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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring.

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SkyBell and Ring are both known for their video doorbells. The doorbells and other equipment offered by both companies are comparable in image quality and actual features, but differ when it comes to price.

Overview: Ring vs SkyBell

SkyBell and Ring home security systems are ideal for homeowners who want top of the line of security with the convenience of do-it-yourself installation. Both offer high-quality equipment and state of the art technology for an affordable price.

  1. SkyBell and Ring offer distinct versions of the video doorbell with 2-way voice communication
  2. Both offer do-it-yourself installation
  3. Each system offers live monitoring
  4. Ring's doorbell viewer offers the option of monitoring by ADT
  5. SkyBell partners with companies like Honeywell and Nest

Similarities: SkyBell vs Ring

Both SkyBell and Ring are similar in technology, especially when it comes to their video doorbell viewer. The image quality for both viewers is considered to be the best in the business. Each system offers live monitoring and various types of cloud storage.

  • Both systems offer live, 24/7 monitoring from well-known companies
  • Both SkyBell and Ring doorbell viewers are easy to install
  • Neither system requires lengthy contracts
  • Customers own the equipment outright
  • Both offer remote apps that allow the customer to monitor their home from anywhere

Differences: SkyBell vs Ring

Ring is a more fully contained home security system than SkyBell. SkyBell's main component is the video doorbell viewer, but it can be combined with systems from Honeywell or Nest and offer the same type of products and security options as Ring.

  • SkyBell's only product so to speak is the video doorbell viewer
  • Ring offers a fully functional home security system in addition to their version of the doorbell
  • SkyBell offers free video that stores video for up to 7 days
  • SkyBell offers two video doorbells both for the same price
  • Ring offers several different doorbells with various features


The SkyBell video doorbell viewer offers a 1080p camera, with 2-way communication, video storage, and color night vision. It also includes a motion sensor and free cloud storage. SkyBell offers a partnership with Nest and Honeywell home security systems.

The Ring home security system also offers a state of the art video doorbell viewer, but also comes with an entire home security system that contains a variety of other devices. If you want to enhance the live monitoring feature, ADT offers monitoring services.


Neither SkyBell nor Ring requires a lengthy contract. All of the equipment is purchased up front and all monitoring is performed by the customer. Contracts can be signed with third-party monitoring companies for yearly service or customers can maintain a month-to-month plan.


SkyBell's Trim Plus and SkyBell HD are both $199.00 when purchased through the company, but you can find them on Amazon for less than $160. There are no monthly cloud storage fees.

The Ring system costs $199 upfront. You have a choice of monitoring plans that start at $3 per month/$30 per year per camera or $10 per month/$100 per year unlimited cameras.


SkyBell offers two cameras that are similar in features. The main difference is one is round and the other a long, slender bar.

The Ring home security system comes with a keypad, base, door/window sensor and a motion sensor. The video doorbell viewer is purchased separately and can range from $199 to $499.


Both systems offer DIY installation. Instructions are easy to follow. SkyBell includes the tools you will need to mount the base to the exterior of your home.

Emergency Connections

If the systems are set up for self-monitoring, notifications will be sent to the contact numbers that are entered into the system during set up. If a third-party monitoring company is used, each system has the capability to notify the proper authorities if an emergency occurs.

Summary: Ring vs SkyBell

SkyBell works well for users who don't want to clutter their home with an excessive amount of electronic devices. The video doorbell viewer is rated extremely high in terms of both function and use. It's also popular because of its color night vision capabilities.

Ring is for the homeowner who wants the video doorbell but would like the convenience and security of having an entire home security system. Backed with ADT, the system is also extremely affordable.

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