Travis Goodreau

Vivint’s home security offering help to make it easier to keep your family safe. The company offers a large range of features, including both home security and home automation tools. You can choose those that fit your goals and help to keep your family safe. One of the ways to ensure you have customized support is by having the right type of sensors in place. Vivint sensors can help to pick up alerts and send them to your app or through a text message quickly, giving you time to respond. Here’s a look at some of the sensors available through Vivint.

Vivint Window Sensors

The windows around your home can be a target for those who wish to break into your space. Any time you have a window that is at the ground level or one that is easily reached on the second floor, you should consider the value of window sensors. The Vivint models are small enough to place on just about any window. Once there, they will monitor the window for any instances in which it is opened. If it is opened while the system is armed, it will send an alert to you so you can take proper action. This is a tamper-proof sensor. It has a 5-year lithium battery and is very easy to use. It is hard to notice the sensor, too, which means someone who isn’t looking for it is not likely to see it.  The installation of the Vivint window sensors takes only a few minutes. Once they are in place, you probably will forget about them. However, once you have them linked to your security system, they will arm and disarm as you wish.

Vivint Door Sensors

The Vivint door sensors are the same as the window sensors. They are fitted to the door frame. When there is any type of opening of the door when the system is on, it will send an alert to your phone, so you can take action – such as seeing what’s happening if there is a linked camera nearby. Because the door sensors are so small, they can be hidden easily along the edge of the framing, making it hard for someone to spot them. They are also tamper-resistant. That means that the sensor will alarm if someone tries to turn them off or otherwise disable the sensor. It does this before someone can turn them off, giving you time to react. The door sensors do not cause any damage to the door or its frame. They do not interfere with the hinges either. You can arm and disarm these sensors, once they are connected to your Vivint home security system, through the app.

Vivint Glass Break Sensors

The glass break sensor from Vivint is an important tool to consider. These sensors detect the unique sound that glass makes when it is being shattered. These sensors are very small. They can blend right into your wall or the framing in a room. Once they are installed – and the installation process takes only a few minutes – the sensors begin to work. They can detect glass breaking in windows, doors, or other areas. And, they can work along with your motion sensors and cameras to let you know where the sound is coming from. If cameras are present, you can then use your app to determine what caused the glass to break. If it hears the sound of glass breaking, the device alerts you immediately. It can be an easy addition to your Vivint SkyControl system.

Vivint Motion Sensors

When integrating sensors into your home, one key tool to consider is a motion sensor. These can be placed in any area of the home. When they detect motion, they alert, often allowing connected cameras to turn on and to begin to record. There are a few things that help to make Vivint motion sensors valuable. First, they are designed to work with your Vivint SkyControl panel. If there is motion sensed, for example, you can access a real-time view of the space with your camera (if there is one in that area). They have a good range of view, too, which means you can tuck it into the corner of the room and get a clear view of what is happening around you. Also, you can set them up to block out motion from pets. This can help to minimize the number of false alarms you have.

Vivint Fire Sensors

Vivint’s Firefighter is a smoke detector tool that you do not want to overlook. As with other tools, it links to your Vivint SkyControl panel and becomes accessible to you through your app. This Firefighter component helps you by monitoring a hardwired smoke detector. It has a small sensor that is placed by the current smoke detector you have in your home. Then, if this alarm sounds, it will send a message to your Vivint SkyControl panel and a message to your phone or to your professional monitoring service. If you do not have a smoke detector, Vivint does have a smart smoke detector you can purchase. It offers a 35-foot radius for detection. It is a battery-powered and wireless system that features a tamper-resistant design. Once in place, it can alert you to any type of detection of a fire in the space.

Vivint Flood Sensors

Vivint’s flood sensor is called a Water Sensor. It provides a simple way to monitor for any type of water problem in a specific area of the home. It picks up any leaks as well as standing water within the space. It can also detect temperatures that drop to freezing levels, which is a common cause for water lines to break. In doing this, Vivint is able to give you the ability to react, both in getting your family out to safety and to getting help right away. The flood sensors have a 3 to 6 year battery life span. They are also small, measuring under three inches. This allows you to place them just about anywhere with ease.