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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Abode.

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The Arlo and Abode home security systems are comparably priced and offer many of the same features. They are geared toward do-it-yourselfers who want as much as convenience and quality as possible without the third-party monitoring or expensive contract obligations.

Overview: Abode vs Arlo

Arlo is a camera-based security system that offers a wide variety of features including indoor/outdoor video surveillance and two-way audio between the camera and their mobile app. Abode is a relatively new company, but offers features and devices that make it a worthy competitor for older companies that offer the same services.

  • Arlo offers two camera's, the Arlo Basic and the Arlo Pro
  • Abode works with Nest products and the Amazon Alexa platform
  • Arlo offers free cloud storage for up to seven days
  • Arlo's cameras have built-in motion sensors
  • Arlo and Abode offer a fully functional mobile app

Similarities: Arlo vs Abode

Arlo and Abode offer many of the same services and equipment that revolves around a single hub that runs off the internet. Both companies are also based on the premise that self-monitoring is just as effective as professional monitoring, although both systems can be monitored by outside companies if desired. Both companies are comparably priced and more towards the higher end of the spectrum.

  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Both require the use of a hub for Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No long-term contracts or commitments
  • DIY installation
  • Additional devices can be added at any time

Differences: Arlo vs Abode

The main difference is in the type of equipment offered. Arlo is strictly a camera-based system. Abode, on the other hand, offers technologically advanced cameras, but their system also includes a key fob and entry sensors in addition to the hub.

  • Arlo's cameras have built-in motion sensors and offer two-way communication
  • Abode integrates with other platforms like Amazon Alexa and Nest
  • Abode's system includes entry sensors
  • Arlo offers free seven-day storage for video clips


Arlo's main features revolve around its camera's ability to take quality video. Camera's are equipped with two-way communication and motion sensors. Each clip is stored to the cloud for seven days, free of charge, but additional storage can be purchased on a month to month basis.

Abode offers indoor/outdoor cameras with high-quality reception. The system also offers home automation and can connect with up to 160 devices. The system can also be monitored through a downloadable mobile app for both iOS and Android systems.


Neither company requires a lengthy contract. Both companies are self-monitoring, but Abode offers optional “on-demand” monitoring at a reduced cost.


The Arlo camera and hub system can be purchased for $210 to $250 dollars. They also offer a package for $420 that offers additional cameras. If you want to purchase cameras separately they cost approximately $200 depending on where you purchase them from.

The Abode Starter Kit is priced at $199. The Abode system integrates with devices from other brands and will work with Alexa and Nest if home automation is desired.


Both the Arlo and the Arlo Pro system comes with two cameras, one hub, and mounting equipment/accessories. Additional cameras can be purchased either with the package or separately.

The Abode system includes the hub, the key fob, security cameras with a built-in motion sensor, and one door/window entry sensor. You can also opt for the iota all-in-one system.


Both Arlo and Abode offer do-it-yourself installation on all their devices.

Emergency Connections

Arlo runs off of a Wi-Fi connection with the hub being attached to the internet via your router and an ethernet cord. Emergency connectivity can also be established with a landline. Both methods allow the system to communicate with both listed contacts and emergency personnel.

The Abode system uses wireless connectivity with 4G cellular backup and can send text notifications to listed contacts as well as notify the local authorities in case of an emergency.

Summary: Abode vs Arlo

Arlo is an affordable option for individuals who would prefer to have a video surveillance system in place. Although it has other features, like a motion sensor and two-way communication, it's primary benefit falls into its ability to record and store quality video.

Abode is more of a traditional home security system that includes entry sensors and a key fob remote. It will work well for a homeowner or renter who wants a simple, yet effective home security system with video capabilities.

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