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Blink is an Amazon Company that focuses on a basic no-contract home security system that’s wire-free and low-maintenance, with a wallet-friendly price point. One of the stand-out features is a truly wireless experience, as the batteries last for two years without needing replacement. In addition to the stand-alone Blink devices, the company is also coming out with a comprehensive home security package.

  • No contracts
  • Low monthly fee for premium home security plan
  • Native integration with Amazon Alexa
  • IFTTT Integration
  • Low maintenance hardware
  • Affordable hardware pricing
  • Great for renters with easy installation

  • Limited hardware options
  • Lack of advanced security features
  • Requires some technical knowledge to integrate with home automation services
  • Hardware price can add up for larger homes


Blink got its start through Kickstarter, with a wildly successful campaign that brought in more than $1 million and 7,000 backers. They launched their devices in 2016 and shipped out 250,000 devices that year.

Blink positions itself as a plug and play, affordable home security option that is simple and straightforward. You don’t have to decipher a lot of complicated plans or choose between an endless range of nearly identical home security devices.

One of the biggest benefits of using this company’s devices is that the batteries last for two years and can be replaced. You don’t have to recharge your devices on a regular basis or worry that you’re going to miss an important alert due to a lack of power.

In addition to the stand-alone cameras that Blink offers, you can also get a complete home security system called “Seecurity.” In addition to the Blink cameras, this package also includes an array of sensors for added protection.

Hardware pricing starts at $99, making this an accessible option for anyone looking for a reliable and no-frills security system for their home.

Features and Technology

Two-Year Replaceable Battery

Blink devices use 2 AA lithium batteries with an average lifespan of 2 years. Once the devices run out of power, you can easily replace the batteries.

Third-Party Integration

Blink may not have home automation features built in, but the third-party integration gives you a ton of options. Amazon Alexa is supported if you have an Echo or an Echo Dot. The home security devices also support IFTTT (If This, Then That), which allows you to create automated actions between your Blink devices and smart home devices such as August Locks and Philips Hue.

Mobile Alerts

The motion sensors on the Blink devices push alerts to your mobile devices so you can switch to the live camera view and find out what’s going on. The 720p HD video is not the highest quality resolution in the home security world, but it gets the job done. The app supports 10 Blink devices per Sync module, which allows you to view multiple properties within the same app panel. Anytime the motion detection is tripped, the system makes a video clip.

Night Vision

Criminals aren’t nice enough to schedule their break-ins when the sun is out. Night vision mode on the cameras keeps them in your view. The XT has infrared while the classic model has LED illumination.

Instant On

You don’t miss out on important activity with the Instant On feature, which turns on video recording within a fraction of a second.

Auto-arm/Disarm Function

Optimize your Blink alarm schedule so you don’t need to manually configure it when you’re going to be home.


The Blink clearly shows when it has Live View activated or it’s recording, so you don’t have to worry about giving up your privacy just to protect your home.

Voice Control

Amazon Alexa has support for Blink built-in. You can arm, disarm and get information through voice commands with the Alexa app.

Ease of Use

You don’t have to worry about any wires, so setting up your Blink home security devices is a streamlined and straightforward process. Scan the barcode on your device and you’re ready to go! The mobile app gives you centralized and convenient control over your Blink devices. This configuration is particularly useful for renters who may be unable to use hardwired home security devices and other complex installations.

Customer Service

Amazon is a brand that’s known for its customer service, so it’s no surprise that you have several options available when you have questions and concerns. The knowledge base and user community are your self-service options, suitable for basic questions. If you need expert help, you can submit a support ticket or call their 24/7 support line.


Blink has two main product lines – the subscription-free Blink cameras and the company’s “Seecurity” hardware, which has two premium plans.

Blink security cameras start at $99 and have free cloud storage bundled with them. The hardware cost is reasonable and you get a lot of features without needing a monthly plan. The base service level supports Wi-Fi connectivity, manual and scheduled arming and disarming of the system, and motion detection.

The latest product line, “Seecurity,” has a hardware bundle starting at $399 for new customers or $149 for people already using Blink. This home security equipment covers more than the base Blink cameras and can be enhanced with monthly plans.

The $9.99 per month plan supports all Blink hardware. Wi-Fi and 4G cellular access are available for connection types, local 911 alerts get help quickly when they’re needed, geofencing for custom alerts, multi-tier user accounts, and advanced motion analytics.

The $19.99 plan includes all of these features and adds-on 24/7 professional monitoring. If the monitoring team observes a situation where you may need emergency services, they will call for you.


The “Seecurity” bundle has several pieces of included equipment for $399, or $149 for existing customers.

  • 1 Blink Camera: This indoor security camera has no wires, operates off of a two-year battery and provides a live video feed that shows you exactly what’s going on. Motion and temperature sensors track relevant data and trigger alerts as needed. It also supports two-way talk.
  • 1 Blink XT Camera: This model is the indoor/outdoor version of the Blink Camera and is weather-proof.
  • 1 Enhanced Sync Module: The Sync Module allows you to sync Blink equipment together to share an arming and disarming schedule.
  • 1 Siren: Deter criminals by triggering a 105-decibel
  • 2 Entry Sensors: Track whether your doors or windows were opened.
  • 1 Keypad: Arm and disarm your “Seecurity” system with ease. You can also allow trusted friends and family member to work with the system.

Other Blink products do not require a monthly plan and require separate equipment purchases.

Add-on Equipment

Most Blink home security hardware is purchased on an ad hoc basis and works together. If you purchase larger quantities of cameras, you can drive the price down significantly.

Blink Camera

This indoor home security camera and Sync module cost $79.20 as a set. You can add additional cameras at $89.99 for 1, $135.99 for 2, $183.99 for 3 or $279.99 for 5.

The Blink XT is the outdoor version of this camera, and it adds weather resistance to the feature list. You can get a starter set with one camera and the Sync module. You can add on a camera by itself for $119.99, 2 cameras for $183.99, 3 for $255.99 and 5 for $399.99.

Blink Video Doorbell

The Blink Video Doorbell adds home automation into the mix and gives you another layer of protection for your home. It’s battery powered like other Blink devices and features two-way audio, motion detection, infrared night vision and weatherproofing. The price is not currently available for this device, as it’s an upcoming product by Blink.


  • Blink Camera Covers – $24.99 per set of 3, various colors available.
  • Blink Camera Mounts – Currently out of stock as of this review.
  • Protected by Blink Stickers – Let the neighborhood know that you’re protected with these $8.99 stickers.
  • Protected by Blink Yard Sign and 2 Sticker Set – $30 for these.


With a fully wireless experience and a two-year battery life, Blink home security hardware gets you up and running within a few minutes. You can get your first piece of equipment for only $99 and you’re not required to take out a contract. The easy installation process makes this a real winner for renters since you can take it with you when you move.

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