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As a homeowner, knowing your home and property are safe and secure from would-be intruders provides the ultimate peace of mind. But how can you really ensure the safety of you and yours? After all, is it truly possible to know exactly what’s going on in your house inside and out? Why yes … yes it is. With the right home security system, you can enjoy 24/7 monitoring with the ability to see what is happening on your property at any time, day or night. That fabled peace of mind is much more attainable than you think.

But, here’s the thing: Shopping for a home security system can be an overwhelming process. With so many different options to choose from, and each company claiming to be the best, it’s hard for you to know which is the right choice. To help you out, we’ve examined and scrutinized many different home security systems to find out what details really matter and what to look for as a homeowner or renter. Recently, we tested and reviewed Vivint and Xfinity security systems to help you narrow down your options.

Vivint Smart Home Equipment

Vivint Smart Home Equipment

Did You Know? Vivint is one of our perennial favorite home security systems. While it’s not a perfect system, their professional installation service, reliable 24/7 monitoring, and high quality equipment makes it a top contender in our book. See our full Vivint review to learn more.

Similarities Between Vivint and Xfinity

For starters, both Vivint and Xfinity offer plenty of useful features every homeowner can enjoy. They overlap quite a bit when it comes to features and tech, offering aesthetically-pleasing devices that are both easy to use and well-designed. Each company offers 100% wireless security systems and prioritizes creating a seamless home automation experience for their customers.

Comcast Xfinity Home Security Mobile App

Comcast Xfinity Home Security Mobile App

You might already know that security cameras are often the most crucial components of a great security setup, and thankfully Vivint and Xfinity both offer indoor and outdoor cameras for 24/7 surveillance of your entire property.

Each company offers high-quality entry sensors that will alert you of intruders, even while you’re sleeping or away from home. Whichever of these two companies you choose, their professional installation techs will mount your hardware and get your system installed within a couple of hours. In fact, both require professional installation; so if you’re a DIYer, you might want to look into SimpliSafe or Cove security systems.

Lastly, both companies sell environmental hazard sensors, so you’ll always be aware when there is a potential threat like fire, flooding, a carbon monoxide leak, and the like.

FYI: Xfinity’s base monitoring price is reasonable, starting at $30 per month. But each additional piece of technology you add can increase the cost significantly.

Differences Between Vivint and Xfinity

While many of the features and technology between Vivint and Xfinity prove to be similar, we did surprisingly find some glaring differences when it came to customer experience and contractual obligations.

Unfortunately, Xfinity customer service isn’t known to be very good, and it’s known to be pretty difficult to break a contract should you have to cancel service for any reason. Vivint, on the other hand, has a reputation for providing great customer service overall.

A positive thing about Xfinity’s contracts is that they tend to be much shorter than Vivint’s. Xfinity only requires a two-year contract, while Vivint requires four- to five-year contracts (hopefully you’re not afraid of commitment!).

That said, we also found that the range of availability is much higher with Vivint, as you can only get an Xfinity security system in places where you can get Comcast.

FYI: You do have the option to purchase Xfinity’s equipment outright, and doing so will reduce the amount you have to pay monthly. You can also save money on an Xfinity security system if you bundle your internet, cable, and phone service with them.

But perhaps the biggest difference between Vivint and Xfinity is the smart home automation features. Don’t get us wrong, Xfinity does offer some home automation capabilities. But while testing Vivint, we found their system to be incredibly streamlined, and the system makes it easy to connect multiple smart devices (like smart lights, thermostats, smart locks, garage controllers, etc.) in building out a smart home ecosystem.

Highlighting the Features and Tech

We all know that having a reliable security system 24/7 is essential. If you’re going to invest in a home security system, you have to trust that it will work properly when you need it most (otherwise, what’s the point?). Both Vivint and Xfinity are trusted in this regard since a triggered alarm will notify the monitoring center immediately.

With the basics covered, the next things you need to consider are the various features offered by each company. That’s where you can rely on our expertise to help you determine what’s most important to you. Honestly, it’s worth your time to read about the features each brand brings to the table to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Vivint Ping Camera Mounted on the wall

Vivint Ping Camera Mounted on the wall

Best Vivint Features

If you want a fully customized home security system, then Vivint should definitely top your list. You can equip your home with cameras that cover every square inch of your property, or just simply install sensors that monitor doors and windows. Regardless of your needs, Vivint can customize a package for you that includes any of the following features:

  • 180-degree Doorbell Camera: With Vivint’s Doorbell Camera Pro, you’ll know exactly when a package is delivered. You can even talk to the delivery person via the doorbell if you have specific instructions on where to leave your package. The 180°x 180° viewing ensures you won’t miss any activity on your doorstep. With porch pirates on the rise these days, this is a win in our book!
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras: Vivint has two of the best home security cameras we’ve seen. Features include person detection, night vision, two-way talk, active deterrents, and more.
  • Smart Deter Technology: Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to security systems. The Smart Deter technology identifies and deters threats by illuminating light and creating a sound to scare off potential intruders.
  • Security Sensors: Sensors add an extra layer of protection by monitoring your doors and windows. If an intruder attempts to break in, an alert will sound and alert Vivint’s monitoring team. Motion sensors and glass-break detectors are also available from Vivint.
  • Two-Way Voice: If you want to know who’s at your door when you’re away from home, you can easily talk to them by using the two-way voice that’s built into Vivint’s doorbell camera.
  • Smart Home Control: Depending on the plan you choose, you may be able to control everything from your thermostat, locks, and lights to cameras and the garage door, all from Vivint’s mobile app.
  • Car Guard: Whether at home or out and about, Vivint’s Car Guard ensures your vehicle is always protected. Get disturbance alerts, track location, and diagnose issues all via your smartphone.
  • Smart Device Connection: You can connect additional smart home devices directly to your Vivint system. These include Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Nest thermostats.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Get added peace of mind with a fire, flood, and carbon monoxide safety alarm. If an alarm goes off, you’ll immediately be connected with Vivint’s monitoring team who can send emergency personnel if required.

Xfinity Features

Xfinity also offers plenty of features at different price points. One of the neat things about their security system is the ability to bundle it with other Xfinity services like TV and the internet. The end result is (almost) complete control of your home from a single app. Below are some of the most important and exciting features you can enjoy with an Xfinity security system.

  • Professional Installation: Xfinity’s professional installation service rivals that of Vivint and ADT. Your Xfinity technician will have your system up and running within two hours, and they’ll show you how to operate your system before packing up and leaving.
  • Voice Controls: The convenience of using voice controls to turn on the lights, arm your security system, or review video recordings has never been easier with Xfinity’s voice controls.
  • Door and Window Sensors: Further secure your home with door and window sensors and get real-time alerts if any are opened unexpectedly.
  • Smart Device Integration: Some of the smart home devices you currently have can be integrated and used with Xfinity’s home security system.
  • Recording and Reviewing Videos: The cameras record footage 24/7 and you can review your complete video history for up to seven days.
  • Updated Technology: Xfinity offers the option to upgrade your old security system with the newest technology.
  • Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor: Distinguish between intruders and your four-legged friends with Xfinity’s pet-sensitive wireless motion sensors. These can cover an area of approximately 50 ft x 50 ft.
  • Zen Thermostat: Create custom “scenes” and adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere and everywhere, making it easy to save money on your energy bill year-round.

FYI: Want to know what it’s really like living with Xfinity security? Read our full Comcast Xfinity home security review to get the full scoop.

Vivint vs. Xfinity: Fees and Costs

Now, for the budget-minded folks out there, how do these two stack up in terms of overall cost? On the surface, it may seem like Xfinity’s pricing is more competitive than Vivint’s; however, when you examine the features and additional costs, the opposite may be true depending on your security system configuration. Let’s take a look!

Vivint Pricing

Vivint offers transparent pricing (which we always appreciate) beginning at $29.99 per month. If you’re looking to add more advanced technology and monitoring, then you might pay roughly $39.99 per month. This, of course, is assuming you purchase your Vivint equipment up front, which will cost a minimum of $599.

If you’d rather spread your equipment cost over time, you can finance the equipment and bundle it into your monthly monitoring fee. If you go this route, you’ll likely be spending $50-$75 or more per month. So if possible, we always recommend biting the bullet and buying your gear on day one.

Did You Know? Vivint offers flexible options for those who purchase their equipment up front. But, take heed, if you choose to finance the equipment, you’ll likely be locked into a four- or five-year contract.

If you’re curious about Vivint’s offerings and payment terms, head on over to our comprehensive Vivint Pricing Guide.

Vivint Motion Sensor

Vivint Motion Sensor

Xfinity Costs and Fees

Xfinity’s pricing is a little less transparent and more difficult to understand compared to Vivint. The base monitoring package begins at $29.99 per month, but you also have many different packages to choose from and could pay upwards of $100 per month for the most advanced equipment and monitoring.

FYI: One of the major selling points for Xfinity is the ability to bundle other services into one bill. However, if you do not have other Xfinity services, then you may not benefit as much and end up paying more.

Finally, for a more detailed breakdown of Xfinity’s offerings, check out our Xfinity Pricing guide.

Final Call: Is Vivint or Xfinity Better?

Drumroll, please … After we tested and evaluated both home security companies, we believe Vivint is the superior home security system. But this does not mean Xfinity should be out of the running! There are still plenty of features and benefits you can enjoy with Xfinity. The ultimate decision will likely come down to the features and price points as you customize the system to suit your needs.

The one thing that stands out to us with Vivint is their customer service and attention to detail, which can honestly be a game changer between companies. Vivint reps ensure that you know exactly what you’ll be paying each month and what features are truly suited for your home. After all, you probably won’t need the most deluxe package complete with multiple outdoor cameras for your one bedroom, top-floor apartment (unless you want to really secure your balcony).

FYI: When pricing, features, and reliability are equal, customer service usually is what separates the great companies from the good ones, and that’s exactly where we stand with our Vivint vs. Xfinity comparison.

The bottom line: If you have Xfinity services already and want the convenience of bundling home security alongside them, then you likely won’t regret doing so. But for customers who desire the most innovative smart technology, Vivint is far and away the better choice. You might have to lock into a lengthy five-year contract, but that just means you’ll have one of the best home security systems protecting your home and family for at least five years, right? Also, remember that Vivint does offer different options to make moving your service a breeze if you get the urge to relocate.

When all is said and done, Vivint edges out Xfinity in features, pricing, and overall value.

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