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Believe it or not, approximately one-in-five households were the victim of a property-related crime in 2020. Investing in a quality home security setup has never been more important, and choosing the right system doesn’t have to be stressful. To aid your search we’ve gone ahead and compared two of the most reputable companies on the marketplace today: Brinks and Vivint.

Vivint Smart Home Equipment

Vivint Smart Home Equipment

Brinks may have begun in a stagecoach, but now offers its services nationwide. It is among the oldest and most trusted brands in its territory. Vivint, formerly APX, changed its name as a proclamation to its clientele — “Vive” for live and “int” for intelligently (live intelligently). The slogan speaks to its dedication to providing smart home security systems for its clients, which now number over one million people throughout the United States.

So how do these two industry icons match up in terms of similarities, pricing, and the like? Check out our results below.

Brinks Equipment

Brinks Equipment

How do Brinks and Vivint Compare?

Similarities Between Brinks and Vivint

It’s clear that Brinks and Vivint are both long-standing, reputable home security providers that know how to keep their customers safe. Each share similar features and, while there are a few distinct differences in contract terms and pricing, their basic approach to home protection is pretty comparable. With that said, we were still surprised by some other similarities we found during our hands-on testing of these systems. Let’s have a look!

Brinks vs. Vivint: Features and Technology

Brinks and Vivint are well aware that to provide a compelling performance in the modern world, security systems need to be technologically advanced. So, as a result, both Brinks and Vivint provide 100 percent wireless equipment, earning top spots in our list of best wireless home security systems.

With Brinks, you’ll be able to connect via Wi-Fi or cellular service and operate the system remotely using your smartphone or tablet. Vivint, on the other hand, provides both a cellular and landline connection. Like with Brinks, you’ll also have access to their system remotely via a mobile app.

When it comes to technology, Brinks and Vivint both offer at least some form of home automation, each serving as a central hub for smart home devices that integrate with automation platforms like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple TV.

Did You Know? Brinks offers plenty of smart features thanks to its compatibility with Google Nest. But Vivint takes the cake as far as intelligent home security goes. In fact, Vivint has the smartest systems we’ve used (and we’ve used them all!).

For more information on what makes a smart home “smart,” check out our trusty Home Automation Guide complete with details on these platforms and more.

Environmental Hazard Detection

Unfortunately, standard homeowners insurance won't cover flood or water damages in a household. Incidents like burst pipes in the winter or water leaks are common sources of damage to homes (and can definitely ruin your day… er, month).

Environmental hazard protection with Brinks and Vivint home security systems can alert you to these hazards before you experience a loss that’s difficult to recover from. Additionally, their systems allow you to maintain adequate air quality with a humidity and temperature assessment. Environmental hazard detection not only helps prevent loss and maintain safety, but it also preserves clean air and, in turn, overall family health.

Brinks vs. Vivint: Contracts and Terms

Long-term contracts can be a huge commitment and is something that should certainly be considered when shopping around for your home security setup. Personally, we’re not fond of long-term contracts; however, we don’t see them as dealbreakers if other aspects of the system prove exceptional.

Regrettably, both Brinks and Vivint require long-term contract commitments. When signing up with Brinks, you agree to a term of three years. But, you do have the option to cancel with a money-back-guarantee up to 30 days from purchase. We appreciated this feature as we’re really fond of “trying before buying,” especially when it comes to large purchases.

On the flip side, if you buy a Vivint home security system, you commit to a Vivint contract of either four or five years, and they only offer a very brief trial period. So this is something to keep in mind before pulling out your credit card. Is Vivint worth the commitment? Well, we definitely think so. You can read our full Vivint review to find out what it’s like living with this intelligent home security system.

Vivint Ping Camera Mounted on the wall

Vivint Ping Camera Mounted on the wall

Video Doorbell, Two-Way Communication

We were excited to find that both Brinks and Vivint offer one of our favorite home security components: the video doorbell. These discreet cameras offer many benefits including two-way communication, which allows you to speak with a person on the outside from behind the safety of your locked door.

The camera also lets you view anyone who steals items from the front of your house, like those infamous “porch pirates” who love to swipe incoming packages. Thankfully, both Brinks and Vivint offer video doorbells. If you’re curious, we think Vivint’s doorbell camera takes the edge over Brinks’ option. Here’s our latest Vivint doorbell review so you can get a sense of its performance.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Last but not least, both Brinks and Vivint offer 24/7 monitoring services, which is pretty much the industry standard today. However, Brinks gives you the option to either self-monitor your own system or let the professionals take on the job. Vivint makes this decision on your behalf, requiring you to use Vivint's professional monitoring service with their setup.

FYI: With Brinks home security, the customer has the choice of self-monitoring or using professional monitoring services. Vivint requires professional monitoring with their system.

Brinks vs. Vivint’s Basic Equipment Packages

So, if you’ve decided to take the plunge and sign up for a Brinks or Vivint home security package, what can you expect to gain? For starters, both companies will offer you comparable equipment packages to get you up and running.

Brinks offers a customizable basic plan (complete with a two-year warranty) that includes the following:

  • Three entry sensors
  • One motion sensor
  • A control panel
  • An optional video doorbell viewer with two-way communication
  • Optional outdoor/indoor cameras

Did You Know? Brinks systems are compatible with Google Nest home automation products. Brinks’ products can be self-installed in a simple DIY process, while Vivint requires professional installation with a lifetime warranty on the equipment.

Brinks home security systems are compatible with products from Google Nest, which are some of the best smart home products available on the market today. These items must be purchased separately, but they make great add-ons for the basic plan. Also, the DIY-style Brinks system is easy to install and set up. If you feel intimidated, don’t stress. User-friendly instructions are included in your package, and a lot of resources are available online (for free) to assist. These include detailed steps on how to install security cameras written by our team of home security experts.

Live Video of the Vivint Doorbell

Live Video of the Vivint Doorbell

Keep in mind that Vivint also provides a lifetime warranty on its equipment, which is a major plus! The Vivint home security system has to be professionally installed, so DIY is not an option. But hey, less work for you! Vivint’s basic (but customizable) plan includes:

  • A 7-inch touch-screen control panel
  • Professional monitoring
  • Entry sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Optional video camera(s)
  • Optional home automation equipment
  • Optional video doorbell with 2-way communication

Brinks vs. Vivint: Pricing and Fees

Now for the not-so-fun part of the shopping experience: cost. You’ll be relieved to hear that both Brinks and Vivint offer affordable package options for their home security systems.

Brink's basic home security system starts at $399. The packages run as follows:

  • Home complete plan: $29 per month
  • Home complete plan, including video: $39 per month
Brinks Home Security App

Brinks Home Security App

Vivint clients can either purchase the equipment outright or finance the purchase. Basic home security packages are as follows:

  • Smart Secure service: $29.99 monthly
  • Smart Home service: $39.99 monthly

These packages serve as umbrella categories for Vivint's home monitoring plans and many sub-plans are available under these categories.

FYI: Both Brinks and Vivint offer affordable packages with equipment paid up front, but with Vivint, you have the opportunity to finance the equipment instead of paying outright.

Brinks or Vivint, Who Wins the Day?

Deciding on a home security system provider can prove to be a daunting and tedious task, but the choice you make may ultimately determine the safety of your family. While we can’t make this decision for you, hopefully we’ve at least managed to shed some light on two of the industry’s leading giants, each with many pros (and maybe a few cons).

When the dust settles, we think Vivint is the better system to go with. Not only does Vivint offer reliable monitoring and professional installation, you’ll also enjoy some of the smartest features to hit the home security market. Just be sure to bring your pocketbook to this rodeo ‘cause you’re going to need it.

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