with any potential fraudulent activity.

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