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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring.

SecureScore™: 9.2/10

**24/7 professional monitoring is offered on Ring Alarm only.

Ring and Blink are camera-based, home security systems. Both companies are owned by Amazon and offer home automation features thanks to their integrations with Alexa. Blink is known for its two technologically advanced cameras, while Ring is most commonly known for its video doorbell viewer with two-way communication.

Overview: Ring vs Blink

Ring and Blink are two of the more basic home security systems. Because they are camera-based, your main line of security is through video monitoring your property with strategically placed cameras. The systems are designed to be installed by the customer and set up is extremely easy.

  • No contracts or service agreements
  • No professional installation
  • Ring and Blink can pair with Alexa for partial home automation

Similarities: Blink vs Ring

Both Ring and Blink home security systems rely on video surveillance as the main source of protection for your home. They are easy to use with no contracts or service agreements. Each system takes only a few minutes to install. Set up is easy and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

  • High-quality video
  • Good for both renters and homeowners
  • No service agreements or contracts
  • No professional installation or set up

Differences: Blink vs Ring

Ring is most well-known for its video doorbell viewer. Blink is also a reliable and low cost camera that works outdoors.

  • Blink's basic cameras are not intended to be used outdoors
  • Ring's video doorbell viewer can be monitored by ADT


Ring does offer entry sensors but relies mostly on their indoor/outdoor video cameras and video doorbell viewer for protection. They also offer home lighting options and other home automation devices that can be effectively used when the system is paired with the Alexa platform.

With the Blink system, 10 cameras can be synced to one main hub. Built-in motion sensors can detect intruders while the video surveillance system can record and store videos. Storage is limited, but serves its purpose. Blink XT2 is the only one of the Blink cameras that can be used outdoors.


Neither Ring nor Blink require a contract. Month-to-month payment plans are available if you want to store your videos for any length of time. Ring does allow for 24/7 monitoring if you choose that option.


The Ring system starts at $199. 24/7 professional monitoring can be subscribed to on a month-to-month basis with fees starting at $3 a month for the Protect Basic Plan (or $30 per camera/per year). The Protect Plus Plan starts at $10 a month. For $100 per year, your plan will cover an unlimited number of cameras.

A basic Blink system that includes a module and a basic camera starts at $79.


The Ring Alarm system includes a keypad, hub, motion detector, and two window/door sensors. There are several other devices you can choose from. This includes security cameras (indoor/outdoor), video doorbell viewers w/two-way communication capabilities, and flood lights. Camera prices range from $200 to $250 depending on where you purchase them. Chargers, solar panels, and a variety of other accessories are available as desired.

Blink basic cameras have a built-in microphone and motion sensor. They are 720p quality that produces vivid videos. Even though they have a microphone built-in to their system, they do not have two-way communication capabilities. Recording time for videos is less than one minute.


Both systems are designed for easy installation by the homeowner. Installation and set up takes less than 30 minutes.

Emergency Connections

Ring and Blink are wireless systems. They can be set up to be self-monitoring or can be monitored by a third-party system that will notify you if an alert is triggered.

Summary: Ring vs Blink

Ring is a great system for both homeowners or renters who want the perks of a basic system combined with full home automation.

The Blink system is a good choice if you want high-quality images and video. They work well for both homeowners and renters who are interested in convenience and an affordable price.

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FAQs About Ring and Blink Comparisons

Does Blink offer home automation?

Yes, Blink can connect to your home automation systems. It works with Amazon Alexa.

Is Wi-Fi required for Ring or Blink?

Yes, both Ring and Blink require Wi-Fi to communicate. Some Ring products can use Ethernet connections to work as well.

Can you monitor your Blink or Ring system from your phone?

Yes, both Ring and Blink allow you to download an app to your smartphone so you can monitor your security system. Both have apps that are available on Android and iOS.

Do both Blink and Ring offer 2-way voice?

Yes, both Ring and Blink offer products that have 2-way voice.

Does Blink work with Alexa?

Yes, Blink works with Alexa.

Does Ring work with Alexa?

Yes, Ring works with Alexa.

Who owns Ring and Blink?

Both Ring and Blink are owned by Amazon.