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Your recreational vehicle (RV) is valuable, no matter the size, and if you live in one, it is even more valuable. An RV gives you the freedom to travel wherever the road takes you. Whether you live, travel, or camp in your RV, you have security options.

RV Security System Features

Installing security equipment in your RV is an essential step in protecting your family and your belongings. Security for an RV is unique, and many home security systems won’t fit the needs of RV owners. Most RV security systems share the following features.


If guests come over, the living space inside of an RV can become cramped quickly. With a portable security system, you can move many pieces of the security system to give you more space on the countertop or table. You may live in your RV all year long, but if you don’t live in your RV, you will want to bring your security equipment inside of your home during downtime to protect any weather-sensitive equipment. A portable system will do just that.


A self-monitored security system allows you to monitor your RV’s security system, usually from an app that gives you access or information about your security equipment. Self-monitored security is ideal for RVs, since professional monitoring services require you to report your location. If your location changes often, you live on the road, or you stay in campgrounds, this can prove tricky. A self-monitored system is your best bet.

DIY Installation

With do-it-yourself installation, you choose when and where to install your security equipment. There are simple security systems that don’t require any tools and ones that require you to drill holes and mount the equipment to the wall. With DIY, you have the freedom to make your own installation choices.

Security Equipment for RVs

RVs are portable dwellings, so it takes some ingenuity to secure. The following security equipment can help you protect your RV.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are one of the most important pieces of security equipment for your RV. An outdoor camera with night vision allows you to know what’s going on outside of your RV at any time. An inside camera can give you peace of mind if you spend a lot of time away from your RV. You can monitor both types of cameras through many security apps.


A simple deadbolt can keep unwanted intruders away, and they’re easy to install. A mechanical deadbolt costs as little as $25, though many RV owners prefer to use keyless locks. A keyless deadbolt lock costs as little as $99 and works with a keypad, a key fob, or a remote control.

Motion Sensors

You can use motion sensors inside and outside your RV. When the sensor detects motion, it triggers an alert to let you know to check on your security system.


Motion-triggered lighting goes hand in hand with outdoor cameras. You can program some security equipment to act in a specific way when an event occurs. For example, when the motion sensors detect movement, the lights can turn on at the same time that the cameras start filming (if filming is not continuous). Lights are strong deterrents, whether as part of a larger security system or as a stand-alone item. The simple act of turning on the lights is often enough to send intruders running in the opposite direction.

Panic Buttons and Pendants

Panic buttons and pendants aren’t just for medical alerts, though they do that too. These security devices give off a loud alert or siren. Panic buttons and pendants can be used as stand-alone devices that operate through the manufacturer’s app or through a monitored security system.  These are great options for anyone who spends time away from the RV’s normal security system or out of cellphone range.

Temporary Security Systems

As an RV owner, a few security systems have you covered, whether you need protection for a season or all year long.


SimpliSafe security systems are a popular choice among RV owners. The SimpliSafe system is portable with an easy, DIY installation. Just plug in the devices and your RV’s security system is good to go. SimpliSafe is also one of the most affordable home security systems on the market and requires absolutely no contracts.


Tattletale specializes in portable security systems that are used by construction sites and RV campgrounds across the United States and Canada. The Tattletale system is wireless with a simple, DIY installation that takes 60 seconds to set up. The system needs to be plugged in to operate long-term, but the back-up battery has a 20-hour lifespan. Tattletale also includes a hot button that sends you an alert the moment the button is triggered, regardless of whether the system is armed or disarmed.

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