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A trusted brand in home security, Brinks is known for high-tech features and fast response times.

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What Is Brinks Home Security?

Brinks is a well-known name in the home protection world, and was one of the leading home security companies across the US before the new millennium. Since it merged with ADT in 2009, gaining access to its equipment, tech, monitoring, and business models, it is reestablishing itself as a leading brand, and it brings in Moni and LiveWatch as partners. This trio of security experts offers whole house protection systems with the latest in technology innovations. Brinks Home Security has an A+ rating with the BBB. Check out the full review of Brinks here.

Beyond having established itself as a reliable name in the security industry (think bullet-resistant armored trucks), it also delivers on the promise of whole house protection plans with high-tech features. Plus, customers have the relatively rare option of either DIY or professional installation, and a 30-day money back guarantee provides plenty of time to test the system.

Brinks Customer Survey & Reviews

As of August 6th, 2019 we’ve had 56 Brinks customers rate Brinks from an online survey. Below are their average ratings broken out in detail.

Brinks Customer Support:
Brinks Equipment & Technology:
Brinks Installation Experience:
Overall Satisfaction:

Key Features

  • Wireless and Cellular Monitoring
  • DIY Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Remote Control
  • Home Automation

What Sets Brinks Apart

When it comes to home automation, Brinks stands apart thanks in large part to its ASAPer system, which enables live messaging with a customized list of contacts if the system is triggered. This makes it faster and easier to avoid one of the most annoying aspects of home security: false alarms. The LCD touchscreen gives far more control and data than a standard keypad, and you can manage any connected smart home devices (think Alexa and Z-Wave accessories).

Features of Brinks

Brinks home security systems are personalized to fit your needs. The most common equipment includes door/window sensors, motion sensors, a SkyBell video doorbell, and indoor cameras, but you also get meaty home automation that lets you look at live video streams, automate recording, control thermostats and smart appliances, etc.

The Brinks wireless door/window sensors cost $29 and attach to any door or window frame. They can communicate to a control panel up to 200 feet away using encrypted signals. Each wireless motion sensor costs $78, has a coverage area of 25×25 feet, and won’t falsely trigger by a pet under 40 pounds.

The SkyBell video doorbell costs $99. This smart doorbell allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone on your doorstep, and to automate its functions with your mobile app or control panel.

The indoor camera has infrared night vision and records 1080p HD video when an alarm is triggered. You can watch the live feed from your mobile app whenever you want. This camera costs $249 and has an angle of view of 113 degrees.

Here’s a full list of Brink’s equipment and pricing:

Brinks Equipment Equipment Type Cost
Door/Window Sensors Sensor $29
Motion Sensors Sensor $78
Glass Break Detector Sensor $79
Garage Door Tilt Sensor Sensor $39
Wireless Temp Sensor Sensor $49
Flood Detector Sensor $49
Smoke Detector Sensor $79
FireFighter Fire Alarm Sensor $59
Carbon Monoxide Detector Sensor $79
Skybell Doorbell Camera Camera $99
Indoor Camera Camera $249
Outdoor Camera Camera $299

Brinks also offers add-on equipment that can be added to either of the equipment packages. Their products for home automation include a GE Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Switch for $59 that allows you to automate any electronic and a GE Z-Wave Plug-In Lamp Dimmer also for $59.

You can add a wireless outdoor camera to your system for $299. This camera records 1080p HD videos that can be accessed any time through your mobile app. The camera’s infrared filter lets the camera capture true vivid colors when filming within 40 feet at night.

Brinks also offers other sensors and devices to add to your home system, such as an IQ smoke detector ($79), an IQ wireless garage door tilt sensor ($39), an IQ wireless flood detector ($49), an IQ wireless carbon monoxide detector ($79), and a FireFighter ($59). The Brinks FireFighter adds fire alarm monitoring to your home security system. It detects when a smoke detector is triggered, sends a wireless signal to the control panel, and the panel contacts the Brinks monitoring station.

Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts

Brinks’ app lets you know as soon as it detects anything from your home security equipment. You’ll know if someone sets off a motion detector or if a contact sensor has been disturbed.

24/7 Monitoring
24/7 Monitoring

Some Brinks Home Security plans include 24/7 monitoring. Home security professionals keep a close eye on your system status and can alert authorities if you’re unable to react to a notification.

Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance Cameras

The Brinks Home Complete With Video plan includes surveillance cameras that give you a live streaming view of the immediate area. You can record clips and review the stream through the Brinks mobile app.

DIY Installation
Pro Installation

Professional installation of your Brinks home security system is available with a premium option. You can pay upfront with a flat fee or with an added monthly fee.

Remote Control
Remote Control

You have complete control over arming and disarming the system and checking the notifications through the application.

Brinks Home Security Systems Cost

Brinks equipment cost is anywhere from $199 or $1,099 depending on the package chosen. The monthly monitoring cost is $29 for Smart Security Essential or $39 for Smart Security Complete and Smart Security Ultimate.

Brinks offers a pretty straightforward package set-up with the ability to add-on and customize from the base. You can choose between the Smart Security Essential, the Smart Security Complete, the Smart Security Ultimate, as well as a Nest Secure Monitoring package. All equipment packages are shipped for free with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and they include a Brinks Home Touch control panel that integrates with smart devices like Alexa and anything using Z-Wave tech. It adds another layer of protection by encrypting all sensor signals.

Brinks Package (No Financing) Monthly Plan Cost Activation Fee Equipment Cost
Smart Security Essential $29 $0 $199
Smart Security Complete $39 $0 $499
Smart Security Ultimate $39 $0 $1,099
Brinks Package (GreenSky Financing) Monthly Plan Cost Monthly Equipment Cost Total Monthly Cost (36-Months)
Smart Security Essential N/A N/A N/A
Smart Security Complete $39 $13.86 $52.86
Smart Security Ultimate $39 $30.53 $69.53

Smart Security Essential

The Home Complete equipment package gives you a complete, DIY home security system in a box. This package includes a Brinks Home Touch control panel, a wireless motion sensor, 2 wireless door sensors, and a yard sign. The system costs $199, and the monitoring service is $29 a month if you decide not to finance the system.

Smart Security Complete

The second Brinks package, the Smart Security Complete, includes everything in the Smart Security Essential package plus an indoor camera and an additional wireless door sensor, making 3 door sensors total in this package. This package costs $499 and the monitoring service is $39 a month. With GreenSky financing, you pay $52.86 a month for 36-months for both monitoring and the equipment.

Smart Security Ultimate

The third Brinks package, the Smart Security Ultimate, includes a Brinks touch screen panel, a SkyBell video doorbell camera, 2 wireless motion sensors, 3 wireless door sensors and an outdoor camera.

Brinks Monthly Monitoring and Pricing

Brinks offers 2 different monthly monitoring plans, which are included in the Brinks packages mentioned earlier.  The Smart Security Essential package gives you 24/7 monitoring, smart phone control, home automation, tamper protection and LiveVoice Assist all for $29 per month. If you want to add live video streaming and cloud storage of video recordings, you’re looking at a monthly monitoring cost of $39.

Nest Secure Monitoring

Nest Secure

Brinks also offers monitoring for the Nest Secure home alarm system. The Nest Secure is a security system designed with you and your household in mind, not the intruders. It makes arming and disarming your system easy, and it gives you many ways to do just that. You can arm and disarm your home system by using the mobile app, by tapping a Nest Tag on the Nest Guard control panel, by entering a passcode into the Nest Guard keypad, or by asking your Google Assistant.

With a 3-year contract, you can purchase 24/7 system monitoring for your Nest Secure system for $29 a month. Brinks offers discounts when you buy the Nest Secure through them, and they throw in a free month of system monitoring.

Nest Secure MonitoringSmart Security EssentialSmart Security Complete
+ $399 Upfront Costs*+ $199 Upfront Costs*+ $499 Upfront Costs*
View PackagesView PackagesView Packages
24/7 MonitoringCrash and Smash ProtectionCrash and Smash Protection
LiveVoice AssistLiveVoice Assist
Smartphone ControlSmartphone Control
Home AutomationHome Automation
24/7 Monitoring24/7 Monitoring
Live Video Streaming
Cloud Video Storage
Nest GuardWireless Touchscreen Control PanelWireless Touchscreen Control Panel
2 Nest Tags2 Door/Window Sensors3 Door/Window Sensors
2 Nest Detect Sensors1 Motion Detector1 Motion Detector
1 Indoor Camera
Additional Nest TagsSmoke DetectorSmoke Detector
Additional Nest Detect SensorsDoor/Window SensorDoor/Window Sensor
Motion DetectorMotion Detector
HD Indoor Camera

Current Deal

Order a Brinks home security system today and receive free 2-day shipping. Check out some more Brinks Home Security deals here.

How to Order

When ordering a Brinks security system, first determine which equipment and coverage are ideal, then sort out your equipment bundle, any add-ons, and the monitoring plan that both works with the equipment you have and gives you the protection you want. And that’s it.

If you’re doing this with a customer service rep over the phone, be sure you verify the total cost of your monthly bill before agreeing to any terms and conditions presented. One of the common complaints about this service is hidden costs and surprising service fees. That said, the $99 installation fee is a flat, standard rate, so at least you’ll know what you’re getting there.

More About Brinks Home Security

Founded in 1859 by Perry Brink of Chicago, Brinks Company covers all manner of American security and protection equipment and services. In 2018, the Brinks Home Security brand was reestablished when they joined forces with LiveWatch and Moni to create a powerhouse in the home security industry. Today, Brinks Home Security is headquartered near Dallas, Texas. See our full review of Brinks Home Security here. You can also check out our Brinks FAQs.

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  1. Avatar Helga Engle says:

    I am interested in a security system but need to know how you work your contracts. If I sell my house while I am under contract with Brinks what will happen then. Can you explain what happens ?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Helga,
      You can cancel, but you’ll still be responsible for any remaining balance. We’d suggest calling Brinks directly with additional questions about the specifics of the process.

  2. Avatar Zac Terry says:

    I’m locked into a contract as well. Terrible customer service.

  3. Avatar Kevin Dick says:

    I need to update my payment method, and there is no place on the website to do it. Also, I’ve had the service for several years…well past the time needed to pay for the parts. Why has my bill gone up instead of down?

  4. Avatar Luraine Kennedy says:

    SAME ISSUE locked in a contract even though i sold the home and currently dont have any use for it i explain paying out of a contract but the customer services reps did not care or even try to explain any further would not recommend them at all they were horrible

  5. Avatar Joshua Newbanks says:

    Literally the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Locked into a 3 year contract that you’re not able to get out of. Terrible communication. This information was never relayed prior to installation and the contract has never been sent or sign. 18 months later, unhappy with service and want to look at other options and they tell you to pay the remaining balance to get out of the contract. Makes no sense.

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