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Brinks and Vivint home security systems are comparable in terms of features and services. Both offer 24/7 monitoring to their customers. The equipment offered by both companies is technologically advanced and very effective in terms of performance.

Overview: Brinks vs Vivint

Brinks and Vivint are both well-known home security companies. Each one offers home automation, professional monitoring, and wireless equipment with cellular connectivity. This allows for faster response times and remote access to the system.

  • Long-term contracts are required
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Home automation
  • Vivint owns their equipment unless customers apply and are approved for financing
  • Brink offers do-it-yourself installation

Similarities: Vivint vs Brinks

Brinks and Vivint offer affordable monthly rates for their 24/7 monitoring service. Each company offers the option of at least partial home automation and remote access via a downloadable app for smartphones and tablets.

  • Wireless equipment
  • At least partial home automation
  • Lengthy contracts are required
  • Environmental hazard detection
  • Video doorbell viewer

Differences: Vivint vs Brinks

Although both Brinks and Vivint offer many of the same features and services, there is a distinct difference in both pricing and the length of their contracts. A contract with Brinks lasts 36 months, while Vivint's contracts start at 42 months, and in some cases are longer.

  • Vivint requires professional installation
  • Brinks costs less in the long run
  • Vivint has a relatively short trial period in comparison to Brinks 30-day window
  • Vivint only offers a 7” touchscreen keypad
  • Brinks packages are rather modest in terms of equipment


Brinks equipment is 100% wireless and can connect with either cellular service or Wi-Fi. Brinks equipment ties in seamlessly with Nest products. With the downloadable app, the Brinks system can be accessed and operated remotely.

Vivint offers a 100% wireless system that includes a lifetime warranty. Their equipment includes indoor/outdoor cameras, environmental disaster protection, video doorbell camera with two-way communication, and same day installation.


Brinks requires a 3-year contract that includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

Vivint customers must sign a 4- or a 5-year contract to get their service started. Their trial period is extremely short compared to other companies.


Brinks equipment cost starts at $399. The Home Complete package costs approximately $29 per month, while the Home Complete with Video package costs $39 per month.

Vivint offers multiple packages that fall under two monitoring plans. The Smart Security Service plan costs $29.99 per month and the Smart Home Service plan costs $39.99 per month. Vivint does offer finance options for customers who are interested in purchasing their equipment.


Brinks basic package includes three entry sensors, motion sensor, and a control panel. You can also include a video doorbell camera and additional indoor/outdoor cameras. The Brinks system is also compatible with Nest products that can be purchased separately.

Vivint equipment includes a 7-inch touchscreen control pad, entry sensors, a motion detector and environmental sensors. You can also include home automation equipment and video cameras as well.


Brinks offers do-it-yourself installation and setup. In most cases, the entire process takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Vivint offers professional, same-day installation. Vivint will send a professional technician to your home the same day you order your service.

Emergency Connectivity

Both Brinks and Vivint connect with cellular service. Vivint has the option for a landline, while Brinks uses Wi-Fi. Each system can connect directly to local authorities if an emergency does occur. They will also notify the phone numbers on the contact list.

Summary: Brinks vs Vivint

Brinks is a good option for homeowners or renters who would prefer to install their system on their own but still benefit from the 24/7 monitoring. They offer affordable pricing and have the reputation of a solid brand name to rely on.

Vivint is for homeowners who want a more sophisticated system with a lifetime warranty. Because Vivint retains ownership of the equipment, there are never any replacement or repair fees. Vivint also a good choice for those who prefer professional installation along with their 24/7 monitoring.

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