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ADT security systems are some of the most sought-after around. ADT products are innovative, easy to use, and they come backed by professional installations and monitoring plans. When we put ADT to the test, we found a secure, versatile, all-around system that lived up to its name.

But ADT isn’t just 140 years of tradition. They’re constantly rolling out new products and promotions. That said, even with the extra savings, ADT can still cost you big time if you’re not shopping during a sale. If you’re looking for big discounts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to purchase a top-of-the-line ADT security system.

Pro Tip: Investing in a top security system is more than worth it. Studies show that thieves are 50 percent less likely to break into homes protected by reputable security systems than homes without them.

What Are ADT’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 Deals?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here, so if you’re in the market for a top-notch security system right now, it’s a good time to buy. That’s because ADT is running a special deal that marks down its top-of-the-line security systems by as much as 40-percent.

Right now, all ADT Control systems are 40-percent off, starting with the Build Your Own bundle to the Video & Smart Home package. Even add-on equipment is discounted. For example, the $50 door/window sensor is now only $30 if you add it to your bundle.

Here’s a rundown of ADT’s package prices this Black Friday:

ADT equipment packages Black Friday discounted price Normal prices
Build Your Own $478.80 $798.00
Smart Home $509.40 $849.00
Video and Smart Home $951.00 $1,586.00

Keep in mind, these packages serve as your foundation. You can add more pieces of equipment as you see fit, and given the special discount, now’s your chance to buy as many sensors and cameras as you need. We also recommend adding security cameras and signing up for a professional monitoring plan with video monitoring. That way, you’ll receive a free indoor camera.

ADT’s prices don’t drop as low often – the best we’ve seen outside Black Friday thus far was 30-percent off. Also, those discounts are likely to be extended to ADT’s Cyber Monday sale.

That said, if buying right now isn’t ideal, here are a few ways to save on ADT packages year-round:

Pro Tip: Some people think ADT is a hassle since you need professionals to install their equipment. Decide for yourself after reading our comparison of ADT vs. DIY home security systems.

ADT Outdoor Camera Mounted

ADT Outdoor Camera Mounted

Ways to Save on ADT Security

By now you get it: ADT isn’t the cheapest system out there. (More on that in our guide to ADT’s pricing and service plans.) But they have offered some considerable discounts and special promotions in the past, not just on Black Friday, but year-round. Here’s how you can snag one.

  • Sign up for the ADT company newsletter. Remember, discounts can happen at any time, and this is hands-down the best way to stay on top of promotional offers on the latest security equipment.
  • Check out the company’s packages. The best cost savings from ADT come from their home security packages. Build Your Own, Smart Home, and Video and Smart Home are the three options available these days. ADT’s security packages combine all the home security services you need in one lower price.
  • Keep tabs on running discounts. Last month, for instance, ADT offered 30-percent off packages. From time to time they might even offer discounts on professional installations, which could translate into big savings.
  • Definitely read our complete guide to ADT’s deals, sales, and promotions! We’ve compiled an exhaustive list on how to save on ADT services and products. If you’re looking for a discount, here’s where you’ll find it.
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What Else Does ADT’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale in 2023 Offer?

ADT isn’t usually the king of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, but 40-percent off isn’t too shabby. If you’ve decided on ADT, and you’re ready to jump in, you won’t get a lot of good opportunities to save as much as that.

Besides the ADT security system, though, check out ADT Self Setup as well. Self Setup is under the ADT brand, but unlike classic ADT systems, it includes DIY-installed equipment like Google Nest Cams and Nest Thermostats. It’s a great start for those looking for affordable home security with a heavy focus on home automation. And right now, ADT Self Setup systems are also 15- to 40-percent off.

Pro Tip: ADT is one of our favorite home security systems, but there are other great options out there, too. Check out our guide to the best home security providers of 2024 for the whole picture.