Rob Gabriele

Vivint is one of our favorite manufacturers of home security products. Their systems are robust and comprehensive, and their high-tech features and automation capabilities make them a great option for people looking to get a little more out of their security system.

However, security equipment isn’t cheap, and that goes for Vivint, too. That’s why it’s important to be smart when you’re shopping. Here’s how you can find the best sales and deals on Vivint security products.

Deals and Sales

One of the best things about a Vivint security system is that they’re always offering some sort of discount. All you have to do is pick up your phone and speak with your sales representative to discuss your specific needs. They’ll let you know the equipment they have on discount, and you can decide what you need. 

Free Quote and Consultation

Vivint is known for its top-notch customer service. This is one of the best ways they help you. You do not have to pay to have your equipment sent to you. More so, you can get a free quote and a comprehensive consultation from the company. This can give you insight into what is best for your home without making a commitment for it.

Our advice is to take advantage of the free consultation. Vivint’s technicians are experts in their field, and they’ll be able to give you direction on exactly what you need. That said, be mindful of their sales tactics — they’ll may try to convince you to purchase things you might not necessarily need.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day

One of the best times to shop for security products is on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These retail holidays always follow immediately after Thanksgiving, so you might have to wait a little while to secure some of those deals. While we can’t say for sure what Vivint has up its sleeve just yet, we’re confident you’ll be able to save big.

If you can’t wait that long, you might be able to take advantage of Prime Day. Normally occurring in the middle of the summer, Prime Day is a great time to take advantage of serious savings on home security equipment.

Discount Codes and Coupons

Discount codes and coupons can save you money, but they are not always available. Vivint tends to be very good about placing these special discounts on their website, not requiring an actual code. However, these offers do change often. Be sure to check back about once a month to learn about new opportunities for you to save money.

Current discount codes and coupons are unavailable. However, discounts change on a routine basis.

Special Offers and Promotions

Special offers and promotions are some of the best opportunities for you to reduce your costs. In the past, Vivint has offered discounts related to special promotions it has run or special offers from third-party providers. Don't hesitate to ask your consultant if there are any on-going deals; sometimes they’ll sweeten the deal just to get you onboard. Here are some of the latest offerings:

Homeowners Insurance Discount

Vivint provides home security solutions. It helps to increase the amount of safety at your home. As a result, this often translates into fewer claims for theft and vandalism. Insurance companies know this. That is why most will offer a discount to you if you have a smart home security system in place. This is very true for the company’s automated cameras, smoke and fire detectors, and motion detectors. If you have a new system installed, it is important to call your home insurance provider to request a discount. Nearly all will offer a discount of as much as 20 percent off your policy.

Referral Program

Vivint knows the competition for smart home security systems is growing. Yet, it has a fantastic product to offer. That is why it hopes to get you to help support its growth. The company has a rather lucrative referral program. Individuals who share their security and home automation success with others may be able to secure a discount or credit. Right now, individuals can log into their Vivint account and obtain a code for the referral program. Then, they can share this information with their friends and family. When a person uses the code to sign up for a new system and purchases it, the individual can receive a $50 credit on your bill. This credit is available to both the new and the existing home. You can receive several of these discounts if you recommend the service to more than one person or home.