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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Vivint.

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Vivint and Alder home security systems both offer multiple packages that are designed to meet the needs of every homeowner. Vivint is geared more toward fully professional service, while Alder offers both do-it-yourself options when it comes to installation.

Warranties are also offered by both companies, but Alder's is a “limited” lifetime warranty. Alder also offers medical monitoring but is limited in terms of home automation, even when paired with Alexa.

Overview: Vivint vs Alder

Vivint and Alder home security systems offer homeowners effective and reliable home security. They offer quality equipment and professional monitoring for an added layer of security. Both offer 24/7 customer service. Alder seems to falter in terms of customer service response but excels in terms of responding to system alerts when an emergency occurs. Both companies require contracts unless you can afford to purchase all of your equipment upfront.

  • Vivint's systems range in price from $700 to $1800 if bought upfront
  • Alder offers a “limited” lifetime warranty on its equipment
  • Both require a long-term contract of up to 5-years
  • Both offer nationwide service
  • Cellular monitoring is offered by both companies

Similarities: Alder vs Vivint

Vivint and Alder offer wireless systems that operate using a cellular-driven network. Both offer at least partial home automation that allows you to connect with your system while you are away from home (Vivint offers full home automation.). Mobile apps are available that let you view your home through each system's video cameras. Each company uses state of the art technology and quality devices to create systems that are able to detect both intrusions as well as environmental hazards.

  • Environmental hazard detection
  • Home automation
  • Wireless equipment
  • Cellular connectivity
  • 3- to 5-year contracts are required

Differences: Alder vs Vivint

For all of their similarities, Vivint and Alder do have several key differences. Vivint only offers professional installation, while Alder offers the option between professional installation and allowing the customer to install the system on their own. When it comes to connectivity, Vivint offers a landline option where Alder does not. Vivint also offers more complete home automation than Alder. Vivint also offers an option to opt-out of a contract requirement if the customer purchases the system outright.

  • Alder offers medical monitoring
  • Vivint charges a $49 installation fee that increases depending on the size of the system
  • Vivint offers a much more complete home automation and security offering
  • Vivint is much more well-known than Alder


Vivint offers a long list of features that include a remote that can be customized to your system, entry sensors, motion sensors, indoor/outdoor cameras, doorbells that offer video and two-way voice communication, environmental sensors, and home automation options that connect with smart thermostats and door locks.

Alder offers video surveillance cameras, a full list of environmental sensors, door/window sensors, motion sensors, a convenient mobile app, and wireless equipment. The system operates across a cellular network and offers a quick response time once an alert has been received.


Vivint requires a long-term contract (42 to 60 months) unless you can pay the full purchase price for your entire system.

Alder offers various contract options but prefers customers to choose the five-year contract.


Vivint offers both basic and advanced plans. The most basic offering starts at $30 per month for the professional monitoring plus the additional fee for the payment of the equipment. The advanced plan (Smart Home Service) includes the basic service plus home automation options and starts at $40 a month plus the cost of the equipment. Installation starts at $50 and increases according to the number of devices you have.

Alder does not release any prices until the customer calls in for the consultation and an evaluation has been performed.


Vivint offers state of the art equipment for maximum effectiveness. They offer video doorbells with two-way voice communication, entry sensors, garage door switches, environmental hazard sensors, indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras, and motion detectors.

Alder also offers environmental hazard sensors, entry sensors, video cameras, video doorbells, and motion sensors.


Vivint requires professional installation while Alder offers you the option to choose between installing it themselves or having a professional installer visit their home.

Emergency Connections

Vivint's system can connect using either a cellular connection or a landline. With professional monitoring, a notification is sent to you anytime an alert is received. Local authorities are also notified and units are then dispatched to your location.

Alder only uses cellular connectivity. It sends notifications to your as well as the names on your contact list. They will also notify local authorities and make sure units are dispatched as quickly as possible. Alder is known for its quick response times when alerts are received.

Summary: Vivint vs Alder

Vivint is a good choice if you want a reliable home security system. They are an industry leader and have a good reputation for being upfront about their terms and conditions. Check out our Vivint review and learn more.

Alder offers an easy to use security system. It's a good choice for individuals who prefer simple security options that can be installed the way they like it.