Travis Goodreau

Vivint is a well-recognized and trusted home security company. It offers a wide range of security features designed to provide you with good overall control of your home’s access and security needs. The company also offers a variety of home automation features that can make it even easier for you to manage your system. It also continues to improve on home automation, which means many will find new products and solutions in the future. Here’s a look at the current home automation solutions that work with Vivint.

Vivint and Google Home

For those that have Google Home automation devices, Vivint works with them. It is possible to connect your Google Home or the Google Home Mini to your Vivint SkyControl. This is all done within the Vivint app. Once you go through the process of setting it up, the system will allow you to use Google Assistant to control your home security system.

This integration offers several benefits. It lets you integrate the good-quality speakers of your device with your home security system, for example. Google Home also offers excellent quality microphones and some of the best natural language processing skills. This allows for easy use even if you are in the other room. You can use Google Home to control your Vivint Smart Home system from start to finish. Google Home also is an excellent choice because it will respond to you in a personalized manner as it learns to recognize voices.

Vivint and Alexa

Many people have Alexa devices in their homes. Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most popular of the smart home tools available. And, Vivint supports it. You can connect your Amazon Echo to your Vivint SkyControl system. You can do this within your Alexa app. It generally takes just a few minutes for the app to recognize the Alexa device in your home. If you have an Amazon Echo, for example, you can use the Vivint Voice Control features to handle many tasks. This may include things like arming your security system and turning on lights. It is all done with simple voice commands.

Other commands available, so far, with Alexa on your Vivint Smart Home setup include, locking and unlocking a door, setting your thermostat (or changing the temperature when you want to), opening or closing garage doors, and managing lights. The integration between Vivint and Alexa is one that gives you full access to many of the smart home features you may have sought out Vivint Smart Home for. And, you can expect new command options to be added over time.

Vivint and Apple Homekit

If you are an Apple fan, you may have some limitations here. The Vivint Smart Home App does not directly link with Apple Homekit, but this is not uncommon for Apple’s smart home system. Though the company has promised to launch more integrations, at the time of this writing, this is not a direct option.

Vivint and SmartThings

Vivint and SmartThings are similar to each other. SmartThings is a type of whole-home automation system. It includes things like cameras and video recording services to allow you to have protection for your home. It is all managed through a smartphone app. SmartThings also offers the ability to connect to your smart appliances. Vivint offers many of these same features. Both companies offer indoor and outdoor cameras with video and sensors with alarms for various doors and windows.

There are some differences. Vivint requires professional installation, whereas SmartThings does not. SmartThings offers quality technology, which can be comparable or better to that which is offered by Vivint. However, there’s no contract with this provider, which tends to make it a bit more desirable for some. SmartThings also works more readily with other wireless devices from other brands, more so than Vivint does.

Now, if you have a Vivint system and you want to use SmartThings features and commands, you can do so. You can link your SmartThings devices to your Vivint SkyControl panel. The process is very straightforward and allows for you to easily add devices such as a Kwikset Smart Lock or other devices to your system. It is important to verify that the specific device you elect to buy is one that is compatible with your Vivint home security system or your Vivint home automation system – there are limitations in some products.

Vivint and IFTTT

If you have IF This Then That, also known as IFTTT, you are able to link to Vivint with it. Vivint has allowed for consumers to connect to IFTTT through the Amazon Echo. Again, this is done through the Vivint SkyControl app and is rather easy to set up once you have your system in place.

When you have your system set up using IFTTT through the Amazon Echo device, you can control a lot of your home’s smart features. This includes things like setting your thermostat, locking or unlocking connected doors, and arming and disarming your Vivint home security system. The process is straightforward enough to allow you to use voice commands for any of your Amazon Alexa connected devices. You can also add in things like your irrigation system or to add to your to-do list with the proper integration set up.

If you are planning to buy any type of IFTTT, be sure to verify that it can link to your Vivint home security system. There are some limitations present in connectivity. However, like with many other systems, there are growing connections available to help you to create more streamlined connections with your device and your automation preferences.

Finding the right option for your needs can seem challenging. Often, some of these systems have overlapping features, which makes it a bit more difficult to provide specific advice on how well each of these systems integrate with each other. Vivint’s security systems are compatible with more products every day – and you can expect for more devices to be added on a consistent basis in the future.