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When comparing home security companies, remember customer service! Customer service policies can make a difference to your safety and your savings account. The following home security companies consistently earn positive reviews for customer service.

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SecureScore™: 9.2/10
ADT has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but customer service varies between locations. Check reviews before going with a local ADT dealer. The hours of operation for customer service also vary, but ADT emergency lines are staffed 24/7.
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Frontpoint Image
SecureScore™: 8.7/10
Whether you’re interested in a Frontpoint system or have questions during installation, you’ll be met with sales agents that listen first. You won’t encounter pushy salespeople. Unlike most security companies, Frontpoint also provides transparent pricing so that you can make informed decisions.
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SecureScore™: 9.2/10
SimpliSafe’s customer service team and Help Center website have the answers to all your questions. Call to speak with a real person or live chat on the SimpliSafe website. Their user forums online connect you with other users for troubleshooting too.
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If you’re like most shoppers, you tend to focus on product prices and features; customer service is only considered if problems arise. But when you choose a best-in-class home security company, customer service should be a top consideration. Here are looks at great and not-so-great scenarios.


When a home security company provides great customer service, it’s evident during the first phone call. Sales agents at the best companies avoid using high-pressure tactics. Instead of launching into sales pitches, they listen to callers’ concerns and attempt to provide helpful information. Of course, the best home security companies treat customers with respect after the sales too. For example, they quickly replace faulty equipment and they’re reasonably flexible if a customer’s contract becomes a problem. By reading customer reviews you can get a sense of how companies respond when special situations arise.


When a security company delivers low-quality customer service, that’s often evident during a potential customer’s first phone call. Instead of patiently listening to the caller, the agent quickly moves into high-pressure sales mode. If no sale is made, the agent might make several uninvited follow-ups by phone, email and/or text. Companies with this sort of culture often have more serious customer service problems too. For example, they might fail to replace faulty equipment, and they might make it impossible to cancel a contract even when service is poor or the customer’s needs change significantly. When you’re choosing the home security system that’s right for you, the goal is not to feel anxious or stressed. It’s to stay protected from intruders, and to feel peace of mind in your own home. Learn more about how security systems work.


You can have it all. The leading home security companies with great customer service also provide reliable equipment and have competitive prices. Here are typical features.

Reasonable Contract

Many home security companies require a contract. And the contract length and terms matter. Unfortunately, some companies get away with highway robbery. But the home security companies that deliver great customer service also tend to offer reasonable contracts. Some customer-friendly policies even allow you to break the contract if your housing changes or other unforeseen circumstances arise.

Short Wait Times

Ever been told to “please hold,” only to sit around twiddling your thumbs? We’ve all been there. Thankfully, the home security companies with the best customer service all promise short wait times. Calls are answered in a matter of seconds, emergencies are dealt with fast and efficiently, and everyone goes home happy. That’s the value of short wait times and superb customer service.

24/7 Monitoring

There’s 24/7 Monitoring. And then there’s 24/7 Monitoring backed by friendly and professional emergency personnel. Big difference here. The security companies with the best customer service really stand out in this category. Alerts are processed in seconds, emergency responders are dispatched if needed, and there’s a comforting voice to talk you through your emergency.

Quick Repairs

Whether it’s an entryway sensor malfunction, or a security camera that just won’t record, sometimes repairs are necessary. That’s where great customer service becomes key. Choose a home security company with a track-record of quick and painless repairs. Technicians should be highly-trained, professional, and always on time. Get this sorted up-front, as it will pay dividends over the years.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access is another must-have feature. The best customer-friendly security solutions come with a companion app. Simply login to access, monitor, and control your home security system from your smartphone or other device. Look for a company and mobile app that allows you to interact with customer service agents and emergency operators, should the need arise. Mobile Access — don’t go without it!

Entry Sensors

Entry Sensors are a standard feature included with home security systems. These magnetic sensors are mounted to door frames, windows, and other points of entry. When the sensors are tripped, they immediately sound the alarm and send alerts. Your home security package will come with a set number of sensors, but you can always purchase more. It’s time to secure the perimeter.

Motion Detectors

These impressive little bundles of technology monitor for movement within your home. Mount them in extra-sensitive areas for an added layer of home protection. When the motion detectors sense movement, they sound the alarm and trigger alerts. Companies with excellent customer service also tend to sell excellent motion detectors — including the kind that can distinguish between pets and people.


Many home security companies offer high-quality indoor and/or outdoor security cameras. We’re talking high-resolution, feature-rich cameras that can record the smallest details of a crime. But the question to ask is this: does the caliber of customer service match the performance of the camera? You never know when you’ll need to interact with the company’s employees.

Environmental Protection

The best home security providers care about securing your home, inside and out. That’s why the top companies now offer environmental monitoring in their suite of features. This particular feature monitors for potentially life-threatening hazards such as excessive smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, water leaks, and the list goes on. Look for environmental protection and quality customer service to back it up.

Home Automation

Home Automation is a future-forward home security option. It allows you to control your lights, door locks, heating and cooling, and other home features via mobile app. Look for a company with stellar customer service and home automation support. Your neighbors are sure to turn green with envy the next time they come around. That’s the power of home automation.

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