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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Nest.

SecureScore™: 9.1/10

The Arlo system by Netgear and the Nest home security system work well for both homeowners and renters. Each one offers sophisticated cameras and the option for expanded home automation. Both systems offer do-it-yourself installation. Set up is extremely easy and both systems can be up and running in less than an hour.

Overview: Nest vs Arlo

While the Nest system offers a variety of devices and can be paired with the Google smart home platform, the Arlo system revolves around a system in which the primary components are multi-featured, home security cameras. The Arlo cameras are capable of two-audio communication and have built-in motion sensors.

  1. Both Arlo and Nest work well for homeowners and renters
  2. The prices for each system are similar but expensive for what you actually receive
  3. There are no lengthy contracts for either the Arlo or Nest home security systems
  4. The Arlo system offers month to month cloud storage so you can store as much video footage as you want
  5. Both systems offer indoor/outdoor cameras as well as two-way communication

Similarities: Arlo vs Nest

Both Arlo and Nest offer state-of-the-art features. Arlo gains its reputation from the sophisticated cameras it uses, while Nest works best when paired with the Google smart home platform. Both are more expensive than similar systems that offer more devices for the same price.

  • No lengthy contracts
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras with two-way audio communication
  • Fairly expensive for the amount of equipment you receive
  • Do-it-yourself installation and system set up
  • Works well for both renters and homeowners

Differences: Arlo vs Nest

The Arlo system is more limited than the Nest system. While the equipment is technologically advanced, the cameras are the focal point, where Nest takes their system to the next level with environmental protection and 24/7 offsite monitoring.

  • Arlo does not offer 24/7 monitoring but does offer month-to-month cloud storage so you can save your video footage
  • Nest offers full home automation when integrated with the Nest thermostat and the Google smart home platform
  • Nest offers environmental hazard detection that includes water, fire, smoke, freeze, and carbon monoxide
  • Arlo's motion sensors are built into their cameras
  • Arlo's cameras include night vision and zoom features


Arlo's alarm system and cameras can be connected to other home security devices creating a completely wireless system. It offers 24/7 connectivity to a mobile app that allows you to monitor your system from almost any location.

The Nest home security system has a comprehensive list of features that include environmental hazard detection, intrusion prevention, and full home automation. Their alarm system is supported by cellular service, landline, or Wi-Fi.


Neither Arlo or Nest require a lengthy contract. With Arlo, however, you have the option to subscribing to month-to-month cloud storage so that you can store the videos from your surveillance cameras. With Nest, you can subscribe to month-to-month 24/7 monitoring if that's what you prefer.


The price for an Arlo system ranges from $210 to $420 depending on where you purchase it. A single camera can cost upwards of $200 or more, so purchasing a system is much more affordable.

It costs $399 to purchase the Nest home security system. If you choose to sign up for the 24/7 monitoring through Brinks, a 3-year contract is required. It costs $19 a month with the contract and $29.99 for the month-to-month service.


The Arlo system by Netgear includes 2 white Arlo cameras, magnet mounting brackets, rechargeable batteries, and all of the wiring cables needed to operate the system. You also receive a hub that allows the system to interact with other devices.

For the $399 starter pack you will receive a Guard hub, two door/window/motion sensors, and two tag key fobs. Additional devices can be purchased and integrated into the system at any time, such as a Nest Cam. The equipment for both companies is delivered to the home with instructions for easy installation and set up.


Both Arlo and Nest are basic do-it-yourself systems that come with easy to understand directions. Nest does offer a professional installation option for homeowners who would prefer to have a pro do the work.

Emergency Connections

While Nest has a more sophisticated system when it comes to emergency connectivity, the Arlo system can contact emergency responders when connected to a SmartThings hub and a landline, Wi-Fi or cellular service.

Summary: Nest vs Arlo

The Arlo home security system by Netgear primarily uses cameras for the intrusion protection and alarm services. Although somewhat expensive for the equipment and services you receive, it's an ideal choice for both renters and homeowners who want a sophisticated alarm system to protect their home.

The Nest home security system is the perfect choice for individuals who use the Google smart home platform. It allows for full home automation and makes the entire system easy to use. Homeowners and renters who are looking for convenience but don't mind paying a little extra can find exactly what they are looking for with Nest.

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