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If you’re in the market for a reliable and affordable home security system, SimpliSafe is an excellent option. Not only is it one of the easiest systems to install, but it is also a low-cost, basic solution for those wanting to keep their home protected without all the unnecessary extras.

SimpliSafe Equipment

SimpliSafe Equipment

Many homeowners shopping the market for a top home security system might be interested in a SimpliSafe alternative. Well, take heart! There are several options available for those seeking the same advanced technology and flexibility in a different provider.

Today, we’ll take a look at the different SimpliSafe alternative options currently on the market, provide you with additional information on each company, and (hopefully) help you make an informed decision.

Which Security Companies Are Known Alternatives to SimpliSafe?

Three frontrunners come to mind when thinking about the best SimpliSafe alternatives: Frontpoint, Vivint, and ADT. Let’s discover your best fit.

About Frontpoint

If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to SimpliSafe, you should definitely consider Frontpoint. Like its counterpart, Frontpoint offers wireless home security options. However, the two companies vary when it comes to cost.

Frontpoint Equipment

Frontpoint Equipment

Both companies provide good quality systems that feature wireless equipment, which means there is no high priced installation involved. Each system is straightforward to install and you have the freeing option to DIY the installation. Both companies also have reliable video monitoring cameras that provide clear, high-quality pictures when you need them.

The main differences between SimpliSafe and Frontpoint are their features. Frontpoint provides users with much more integration than SimpliSafe, including options such as indoor and outdoor video monitoring. While these extras may prove beneficial, they can also make Frontpoint’s system more expensive. Because of these extra features, its system costs more per month to use. For SimpliSafe, the lowest priced plan is $14.99, while Frontpoint’s lowest plan is $44.99 per month.

To learn more about this SimpliSafe alternative, check out our hands-on Frontpoint review.

Did You Know? SimpliSafe and Frontpoint both offer security devices with state of the art technology. For example, motion sensors that can identify animals, cars, and people. These are just a few of the many features they have to offer.

About Vivint

Vivint is another reliable SimpliSafe alternative worth considering.
This company offers home security monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and their systems include indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras as well as many other useful features.

Vivint Smart Home Equipment

Vivint Smart Home Equipment

Both SimpliSafe and Vivint systems allow you to use mobile apps to monitor your home security, even when you’re away from home. As a bonus, neither company requires its customers to buy full-scale monitoring to use their service.

Some of the differences between Vivint and SimpliSafe are in their system’s features. Vivint offers more advanced offerings like the addition of Nest thermostats and loads of other smart home automation features. And while both providers offer high-quality equipment, Vivint has the added benefit of voice recognition solutions that SimpliSafe doesn’t have. With that said, because of their advanced features, Vivint requires professional installation, while SimpliSafe allows for DIY options.

As mentioned above, you can get a SimpliSafe system for as low as $14.99 per month. Vivint security systems are more costly, with their most affordable option priced at $39.99 per month. Also note that Vivint equipment prices start at around $500-$600 (not cheap!). But… you certainly get what you pay for with this streamlined smart home system.

To learn more about Vivint, have a look at our full Vivint review.

FYI: You can remotely control your security system through mobile apps. If you are tech-savvy, we recommend the SimpliSafe app, which has better reviews than Vivint’s.

About ADT

Out of all the SimpliSafe alternatives we’ve mentioned so far, ADT is by far the most popular. When homeowners look to upgrade their current home security system, they often turn to ADT.

SimpliSafe and ADT have many features in common, both providing homeowners with high-quality systems that allow 24/7 home monitoring, mobile app monitoring, and quality installation and setup.

ADT Home Security Equipment

ADT Home Security Equipment

There are also some significant differences between the two. If you are looking for a basic, affordable system, SimpliSafe would be your best bet. But, if you’re thinking about upgrading to something more advanced, ADT would be the ideal SimpliSafe alternative to consider. They offer many of today’s high-tech features in home security, such as its built-in home automation system, that SimpliSafe cannot compete with. They also provide home automation upgrades like the Nest thermostat system.

Because ADT has so many advanced features, it also has a higher price to match. Its basic monitoring package begins at $29 per month, but it ranges up to $50+ per month. Users must also sign a 36-month contract and purchase the home monitoring system as part of this contract (something to consider before breaking out your wallet). SimpliSafe monitoring services start at just $25, with its non-monitoring security package as low as $14.99. Both companies require you to purchase equipment as part of the deal.

If you’re curious about learning more, head on over to our full review of ADT.

Did You Know? ADT is a 140-year old company that provides services across the nation. In the case of an emergency, ADT has over 17,000 employees on hand to help you. No matter the time, you can always feel safe and protected when using ADT.

What Are the Similarities Between These Companies?

If choosing between Frontpoint, Vivint, and ADT, there are several similarities for you to consider. First off, all three require new users to sign a service contract. Also, each offers video monitoring and automation services for an additional fee.

Vivint and ADT have mobile apps that allow homeowners to monitor their homes even while out of the house. Compared to Frontpoint and SimpliSafe, Vivint and ADT both have the most advanced features. So if you’re looking for a top-quality home security system that includes the latest features and tech, you’d be wise to look into what these companies have to offer. But we must say, homeowners who want all the bells and whistles should consider Vivint over ADT.

FYI: While Vivint and ADT must be professionally installed, Frontpoint offers a DIY option like SimpliSafe, which can save you money.

What Are the Differences Between These Providers?

Out of the three companies, Frontpoint is the alternative that is most like SimpliSafe. Users can choose the basics for their security system and enjoy peace of mind for less money. While Frontpoint does not offer many of the innovative features found with ADT or Vivint, it does provide more integrations than SimpliSafe.

ADT, on the other hand, is the most recognized security system out of the three. Unlike Frontpoint, ADT offers access to upgrades such as Nest home thermostats and sensors. Unfortunately, it also requires an extended contract commitment with their 36-month contract for new customers.

Unlike ADT, Vivint does not require users to purchase full-scale monitoring. Vivint also does not offer the lowest level option for their services.

FYI: Unlike SimpliSafe and Frontpoint, ADT and Vivint don't allow DIY installation. In fact, you may need to pay an installation fee (ouch). This can initially rack up the cost when first starting with the company.

Frontpoint, Vivint, and ADT Features

All three security systems offer unique features to help keep your home and loved ones safe. When purchasing a system you should compare each company and decide which features you care the most about and why. Below, we’ll compare what each device has on offer to help make the decision easier for you.

Frontpoint Features

Frontpoint is reasonably priced and still offers neat features that could fulfill your needs. They also offer technology advances that can play well with your current home security setup. Some features include:

Night Vision – Frontpoint’s night time vision makes it easy for you to see anything that happens inside or outside your home.
Frontpoint Hub and Control Panel – The hub is sleek and stylish making it easy to pair with any abode. The modern touchscreen control panel allows you to protect your home as you run out the door.
Door & Window Sensors – These entryway sensors are tiny, making them easy to place wherever you please. The sensors will alert you any time the door or window is opened.
Smoke and Heat sensor – This sensor can detect heat or smoke before it becomes a major issue. When smoke or heat is detected, Frontpoint will contact you immediately.
Customizations – One of the big selling points of Frontpoint is their many custom actions available inside the mobile app. This system really lets you tailor your home security to meet your needs.

Vivint Features

Vivint Security Systems are another great option when it comes to special features. Just remember, Vivint comes at a much higher price. Some Vivint features include:

Burglary Detection – When activating Vivint’s motion sensor camera, you will be notified immediately when movement has been detected. Vivint works around the clock to make sure homeowners are protected at all times.
Garage Door Control – Whoops! Forget to shut your garage door? No worries! When you download the Vivint app you are able to open or shut your garage no matter where you are.
Smart Locks – With the smart locks feature, Vivint makes it extra easy to lock your doors, turn off your lights, change your thermostat, and activate your security system from anywhere and everywhere. Even if you are in a different state!
Full Home Automation – Vivint is by far the most advanced (yet still user friendly) system available. You can integrate lots of third-party smart devices to fully automate your home.

ADT Features

ADT is one of the most popular options when it comes to security systems. We have listed some of its most popular features below to better help you make a decision on which security system is right for you. Key ADT Features Include:

Digital Security Panel – ADT’s panel is wireless and comes with many features including video security, a touchscreen keypad, and voice control recognition. Bonus: the panel comes with a remote control!
Wireless Keychain Remote – The keychain helps make arming or disarming your system easy. It also includes a panic button, making it a convenient means to call for help if in danger.
Entryway Contacts – You can set up alerts to be notified anytime someone comes in or out of your house. You can also be alerted anytime a window or door is left open via text.
Motion Detectors – The great thing about ADT’s motion detectors is that they cover such a large amount of space. You’ll only need one or two to cover the highly trafficked areas in your home.
Professional Installation – ADT offers one of the best professional installation services in the business. The technician will even stick around after the install to show you the ropes of your new system.

Cost Comparison for These SimpliSafe Alternatives

SimpliSafe is by far the most affordable option, but if you’re looking for an alternative that is not too expensive, Frontpoint is the best option. Below are the price comparisons for each company:

  • SimpliSafe: starts at $14.99 per month for the non-monitoring plan
  • Frontpoint: starts at $44.99 for their lowest-priced plan
  • Vivint: Vivint’s most affordable option is starts at $39.99 per month
  • ADT: ADT’s basic product starts at $29 per month, and plans range up to $50+ monthly.

Final Thoughts on SimpliSafe Alternatives

You may be willing to pay more to guarantee your home and family are safe 24/7. Still, if you want excellent protection while staying within budget, it’s best to compare the prices and features of these SimpliSafe alternatives.

For those who want a system that is close to SimpliSafe, but with a little more flexibility and improvement, Frontpoint is a great option. Its services come at an affordable price and you can choose to have a basic system or upgrade with additional features. Frontpoint, like SimpliSafe, also allows users to install their system on their own.

For anyone who wants a more advanced system at a reasonable price, Vivint is a good option. The company offers 24/7 home monitoring and many other high-tech features that you can’t find with SimpliSafe or Frontpoint. However, because of these additional features, all Vivint systems must be professionally installed. Vivint is also priced higher than SimpliSafe and Frontpoint, with the least expensive option priced at $39.99 per month.

ADT is a well-known brand and, as an industry leader, the company offers some of the most advanced features in home security. If you want features like a Nest home thermostat, mobile app monitoring, and built-in home automation, ADT is the right fit for you. Keep in mind that these high-quality features come at a price.

So what is the top SimpliSafe alternative? It all depends on what you want and how much you’re willing to pay. Overall, Frontpoint, Vivint, and ADT are all great options regardless of your decision. If you still need help deciding, we recommend checking out our guide to the best home security systems available.

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