Best Indoor Security Cameras of 2023

Indoor home security cameras are a must for any home, but which are the best? Check out our list of the top indoor home security cameras.

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Arlo Image
SecureScore™: 8.0/10
Arlo is great for homeowners and renters looking for indoor cameras that work with other smart home devices. Camera features include advanced infrared night vision, local backup storage, 2-way audio, and a wide angle lens so that you don’t miss a thing.
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Google Nest Image
Google Nest
SecureScore™: 8.5/10
Google Nest doesn’t offer a huge line of products, instead they focus on getting their limited offerings right. The indoor/outdoor Nest Cam (battery) is one of the most well-designed cameras we’ve tested, and it’s hardwired indoor-only sibling has the same pedigree.
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Ring Stick Up Cam Image
Ring Stick Up Cam
SecureScore™: 9.2/10
Ring always seems to be innovating when it comes to home security, but their tried-and-true indoor cam is a rock-solid choice for folks looking to keep an eye on their property. These cameras check almost all the boxes for us.
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Top 5 Highest Ranked Indoor Home Security Cameras For 2023

Nest Cam IQ indoor and outdoor, in box

If you’re looking for peace of mind, there’s nothing quite like having a network of reliable security cameras protecting your property. Not only will they help you keep tabs on things indoors and out, modern equipment will boast features like AI-powered facial recognition, activity zones, and color night vision to better keep watch over what’s important to you.

These days, home security cameras can do anything from alert you when the kids come home from school to allowing you to holler at your dog to get off the couch. They’ll let you know if a stranger is walking though your yard, and they can even help you alert authorities at the push of a button. The exact home security camera you need depends on a variety of factors, though, including your budget and your own individual needs. It can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry — we’ve compiled a list of the best home security cameras on the market today.

  • 1 Arlo - Best App Control

    Arlo Product Image
    SecureScore™ 8.0
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    For our money, we have to go with Arlo when it comes to indoor security cameras. Two of our favorite models, the Arlo Q and the Arlo Q Plus cameras, were recently updated to a newer version, the Arlo Essentials Indoor Camera. We’ll tell you more about that below.

    • Detailed 2K resolution
    • AI-friven detections
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Long battery life
    • Great app experience

    • Expensive
    • Requires a subscription to access all features
    • Mounting hardware a little flimsy

    Arlo is a great option for folks looking for high-tech, high quality, highly customizable indoor cameras. Their entire suite of products is exceptionally well designed, and most of their cameras can be used indoors or out.

    The product line offers features like AI-driven alerts, ultra-high 4K resolution, color night vision, and many of the other features top-shelf consumer cameras bring to the table. We have more on that in our full Arlo camera review, but one thing to note, these little guys will cost you. Here’s a quick breakdown of prices:

    Arlo Camera Pricing Breakdown

    Arlo Equipment Price
    Arlo Ultra 2 $299.99
    Arlo Pro 5S 2K $249.99
    Arlo Pro 4 $199.99
    Arlo Essential Spotlight $129.99
    Arlo Go 2 $249.99

    Now keep in mind, the above models are probably more camera than you need for keeping an eye on things indoors. For that, you’ll probably want to go with the tried and true Arlo Essential Indoor Security camera. Usually retailing for $99.99, you’ll save $20 if you’re looking to buy now. It boasts 1080p resolution, two-way audio, and an automated privacy shield so certain moments aren’t recorded.

    Most Arlo cameras work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant if you’re looking for smart home automation, and their entire line of products is designed to work in unison with one another through the easy-to-use Arlo Secure app. For indoor and outdoor security alike, it’s tough to go wrong with Arlo.

    Connectivity Wi-fi, ethernet
    Power Wired, battery, PoE
    Field of View Up to 180°
    Resolution Up to 2160p
    Storage Cloud
    Smart Platform Compatibility Alexa and Google Home
  • 2 Google Nest - Best Indoor Security Cameras Overall

    Google Nest Product Image
    SecureScore™ 8.5
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    Google Nest has come to be known for its suite of smart home devices, and their reputation for well-designed, easy-to-use equipment extends to its family of security cameras. Indoor or outdoor options of the same platform ensure you’re getting uniform coverage no matter where these cameras are placed.

    There are three variations of the Nest Cam — an indoor battery powered option, an indoor wired option, and an outdoor Nest Cam with an on-board floodlight. All three are super easy to use, and offer advanced features like facial recognition, event based recording, two-way talk, and they’ll all record for up to an hour even if your Wi-Fi goes out.

    All of their cameras offer 1080p resolution and have a 130 to 135 degree field of view, meaning that you’re going to see the full picture, and it’ll be coming in crystal clear. They also seamlessly integrate with Google Assistant and other pieces of smart equipment in the Nest family like smart thermostats and locks.

    • Plenty of features
    • Simple set up and installation
    • Great UI in app
    • Exceptional design
    • Long battery life

    • Somewhat pricey
    • No color night vision
    • Resolution just average

    If you’re looking for a sophisticated camera that checks all the boxes, Google Nest Cams are a great place to start. If you want to learn more about some of our favorite security cameras, read more about them in our Google Nest Cam review.

    Connectivity Wi-fi
    Power Wired
    Field of View Up to 130°
    Resolution 1080p
    Storage Cloud
    Smart Platform Compatibility Alexa and Google Home
  • 3 Ring Stick Up Cam - Best for Alexa

    Ring Stick Up Cam Product Image
    SecureScore™ 9.2
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    Ring’s suite of security cameras all have something to offer. From two-way talk and color night vision to smart alerts and motion-activated monitoring, you can do it all with Ring — and do it all affordably. A great place to start is by checking out Ring’s Stick Up Cam. This is their foundational camera and will give you a good sense of this Amazon-owned company’s capabilities.

    • Versatile Stick-Up Mounting
    • Easy DIY Installation
    • Low Up-front Cost
    • No Wires (for battery model)
    • 1080p HD Video
    • Designed for Indoors or Outdoors
    • Highly Customizable Settings
    • Livestream Video
    • Two-Way Talk
    • Motion-Activated Notifications
    • Infrared Night Vision
    • Works With Amazon Alexa

    • Battery Takes a Long Time to Fully Charge
    • Doesn’t Have Facial Recognition
    • Brief Delays on Live Audio and Video
    • No Pan or Tilt Feature
    • Doesn’t Work With Google Assistant

    Since R​​ing first burst onto the scene with its super-popular Ring Video Doorbell, the brand has consistently ranked high both in value and performance. That goes for their cameras as well as their low-cost Ring Alarm home security system. With Ring Security Cameras, you get a well-made product for a reasonable price.

    Another thing we really like about Ring is that you’ll have a lot of customizable features, not only in the wide array of products they offer, but with the cameras themselves in terms of motion settings and alert zones. You can adjust the type of motion you want to be alerted to, as well as the time of day you wish to receive them. You can also draw activity zones where you want the camera to focus on or avoid.

    Ring’s reasonable prices are another big draw. Their battery-powered Stick Up Cam starts at $99.99, and their indoor cam is just $59.99. Despite being a little more expensive, we know that with Ring Stick Up, we’re getting the same reliable features that we’ve come to know and love about the brand: clear 1080p HD video resolution, infrared night vision, a 130-degree field of view, and high-quality audio. Read more about this camera in our full Ring Stick Up Cam review.

  • Blink Product Image
    SecureScore™ 7.6
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    If you’re looking for an ultra-affordable indoor security solution, the Blink Camera system is a great place to start. Blink offers indoor and outdoor HD cameras with 1080p resolution and crystal-clear night vision. A charge will hold for two years (or so Blink claims), and they’re among the most DIY-friendly cameras we’ve encountered.

    Blink cameras all feature motion-triggered recording which will alert you in real time on any smart device running Blinks app, which will also allow you to check a live feed at any time.

    • Fully Wireless Cameras
    • Easy DIY Installation
    • Lightweight, Minimalist Design
    • 1080p HD Video Resolution
    • Two-Way Talk
    • Infrared Night Vision
    • Low-Cost Cloud Storage
    • Local Video Storage
    • Smart Home Integration

    • Lacks Advanced Motion Features
    • App Setup Can Be Glitchy
    • Relies on Wi-Fi Connection
    • No Continuous Recording
    • Requires Separate Hub to Connect

    Blink is a good choice if you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of some of the other more advanced indoor security cameras. Although they lack smart home integration, they are both affordable and versatile.

    Connectivity Wi-fi
    Power Battery
    Field of View Up to 143°
    Resolution Up to 1080p
    Storage Cloud
    Smart Platform Compatibility Alexa
  • 5 Zmodo - Most Affordable Indoor Cameras

    Zmodo Product Image
    SecureScore™ 7.3
    Customer Service
    Features & Technology
    Ease Of Use

    Zmodo is one of the best options available for homeowners looking for security on a budget. As we note in our guide to Zmodo’s costs, their workhorse indoor/outdoor camera costs just $31.99, and if you purchase them in a package, you can save big bucks over purchasing them piecemeal.

    If you’re looking for some more specified security solutions, though, Zmodo won’t leave you hanging. Their Torch 360 – an outdoor 360-degree light bulb camera with color changing LEDs — runs about $80 and is one of the most innovative cameras for a specific application we’ve come across.

    And as far as technology goes, these affordable cameras don’t disappoint. AI-enabled object detection will help cloud subscribers stay abreast of what’s happening when people, animals, or vehicles are detected, and Zmodo’s motion zones will make sure you’re only being alerted when you need to be. Starting at just $4.99 per month per camera, their cloud service sticks with their affordable posture well.

    • Low-Cost Cameras
    • Simple, Discreet Design
    • No Paid Subscription Required
    • Clear 1080p Video Quality
    • Numerous Indoor Camera Options
    • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
    • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
    • 1-year Warranty

    • Limited Features
    • Some Delay on Wake Time in App
    • Bulky design

    No matter your need or your budget, it’s likely Zmodo has a camera for you. They offer a surprising amount of customization when it comes to monitoring, and they’re one of the few camera manufacturers in the industry offering affordable equipment that’s actually worth checking out. Want to learn more? Head over to our Zmodo camera review for the full story.

    Connectivity Wi-fi, ethernet
    Power Wired, battery, PoE
    Field of View Up to 360°
    Resolution Up to 1080p
    Storage Cloud
    Smart Platform Compatibility Alexa and Google Home

How to Hide a Security Camera Indoors

Canary Pro on Shelf

Canary Pro on Shelf

Everyone’s needs differ when it comes to home security. A set of powerful cameras displayed proudly and prominently around the house can be an effective crime deterrent, but for others, a more discreet setup is necessary.

At some point, you might find a need to hide an indoor camera somewhere inside your home, whether you’re trying to monitor your kids’ virtual school lessons or you just have a less gadget-forward aesthetic in mind. Whatever your reasons, here are a few tips on how to hide a security camera indoors:

  • Hide the camera inside other objects. Cut a hole into an inexpensive decorative item, like a book or stuffed animal, as long as it doesn’t look exceptionally valuable (you don’t want anyone getting curious, right?).
  • If you’re willing to go a little MacGyver, you could use a tissue box with a mirror or another shiny desk accessory to obscure and hide the camera.
  • Going further, you could choose to display a battery-powered camera in an area that’s already subtle, like a high corner of a bookshelf, or a high ceiling.
  • Choose a camera that blends in with your decor. When we tested the Canary Pro camera, for instance, we loved how well it blended in with our mahogany bookshelf.
  • And one more note on color blending: We’ve found a few brands that offer a choice of black and white cameras, so you can pick and choose with ease. Amcrest’s massive camera lineup includes both black and white models, which is great when you’ve got multiple motifs going on in your home.
  • And, don’t forget to hide those wires, too. If you’re dealing with a plug-in camera, you don’t want those pesky power cords giving you away, do you?

As you can see, there are several different ways to hide a security camera indoors. Consider this just a sampler, as there are plenty of other ways to get creative and keep your cam out of sight.

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need?

If you’re new to the world of home security cameras, you might find that it’s hard to tell exactly how many security cameras you’re going to need to install around your home. In our experience running tests and writing hands-on reviews of the best security cameras, we’ve found that there’s really only one way to determine how many cameras you’re going to need.

Walk around your home, with a pen and paper, and plot out which areas of your home you want to cover.

Why do we advise this? Because this is when you’ll really want to hone in on the vulnerabilities of your property. In our tests of outdoor security cameras, we look for dark corners or pathways where burglars (or critters!) might sneak in. We’ve found in our research that many security camera users tend to focus more heavily on the front of their homes, sometimes leading them to neglect the darker areas in the back or side.

FYI: Cameras with motion-activated spotlights, like the Arlo Essential Spotlight camera, were made for scenarios that call for extra light. Keep in mind that burglars and thieves prefer the cover of darkness — so security cameras with built-in LED lights are a great crime deterrent.

And, as we know, danger doesn’t lurk only in the great outdoors; we’ve seen numerous benefits to installing cameras indoors, too. Got a couple of ankle biters that need an extra set of eyes? Or perhaps a home improvement project where you can’t always be present? Indoor cameras have long served as excellent everyday household monitors, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how handy these things can be for dog owners, too. (Psst… see our roundup of the best security systems for pet owners.)
To address those vulnerabilities, consider hallways, stairwells, and entryways. So you might need more security cameras than you think. We’ve tested a couple of cams from Google Nest that take a more comprehensive approach to security, with wider lenses, motion tracking and pan-and-tilt features. Remember that you might be able to cover one whole room in your home with one camera; but in other areas like hallways, you might find more benefit in a traditional bullet camera, with simple motion detection and high-quality video.

Picking out which camera is right for you might be a bit of a challenge, though. To help, we’ve created this chart that compares one of the most popular indoor cameras from each of our favorite brands above side-by-side so you can see the differences and similarities at a glance.

Popular Wireless Cameras at a Glance

Features Arlo Pro 4 Google Nest Cam Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Blink Outdoor Zmodo 1080p
Resolution 2K 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p
Night Vision Color IR Color IR IR
Smart Alerts Yes Yes Yes No No
Floodlight No No Yes No No
Price $199.99 $179.99 $229.99 $99.99 $35.99

Whatever your security needs are, the ideal outcome is that you’ll always know who and what is moving around your property.

Of course, we can’t say exactly how many security cameras you need, as home security needs differ from person to person. But getting to know the nooks and crannies of your home – and the belongings you hold dear – is key to determining how many security cameras you should buy.

Features of the Best Indoor Security Cameras

Not all indoor security cameras are the same. There is quite a bit of variance among features of indoor security cameras. The exact features that you need will depend on what you use the camera for, how big your indoor space is and how many people are in your household. Here are some of the most important features of indoor security cameras.

Motion Detection

Detect movement in your home when it matters the most. Many indoor security cameras with motion detection automatically record when the sensor is triggered. And the best indoor security cams send instant alerts to your smart device, warning you of suspicious activity. Some are even capable of distinguishing between people and pets.

Two-Way Voice

Indoor security cameras with two-way voice are becoming the industry standard. Communicate with the kids, console a lonely pet, or kindly ask a burglar to leave (or else!). Along with a built-in speaker, indoor security cameras with 2-way voice also come equipped with a microphone. Remember, it’s not eavesdropping if it’s your home.

Night Vision

Many thieves and burglars prefer the cover of night to commit their crime. Not to worry — an indoor security camera with night vision will expose them. Some night vision cameras even boast infrared technology to illuminate the darkest reaches of your home. To further optimize your security system, look for indoor cameras with color night vision.

App Control

Out of town and want to check in on your home? It’s never been easier. With app control, you can remotely view your indoor security cameras. Many apps even allow you to arm and disarm your cameras, talk and listen via two-way voice, and perform other helpful commands. Indoor cameras with app control put the ball back in your court.

High Resolution

Image quality is the backbone of any indoor security camera. A high-resolution camera picks up on every little detail and tells the full story. What’s that tiny tattoo on your burglar’s arm? Thanks to high-resolution, that would be a heart and dagger. Crisp images make a world of difference in the investigation.

Video Recording

Video recording lets you “see the unseen.” That is, you can play back footage of your indoor camera. Whether it’s a couple of criminals looting your home, or a couple of teenagers cuddling on the couch — view it any time after the fact. Some indoor cams even offer “snapshots” so you can pick and choose what to watch.

Cloud Storage

Some indoor security cameras include cloud storage, while others offer it as an upgrade. Either way, cloud storage is the wave of the future. Unlike your hard-drive, the cloud will never run out of space or crash on you. That’s why cloud storage plans are fast-becoming a top choice for safe and secure video storage.

Live View

Get an indoor security camera with live view, and visit your camera’s live-stream anytime, anywhere, for any reason (it’s your home after all!). This nifty feature is often included with app control. And some smart cameras will even send a live video alert if something or someone triggers the motion sensor. Now that’s home security on-the-go.

Smart Home Integration

Smart home integration is another great indoor camera feature, especially for techies and home automation aficionados. If you already have smart home automation, or are looking to get hooked up, you’ll likely want an indoor camera that is compatible with the system. Thankfully, many home security cameras now offer this feature.

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Jaime Fraze
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Jaime Fraze has 16 years of writing and editing experience, with seven years spent writing about emerging technologies. As our home security camera expert, she has hand-tested and reviewed every major security camera brand and has written more than 300 articles on the topic. Previously, Jaime has contributed to award-winning media outlets such as the Rocky Mount Telegram and the Daytona Beach News-Journal. As a homeowner and mother of two, Jaime is constantly looking for ways to keep her home and family safe. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English/Journalism from the University of Delaware.