Travis Goodreau

Vivint is leading the way in home automation with more than 1.4 million customers in the United States and Canada. Vivint offers smart home products, including doorbell cameras, the Ping camera, outdoor cameras, the Element thermostat, garage door control, and smart door locks. The Vivint Smart Home app allows you to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere anytime, and it alerts you when the smart door lock is accessed or when it is left unlocked. Vivint’s secure technology ensures that your smart lock is protected against unauthorized entry.



Vivint smart door locks give you choices. With Vivint you can choose from several Kwikset Smart Locks, which allows function as either a deadbolt or a regular door handle. The Vivint alarm will sound after three incorrect attempts at entry. You can remotely control the smart locks or manually enter a PIN into the keypad. You can assign up to 30 different access codes, so there’s no need to hide a key or leave the house unlocked. You can grant and take away access to the codes as you need, so that you can grant one-time access to a maintenance worker. The Vivint Smart Home app logs the access codes so that you know who has accessed your home and when.

With smart door locks, you get flexibility, especially as part of an automated home security system that includes cameras. If your Vivint Doorbell Camera triggers due to movement, you can answer the doorbell and then choose whether to unlock the smart locks with remote control. The Vivint Smart Home app sends you an alert anytime the smart door locks sound an alarm.

Smart door locks through Vivint are unique in that they streamline into a comprehensive system that you can control from the app or from the control panel inside your home. The control panel can integrate with Google Home so you can command the system with your voice as well.

Smart Home App

The Vivint Smart Home app is where you control your smart locks and any other equipment in your security system. The highly-rated app (4.5 stars in Google Play and 4.6 stars in Apple’s App Store) allows you to control your locks, cameras, thermostat, lighting, and other automated appliances from a single user interface. You can also interact with visitors on your doorstep through your doorbell camera. You won’t have to switch back and forth between several apps to protect your home. You can even set alerts to remind you if you forget to lock your door.

Vivint Smart Lock Specifications

Vivint offers the battery-operated Smart Lock 8880 and Smart Lock 9910. The locks have three options for finish: nickel, bronze, and brass. Both locks replace the existing deadbolt on your door. The locks can pick up a wireless signal from 100 feet away.

Vivint Security Packages with Smart Lock Options

Automated security through Vivint is fully customizable. You choose what you want and only pay for those features. Vivint Smart Home requires that any high-end equipment (like smart door locks, cameras, and touch-screen control panel) be installed by a certified professional, which ensures that the equipment not only is installed correctly but also communicates flawlessly with the rest of the system. Vivint provides 24/7 award-winning, professional monitoring for home security systems.

Vivint takes home security automation seriously. That’s why they offer a free one-on-one consultation where a Smart Home professional comes to your home to help you design the smart home of your dreams. That might include one smart door lock or three, depending on your needs. The equipment is backed by Smart Home Specialists who are available anytime you need them for security support and monitoring.

Smart Home Package

The basic Vivint smart home package includes the Vivint Smart Hub, the Vivint app, one motion detector, and two door sensors. This package can be customized to include additional equipment with each item added piece by piece.  The Smart Home package starts at $29.99 per month and increases for additional equipment, such as smart door locks.

Smart Home + Video Package

To get the most out of what Vivint offers, Vivint created the Smart Home + Video Package. This package includes the Vivint Smart Hub, the Vivint app, one motion detector, and two door sensors. Equipment that can be integrated with this package includes Kwikset smart locks, Vivint doorbell camera, Vivint Element thermostat, Nest thermostat, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Vivint Ping camera, Vivint outdoor camera, and Linear garage door control.

Package Pricing

Vivint offers customers the option of purchasing the equipment up front or of signing a 60-month contract. The contract qualifies you to pay monthly installments for the equipment package. Equipment packages start at $599 and stretch up to $1,789.

You can purchase the smart lock for $179.99 by itself, or you can tack it onto one of the product packages.