Andrew Garcia

Lead Security Editor

  • 1,200+ Security Resources Edited
  • 110+ Products & Services Reviewed
  • 11+ Years of Experience

Andrew Garcia is an experienced Editor with a deep knowledge of home security systems, IoT and smart home technologies.

Early in his career, Andrew worked as Electronic Sales Senior at Best Buy. In his leadership role, he sold computers, hardware and software, and smart home security systems. Working at Best Buy sparked Andrew's passion for new technology and the way it improves lives.

In 2011, Andrew graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Business. Within weeks of graduating, he was managing two multi-million dollar brands at a consulting firm.

Over the net several years, Andrew worked with digital agencies offering development and strategic direction. As the Digital Marketing Manager at a software company, Andrew was instrumental in researching, editing, and publishing engaging content to reach a wide audience.

Today, with a sharp eye and intellect, Andrew writes, edits, and polishes articles, guides, and resources to meet's rigorous Standards. He understands that unbiased, fact-based content is the key to growing our readership. And he's passionate about serving our readers – from the community as a whole, right down to the individual.

For Andrew, no challenge is too great, and no reader concern too small. His unwavering dedication to and our growing audience is evident in all he does.