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Vivint has been around for a while, but they’ve really come into their own as a top name in home security over the past few years. When we reviewed Vivint’s home security solutions, we were so impressed by the depth of their service and the wide array of smart devices to choose from, we named Vivint one of the best home security systems

But as with any quality equipment, Vivint security systems aren’t cheap, which makes Black Friday and Cyber Monday a particularly good time to walk away with a deal. What can we expect from one of the top security systems this year? Let’s find out!

Vivint Smart Home Equipment

Vivint Smart Home Equipment

What Are Vivint’s 2023 Black Friday Deals?

Vivint may not be present for Black Friday every year, but this year, it kicked off the party a little early. Heading into November, Vivint offered free professional installation for one of its equipment packages. That package includes security cameras and doorbells, without the deal, professional installation could range up to $200.

That deal is gone now, but Vivint replaced it with something even better. They’re now giving away a free Vivint Video Doorbell Pro ($249 regular price) and a $50 gift card to qualifying new customers – a $300 savings in total. The only requirement is that customers buy equipment worth $599.99. That’s not a tall ask; Vivint’s marquee product alone, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro AI-powered security camera, already costs $399.99.

Those are the Vivint Black Friday Deals we’ve seen so far, but if this year is anything like the last, keep looking out for more deals. The best places to look are Vivint’s website and social media pages, but you can also get in touch with a sales rep to hear word directly from the source. Otherwise, bookmark this page; we’ll update it with the latest Black Friday deals from Vivint as the sale unfolds. Also, check out our Vivint pricing guide to find out how much a system usually costs.

Did You Know? Although Vivint is a bit pricey, they offer some of the smartest home security we’ve tested. Their home automation options range from smart garage controls to cameras with person detection. So if you’re a smart-home buff, Vivint is definitely worth a closer look.

What About Cyber Monday Sales for Vivint?

Vivint’s Cyber Monday offer will likely be similar to its Black Friday sale.

Last year, for example, Vivint started off with free professional installation, and then replaced it with 25-percent off after a few hours. There was a surprise curveball, though. In the tailend of the Cyber Monday sale, Vivint offered new customers three months of free professional monitoring and a free video doorbell. It was the $249.99 Video Doorbell Pro they had released just a few months before the sale, so that was kind of the company’s Cyber Monday highlight.

Unboxing the Vivint Smart Hub

Unboxing the Vivint Smart Hub

How Can You Stay Up to Date on Vivint Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales?

There are a few things you can do to make sure you know all about the discounts as they become available.

Pro Tip: Home security systems are great investments. Studies show a home that clearly has a security system is far less likely to be broken into than a home without such protections.

First, be sure to check back here each throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If Vivint drops new deals, we’ll be sure to let you know here.

You should also consider signing up for updates from Vivint directly, either through their newsletter or by following their social media posts. They’re sure to share all of their holiday discounts there.

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How Can You Save on Vivint Home Security Year Round?

Vivint offers discounts and deals quite frequently all year round. Sometimes they even offer “sales of the day.” But if you’re ready to make a purchase, there’s no time like the present. Safety always comes before savings after all, and Vivint does throw out promos from time to time. If you really want to save big, though, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming, and Vivint is likely going to offer good discounts.

That said, if you happen to be shopping for a Vivint system right now, take advantage of the on-going Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. You won’t regret it, since you can save up to $300 with the freebies alone.

Pro Tip: Be sure you make your selection from Vivint well before Black Friday. That way you’ll know in advance exactly what it is you’re shopping for. Having a game plan is important!