Travis Goodreau

ADT is a recognized name in home security with more than seven million customers in the United States and Canada. ADT offers a wide range of services and products, including professional 24/7 monitoring, entryway sensors, motion detectors, a wireless remote to control your home security system from afar, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, emergency buttons, indoor and outdoor cameras, and more. ADT has products for home automation, including lights, thermostats, garage door control, video doorbells, smart plugs and switches, and smart door locks.


Seamless Integration

Smart door locks can integrate seamlessly into an ADT automated security system. Smart locks with ADT allow you to control your home’s door locks with the Pulse app, which means that you never have to remember your keys again, you can lock and unlock the door no matter your location with the touch of a button, and you always know when the status of your smart lock changes (goes from locked to unlocked).


Smart locks from ADT are programmable. You can create up to 30 unique user access codes for anyone who needs access to your home when you’re away, whether they are family members, friends, or contractors. The ADT Pulse app tracks who has locked or unlocked your door, so you have a log of access. You can also program the door to automatically lock after 30 seconds or to unlock at a certain time every day. The lock gives you the option to set up automation for the rare emergency situation. For example, you can program your locks to automatically unlock if your security system senses a fire or smoke.

With ADT you can create Scenes with one touch, and smart door locks can integrate into any Scene. An ADT Scene is a combination of customizable actions that change your home’s security system depending upon the time of day. For example, you can set up a Scene that turns on lights, adjusts the thermostat, and unlocks the doors when you pull into the driveway using geo-fencing technology.

Bump Guard

These smart locks include a bump guard, which protects you against lock bumping. Lock bumping is a locksmith technique used by burglars to trick a cylinder lock into accepting the wrong key when they “bump” the key. The bump key leaves no signs of forced entry and is relatively quiet, but an ADT smart lock protects your home from this additional threat. If you feel that your smart door lock has been compromised for any reason, the ADT lock is easy to re-key. You never have to uninstall or remove the lock and the process is quick. This saves you money, since you won’t have to call a professional locksmith.

Specifications for ADT Smart Door Locks

Many smart door locks must be hardwired into your home’s wiring by a professional electrician, but ADT gives you a wireless option. Wireless smart door locks communicate using wireless, Z-wave technology to your home’s security system, cutting the hassle without compromising your home’s security. This smart door lock can be installed quickly and easily by a certified ADT professional. The lock operates on four AA batteries that should last you close to one year, so you can install the lock and not have to worry about your home’s most crucial point of security.

The ADT smart door lock comes in three different finishes and is made by the trusted brand Kwikset. The lock includes a keypad that can control the smart deadbolt lock for when remote access isn’t an option. The keypad illuminates when you push buttons, improving visibility in low-light settings or at nighttime. The lock includes 128-bit encryption security.

ADT Security Packages with Smart Lock Options

ADT's Control Package and Video Package have the option to include smart door locks. The upfront equipment fee for both packages is $125, and the activation fee for the ADT system ranges from $99 to $199. ADT does not sell equipment piece by piece, so the cost of the smart door locks gets rolled into your package price.

Control Package

The Control Package costs $36.99 per month for professional monitoring. With the ADT Control Package, you can control your home security system from anywhere, anytime. This package includes a digital panel, cellular connection, a high-decibel alarm, entryway sensors, the ADT mobile app, and smart devices. With the ADT mobile app, you can monitor and control any smart devices connected to your home’s security system, including smart door locks.

Video Package

The Video Package costs $52.99 per month for professional monitoring. The ADT Video Package includes everything in the Control Package plus video. From the ADT mobile app, you can view video footage from both indoor and outdoor cameras from the comfort of your mobile devices, and you can view a live video feed or watch clips produced by triggered events.

Video cameras pair perfectly with smart door locks. You can remotely unlock the smart door lock if you see a family member or a welcomed visitor on the video feed. You can also remotely lock the door and turn on smart lighting with the touch of a button if you see an unwelcome guest. Remote access allows you to control your smart door lock without having to share access codes.