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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Arlo.

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Arlo and Swann are two extremely effective home security systems. While Arlo sticks to the “video cameras are all you need” train of thought, Swann offers both a video security system as well as a more traditional home security system, complete with entry sensors, motion sensors, and up to 4 TB storage. Neither system requires a contract. Equipment is purchased up front and can be found at many popular retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy.

Overview: Arlo vs Swann

When it comes to video comparability, both offer night vision and high-resolution images. Arlo's motion detection sensor is built into the camera base, while Swann uses heat-sensing cameras. The Arlo system comes with either the Arlo Pro or the Arlo Pro 2. In addition to the indoor/outdoor cameras offered by Swann, they also offer the option of a fully functional, more traditional home security system that includes entry sensors as well as many other devices.

  • Neither company demands a contract
  • Systems are easy to install and simple instructions
  • The Arlo system supports up to 50 cameras at one time
  • Arlo offers two-way communication but does not have the ability to record sound
  • The Swann 4980 Pro includes 8 cameras

Similarities: Swann vs Arlo

When it comes to video surveillance aspect of a home security system, both Arlo and Swann are very similar. Both offer high-resolution video quality and effective night vision that allow for both indoor and outdoor video. Each system comes with easy to follow instructions for both setup and use. Both also offer cloud storage options. Systems are self-monitoring and don't require a monthly fee for professional monitoring.

  • Equipment is purchased outright
  • Both companies offer multiple camera options
  • Both offer apps for remote use that are compatible with iOS or Android platforms
  • Multiple setting options that allow you to customize your system
  • Motion detection sensors are also offered

Differences: Swann vs Arlo

Both systems offer quality video surveillance as an effective home security tool. The biggest difference between the two systems is the fact the Swann offers a full-home security system that includes entry sensors for both door and windows, a key fob for remote entry, heating-sensing cameras, and an outdoor siren. Arlo, on the other hand, has two main cameras with built-in motion detection sensors.

  • Swann offers larger storage options
  • Arlo's storage is mostly cloud-based
  • The monthly fee associated with Arlo is to pay for the cloud storage
  • Swann can be controlled remotely with a key fob
  • Arlo offers services to businesses as well as residential customers


Arlo offers cameras that are equipped with night vision, a built-in motion sensor, and baby monitor capabilities. The system also offers to target “high traffic zones” throughout your home. The cameras are capable of two-way voice communication if you want to speak to someone in a specific room or outside, but does not have the capability of recording audio. Arlo also is compatible with apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone.

Swann home security cameras include night vision, at least partial activity zone customization, and a variety of other devices that includes the entry sensors, motion detectors, and key fob. It also works with a downloadable app.


Because both companies require their systems to be purchased outright, there are no contracts or service agreements.


Arlo pricing depends on where you purchase your cameras. The Arlo Pro normally costs appropriately $249.99 and the Arlo Pro 2 just under $480. If you want to purchase monthly storage, you can support 10 cameras and get 30 days worth of video storage for $9.99 a month or $99.99 per year. If you want more storage, you can support 15 cameras and get 60 days worth of video storage for $14.99 a month or $149.99 for the year.

With the Swann home security system, you have several options. The basic home security system can be purchased for $119.99. If you want to add the cameras, you can choose from the Swann 4 channel system for $399.99 or the 8 channel set up for $4709.99. They also offer a 16-channel system that can cost as much as $2,300.


The Arlo system is made up of two main cameras, the Arlo Pro and the Arlo Pro 2. Both are equipped with motion detectors.

The Swann system offers many different cameras that can be purchased singly or as a group of 2, 4, 8, or 16 channels. Their home security system includes heat-sensing cameras, entry sensors, a key fob, and motion detection.


Both Arlo and Swann systems are designed for do-it-yourself installation and set up.

Emergency Connections

Arlo and Swann systems are designed to be self-monitoring. They have the capability to notify the subscriber via push notifications and emails. When it comes to notifying the authorities, however, it is up to the homeowner.

Summary: Arlo vs Swann

Arlo can be extremely effective as a home security system. It's designed for homeowners and renters who maximum control of their own system without a lot of professional interference.

Swann is definitely the best choice for homeowners who want the best of both worlds in terms of video surveillance and a traditional home security system.

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