Rob Gabriele

Managing Editor & Home Security Expert

  • Written and edited over 1,000 articles in home security and personal safety
  • 5,000+ research hours in the home security industry
  • Has appeared in TIME Magazine, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and other major publications

Rob Gabriele is a top home security expert living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Previously at the USAToday network in New York, his background lends well to writing unbiased home security system reviews and other resources. He has over 5,000 hours of industry research, and he's written nearly 1,500 reviews and guides on home security. He has appeared in the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, CBS News, and elsewhere. He's also appeared on local news stations to offer his expertise and recommendations on home security and personal safety.

Rob has a passion for taking complex tech information and turning it into easy-to-read and enjoyable content (there’s no sense in learning if it's not fun!). You might even say he “demystifies” home security technology so that millions of people can find the right solutions to protect themselves and their families.

Rob Gabriele Inspecting Home Security Equipment

Rob has a BA in Mass Communication and a Master’s of Science with an emphasis on writing. When he's not crafting premier content in home security and personal safety, you'll find Rob reading, writing novels, playing chess, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Rob Gabriele has been cited by several major publications for his expertise in home security. A selection of these publications and media outlets include:

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Rob was featured on WTHR 13 News to teach people how to spot hidden cameras in their hotel rooms or Airbnb rentals.

Rob has also been featured on WILX Channel 10 News to speak on the effectiveness of home security equipment in keeping children safe at home. Watch the video and read more HERE.

Rob Gabriele on WILX Channel 10 News

Rob Gabriele on WILX Channel 10 News

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