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Ring cameras are a solid choice if you’re looking for easy-to-install home security that won’t break the bank. Ring equipment isn’t bad to look at either, and over the past year Ring has rolled out some very popular upgrades (Ring scores a 4.7 out of 5 out of close to 90,000 Amazon customer reviews). New Ring features include a sizable boost in battery life, somewhat crisper video, and optional solar panels. (Check out our full Ring review to see how those new features performed in our tests.)

Ring is on the affordable side of the tracks compared to plenty of our favorite home security cameras, too. For as little as $3 per month, for instance, you can link your cameras to emergency services 24/7 with Ring’s highly recommended monitoring service.

Ring 3 Cams Outside

Ring 3 Cams Outside

Still, as anyone who’s ever put together a home security system knows, you can easily burn a hole through your wallet with DIY home security. Which is why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are hands-down the best time of year to purchase new Ring products  — as long as you catch the right deals at the right time.

Here’s what we know so far about Ring’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year.

What Black Friday Deals Is Ring Offering in 2023?

Black Friday has come and gone and most big home security brands offered some nice deals this year. Ring was no exception. The last we saw, they’d knocked 41 percent off select models.

In dollars and cents, that would translate into 40 bucks off a Ring Video Doorbell, which only costs $99 to begin with. With those prices, you could have scooped up a Ring Indoor Cam for $44.99, or about $15 off. 10 percent sitewide savings on all Ring security cameras were also making the rounds.

That was Black Friday. How about Cyber Monday? If past years’ sales are any indication, waiting until the Monday after Thanksgiving might just pay off.

Did You Know? Ring is an Amazon product, but Ring cameras are completely compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ring Floodlight

Ring Floodlight

Past Ring Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Ring cameras are Amazon products, so you usually don’t have to look much further than Amazon for serious discounts come Black Friday.

Of course, you won’t see those discounts all at once. Amazon will stagger them with the best offers usually dropping at the tail end of Black Friday and even into Cyber Monday — but only for a very brief window of time. (Black Friday and Cyber Monday supplies are always limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis. That’s why Black Friday sales hunters need to stay on high alert.)

But don’t worry. You can still stay focused on cooking your bird. We’ll do the deal-hunting for you. You’ve just got to check this page from time to time (the more times the merrier for your wallet because the deals literally roll in and roll out).

Now back to those past discounts. Here’s a recap of the special deals we saw on Ring products in 2021:

  • 40 percent off Ring’s 8-piece home security kits
  • 30 percent off Ring spotlight cameras for yards and porches
  • 50 bucks off select Ring cameras (Ring has rolled this offer out again this year.)

All told, not bad at all. But if we can judge by the crazy discounts we’ve already seen this year from the top home security brands, we bet Ring will be getting even more generous with its Cyber Monday 2023 promotions.

Ring Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the yin and yang of discount holiday home security shopping. Practically speaking, Cyber Monday extends Black Friday madness by another three deal-packed days.

The good news about Cyber Monday is that you don’t have to shop physically — you can do all your shopping online. Understandably, that makes the first Monday after Thanksgiving a shopping bottleneck: This translates to tens of thousands of shoppers pouring onto the same few websites, all in search of the best Ring deals.

Our advice? In the words of our favorite has-been “Cobra Kai” karate instructor (Johnny Lawrence), strike first, strike hard. Speaking of which, now’s the time.

Here are the breaking deals (up to 41 percent off) Ring is running on Cyber Monday:

  • 2nd Generation Video Doorbell is $59.99 down from $99.99.
  • Stick Up Cam with Batteries is $69.99 down from $99.99.
  • Indoor Cam is $49.99 down from $59.99
  • Spotlight Cam Plus is $139.99 down from $199.99
  • 8-Piece Alarm Security Kit is $159.99 down from $249.99

FYI: Home security cameras come stacked with options. Before you fall in love with a particular model, acquaint yourself with the features that matter. You’ll find them all in our latest home security camera buyer’s guide.

How Can You Save Right Now on Ring Home Security?

Burglars don’t take vacations, so if you’re getting antsy to protect your home, now’s the time. Safe homes are secure homes, and the best way to secure your home is to get your home security system up and running pronto.

If you don’t score your security system on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Ring does offer some year-round opportunities to get safer more cheaply. Ring also offers standing discounts to military families, first responders, medical professionals, teachers, and even students. So, if you tick off any of those boxes, you’ll save right now with Ring.

FYI, that’s in addition to the Cyber Monday discounts Ring is already running on a pretty wide range of its products. See up top for more on that.

Otherwise, be patient, shop smart, and check back when you can. The really good deals may still be coming!