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Thinking about beefing up your home security with an award-winning home security system? Black Friday is usually a good time to do it — especially if SimpliSafe is on your shortlist.

Year after year, SimpliSafe takes part in Black Friday shopping festivities, and often with a bang. Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 are here, let’s see what SimpliSafe prepared for us this time around.

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SimpliSafe Equipment

SimpliSafe Equipment

What Black Friday Deals Is SimpliSafe Offering in 2023?

SimpliSafe started its Black Friday sale a week before Thanksgiving, and it’s one of the best home security deals around right now. How does 60-percent off sound? Well, that’s exactly how much prices are slashed. The discount applies to pre-built as well as custom packages, and if you add more pieces of equipment to your initial package, they’ll enjoy the same discounts too.

Let’s talk numbers – here’s how much SimpliSafe’s equipment packages cost with the 60-percent markdown.

SimpliSafe ready-to-go packages Black Friday discounted price (60% off) Regular price
The Foundation $99.98 $249.96
The Essentials $111.98 $279.95
The Hearth $159.96 $399.91
The Knox $191.95 $479.87
The Haven $207.94 $519.86
The Lighthouse $187.97 $469.93
The Beacon $283.96 $709.90

We know, 60-percent sounds too good to be true. But you have to know that SimpliSafe isn’t a stranger to offering good deals. They actually have similar deals almost all year round, but just a bit more toned down. SimpliSafe discounts usually range between 20-percent to 40-percent. So the bottom line? You can take your time. Take things slow and really make sure SimpliSafe is the right security system for you. Our SimpliSafe hands-on review might be able to help.

Just know, however, that we didn’t give SimpliSafe a 9.3 out of 10 score for nothing. It’s one of the best security systems right now. If you really think it’s the right one for you, and if you really want to save, get your shopping list out because the 60-percent discount won’t last long.

Did You Know? In 1950, when Philadelphia was flooded with out-of-towners on the Friday between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy game, police called it Black Friday. By the 1980s, those floods were a boon for businesses, who in one day saw profits soar into the black. That was the beginning of Black Friday as we know it.

SimpliSafe Mobile App Alert

SimpliSafe’s app puts your home security in the palm of your hand.

SimpliSafe Cyber Monday Deals

While Black Friday is usually a heavy draw for shoppers on the hunt for big-ticket items on the cheap, Cyber Monday (the first Monday after Thanksgiving) is a special day for online deals. With SimpliSafe, though, the line between those two sales are often blurred.

Last year, the same 50- to 60-percent we saw during Black Friday stayed until Cyber Monday. That’s likely going to happen again this year, and that’s good news. Not only did SimpliSafe start offering its Black Friday discounts early, you could also take advantage of the markdowns up to three days after Black Friday (November 24) – maybe even a few more days after that.

Did You Know? SimpliSafe has a name for customization. By paying a little extra, you can rig your home security system up with water, freeze, and motion sensors. You can even tack on a glass-break sensor. (No, not for the kids, but that could work, too.)

SimpliSafe - Door/Window Sensor

SimpliSafe’s door and window sensors may be 50 percent off come Black Friday.

How Can You Save Now on SimpliSafe Home Security?

Easy. Just go to SimpliSafe’s website, choose a package, and start customizing. All running promotions and discounts will be applied automatically at checkout.

If you do take the plunge, you’ll enjoy a 60-day, money-back guarantee on all SimpliSafe home security packages. FYI, we’re really big fans of trial periods, especially for a home security system you’ll be installing on your walls, window, and doors.

What next?

If SimpliSafe isn’t right for you, you can send it back. If you’re not sure about the price tag, here are a few things you can do.

First, take a look at our top home security system picks. You can get a good idea of market prices and features there. Sometimes the choice will be obvious. You may be looking for a security system that works great with your Google smart home, like Brinks. Or a system that you can monitor from the palm of your hand, like Alder. Read the reviews, check out the prices, and then you’ll really be ready to take advantage of those crazy Black Friday discounts.