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Between these two security systems, our favorite is ADT.

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Comcast is a leader in the media industry and is now using that technology to combine its cable, phone, and internet services with a premium home security system, Xfinity. ADT is and has been a leader in the home security industry for decades. Both security systems fall into the elite category in both sophistication and price.

Overview: Xfinity vs ADT

Both ADT and Comcast offer technologically advanced home security systems with a price tag to match. What Comcast brings to the table in terms of convenience, ADT counters with professional customer service and quality equipment.

  1. Both offer comprehensive home automation
  2. Both require lengthy contracts
  3. Both require professional installation
  4. Comcast's customer service has a low customer service rating
  5. ADT offers top of the line equipment and highly rated customer service

Similarities: ADT vs Xfinity

ADT and Comcast are advanced home security systems when it comes to home automation and the ability to provide thorough protection. Both offer a variety of features and devices that can protect almost every aspect of your home, including environmental threats.

  • Full home automation
  • Professional installation
  • Mobile app for remote operation
  • Indoor/outdoor security features
  • Lengthy contracts
  • Different packages for different needs

Differences: ADT vs Xfinity

The main differences between ADT and Comcast have to do with the quality of the equipment and each company's customer service department. When it comes to price, both ADT and Comcast fall on the high end, with Comcast being dinged for hidden fees.

  • Comcast is rated as below average when it comes customer service
  • Comcast is also known for hidden fees and unannounced price changes
  • ADT offers the Ring Doorbell viewer as one of its newest devices
  • ADT's medical devices work from any location
  • ADT offers a money back guarantee for the first six-months
  • Comcast offers discounts if you have their media package
  • ADT offers free installation
  • ADT offers medical alert devices that operate with a GPS so they can be used from anywhere


ADT offers both landline and cellular service to prevent any downtime if cell service drops. Their sensors are pet-friendly and reduce the number of false alarms. ADT's environmental sensors are state of the art and provide accurate alarms in case of CO, smoke, fire, water, sudden temperature change, or flood. ADT offers medical alert systems as part of their contract.

Comcast's Smart Home system also has the Zen thermostat and outlet controllers that allow you to control your lights via remote. Comcast's system also monitors weather changes and can recommend a schedule for your HVAC system so that it operates more efficiently.


ADT and Comcast require lengthy contracts. Contracts are written for three years, but with Comcast, the price fluctuates. While you aren't required to have the other Comcast services, you get discounts if you do. Before signing any contract with either company, you should read it carefully.

ADT allows for cancellations up until the six-month as long as the equipment is returned. This also comes with a money back guarantee. ADT contracts allow you to add new devices to your plan throughout its duration, although additional fees may apply.


Comcast's pricing starts at $39.99 if you don't have other services through them. If you choose to bundle internet or cable with your home security, the first year will cost $29.99 a month. After that time, the price goes back up to the $39.99 per month. Many customers report hidden fees along with the activation fee. Comcast also charges a separate fee of $9.99 per month per camera if you want 24/7 surveillance with 10 days of video storage.

ADT offers a variety of home security plans starting at $36.99 per month. The most expensive plan costs $52.99 a month and includes ADT Pulse. ADT has no hidden fees and all costs are discussed up front.


ADT is well-known for its sophisticated equipment, including the video doorbell with two-way communication. It offers full home automation allowing you to control all of your connected devices through a convenient mobile app.

Although Comcast has the technology to be on the same par as ADT, the quality of its equipment is average at best. Many of the reviews concerning the Xfinity equipment involves numerous false alarms, inaccurate readings, and faulty or defective equipment. When the equipment is working at its best, it offers adequate protection through a fully automated home system.

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Neither ADT nor Comcast offer do-it-yourself installation. Due to the sophistication of the equipment and ADT's use of landlines, professional installation is required. All Comcast devices must be professionally installed. The only device that can be installed by the homeowner is the outlet controllers.

ADT offers a few devices that can be added by the homeowner, but for the most part, the entire system is professionally installed to ensure proper connectivity to both telephone landlines and cellular service. ADT offers free installation on all of their products.

Emergency Connections

Both ADT and Comcast offer security devices and sensors that monitor for CO, smoke, fire, water, flood, and freeze. Each system's environmental monitors use state of the art technology to identify moisture, dramatic temperatures and other conditions allowing them to immediately send out alerts any time they are triggered.

With ADT, alerts are only sent along landline connections with reduces the risk of false alarms. Both systems notify you of alarms that are triggered so that you are aware of the situation. The proper authorities are notified when specific alarms are triggered.

Summary: Xfinity vs ADT

For homeowners who want the best home security in terms of technology and aren't worried about the price or a long contract, ADT has a package that is perfect. ADT offers the latest in technology when it comes to both alarms and monitoring.

If you want the convenience of bundling your cable, internet, and home security systems then Comcast Xfinity is a good choice. Although it's more costly than other bundled services and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired, the home security system does the job effectively.

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