Top Pro Home Security Systems

Not everyone wants to DIY their home security system. Some prefer professional installation by expert technicians. And who could blame them? See our favorite hardwired and wireless services that offer pro installs.



ADT requires professional installation for all its wired and wireless systems. A technician will visit your home to install each component in the best place possible. Installation is done by local dealers who know your neighborhood and any local security...

System Features

  • Wireless or Hardwired
  • Pro Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Emergency Response
  • Home Automation

Best For:

  • Renters
  • Homeowners
  • Techies
  • Elderly
  • Rural


Vivint’s state-of-the-art home security equipment requires professional installation to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Vivint technicians will spend a few hours installing the system, answering any questions, and recommending additional products.

System Features

  • Wireless & Cellular
  • Professional Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Remote Control

Best For:

  • Homeowners
  • Pet Owners
  • Techies
  • Travelers
  • Elderly


For current Comcast Xfinity customers, home security service is a seamless addition to Xfinity TV, internet, or home phone services. Does this combination mean it is great for everyone else though? Comcast Xfinity’s two-year service contracts are initially pretty affordable,...

System Features

  • Remote Control
  • Home Automation
  • Medical Response
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Wi-Fi and 3G Cell Alerts
  • Professional Installation
  • Low Monitoring Fees

Best For:

  • Homeowners
  • Techies
  • Comcast Customers

Top 3 Professional Home
Security Systems with Installation in 2020

Travis Goodreau Top Pro Home Security Systems Not everyone wants to DIY their home security system. Some prefer professional installation by expert technicians. And who could blame them? See our favorite hardwired and wireless services that offer pro installs.

1. ADT – Best Overall Professional System

When it comes to professional service, ADT is by far one of the best home security companies to turn to for various reasons. The company offers several options, both wireless and hardwired systems with a wide range of features. With professional security system installation available for any component, you can be very hands-off in the entire process. The company does require professional installation, but this also makes the system one of the most reliable options out there.


  • An excellent price by comparison
  • Both wired and wireless options
  • Home automation options
  • Cellular and landline connectivity
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Six-month money-back guarantee


  • Requires a longer-term contract to secure a lower rate
  • Customer service is good, but some issues have happened
  • Professional installation is a requirement

A company with over 140 years of experience in the security industry, ADT is the type of organization you can trust to provide high-quality equipment at competitive pricing. The professional monitoring service provided has long been a sought-after option for homeowners. The company is also very flexible. You may not realize this initially, but you can choose to have an agent work with you to customize the features of your system. You can choose from one of their ready-to-go home security plans, too.

The professional installation may seem like a problem for some, but for others, it’s a benefit. Having an ADT professional come into your home to offer a customized solution that’s established for you is ideal. Unlike other systems that can be hard to get to link together, this is all done for you, which makes the process of investing in these products much easier.

When it comes to pricing, ADT’s plans are competitive across the board. The company offers five main options or packages to choose from based on your goals. Prices are as low as $7 per week or up to $15 per week. The lowest priced plan, the Basic Security plan, costs $27.99 per month. It includes the security system’s panel, motion sensor, wireless sensors, and a wireless remote. This is a landline connection.

You can also choose the ADT Plus Monitoring package, the highest value point. It is $52.99 per month but includes a variety of features. It also does not require a landline. This system includes home automation features, for those who want to add more functionality to their property. You can further upgrade this, if you like, to add video to it at a cost of $58.99 a month.

From a professional installation prospect, ADT is the best option due to its quality system components as well as its varied plan options. The equipment itself is high end, which is one of the reasons they want you to have it professionally installed. The technicians also provide excellent service when they visit, teaching you everything you need to know to get the features you want out of the system. More so, it is very easy to use. If you want home security, you don’t have to install, that’s affordable, and easy to use, ADT is the route to take.

2. Vivint – Best Home Automation

Another top company for reliable and professional security system installation is Vivint. This home security company is known for some of the more advanced components with outstanding features. There are numerous ways to customize your system to fit just about any need. Vivint does require professional installation, and that’s ideal because it provides some high-tech features that may be too hard to set up for the average homeowner.


  • 100 percent wireless system
  • Cellular and landline connection options
  • Remote access through an app
  • Home automation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras


  • You cannot set it up yourself
  • Costs are moderate to a bit higher than other systems
  • Requires a contract

Vivint consistently receives some of the most positive feedback from customers purchasing their home security system. They are one of the leaders in fully wireless systems with home automation built into it. The equipment you’ll be able to choose from is quite versatile, offering everything from high-end voice-activated home automation to thermostats and customizable remotes. Smart Drive is a type of data security protection you can add. Or, go with smart locks to minimize access to your home. Any type of doorbell camera or indoor or outdoor camera you are interested in is available here.

Vivint requires a long-term contract for most users. However, if you pay for your equipment up front, instead of using the Flex pay feature, you can choose a month-to-month contract. This still comes with the professional home security monitoring that you’ll want to purchase. There is also an installation fee to consider. This is $49.99, and it is a requirement to pay that for the professional installation.

There are plenty of options to choose from in terms of your system and costs. The Smart Protect plan is the basic level and provides home monitoring and equipment financing at $29.99 per month. You can increase this to Smart Protect + Control, which adds in more home automation features, for $39.99 per month. The highest level plan is Smart Complete, which includes video and two or more specialty features. It’s priced at $49.99 per month.

With excellent equipment options and really well-built systems that last for years, Vivint is an excellent choice for most users. It offers a lot of customization as well, including four starter package options for you to choose from. And, with the monthly Flex Pay, you don’t have to pay upfront for all of the equipment like some competitors require. It’s also very easy to use. There isn’t a large learning curve here, which is great for those who want a professional to install it and then start using it.

If you’re looking for a home automation-packed home security system with ample automation and professional installation, Vivint is the route to take. It provides an excellent level of functionality, but it also provides the high-end features you want to be able to remain connected to your home no matter where you go.

3. Xfinity – Best Bundling Options

Xfinity is an excellent choice for its overall availability and competitive pricing. The company offers good home automation features as well. A nice benefit with this company is that you can link your home security system to your television and internet package, which can help you to save money and makes management a bit easier. It’s home security solutions are competitive, offering just about everything you need. The professional installation – which can happen right along with installing your home’s cable system – is very easy to use and reliable.


  • Very customizable to fill just about any need
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Home automation
  • Combine with internet and cable services
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Backup battery and cellular connectivity


  • Add-on equipment costs extra depending on what your needs are
  • Long-term contract required
  • Only available in areas where Comcast provides service
  • Professional installation is a requirement

Xfinity is a unique company in that it is not a stand-alone home security company. Rather, the company provides professionally monitoring home security alongside providing for your cable and internet services. It also offers a wide range of ways to customize your plan based on the add-on equipment you choose.

There are a few things that make it different. First, this company offers just a single plan option, and it requires a two-year contract. The basic package includes professional monitoring, motion detectors, window and door sensors, and a control panel with a keypad. From there, you can make it your own by adding additional features and equipment options such as environmental protections. For this reason, it’s quite customizable (and it works with a number of third-party home automation providers as well).

There is a battery backup available to manage any power outage, but the system runs on a power supply and your 3G cell service (or better). Of course, what you use depends on what is available from Comcast for your area.

When it comes to costs, costs range widely based on location. This can range from $24.95 to $29.95 per month. That’s the common price point for an introductory offer that lasts a few months. After that point, costs can rise to around $39.99 per month. The company does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which gives you a chance to try it out. Much like choosing the right cable package, users need to consider the bundled service options available when it comes to pricing.

There are some big pros to choosing Xfinity, including the potentially lower cost depending on your area. The company’s home automation is competitive. And, when it comes to the professionally monitored service, it’s well known to be reliable. The company requires professional installation, but the process is no different than having your cable person come to the home. What makes it ideal is that you can add-on a lot of equipment options, which makes it possible for you to really choose something that works for any need and stays within your desired price range.

Home Security with Professional Installation

Home security shoppers have a choice of DIY and pro installation for their alarm systems. Pro installation is required with hardwired security systems but not necessarily with wireless. Here are points to consider about choosing pro installation.


Pro installation is required with top hardwired security systems and may be optional with wireless systems. When your home security equipment is installed by a pro, a key benefit is the peace of mind that comes with professional work. After all, DIY wireless security systems might be easy to set up, but a security pro can help ensure the best possible use of the equipment. Of course, another benefit is that your own time and energy aren’t spent on setting up the system! These benefits are most significant for people with larger properties and/or security systems with many components.


A main drawback of choosing pro installation is that some security companies charge for this service. However, many offer free installation even for time-intensive hardwired systems. Another possible drawback of pro installation is coordinating with the security company for set-up, which might not be convenient if you’re very busy. You also might not like the idea of a technician visiting your home. Other possible drawbacks relate to getting hardwired systems in particular: Installation involves drilling into walls, so owners have less flexibility about changes. Also, the electrical circuits could be subject to corrosion, nibbling critters or criminal tampering.

Features of Pro Install Home Security Systems

Professionals install home security systems with many different components.

Here are the essentials and some popular extras.

Control Panel

A professionally installed home security system comes with one or more quality Control Panels. These devices come in either wireless or hardwired options, and the best panels on the market today boast full-color, wide-window, touchscreen technology. Consider it the nerve center of your home security system. Access, monitor, and control your system with a professionally installed control panel.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular Monitoring is the way to go. When you choose a security system that requires professional installation, your home security expert will configure your system with a cellular radio network. That’s right, cellular monitoring is powered by cell towers (like your cell phone), so you can expect reliable coverage day and night. Cellular monitoring does not require a landline or Wi-Fi hookups.

Entry Sensors

Every home security system comes stacked with an assortment of Entry Sensors. A professional alarm technician installs these sensors on doors and windows around your home. Now sit back and rest easy, as the magnetic devices work 24/7 to ward off burglars. When the magnets separate, the alarm sounds and alerts are sent. You simply cannot go without this simple but powerful feature.

Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors leverage infrared technology to stop burglars in their tracks. Your alarm technician will place the devices around the interior of your home. The moment the detectors sense motion or movement, they sound the alarm and send mobile alerts. Many detectors can even distinguish between people and pets. Have a professional install your motion detectors — you can trust their placement of this important feature.

Glass Break Sensors

Placement is everything, especially when it comes to Glass Break Sensors. That’s why professional installation is a wise move. These devices use sound-sensitive technology to protect your home. When the sensors pick up on the sound frequency of glass breaking, they trigger the alarm and send mobile alerts. Get outfitted with this impressive feature, and burglars will have to find another hobby.

Panic Buttons

Professional installation of Panic Buttons means you’re guaranteed to have round-the-clock protection from day 1. Both hardwired and wireless systems often include panic buttons, an especially helpful home security feature for the elderly. Your security technician can place these devices on shower walls, in the bedroom, near stairways, you name it. Help is always close at hand with panic buttons.

Remote Control

When you choose professional installation, the alarm technician shows you the ropes of your new home security system. This includes configuring any Remote Control devices and explaining how they function. Remote control lets you arm and disarm your system, call for help via panic button, and more. The best part about these devices — they’re small enough to fit on a keyring.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access is a value-packed feature that comes standard with most professionally installed alarm systems. Want to arm or disarm your system on-the-go? Simply open your companion app to access, monitor, and take total control of your home security. The technology is user-friendly, but you’ll have a professional in your home to field any questions.

Home Automation

The more powerful the technology, the steeper the learning curve. Not to worry. With professional installation, you’ll have a helping hand to explain every last feature and function. Home Automation integrates seamlessly with many home security systems. This feature allows you to control your garage door, door locks, lights, thermostats, and other appliances from virtually anywhere in the world.

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