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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring.

SecureScore™: 9.2/10

Ring and Ring Pro video doorbells allow you to see who is at your door, what they are doing and communicate with them through the two-way intercom. While both offer high-quality video and two-way communication, Ring Pro offers a few additional features that are well worth the price. Both are capable of offering reliable home security features and can be paired with many different home security systems and other smart home devices.

Overview: Ring vs Ring Pro

Ring and Ring Pro doorbell viewers rate high in terms of the features they offer. Not only do they provide high-resolution images, their two-way voice communication allows you to speak and hear clearly and without distortion. Both interact seamlessly with the Ring home security system (as well as others) and pair nicely with a wide variety of smart devices. They also work well with smart locks that have the capability of connecting to your home automation platform.

  • Easy installation
  • Two-way communication
  • High-resolution video
  • Easy to use
  • Pairs easily with many different home security systems

Similarities: Ring vs Ring Pro

Ring and Ring Pro can be installed in less than 30 minutes. Both offer two-way communication that allows you to interact with the person at your door, without letting them know whether you are at home or away. The video provided by each doorbell camera is of the highest quality available. Both Ring and Ring Pro use a state of the art digital app that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. This gives you almost immediate access to the video and allows you to respond in real time.

  • Reliable and effective
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient app
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision

Differences: Ring vs Ring Pro

There are slight differences between Ring and Ring Pro that may be deal breakers for some homeowners. While the traditional Ring doorbell is wireless, the Ring Pro requires that it be wired into an existing (or added) wiring system. Another difference is in the camera itself. The Ring Doorbell includes a 720p camera (at 30 frames per second) while the Ring Pro offers a 1080p wide angle lens.

  • Ring offers a 180 degree field of view
  • Ring Pro has a more limited field of view at 160 degrees
  • Ring Pro uses LED technology for its night vision feature
  • Ring's motion sensor is not as reliable as the one found in Ring Pro
  • Ring Pro offers customizable alerts


Ring Video Doorbell offers built-in night vision, smart motion detection and two-way voice communication with noise cancellation. The HD camera has a 180-degree field of view with 720p @ 30 frames per second. The Ring can be hardwired into an existing doorbell or used as a wireless device. It is extremely easy to install and offers a lifetime warranty.

The Ring Pro offers a 1080p wide-angle camera for exceptional video quality. It has a 160-degree field of view and uses LED technology with its built-in night vision. It offers advanced motion detection and noise canceling two-way voice communication. It is weather resistant and customizable according to the desires of the homeowner. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.


The Ring Video Doorbell starts at $99. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 costs approximately $199. Prices will vary depending on where you buy them. Amazon normally has excellent deals on Ring products, but you can also find deals at Best Buy and other large retailers.

The Ring Pro Video Doorbell costs approximately $249 and has several added features that make it worth the extra cost.


Both the Ring and Ring Pro comes with everything you need to install and set up your doorbell. Instructions are included and support is available if you need it.

Emergency Connections

The Ring allows for almost immediate connectivity to your app if someone appears at your door. It is up to you, however, to notify the authorities. The Ring will connect to the Ring home security system but does not function in that capacity on its own.

The Ring Pro offers customizable alerts to let you know when someone is at your door. The system is not set up to notify the authorities but will work with the Ring home security system if you use a monitoring service.

Summary: Ring vs Ring Pro

The Ring and Ring 2 are good choices and offer effective home security for homeowners or renters who want quality video and basic features.

The Ring Pro offers customizable alerts and other features that allow the homeowner to create the type of experience they want from the video doorbell viewer.

FAQs About Ring and Ring Pro Comparisons

Is the Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Pro Doorbell less expensive?

The Ring Video Doorbell is less expensive than the Ring Pro. The Ring Doorbell costs about $100, while Ring Pro costs around $249.

Is monitoring required with Ring or Ring Pro?

No, monitoring is not required with Ring or Ring Pro. You can self-monitor if you choose.

What’s the monthly cost of Ring and Ring Pro?

Protection plans for Ring and Ring Pro cost either $3 or $10, depending on which (if any) plan you choose. Ring Protect Basic is $3 a month, while Ring Protect Plus is $10 a month.

Do Ring and Ring Pro require existing doorbell wiring?

The Ring Video Doorbell camera does not require existing doorbell wiring. However, the Ring Pro doorbell camera does need existing wiring in order to function.

Do you need professional installation for Ring or Ring Pro?

No, professional installation is not required with either Ring or Ring Pro. The Ring has an average install time of about 5 minutes, while the Ring Pro takes around 15 minutes.

Does Ring or Ring Pro have two-way audio?

Yes, both Ring and Ring Pro have two-way audio. That means you can use the devices to have conversations with people outside.

What’s the video resolution for Ring and Ring Pro?

For Ring, the video resolution is 720p HD, and for Ring Pro, the video resolution is a more advanced 1080p HD.

What kind of viewing field do Ring and Ring Pro have?

The Ring has a viewing field of 180-degrees horizontal and 110-degrees vertical. The Ring Pro’s viewing field is a little smaller at 160-degrees horizontal and 90-degrees vertical.

Does Ring or Ring Pro need an Internet connection to work?

Yes, both the Ring and Ring Pro need Wi-Fi connections to work.

Do Ring and Ring Pro work in the heat and cold?

Yes, Ring and Ring Pro work in both hot and cold temperatures, although there are limits. Ring doorbell cameras can work in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are Ring and Ring Pro waterproof?

Ring and Ring Pro are water resistant, not waterproof. That means they can stand up to rain and wind outside, but you shouldn’t try and submerge them in water.

Is Ring owned by Amazon?

Yes, Ring is owned by Amazon. Amazon acquired Ring in 2018.