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SimpliSafe is one of the easiest to install systems available today. If you are looking for SimpliSafe alternatives, it may be because you want more, though. SimpliSafe is an excellent option for those homeowners wanting a low-cost solution for home security and are not as interested in the frills of other systems.

If you are thinking about SimpliSafe alternatives, there are a few stand out options offering more advanced features and flexibility in plans. You will want to consider your long-term goals here. If you plan to invest in home automation in the long term (or you really want to have connectivity right now) choosing from some of these SimpliSafe alternatives simply makes good sense. Here’s a look at the three best companies and products that may offer different features from SimpliSafe.

1. Frontpoint

For those looking for a SimpliSafe alternative, Frontpoint can be a good choice overall. Both companies offer wireless home security systems. But, the companies are somewhat different in terms of what they provide, their costs, and their contracts. First, consider that SimpliSafe does not require any type of contract for its service. However, the shortest contract available is 12 months (and it is a requirement). Here’s a closer look at these products.

Both Frontpoint and SimpliSafe are good all-around systems. The equipment is wireless which means no costly installation. In fact, both systems are easy to install, offering a do it yourself solution for home security. Both offer video monitoring cameras with good quality sight.

A key difference between the two systems is features. SimpliSafes systems do not provide as much integration as Frontpoint’s. With a Frontpoint system, it is possible to add options such as burglary protection, video surveillance for both indoor and outdoor monitoring, and home automation. This does help to make SimpliSafe’s equipment less expensive, but it can be limiting in terms of what it does for you. If you plan to upgrade to any type of home automation, Frontpoint is the better of these two options. Because of these enhanced features, you can expect to pay more for Frontpoint. Its lowest costing plan starts at $34.99. SimpliSafe’s lowest costing plan is $14.99 a month.

2. ADT

ADT is perhaps one of the most recognized names in home security. It tends to be an upgrade from most types of home security systems. When you compare SimpliSafe to ADT, there are a few good things out there about both products. First, both companies provide quality systems with 24-hour monitoring options, mobile app monitoring, and pretty good quality setup.

There are some differences, though. For homeowners looking for a simple home security system that costs less, there is no doubt going with SimpliSafe is the route to take. But, if there is any chance you may wish to upgrade to a more advanced system, such as one with built-in home automation, it is critical to consider ADT instead. ADT has all of the home automation upgrades necessary including NEST home thermostat investments and sensors.

Another key difference is in costs. ADT requires a 36-month contract for its monitoring service – you have to purchase its monitoring service as a part of the deal. This is not a requirement with SimpliSafe. Monitoring is optional here. This allows SimpliSafe to offer a basic, non-monitoring package of just $14.99 a month. SimpliSafes monitoring service starts at $25 a month and ADT’s Pulse system – its basic product starts at $48 a month. Both require equipment purchases.

3. Vivint

Another good option as a SimpliSafe alternative is Vivint. Vivint also offers 24/7 home security monitoring, motion sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, and numerous features. The systems do compare well overall. Both companies also provide apps to allow consumers to monitor their security from a distance and neither requires a user to purchase full-scale monitoring. But there are some key differences as well.

Vivint is a more advanced and feature-packed system than SimpliSafe. It provides services such as Nest thermostats and enhanced automation. Both companies offer quality equipment, but Vivint’s can do more. For example, Vivint offers voice recognition solutions SimpliSafe does not. Also important is installation. While most homeowners can install a SimpliSafe system themselves, Vivint requires professional installation, which can increase overall costs.

Vivint requires a long-term contract for its service. SimpliSafe does not. When it comes to costs, SimpliSafe’s lowest priced product is $14.99 per month with its Interactive plan costing $24.99 per month. Vivint does not offer the lowest level option. Its most affordable option is $39.99 per month.