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A wide-selection of security cams with superb image quality and plenty of features

Last Updated On: July 9, 2019
SecureScore™: 9.2 /10
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9.2 SecureScore™
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Ring Camera Ratings

There’s a lot to love about Ring. They offer easy-install indoor and outdoor home security cams with HD image quality and loads of features. Get motion-triggered notifications, two-way talk, and an app-controlled siren that will send intruders packing. Also, Ring pairs beautifully with Alexa to transform any home into a smart home. But remember, a premium product comes with the price-tag to match. See what our experts say in our Ring review.

  • Easy to install
  • Wireless options available
  • Motion-triggered notifications
  • HD video quality
  • Two-way talk

  • Some subscriptions may apply
  • No pre-buffering provided; models differ


Ring cameras provide several options for users looking for reliable visuals inside and outside of the home. This includes providing ways to react including two-way communication, sirens, and zoom features. Take a look at key features that help define this product’s success.

Features and Technology

Ring cameras are diverse. With both indoor and outdoor cameras available, in several styles, users need to consider which style is best for their needs. The following features and technology are available on these cameras.

HD Video Quality

Each of the Ring security cameras provides outstanding quality video. This includes HD video across all platforms. Both indoor and outdoor cameras are designed to provide solid visuals. That includes for its live view and night vision. It works reliably to provide clear images even in difficult conditions.

Motion-Activated Notifications

When a movement occurs that is within its range of view, the system sends immediate notification to the app. The app allows users to instantly and in real-time see what is happening outside of the camera. The user can then choose to act on it or not.

Two-Way Talk

Once a notification happens, the user is then able to talk to the person outside of the door. This means it is possible to tell a visitor you are not interested, encourage a friend to come inside or to warn someone to leave. Its two-way communications include noise cancellation, which helps to provide a clear, crisp amount of sound quality.


For those who want to do more than just talk to the person in the image, the siren featured on these outdoor security cameras is ear-piercing and sure to create a reaction. It is remotely activated, meaning it does not go off unless you tell it to. This provides users with a bit more control over the use of their system.

Home Automation

Ring is all about advanced technology, which is why it works with home automation systems. Currently, the system works only with Amazon’s Alexa platform. This means users who have an Alexa-enabled device, such as an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Echo Show can use their device to communicate with the Ring camera. It allows you to see what is on the camera on the screen while also communicating as you need to no matter where you are.

App Control

The Ring App is very easy to use and designed to be efficient. With one tap, users can move from one Ring camera to the next (depending on how many are installed). The app provides the hub of control for most users whether that is allowing for visuals, turning the siren on or off, and communication. It also allows users to see in real time what is happening at any time, even when there are no notifications occurring. For cameras with zoom control, this feature works well through the app.

Customized Zones

The Ring security cameras provide users with the ability to set up motion zones. This means you can control alerts more effectively. It is possible to set up motion schedules so that notifications only happen when necessary, such as when you are not at home. The customized motion zones (which are generally limited to three areas per camera) can help you to ensure you have very targeted access.

Ease of Use

Overall, Ring cameras are easy to use. Once put in place, they are controlled through an easy-to-navigate app. Users can count on them being reliable in terms of accessing the app and controlling the camera (with features such as the available siren or spotlight). It is simple to move been various cameras as well as any other Ring device through the app.

Though some systems are best handled by professional installation, this is not always necessary. Do-it-yourself installation is an option for many of the Ring cameras.

Customer Service

One of the key concerns with Ring cameras is customer service. The company offers good support for those who need help installing the system. A phone and live chat feature are available to help in this way. However, the website itself also offers insight and support.

For those who want continued or upgraded support, Ring offers a premium support service called Ring Assisted Plus. This is an additional cost of $39.95. It provides immediate help when necessary and the highest tier agents. This can make handling the device a bit easier.

The company itself is known for its versatile products and innovative features, but customer service is usually positive as well. This shows in the company’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company handles concerns with ease and is well respected in terms of providing fast and reliable support to its users.


Ring cameras are high-quality systems, which can mean they cost a bit more than other models. However, they tend to still be affordable overall. However, users much choose the camera wisely. Here is a breakdown of the costs associated with Ring security cameras.

  • Stick Up Cam – The Stick Up Cam is available as a wired system for $179.99. The Stick Up Cam Battery version is also $179.99. For those who opt for the Stick Up Cam Solar, it is $228.99.
  • Spotlight Cam – The Spotlight Cam Battery and Wired versions are $199.00. The Spotlight Cam Mount is $249, while the Solar is $229.
  • Floodlight Cam – This camera is available for $249. It does not have numerous other options to choose from rather just a standard version.

Ring Protect Plans are another component of these cameras. This is an additional service that will record what happens around your home. It is an additional charge of $3 per month after a free, 30-day trial. This add-on feature allows for video recording and sharing, but users who want more control may need to update to the Ring Protect Plus Plan. This one offers unlimited Ring Doorbell and Camera connections with recording for $10 a month.


Stick Up Cam

The Stick Up Cam is about 3.82 inches by 2.36 inches by 2.36 inches and available either as black or white. It uses a micro USB port and comes with indoor and outdoor power supplies. Or, it can be installed using Power over Ethernet. It features 1080p HD, live view and night vision, provides customizable motion detection, and has a 150-degree field of view, siren, and two-way audio with noise cancellation.

Spotlight Cam

The Spotlight Cam features 1080p HD video, live view, and night vision. It also offers two-way audio with noise cancellation. The system offers several power options, depending on the version selected. It features adjustable motion sensors, a remote-activated 110-decibel alarm, and a 140-degree field of view camera lens. It measures 4.96 inches by 2.72 inches by 2.99 inches. It works in most temperatures.

Floodlight Cam

The Floodlight Cam offers two-way audio with noise cancellation, 1080p HD video, live view, and night vision. It has a 270-degree, 30-foot custom motion zone range and a 140-degree field of view. The lights are two, 3000 degree Kelvin floodlights. It also features a remote-activated 110-decibel alarm, smart zoom with panning feature, and an adjustable mount for the camera.


Ring cameras are very reliable with good view quality and outstanding community. For those with an Alexa device, they are even more effective. Though priced about average or higher than other systems, they come with a lot of customer support.

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  1. MariaA says:

    Ring was the best camera three-four(?) years ago when I first discovered it. I don’t know if they’re trying to do too much or what has happened but the cameraand the system doesn’t work as well as it just to.
    Customer service is not that good either.
    It’s almost as if you’re having a problem with a camera they want the solar panel camera next to the router and not where it’s supposed to be.
    The front door camera is okay but even if the sun is not shining right at it if the sun is out it’s hard to see what the camera is capturing. Sometimes it doesn’t capture when you leave through the front door or it takes a while for the front door to alert of someone walking up to the house. You know somebody is there when the6 ring the bell. Sometimes it takes a bit for the video to come up.
    We’re on our second solar camera. The connection to the solar panel rusted and the first camera stopped working. Now the video is fuzzy and distorted. I’ve been trying for weeks to have them replace the camera. I keep receiving emails that read “we have not heard from you in days . . . .” Yes you have.
    I’m looking into other doorbell camera systems.
    I do like the fact that if something happens around your your neighborhood, near and far, you’re alerted by other neighbors.
    Other than that Ring needs to go back to the beginning.

  2. Manuel Davila says:

    What is the wireless rage for the ring flood light camera ? How far can I move the camera from my router before I start to get signal issues ? I see all the specs but nothing on range or distance that has to to do with wireless router . Please help

    1. Safe Home says:

      Hi Manuel,
      We’re not aware of any specific range listed by Ring, so your best bet is going to be experimenting with the camera and router range and seeing what works for your particular set-up.

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