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This affordable home security camera offers a true wireless experience.

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Blink Camera Ratings

Go forth untethered into a truly wireless experience. The Amazon company Blink is a safe bet for low-maintenance, low-cost, and completely wire-free home security. Simply pop in batteries and they’ll last for two years. Oh, and did we mention there’s no-contract required? Blink is also rolling out complete home security packages. See all that Blink has to offer…

  • No contracts
  • Native integration with Amazon Alexa
  • IFTTT Integration
  • Low maintenance hardware
  • Affordable hardware pricing
  • Great for renters with easy installation

  • Limited hardware options
  • Lack of advanced security features
  • Requires some technical knowledge to integrate with home automation services
  • Hardware price can add up for larger homes


Blink is a DIY home security system that is user-friendly and designed to work with a wide variety of home environments. You can be up and running within a few minutes with either of the Blink camera offerings.

Blink is an Amazon company, and its products are available for purchase through Amazon as well as directly on Blink’s website. They have a strong focus on bringing an ultra-affordable, tech-forward, and simple experience to their customers.

Features & Technology

Instant Alerts

Once the Blink camera detects motion when it’s armed, it will send your smartphone an alert that includes the video and audio of that moment.

Remotely Access Video Feed

You can view all of the feeds of your Blink cameras from one convenient application.

5 – 60 Second Video Clips

One way that the Blink cameras achieve their two-year battery life is by keeping the recording time low. The default clip length for a motion alert is 5 seconds, but you can make adjustments so it records up to 60 seconds of video per event.

Two-Year Battery Life

These maintenance-free cameras don’t require any attention until their batteries wear out, which typically takes place at the two-year mark. Blink uses proprietary technology to achieve this lengthy battery life.

App Available on iOS, Android, and Fire OS

While the first two mobile operating systems are standard issue, it’s incredibly rare to see a home security system with Fire OS support built-in.

Alexa Voice Controls

Blink integrates with Alexa devices, which enables voice control of the system and other types of smart home integration.


If This Then That is a highly flexible home automation service that connects different types of devices and platforms together. You can take advantage of this versatility and expand the functionality of your Blink home security system through it.

Up to 1,440 Events Stored for Free

The Blink cloud storage service has enough space for 1,440 5-second events. As your cloud storage account fills up, the oldest clips get overwritten by new videos.

Ease of Use

Everything about the Blink home security system is designed for ease of use. From the two-year battery life to the simple installation, it’s hard to run into any friction when you’re working with this system. The application is user-friendly and makes it easy to switch between live views, account settings, and other areas of the program.

Customer Service

Blink has an extensive set of customer support resources that let you look up guides and articles to easily set up your home security system. There’s also a user community so you can ask questions of your peers, and you can reach out directly if you still have questions. Blink has Amazon’s customer support resources backing it, which allows it to provide you with fast responses and 24/7 availability.


You’re not locked into any contract with Blink’s home security system, nor do you have to pay any subscription fees to use the application and other features that allow you to remotely view your video feeds. The equipment is quite affordable, and these cameras work great for renters and homeowners.

Blink also offers a cloud storage service for your security videos for free. In a market where most other home security companies charge for cloud storage on a per-user or per camera basis, having it included is a breath of fresh air.


Blink XT2 $89.99

This is the latest home security camera release by Blink, launching in 2019. It’s an indoor/outdoor camera that offers an excellent set of features and some much-needed upgrades over the base-level option.

The video quality is great with 1080p HD at 30 FPS and infrared night vision once the sun goes down. Customized motion detection zones allow you to focus the camera’s motion sensors in the areas that you want to keep an eye on, without getting lots of false alerts. The camera’s 110-degree view gives you a wide-angle of the area.

Two-way audio lets you talk to people on the other end of the camera, as though you were right there. You can use this to give instructions to delivery people, check-in with your kids and pets, talk to guests, and scare off intruders.

The technology that Blink uses in their cameras makes it possible to have a two-year battery life without recharging. Replacing these batteries is a DIY-friendly process.

A temperature sensor is great for checking the temperature outside or making sure that your house’s climate control is working properly. When the temperature doesn’t seem quite right, it can be an early warning sign of a serious issue.

Check-in with the Live View or review the clips created by the instant motion alerts. Both options keep you in the loop on what’s happening at your home.

You have flexible installation options with the Blink XT2 home security camera, and its small form factor allows it to blend in with the surroundings. The camera casing is IP-65 rating, allowing you to use it both indoors and out. You can connect it to micro USB for power, but if you use it outside, that can compromise its weather resistance.

Blink Classic $69.99

This is the classic version of the Blink home security camera, with pared-down features compared to the Blink XT2. This camera is intended for indoor use only, as it doesn’t have the same weatherproofing that the other home security camera offers.

The HD camera is 720p resolution with a 110-degree viewing angle. It uses low-light illumination to provide a clear picture when it’s dark out, so you’re never left unprotected. The temperature sensor is helpful to have available, especially if you have a smart thermostat that you can control remotely. The sensor lets you know the real temperature inside, so you can monitor that when you’re away from the house.

It shares the same two-year battery life as the XT2, which makes it practically maintenance-free and easy to install. When the motion sensors detect movement, you get an instant alert via the Blink application on your smartphone or tablet, and it records a short clip. You can also access the camera’s live view at any time.

Blink Sync Module $50

This module connects your Blink cameras to a Wi-Fi connection so they can communicate with the cloud service. You can add up to 10 cameras per module, and the Blink XT2 is compatible with the original Sync Module. It has up to a 100-foot range, which is more than enough to cover most houses. You get one sync module included with your purchase of the full security system, which includes at least one camera and one sync module.

Blink offers bundles of varying sizes that you can use to save money with a multi-camera configuration. All of these devices can be purchased on an individual basis to expand your home security network.


Blink focuses on a highly affordable DIY home security solution, and it nails that through and through. It lacks a lot of common features offered in this market, but it makes up for it by offers a maintenance-free configuration with good prices.

Questions to Ask When Considering a Blink Camera

Does Blink work with Alexa?

Yes, Blink works with Amazon’s Alexa. You can use Amazon Alexa to view your cameras as well as arm and disarm your Blink system.

Does Blink work with Google Assistant?

No, Blink does not work with Google Assistant.

Are Blink cameras wireless?

Yes, Blink cameras are wireless.

How long do Blink camera batteries last?

Blink cameras have replaceable lithium batteries that last about two years on average.

Does Blink require a subscription?

No, Blink does not require a subscription

Does Blink require Wi-Fi?

Yes, Blink requires Wi-Fi to function.

What is the field of view for Blink cameras?

The field of view for Blink cameras is 110-degrees.

Does Blink offer cloud storage?

Yes, Blink’s security cameras come with free cloud storage.

Can you use local storage with Blink?

No, you cannot use a local storage device with Blink.

Does Blink have a video doorbell camera?

No, Blink does not offer a video doorbell camera.

How much are Blink security cameras?

Blink security cameras start at $79.99.

Does Blink have an outdoor camera?

Yes, the Blink XT is designed for outdoor use, as it’s weatherproof.

Does Blink require professional installation?

No, Blink does not require professional installation. You can install it on your own.

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  1. Avatar doug choy says:

    Where can you get the siren from? Pretty sure it’s been discontinued.

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Doug,
      It’s currently unavailable from either Blink’s website or Amazon. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Avatar Gunnard Hedwall says:

    Will blink X2 work with my “Desktop” PC’s” (the app)?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Gunnard,

      The Blink app is designed for smartphones, not PCs.

      1. Avatar Susan says:

        They stated that they plan to include PC compatibility in an upgrade.

  3. Avatar Paul Bylenok says:

    I have XT’s installed now for almost a year. On May 7,2019 Blink disabled my cameras. When I turned on my app I got a message that I needed to install their new app. When I tried to install the new app it stated that my Samsung SM-T320 tablet running Android 4.4.2 was not compatible. It turns out that all new apps will only work with Android 5.0 and later. As stated in the instruction guide that came with the camera, Android 4.4 or later is needed. However, Android 5.0 was not needed when my XT was first purchased. A service call to Blink got me essentially no response, other than tough luck, update Android. It turns out that Samsung does not support Android upgrades for the 320 tablet. Blink “bricked” my cameras. This is no way to run a business.

    1. Avatar Duane Miles says:

      Wow. I was going to add more cameras, but maybe I’ll keep looking.

  4. Avatar Kerry says:

    It’s awful no end of problems and finally got it set up two days later camera apparently busy… then thumbnail thing.. I just want a camera that works this doesn’t at all! Support is rubbish too

  5. Avatar Gary says:

    Battery doesn’t last 2 years if using 1080 hd.

    Mount is difficult to attach to camera

  6. Avatar LJ ONeill says:

    Piece of junk.
    BLINK twice and it’s gone.
    3rd set and none worked right.

  7. Avatar gina screnci says:

    2 of 3 cameras went into black and white and cannot return in color . How do I return these two cameras back into color? Please help!

    1. Avatar Safe Home says:

      Hi Gina,
      A few things could be happening. Try checking the IR illuminator. If it’s on, it will record in black and white. You’ll want to change it to Auto setting.

  8. Avatar Joseph says:

    I purchased the blank the mounting brackets are real lame it just kind of snap-on which is convenient but don’t take much for them to fall off

  9. Avatar Joseph says:

    Why are the mounting bracket so lame the cameras fall off

  10. Avatar Belinda larson says:

    We have 2 outside cameras can I set mine on and not my husband or do we both have two have it go off on both phones

    1. Avatar Safe Home says:

      Hi Belinda,
      No, you should be able to use your phone only.

  11. Avatar Tom says:

    Just returned my 4 cameras to Amazon. I installed them in April this year and last week they stopped working and I spent two day with tech support to no avail.

  12. Avatar Karl Diggs says:

    I bought this Blink XT and have been using it for about three months now and I still can’t get a good connection to wifi. The older Model of Blink I have four of with no issues with connection. The new XT is closer to my wifi than all four of my other Blinks. Overall it is a lousy upgrade and not worth the money.

  13. Avatar Michael Maldari says:

    I have a 4 camera XT system installed and they all work flawlessly. It over 2 years now with our Quebec winter weather @ -30deg. and I still did not replace any batteries.
    I trust this product entirely that I have purchased 2 x XT2 to add to my existing system (which have yet to be delivered). I wrote this comment although a simple customer/user because I read to many negative and doubtful comments which are probably due to not following the installation/users manual.

  14. Avatar Chelsea says:

    If neighbors have other security cameras installed within view of the Blink, will these show up? I am seeing illuminated blue areas but without searching my neighbors property I’m not sure if they are cameras or not. What could these be?

    1. Avatar Safe Home says:

      Hi Chelsea,
      That sounds like an issue worth bringing up with Blink support. Good luck!

  15. Avatar Cindy says:

    I have had my Blink system set up since November 2018. I installed the sync module and 3 cameras (1 indoor and 2 outdoor) without any issues and had them all configured and running within 40 minutes. No additional help necessary! I utilize the system almost daily and have had very minimal issues with connectivity or the cameras themselves. Occasionally a squirrel might run over the camera and knock it down, but I rigged a “roof” over the camera and have had no squirrel catastrophes since doing so. I recently changed the batteries on the 2 cameras that get the most use – and I certainly will not complain about a 7 month battery life as much as the cameras get triggered. It is still considerably cheaper than a monthly security plan. The app is easy to use and even a novice tech user such as myself finds the entire product a breeze to set up and use. I just purchased a few of the XT2 cameras so I can now have 2-way audio at the front door camera. I’ve been recommended the system to all of the my friends that are looking for an economical way to monitor their homes. I LOVE my Blink system!

  16. Avatar Lee says:

    I just bought my Blink XT2 with 5 cameras and I would to know if I can see all 5 screen panels live on your phone at the same time or you can only see one screen at a time?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Lee,
      The Blink app does not support multiple live camera views.

  17. Avatar T3 says:

    I switched to Blink from a failed Netgear ARLO system experience. I have 7 cameras and will add another. It works fine and does what it needs to in order to see and capture anyone around or entering my property. If you were looking for a system that you can sit and watch
    all of the screens like Scarface then this is not for you. But if you want a very affordable system that is very well-made easy to install and user configurable using your phone whether it’s an apple or android then this is for you.One of the big surprise benefit that you don’t even think of is that the other systems that record all the time are sometimes difficult to get the snippet of video that you might need. Blink makes the snippet automatically up to 30 seconds. Blink does this automatically because it is sensing motion.

  18. Avatar Matthew says:

    I recently purchased the XT2 system with 3 blink cameras. Also, I ditched the brackets that came with them and bought the Sully brand that have 90 degree swivels. I couldn’t be more happier. Definitely will be adding more cams as my budget allows but I have all entrance doors covered for now. I even saw a video of a man mounting one on his tree. Pure genius if you ask me! After tweaking the settings for each camera I’m very pleasantly surprised how easy it was to install and configuration was a breeze. Thanks blink for making a wonderful product!

  19. Avatar Anna says:

    I need a telephone number for blink, have looked for 2/hours on every site?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Anna,
      Blink’s telephone support line is (781)-332-5465.

  20. Avatar John says:

    I had a regular Blink camera on the side of my house I replaced it with the XT2 and know all I get is black and white is there an adjustment for this.

  21. Avatar Paul says:

    I have two camera setup I love the product very easy to use as I’m not very good with tech

  22. Avatar Pat says:

    Hey, I like Blink cameras, for the money they perform quite well.

    I’ve attached mine to USB power devices or the small aftermarket solar panels so I don’t have to worry about the batteries and I am currently using a single Sync. Module that covers 5 outdoor cameras (XT & XT2) and two indoor cameras.

    I would like the “Blink For Home” application to function on 1.)Microsoft PC’s, 2.) perform alerts to Alexa (Show & Echo, especially 3.) integrate it with the new Alexa “Guard” feature) and 4.) user’s email that motion was detected.

    Since it is a “Amazon Owned” company I would think at least numbers 2,3,and 4 should be a obtainable goal.

    Not having to pay a monthly subscription is excellent! They make a nice gift, since it costs the recipient nothing extra to use.

    Keep up the affordable good work.

  23. Avatar Randy Sherman says:

    I have purchased six Blink cameras and have had them operating for less than a year. Three of the cameras have been defective over time and had to be replaced. When I’ve had to verify whether a camera is defective, the Blink personnel spend approximately an hour on the phone asking me to do all sorts of tests, e.g. connecting the camera to a USB plug, replacing batteries, moving the camera to various places, all in vain. From my experience, there is lax quality control in the production of these cameras or, if not, the cameras only are good for less than a year, as I have experienced. The new camera replacements that were just sent to me had a faulty camera that I must send back for a replacement after spending an hour with technician , Marvin, on the phone from the Philippines.

    When you purchase a set of security cameras, the last thing that you want to do is send one back constantly because it leave the property unsecured. My hope is that Amazon’s Blink quality control checks each new security camera before sending themout, especially replacement camers.

  24. Avatar Mosaab M Zaki says:

    Can multiple people sign in to view the live feed from anywhere in the world if they have the wifi password? My family overseas would like to monitor the house if motion sensor is triggered and we are not at home.


    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Mosaab,
      You can’t view it through the WiFi password, no. For multiple people to use the same Blink system, they have to download the Blink app.

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