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There is a lot to appreciate about Vivint for your home security. The company has provided home security tools for many years and has recently added a number of smart home applications. The company has one of the largest networks of support systems because of its long history. Known for some of the more advanced features, Vivint home security systems are quite customizable. Several package options exist with features ranging from 24/7 video streams to both doorbell and outdoor cameras. The company also offers motion control, tools for garage control, and smart locks.

The Vivint home security system is designed to be easy to use, controlled very well through an app on your smartphone. With wireless home security from the company, you may not think there is any need for another product. However, before you invest in any product, take a closer look at how well it lines up with the competition. For Vivint home security, compare it to the following products.

1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is yet another excellent choice for those looking for cutting edge technology in home security. Both companies offer some key features including 24/7 home monitoring using an app that’s easy to manage. Both companies offer indoor and outdoor cameras (several options to choose from) and motion sensors. Both also offer environmental detection options such as smoke alerts, CO detection, and freezing. Each system also offers window and door sensors. And, if an alarm is triggered, you can configure both options to contact emergency authorities automatically, depending on the plan you select.

SimpliSafe allows for do-it-yourself installation and, as noted, Vivint requires professional installation. With SimpliSafe, you own the equipment, whereas with Vivint this is less common (unless you choose a no-contract version).

Vivint does not offer voice recognition like SimpliSafe does, which is one area the company is working on. In addition to this, Vivint links to Nest products whereas SimpliSafe does not.

When it comes to costs, there is no doubt that SimpliSafe is less. SimpliSafe offers several packages with the lowest-priced version starting at $230 and ranging up to $540 with a monthly fee of $14.99 which is less than Vivint’s pricing overall.

2. ADT

ADT is one of the most recognizable names in home security systems. It goes without saying that both products should be considered carefully, though. When it comes to costs, ADT’s monthly costs are $27.99, and its installation and activation fees are $99 (compared to Vivint’s $99). There is a 36-month contract requirement with ADT.

Both products allow for home automation with ADT Pulse’s app providing much of the access. It’s also possible to integrate the home’s smoke detectors and flood sensors through the system. ADT Pulse allows for Z-wave technology, email and text alerts, as well as control of the home security system right through your phone.

Both companies have modern, and easy-to-use apps. They also both have high-quality cameras (choose from a range of options) that make it easy to track access. ADT’s home security offers 24/7 monitoring, motion detection, and entryway contacts. It also features a powerful alarm, backup battery, and a wireless keychain remote.

Overall, both products are high-tech solutions. Compare them carefully for the features you need in particular before making an investment.

3. Frontpoint

Vivint is known for its easy-to-use app, as is Frontpoint. Both offer coverage for the entire country. Both products offer contracts with Vivint’s ranging from four to five years and Frontpoint ranging from one to three years. However, Vivint does have a no-contract option which allows the property owner to purchase the equipment upfront instead.

When it comes to installation, there is no doubt Frontpoint is easier. It allows for do-it-yourself installation for its system. Vivint requires professional installation, which can make it a bit more costly to some. For those thinking about price, it can be hard to compare products because of the range of options available. Vivint has a required $599 equipment purchase minimum for its no-contract product. Frontpoint’s standard package, on the other hand, begins at just $199. Multiple other options exist. For Vivint’s Smart Home Service monthly plan, expect to pay $39.99 whereas Frontpoints Protection plan costs $34.99 a month.

Vivint is easy to integrate with other smart home systems including Amazon Alexa and Google Assitant. It also uses a variety of tools such as Kwickset locks and doorbell cameras. For Frontpoint, it is possible to gain some access through Amazon Alexa.