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Ezviz Camera Ratings

Nevermind the funny name, Ezviz is backed by Hikvision, one of the biggest names in the surveillance industry. So naturally, Ezviz offers excellent build quality, superior hardware, and commercial-grade home security cameras… at surprisingly low prices. Cloud storage isn’t free, but it is affordable. And did we mention DIY install? Our experts cover all of this right here in our Ezviz review.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Good variety of cameras
  • Support for up to 32 cameras on your home security network

  • No free cloud storage options
  • Local SD card storage option may not offer enough space for your needs


Ezviz is a subsidiary of Hikvision. The parent company is one of the biggest names in the video surveillance manufacturing industry, so Ezviz has plenty of resources at their disposal to create a high-quality line of home security cameras.

Features & Technology

Commercial Grade Quality

Ezviz’s roots in developing video hardware show through in the build quality of their cameras.

SD Card Storage

You have the option to store clips locally if you prefer to not pay for a cloud subscription.

Android / iOS app

Get a user-friendly, unified view of the cameras that you have on your home security network. You can switch to live view, take a look at instant alerts, scroll through your video history and use 8x digital zoom to get closer to the action. You can view 4 cameras at a time through the app.

Smart Home Integration

The cameras are ready to work with Google Assistant for voice control and other integrated features.

Desktop Software

If you have an extensive amount of home security cameras set up, you can view up to 32 via the Windows application.

Share Photos

Did you use your cameras to take cute pictures of the kids or your pets? You can share them via the Ezviz website.

CloudPlay Storage

Get up to 30 days of cloud-based video playback via the paid storage option.

Automated Recording

Your cameras automatically start recording when they detect motion.

Daily Recap

Get a fast overview of the past 24 hours so you can see any significant events.

Ease of Use

Ezviz put a lot of effort into making their home security system simple to set up. It’s DIY friendly, and if you ever need to move, it can come with you. All you need to do to add a camera to the app is to scan the QR code.

Customer Service

You get a good mix of self-service resources and ways to reach the customer support team at Ezviz. This well-established company has a heavy focus on video surveillance, so you encounter plenty of representatives that have a strong understanding of the technology and the common problems that you may face. You can reach out via phone and email after you get done reading through the documentation and watching the tutorial videos.


The Ezviz home security cameras and accessories have mid-range pricing. Their quality and feature set make the price justified, but it may be a bit above your comfort level if you’re looking for a budget option.

You have two paid plans available if you want to store security videos in the cloud. The first is $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year and gives you seven days of playback. The second is $10.99 per month or $109.99 per year and covers 30 days of playback. You can get a free 30-day trial of this service along with every Ezviz camera you purchase.


Mini Trooper $149

This fully wireless, mini HD security camera is weatherproof and works well for indoor and outdoor applications with a 115-degree viewing angle. The battery is included in the device and lasts for 9 months. It supports audio recording, night vision, motion detection and can store 128 gigs of video via SD cards.

Vault and Vault Plus $189.99 – $249.99

Get commercial grade video storage and transform your home security system into one with 24/7 continuous recording. It supports 8 cameras, encrypts the data on it, has a 1 TB capacity, a 300-foot range and customizable motion detection zones. You need a connection to your home network for this to work and it automatically discovers the Ezviz Wi-Fi cameras present in your home.

Ez360 Pano $179.99

Get full 360-degree coverage with this innovative camera. The fisheye lens gives you more visibility into the area that it’s set up. You have multiple viewing modes, including panoramic, dual and quad-split screen. The design is small and looks almost like a gemstone. Two-way talk allows you to communicate with people in hearing range, and 25-foot night vision keeps you protected at night. MicroSD storage is available. Pan, tilt and zoom your way into the perfect angle.

Mini Plus $79.99 – $129.99

This small form factor home security camera has a 135-degree viewing angle, 1080p quality video, two-way audio and a handy magnetic base.

DP1 $229.99

This sophisticated video doorbell uses a color touch screen, 720p quality video, motion detection to alert you when someone arrives, and has a human detection technology. It also includes built-in chimes in case you don’t have your phone on you for the app notification. The video peephole gives you a wide angle view in front of your home, which can show you if someone is hiding out of the frame.

Mini 0 $59.99 – $109.99

Get 720p video with a 111-degree view, night vision, SD card local storage and two-way audio. You can get an upgraded version of this camera that has 1080p quality video.

Husky and Husky Dome $129.99 – $149.99

Get a bullet or dome shape outdoor camera that works with Wi-Fi or PoE connections. The built-in storage slot can save all of your recordings for you. It comes equipped with HDR to improve the quality of the 1080p video, and a 120 dB siren works well to drive off any unwelcome intruders. The dome version is vandal resistant and has 100-foot night vision.

Mini 360 Plus $79.99 – $99.99

This 360-degree camera is intended for indoor applications. It has a 1080p quality video, two-way talk and it’s able to integrate with smart home technology. In addition, you can toggle the privacy off and on when you want to stop recording. 33 foot night vision keeps the picture clear in the middle of the night.

Ez360 1080p HD PTZ Wi-Fi  $79.99 – $99.99

This pan, tilt and zoom camera gives you complete control over your video stream. The smart motion tracking will follow anything that it detects so that you have a recording of important events. It also snaps a picture and sends it immediately to your phone. The 30-foot night vision gives you strong protection at night. You get 105-degree vertical rotation upwards and 15 degrees downwards. The local storage supports a 128 GB SD card.

ezGuard 1080P $109.99

This indoor and outdoor home security camera has a strobe light and alarm built into it. It also supports two-way talk and is weatherproof. It’s a versatile option to have in your home security system.

Home Sense Alarm Kit $299.99

If you prefer to have a premade kit as opposed to picking and choosing the Ezviz cameras that make the most sense for your home, this option is handy. It comes with the Home Sense Alarm Hub, four door/window contact sensors, a siren with a strobe light, a motion detector and 2 keychain remotes for arming, disarming and sending emergency signals. Any camera model integrates with this alarm system.


Ezviz has a strong background in creating quality video hardware. They took this experience and translated it into a range of home security cameras that blend great build quality, plenty of features and affordable pricing.

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  1. Avatar Thomas Barry says:

    Does the 1080 P alert me via smart phone if activity is observed.

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Yes, the cameras let you receive instant alerts via phone.

  2. Avatar Larry Westmoreland says:

    Do all EZVIZ cameras work with the app?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Larry,
      Yes, and you can view up to 4 cameras at a time using the app.

  3. Avatar Dawn Redord says:

    Does this camera come with audio recording thank you

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Dawn,
      Yes, the cameras include audio recording.

  4. Avatar Rob Thomas says:

    Hi, how long are the video clips that get stored to the SD card
    And also
    Does the camera support FTP so images and video clips can be uploaded to a local NAS.

    1. Avatar Safe Home says:

      Hi Rob,
      That depends on how you set up the cameras. You can set it to record motion events only, or you can turn on continuous recording. We are unaware of any FTP support for Ezviz.

  5. Avatar dale hardiman says:

    there is no qr code on my camera . how do I get one?

    1. Avatar Safe Home says:

      Hi Dale,
      Every camera should have a QR code. If you’re having trouble locating it, we’d recommend a call to customer service.

  6. Avatar Jim Palmer says:

    Can the C6CN be viewed by two different cell phones using the app?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Jim,
      Yes, two people can view the same camera. To do that, the person who already can view it will have to go to the camera and hit the share icon.

  7. Avatar Narisha says:


    How often do you have to charge the cameras

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Narisha,
      The Mini Trooper is fully wireless and has a battery life of about nine months.

  8. Avatar LeRoy Cole says:

    Is there a phone number for customer service? I need some help with my system.

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi LeRoy,
      The Ezviz number is 1-855-693-9849.

  9. Avatar Jane says:

    The app allows you to view 4 cameras at a time, but can you connect more and then choose which 4 to view? Thanks

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Jane,
      Yes, you can add more than 4 cameras to your account.

  10. Avatar adib says:

    Do not buy any cameras from EZVIZ. They suddenly charge mandatory cloud service for 24/7 push alert motion detection when this worked just fine before at no charge!!

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