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Arlo frees you from having to deal with the hassle of wires, allowing for limitless monitoring possibilities from anywhere in your home, both inside and out.

When our team reviewed Arlo’s suite of security cameras, we found that their seamless installation process catered to a diverse range of people — from those who have limited tech-savvy abilities, such as grandparents, to IT gurus and computer-meisters.

Arlo Pro 3 with Base Station

That said, there are downfalls to these seemingly too-good-to-be-true cameras, one of which is an absence of a complete home security system with a lineup of advanced features and intelligent learning capabilities like Nest Secure. With Arlo, what you see is what you get, and from our first-hand review, we found the simplicity of Arlo’s overall performance, setup process, features, and designs to be a breath of fresh air. Ready to learn more? Great, read how our experience was below.

Wireless vs. Wired Home Security Cameras: Stay wired — or don’t. When you weigh the pros and cons of choosing either a wired or wireless home security system, know that your choice ultimately rests with your traditional or progressive stance on technology.


Wireless home security can fall victim to hackers because it uses a radio frequency-based cellular network for communication. Wired home security systems are susceptible to burglars, whereas wireless isn’t exactly easy to snip. Wired systems don’t require battery replacement because it’s interwoven with a landline telephone system. In contrast, wireless systems require either bulky solar charging or batteries, which you may need to change every few months, depending on activity and location.

Overview of Arlo’s Cameras

ModelPrice RangeVideo QualityField of ViewSiren
Arlo Pro$249.99 – $949.99720p110°In-base
Arlo Pro 2$179.99 – $529.991080p HD130°In-base
Arlo Pro 3$499.99 – $649.992K HDR160°Built-in
Arlo Ultra$399.99 – $799.994K180°Built-in

Which Arlo Security Camera Is Best?

The best Arlo security camera really depends on your overall needs and home security requirements. All Arlo’s cameras feature a wire-free and weather-resistant design, coupled with HD video quality, night vision, and 12x zoom capabilities. The camera price fluctuates dramatically at the next level, where noise-canceling audio, multiple camera add-ons (50+), more exceptional video quality, larger field of view, two-way audio, and much more come into play.

For an all-around security camera, the Arlo Pro 3 is an excellent option as it exceeds its predecessors, yet doesn’t hit the high price point of the Arlo Ultra. We gravitated towards its abilities of custom activity zones, advanced motion detection, and color night vision, which previous Pro cameras didn’t offer. Adding on to the upgrade in video quality, with 2K HDR, the Arlo Pro 3 excels in many areas where the prior cameras lag behind. The only downside is that the video quality doesn’t achieve 4K resolution as the Arlo Ultra does, but we found that 2K HDR still delivers crisp and clear images. If you’re simply looking for a basic video monitoring system at a budget-friendly price, you can count on the Arlo Pro to get the job done!

Arlo Security Camera Ratings

Having years of experience with Arlo’s assorted products, from both a reviewer and customer standpoint, our team is not surprised that Arlo ranks as a top choice in the world of home security cameras. With simple wireless installation, weather-resistance, best-in-class hardware, no contracts, and a design you can mount virtually anywhere, it’s easy to see why team Arlo is gaining ground.

Despite their list of exceptional features, we discovered a few fundamental factors that Arlo could improve — more specifically, the lag issues associated with live video streaming on the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2.

We recently spent a few days testing out their products and experienced some recording delay issues frequently reported by customers. As business models often go, we discovered less lag time with their highest-ranked product, Arlo Ultra, which is equipped with 4K video quality, compared to their original Arlo Pro with 720p quality. We’re not saying there’s zero recording delay with the Arlo Ultra, but the recording quality leaves a better impression.

Pro Tip: Capture Everything! One common complaint from Arlo customers is that the camera doesn’t capture the entire scene. To remedy the recording delay of your Arlo Pro, you can strategically position the camera to face your front door from 20-25 ft away, instead of the traditional outward front door view. For instance, when a thief approaches your doorstep to steal a package, the motion sensor will automatically trigger the recording to document the person’s view from the front before they turn around and walk away. Depending on the setup of your home, you’ll need to be creative and tactful by positioning your cameras in places such as tree branches, your side garage door, or other inventive locations.

  • Well-Designed Weatherproof Hardware
  • High-Quality Video
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • No Contracts Required
  • DIY Installation (100% Wireless)
  • Video Baby Monitor
  • Full Panoramic Field of Vision
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Fully Customizable Security Lights
  • Supports Several Cameras
  • Third-Party Integration

  • Recording Delay Issues
  • Limited Home Automation
  • Lacking Advanced Security Features
  • Considerable Upfront Payments
  • Occasionally Buggy

Getting to Know Arlo

Arlo is the type of home security system that you want to go with when you don’t need a lot of fancy bells and whistles. Their tagline “Every Angle Covered” is a nod towards the camera’s ability to latch virtually anywhere on your property, which our team of experts can concur as we unboxed and tested a number of weather-resistant, HD smart model options offered by Arlo for indoor and outdoor use.

We discovered Arlo developed their bare basics security camera system with simplicity in mind — from setup and installation to everyday usage. No need for professional installation, a simple DIY installation will do the trick since you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting the equipment up and running.

FYI: Although Arlo doesn’t come as a full home security package unless you sign up for monthly subscription plans, you still have a free storage option — seven days worth! If you get by with the bare necessities, then there is no better option than Arlo.

With the ability to mount 50+ smart home cameras in HD quality anywhere, each camera allows you a direct view of your home using their all-in-one app that’s designed to manage your hardware from one place. Whether you’re a parent needing to see how the new babysitter gets along with your kids, or you’re a frequent traveler who’s expecting valuable packages on your doorstep, Arlo is superb for those in search of a user-friendly home security camera. Need to catch your neighbor whose dog leaves smelly presents on your front lawn? Arlo will give you the scoop. While Arlo’s simplicity provides some major perks, our time spent with these cameras revealed that simplicity can be a double-edged sword capable of consequently creating Arlo’s biggest downfall.

During our testing stage, we found that the lack of extensive features that are common with other home security and smart home systems, such as longer video recordings, can be frustrating. For more features, such as advanced object detection and intelligent alerts, you can opt for their subscription plan. With Arlo, you can have a full security camera system solely by paying the price for the equipment, without any contracts to worry about!

The Lineup of Features and Tech

Support for Up to 60 Cameras

Arlo’s monthly subscription plans can support up to 60 cameras. Yes, we said 60! So you can cover as much or as little of your property as you like.

Infrared Night Vision

After running a handful of tests on these cameras, we now know that high-quality night vision is integral to seeing exactly what’s going on at all times. The Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3 offers color night vision, whereas the Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Pro provide night vision in black and white. It depends on your preference, but we found the color night vision to be astounding.

Expert Advice: Clean the lens of your Arlo security camera a few times a year to ensure optimal picture and video quality for both day and night, especially if you live in an area with different seasons.

Motion Detection

Our team found that the camera’s placement and battery level (must be 25% or higher), as well as the positioning of your base station in a central location, are all important factors to consider when optimizing the motion detection of Arlo’s cameras. You will receive a mobile notification when the camera detects any motion. From our experience, it’s best to customize the motion detection alerts so that each time a car drives by your home or a squirrel runs up a tree, you don’t receive a notification.

Extensive Platform Support

You can access Arlo’s management app via iOS, Android, web browser, and even Apple TV.1 Our team found the app easy to use and navigate, whether we used it to control a single camera or an army of 40.2

Arlo App Settings Screenshot’s Arlo App Settings

Arlo App Camera Library Screenshot’s Arlo App Camera Settings

Completely Wireless

Eliminate the possibility of an intruder cutting the wires to your security cameras with Arlo’s completely wireless system.

Third-Party Smart Home Compatibility

While Arlo security cameras are bare-bones when it comes to offering their own home automation features, our team found that they play nicely with third-party solutions.3 We tested them with both Alexa and Google Assistant, and each option gave us futuristic voice control over the system, which we have to say was absolutely awesome.4 It is also supported by IFTTT, which allows you to connect your cameras to many other devices and platforms. Another plus with Arlo is that they are compatible with other technologies like Apple Homekit, SmartThings, Telguard, Stringify, and Wink.5

Two-Way Talk

Although Arlo lacks in the audio recording department, we found their two-way talk feature to be a viable substitute. Our testing revealed that Arlo’s two-way talk capabilities allow you to greet deliverers, possibly dissuade criminals by acknowledging them, and even talk to guests before you arrive home. We also went as far as carrying full-length conversations with little to zero lag, which wasn’t even a possibility a few years ago!

Ease of Use

As one of the few wire-free security camera systems, Arlo security cameras are perfect for people who don’t desire to deal with the struggles associated with wires and cables. This feature automatically simplifies the usage and installation process for users.

During the installation phase, our team found the simplicity of the Arlo security system shines through here, as it takes less than 10 minutes to set up the system. Drilling was unnecessary unless we wanted to use the optional mounting accessories.

The application is designed in a similar fashion. You have access to several useful features, but it’s not so loaded down that it’s overwhelming or challenging to figure out. That said, we did find some users sharing their frustrations regarding frequent disconnections and buggy software, especially with extended use. Although Arlo steadily sends out patches, bug fixes, and updates, sometimes you just can’t win a fight against an ever-evolving, and therefore, unstable technology. Arlo is getting there, but they are not quite perfect yet!

The Customer Service Experience

Netgear has a reputation for good customer service, and that extends to their Arlo product selection.6 You have a few ways to seek assistance if you have questions or problems with your home security equipment.7

Arlo has an active community with almost 800,000 members that answer many common questions and a full knowledge base that helped answer some of our most pertinent questions during the installation process. They work as great starting points when you’re setting up and using your cameras for the first time. The FAQ and resource section give you other options to pursue, as well.

This comprehensive support center features a variety of videos and articles, so you can learn the best ways to use your equipment, which most other manufacturers, except Ring, don’t offer. If you need one-on-one help, live chat is available for all customers. You get 90 days of free phone support following an Arlo purchase, but you have to pay for phone support after that if you don’t subscribe to one of Arlo’s video recording plans.

Encountered a defective Arlo camera? You can open a case with Arlo’s team as long as your product falls within the one-year warranty period.8

Stacking the Value

Compared to the entire security camera market, Arlo cameras are reasonably priced. They come with a one-year limited warranty, and you don’t have to sign any contracts for any of the subscription plans. You’re free to choose the plan that best meets your needs, and you can cancel at any time without worrying about termination or cancellation fees. It’s as easy as going into your Arlo app, tapping “Cancel,” and bidding adieu.

Residential Plans

For homeowners and apartment renters, there are a few subscription plans available. The basic plan doesn’t cost a dime and covers five cameras, seven days of stored recordings, and 90 days of phone-based support. You can’t beat that, right? 🙂

The Premier Plan is $9.99 per month with 30 days of video recordings, support for five cameras, up to 2K video quality, 24-7 continuous video recording, and unlimited phone support.

Upgrade even further with the Elite Plan for $14.99 per month and receive up to 4K video quality. Like the Premier Plan, you get 30 days of video recordings, support for five cameras, 24-7 continuous video recording, and unlimited phone support.

Business Plans

The basic plan is identical for commercial customers, but the other options diverge significantly from the residential subscriptions. The focus is on supporting a larger number of cameras. The Advanced Plan costs $12.99 per month and includes 14 days of recordings with up to 16 cameras at 1080p video quality. The Professional Plan is $24.99 per month and offers 30 days of recordings for up to 24 cameras of the same video quality. Finally, the Enterprise Plan is $49.99 per month for 60 days of recordings, the same video quality, and up to 40 cameras.

A La Carte Service

You can also buy continuous cloud recording as needed with Arlo’s à la carte services — no waiter needed.

You can also order 14 days of recording for $9.99 per month per camera or level up to 30 days with a payment of $19.99 per month per camera. When you buy multiple plans, you pay 50% less on additional services.

We realize that the upfront cost for Arlo can be a significant investment, but for some people, the peace of mind that you get from a complete camera system is priceless, so that’s something to consider here.

The Goods

Wireless, user-friendly, and simple are common themes among Arlo’s home security products listed below. None of the subscription plans come with equipment. The overall price range varies and depends on select styles, kit types, the number of cameras, and other add-on features. You can choose the configuration of Arlo’s security devices based on your preferences. In other words, you can customize your home security setup until your heart’s content.

Did You Know: Like most things in life, Arlo Smart Hubs and base stations are not created equal. Arlo Smart Hubs are compatible with all their wire-free devices, except Arlo Go. Their base station with siren is compatible with all their security camera types, whereas the base station without siren integration is only compatible with their older models: Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2. This compatibility is something to keep in mind if you have an older Arlo security camera and plan to upgrade to a newer one.

Arlo Pro – $249.99

Arlo Pro
Cost of Arlo Pro Smart Security System

  • 1 Camera Kit: $249.99
  • 2 Camera Kit: $419.99
  • 3 Camera Kit: $579.99
  • 4 Camera Kit: $649.99
  • 6 Camera Kit: $949.99

If we had to describe the Arlo Pro as a person, it would be a hip “Grandpa John” — well-dressed with a minimalist style and expensive taste. He makes it a point to roll his eyes at the cool kids of today. He may be a little slow, but he’ll always pull through with no surprises. You can rely on his sturdy stubbornness to stick with what he knows works. 🙂

Our test drive of the Arlo Pro confirmed our belief that it’s a straightforward video monitoring system that offers many of the same or similar features as other Arlo camera types, including weather resistance, rechargeable batteries, motion detection, and night vision. However, it offers a slightly less advanced quality level with lower video quality (720p) and a more narrow field of view (110°). Its lower quality resolution and lack of the two-way audio feature would be some of the reasons why we would opt for the Arlo Pro 2 instead.

Arlo Pro 2 – $179.99

Arlo Pro 2
Cost of Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security System

  • 1 Camera Kit: $199.99
  • 2 Camera Kit: $399.99
  • 3 Camera Kit: $529.99

As we set up the Arlo Pro 2, we realized that it was a redefined version of Arlo Pro. With a higher video quality of 1080p HD, streaming and recording with the Pro 2 has never looked crisper. However, when comparing products, we did find it to have a narrower field of view than the Arlo Ultra, which didn’t bother us. Although, when it comes to safety, coverage requirements take on a different meaning for each household. We found its ability to custom set activity zones, which focuses on motion and sound detection in particular locations, to be quite useful. The Arlo Pro 2 is wireless with a rechargeable battery, features a three-second look back, and comes with a 100-decibel smart siren. Arlo Pro 2 is a more advanced video monitoring system that offers the option to record continuously, and right now, it is actually cheaper than the Arlo Pro.

FYI: If you are considering purchasing an Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2, check out our Arlo Pro vs. Arlo Pro 2 comparison for a more thorough comparison of the two products.

Arlo Pro 3 – $499.99

Arlo Pro 3
Cost of Arlo Pro 3 Smart Security System

  • 2 Camera Kit: $499.99
  • 3 Camera Kit: $649.99

As previously mentioned, Arlo Pro 3 offers the best all-around features in comparison to the other Arlo camera options. Not only does it have a lower price point compared to the Arlo Ultra, but it provides high-definition 2K resolution, 12x zoom, two-way audio, a 160-degree viewing angle, night vision, and motion detection. Another feature setting the Arlo Pro 3 apart from the Arlo Pro 2 is the inclusion of a bright spotlight that you can activate manually or automatically via the motion detector. We reveled at the Arlo Pro 3’s ability to charge and mount magnetically. Forget the hassle associated with adjusting traditional security cameras. All you have to do with the Arlo Pro 3 magnetic mount is reach up and twist it seamlessly to the position you desire. We found the small bump up in price from the Arlo Pro 2 to be a reasonable expenditure for such a comprehensive set of next-generation cameras.

Arlo Ultra – $399.99

Arlo Ultra
Cost of Arlo Ultra Smart Security System

  • 1 Camera Kit: $399.99
  • 2 Camera Kit: $599.99
  • 3 Camera Kit: $799.99

Although Forbes deems the Arlo Ultra as a “worthy upgrade,” our team’s take on the Ultra is that it’s a very expensive video monitoring system with cutting-edge features that may or may not be worth the money. As the latest and most powerful Arlo camera to date, it is equipped with 4K UHD resolution, multiple smart home features, a 180-degree viewing angle, 12x zoom, and the same motion detection light found in the Arlo Pro 3. If you want the best camera Arlo has to offer, then the Arlo Ultra will satisfy your itch for a superior system, but for the average person, the slight bump in quality may not be worth the extra money.

Arlo Security Light – $149.99

Arlo Security Light
Arlo’s home security lights have several clever features that complement your cameras. You can set cameras to record whenever the light’s motion detector turns it on. Automation with IFTTT is also possible.9 During our trial run with the Arlo Security Light, a feature called Dusk to Dawn helped our batteries last longer by turning on the power-saving feature when it’s bright out. These lights are also IP65-certified for indoor and outdoor use. We love that they are completely customizable, as you can set them to flash on and off, switch up the colors, and adjust the width of the beam. Along with 400 lumens of light to play with coupled with Alexa compatibility, to us, Arlo Security Light is a solid addition to any home.

Arlo Baby – $199.99

Arlo Baby Camera
Setting up a baby monitor in your baby’s room is like having a nanny but with all the smart features of video technology and more. Arlo Baby goes above and beyond with its 1080p recording, live video streaming, music player, advanced night vision, motion and sound alerts, air sensors, and two-way talk. Not only do you receive instant alerts with the slightest movement from your baby, but you can also interact with them by turning on a lullaby or a nightlight with your baby’s favorite color. Although Arlo security cameras are designed with modernity and simplicity in mind, why not dress up the Arlo Baby with some super adorable animal skins? You have the option to choose a cat, dog, or bunny. This way, the baby monitor won’t disrupt the aesthetic of your baby’s room.

Arlo Q – $199.99

Arlo Q
Arlo’s Q camera line does not need base stations to function properly. It’s primarily intended for people that need 24-7 recording capability. It also features two-way audio, 8x zoom, and 1080p HD video.

Arlo Q Plus – $249.99

Arlo Q Plus
An upgraded version of the Arlo Q, the Arlo Q Plus is designed around business needs. It has 1080p HD video, night vision, Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections, local storage compatibility, a 130-degree wide-angle lens, and two-way audio. Design-wise, it isn’t all that different from the Arlo Q.

Arlo Camera $179.99

Arlo Camera
For the most basic model, the Arlo Camera acts as both an indoor or outdoor home security camera. Smart features are limited compared to Arlo’s Pro cameras, but video streaming, night vision, and motion detection capabilities are available. For affordability, we found that the Arlo Camera performs its job well, even without the perks of smart home automation features.

Arlo Base Station – $79.99

Arlo Base Station
Because of the wireless feature, most of the home security cameras, other than the baby monitor and the Q line, need a power station to connect to the internet. This instrument may seem like a waste of space, considering you’re going to need to figure out the best location to store it, but it makes up for keeping the cameras wire-free. It also has a USB drive for handling your location storage needs. The base station can act as a 100-decibel siren.

Arlo Go – $349.99 (plus data plan)

Arlo Go
If you’re worried about connection stability and can’t trust your Wi-Fi — especially for large yards, big properties, and other locations — the Arlo Go camera uses a mobile data plan so you always have 4G LTE available. These cameras offer a lot more flexibility, as you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues. The Arlo Go is also IP65 weather resistant with a rechargeable battery, two-way audio, and an SD card expansion slot. Different skins are available in black, green, or camouflage so the cameras aren’t as conspicuous.

Arlo Audio Doorbell – $79.99

Arlo Audio Doorbell
For the traditional route with a modern edge, the Arlo Audio Doorbell integrates perfectly with Arlo security cameras to give you the ability to view who is at your front door with a properly placed Arlo security camera. With DIY setup, visitor messaging, silent mode, compatibility with an existing chime, and a weather-resistant design, this wireless audio doorbell is a ding dong ditch from the old school doorbell.


Arlo AccessoriesPrice
Arlo Baby Table and Wall Stand$39.99
Tenergy Rechargeable CR123 Batteries and Charger$49.99
Camera Skins$14.99
Indoor Power Cable and Adapter$14.99
Wall Mount 4-Pack$24.99
Table and Ceiling Mount$19.99
Outdoor Security Mount$19.99
Solar Panel$79.99
Charging Station for Pro, Pro 2, and Go$59.99

The Last Word

All in all, our team came to a unanimous decision that Arlo’s range of home security cameras is worth considering. Arlo offers a simple, but powerful, home security camera solution, with a few smart features to help them shine. Their contract-free option works well for people who don’t want a lot of unnecessary home automation features, or for renters looking for a 100% wireless system. Optional subscription plans provide video recording and storage. While you have to pay for Arlo’s equipment upfront, they offer an excellent equipment selection. Although we sometimes felt that their prices ran a bit steep and the overall experience can be a bit buggy at times, we found that the true advancement of Arlo as a company was built and molded in the art of simplification. This design caters to fulfilling an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly process for its customers.

Questions to Ask When Considering Arlo

Does Arlo offer home automation?

Yes, Arlo works with a number of different smart home products. Arlo works with Google Home, Phillips Hue, Sonos, Yale, Dose, and other popular smart home brands. It can also work with Amazon Alexa if you download the skill to your Alexa device to do so.

Does Arlo require a monthly fee?

No, Arlo does not require a monthly subscription plan. Arlo does offer optional plans if you want to expand your coverage. The Arlo Smart plan is $2.99 per month, the Premier plan is $9.99 per month and the Elite plan is $14.99 per month

Is Arlo a wireless system?

Yes, Arlo offers wireless security cameras.

How long will Arlo batteries last?

The battery life on products such as the Arlo and Arlo Pro can last between four and six months with normal usage. Arlo states that normal usage is about five minutes of recording each day.

What devices can I connect to Arlo?

Arlo can connect to Amazon Alexa devices such as the Echo, Echo Show, and Fire TV. The Google Home Hub also works with Arlo. Additionally, you can connect to many other third part devices such as Bose, Sonos, Phillips Hue and other popular devices.

Does Arlo record sound and motion?

Yes, Arlo is designed to record both sound and motion.

Do Arlo products require Wi-Fi connectivity?

Yes, most Arlo products will require a Wi-Fi connection to work. Arlo Go does not require a Wi-Fi connection since it connects to a mobile network. Also, other Arlo products can be connected via Ethernet.

How far can the Arlo cameras be from the base station?

To function at their best, Arlo cameras should remain at a maximum of 300 feet from the SmartHub system or the base station you are using.

Do Arlo cameras have night vision?

Yes, Arlo cameras offer night vision.

SafeHome only uses high-quality sources to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.
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